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The invititation to my second Bar-B-Q, the first Summer Solstice BBQ. Despite the invitation, no one showed up until 3 or 4. (Adobe Illustrator, 1990) The invititation to my third Bar-B-Q, the Halloween BBQ. It was a little cold and wet that day. Everyone asked me who Tony was. (Superpaint, 1990) The invititation to my fourth Bar-B-Q, the second Summer Solstice BBQ and the last and most successful of the San Mateo Road BBQs. This one ran over twelve hours. The set of guests was continuously changing: every few hours it was like a different party. Some guests stopped by before and after the Rolling Stones concert. (Adobe Illustrator, 1991)

An announcement that we'd moved. Another announcement that we'd moved.

A map to our old house. Housewarming invitation. The infamous Halloween Party at Das House.

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