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I've spent a lot of time rounding up copies of The War of the Worlds for my War of the Worlds Book Covers page, but I've just about cleaned out all of the used book stores in the area -- and I'm sure there are more editions out there. If you like the project and are interested in helping me out, I'd be very appreciative.

What Can You Do?

If you have editions not shown on the main page, or if you come across any in a book store, I'd love to include them. Any edition from any year in any condition in any language is great with me. The only constraint is that if it's a double-book (The War of the Worlds along with The Time Machine, for instance), the cover must have elements in it clearly belonging to The War of the Worlds, like the example at right.

What I Need From You

What You Get From Me

Thanks For Your Help!

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