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The Art of Dr. Zeus

Sometime in college I rediscovered creativity. I think it coincided closely with the Grateful Dead New Year's show in 1984.

Here is a small selection of the things I've created:

Architecture, Collages, Multiple Exposures, Cacti, Mission Peak, People, Postcards, and Other.
Starting with my father's old Olympus OM-1, now with a Nikon Coolpix 5900.

Things I've Built.
Including blacklight installations.

Broad-tip Pen, Fine-tip Pen, and Colored Pencil and Pen.
Drawings and doodles from years past.

Posters and Logos and Party-related.
Graphic works created on a Macintosh.

Cassette J-Sheets
Analog and Digital.
Some collages, some created on a Mac.

Background Tiles
You may (or may not) want to use these on your web page.

Abstract Sound Collages
Fun with headphones!

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