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A David Lance Goines parody poster for Oscar's. I did this one for my sister, who had recently won a Goines print in a raffle. She thought it was a little to high-class for her and wanted something to hang next to it in her dining room. A number of people have seen it and remarked that they didn't know Goines had done a poster for Oscar's... (Adobe Illustrator, 1993) The official Illegal Grateful Dead Trademark. When Grateful Dead Productions started getting possessive about their images, I produced this Official Illegal Trademark. Unfortunately, it didn't look like much reduced to the size of a ®, so I never distributed it. (Adobe Illustrator, 1991)

The cover for my parent's restaurant guide.

The previous, rejected cover for the restaurant guide. My parents thought this was a little unappetizing... (Superpaint, 1986?)

The logo for the Quark Matter '95 conference.

Parody campaign literature for the Junior Statesmen of America. "I want to be your Member!"

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