The War of the Worlds

Interior Illustrations

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Four illustractions from Steampunk: H. G. Wells, 2013, by Zdenko Basic.  Courtesy of Alex O'Donnell.

Two illustrations from the 1990 Korean edition.  Courtesy of John Philip Johnson.

A page from the 1948 Leoplan edition, courtesy of Fokke de Haan.

From the back of the 1976 Marvel Classics edition, by Dave Cockrum.  Courtesy of John Haufe.

Two pages from Boy's Life, 1996, adapted by Seymour Reit, illustrated by Ernie Colon, reprinted in the 2007 Bank Street Graphic Novels edition.  Courtesy of John Haufe.

A page from the 2006 Thalos comic book, by Ricardo Ferrari and Horacio Lalia.  Courtesy of Matias Ariel Rivero.
Pages from a comic book adaptation in ALFA Magazine, 1978, Poland, by Waldemar Andrzejewski.  Courtesy of Kirill Sutulo.

Three interior illustrations from the 1960 Looking Glass Library edition, by Edward Gorey.
Three panels from the 2005 Jack Lake Classics Illustrated 50th Anniversary Edition, by Lou Cameron.  Courtesy of John Haufe.

A bunch of illustrations by Warwick Goble from Pearson's Magazine, 1897.  These illustrations were also used in the Harper & Brothers edition. Courtesy of Bill Schneider, Jonathan Smith, Simon Johnson, José Bocic, and this mysterious site.  Also available is a complete PDF of the edition, coutesy of Donald Mitchell.

The frontispiece of this edition, by Cosmo Rowe.  Courtesy of Nick Alutin.

Four interior illustrations from the Pendulum Press Now Age editions, by Alex Nino.

Title page from the 1927 Amazing Stories, by Frank Paul, courtesy of Jacques Garin.

An illustration from the 1988 Prague edition, courtesy of Pech Pavel.

An interior illustration from the 1964 Heinemann Books edition, courtesy of Roger Smith.
Illustrations from the Journal de Tintin series, by E. P. Jacobs.

Courtesy of Benoit Thomas.

From La Boîte à Images, courtesy of Roger Todd.

Courtesy of Kees de Kievid.

The Strand Magazine, 1920, illustrated by John Briedé. Courtesy of rat catcher

The title page of the 1913 edition of the 1898 cover, courtesy of Kevin Ryall-Gould.

An interior illustration from the 1981 Spanish edition, by Eugenio Darnet, courtesy of Joan Rosell.
Three interior illustrations from the 1964 Limited Editions Club and 1984 Easton Press editions, by Joseph Mugnaini. Courtesy of Johan Groenewold.

Illustrations by Brendan Lynch
from the 1983 Moby Books edition.

Four interior illustrations from the 1980 Globe Book Company edition, by Bob Sabin.
Two interior illustrations from the 1981 Marvel Classics edition.
Illustrations from the 2006 Selector edition.

Illustrations by Alvim Corréa from the 1906 Vandamme edition.

Courtesy of Kees de Kievid.

From Science Fiction Studies.

Courtesy of Bill Schneider.

Courtesy of Bill Schneider.

Courtesy of Jonathan Smith.
Courtesy of Johan Groenewold.
Unpublished drawings, courtesy of Stefan Gefter.

Three interior illustrations from the 1984 Anaya edition, by Mario Lacoma, courtesy of María José Rey Granado.

Illustrations by Tom Kidd from his 2001 HarperCollins edition, taken from his web site.

Three interior illustrations from an unknown 1978 French edition, courtesy of Matthieu Wanctin.  According to Moonbase Central (via Roger Todd), these may be a reprint of a British magazine, Tell Me Why, from January 1970.  There is speculation that the artist is Terence Cuneo.

Illustrations by Warwick Bennett for an edition that I don't have, published by Reed International Books Australia.

Illustrations from the 1917 Calmann-Levy edition by Charles Dudouyt.  Courtesy of Kees de Kievid.

Illustrations from the 1969 Pendulum Press edition courtesy of Brian Franczak.

Three rather unusual illustrations from the 2005 Gong Ye Chu Ban She edition.  Wow.

Illustrations from the 1928 Around The World edition.

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