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In college, my friends and I created a tape of random sounds, noise, and other various weird stuff. We used all sorts of gadgets and devices, and passed the inputs through any filters we could get our hands on. At one point we even dragged the piano in from the common room! This was all well before any of today's sound-editing software, so everything we did was live to tape.

At some point, I made a copy of the tape and sent it to my friend David. I completely forgot about that until a recent visit, during which he revealed that he not only still had the tape but he'd burned it to CD as well. He sent me a copy of the CD, which I split up into sections and ripped into the MP3s below. The sound quality suffers a bit from the tortured path it's taken, but it's not too bad.

As you might expect, the song titles are random selections from a dictionary.

Title Length Size
Arachne 00:17 282k
business 15:46 14.5M
Christiansen 01:34 1.4M
debates 01:20 1.2M
flossing 05:34 5.1M
Grosvenor 17:09 15.7M
Hewlett 01:53 1.7M
lace 03:04 2.8M
lascivious 01:39 1.5M
majoring 00:39 610k
malefactors 01:10 1.1M
Paulus 02:00 1.8M
strengths 02:18 2.1M
subdomains 02:07 2.0M
visit 04:54 4.5M
yawning 01:10 1.1M

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