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When I was little I slept in a full-size bed, but I had a baby's quilt, which I slept under without a topsheet. It didn't reach the edges of the bed, but it covered me just fine...for a while, at least. As I grew, my feet began to stick out get cold. I knew I didn't like it, but I didn't know why Mom didn't get me a bigger blanket.

Finally, after a particularly bad night of frozen feet, I told Mom I didn't like my feet getting so cold at night. She was horrified -- she hadn't even realized I'd outgrown my bedding! That night she came home with a brand new, full-size quilt and topsheet. She made a big deal of putting them on my bed, making sure to ask me if I wanted the sides tucked in and how much slack I liked at the bottom. I'd never had this before, though, so I really didn't know what I liked. She then made a point of tucking me into my new bed and kissing me goodnight.

But Mom was no longer omniscient.

Chez Zeus: Speak, Minotaur!: Station No. 21

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