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13x13, constructed at 100 Stones/100 Days. My plan was to do a 10 x 10 grid sorted by size, but by the time I got around to doing this many of the rocks had fractured, making it about 180 Stones. I figured out the largest grid I could make at that time was 13 x 13, so that's what I did. First, I sorted the stones by size, then I laid out the grid and placed them on it in order. Here's another picture from a different angle.

After Gallileo (overview and detail), from the Blacklight Bathroom, Berkeley, 1991.

Gede, space-traveller from another dimension, bursting through into the Blacklight Room. This is from the second incarnation of the Room, in the Len House, Seattle, 1987.

The X-Wing Glasses. Merely chopsticks glued to a frame, but put them on and you'll think you're Luke Skywalker.

A batiked t-shirt (front and back) that I bought in the parking lot at Cal Expo. Over the course of a year and a half of sporadic work, I colored it with fabric pens.

A clock I made for my sister (overview and detail), using photographs, fabric, and fimo.

A pentatonic, tubular xylophone. It sounds great, but only alone due to the unusual tuning.

A castle my brother and I built on the Richmond shoreline. The cylinders were solid concrete, originally in steel casings, and were buried in the sand all around. We're still hoping they weren't radioactive.

Bobbing-Head Sara. The head wobbles back and forth on a spring.

Spirit of the Forest mask.

A flower pot encrusted with printed circuit boards, etc. that I made for my brother.

Let It Grow, a dream-catcher I made for my wife soon after we began dating.

The head of an exquisite corpse.

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