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Morrison Creek


Looking straight down at a century plant.

Busted Cadillac in the night.

The Difference Engine, a collage of two photographs.

Brick Kanji.

The bombing of the Dumbarton.

Discarded railroad wheels in Pennsylvania. This was also made into a texture.

The Mystery Shot. Is it a UFO? Is it a rip in the fabric of space-time? Is it a roller-coaster car being washed down a river? Is it a dandelion seed blowing through the air? A frisbee dipped in flaming marshmallow goo? A melon rind? Actually, if you turn it upside down you might be able to make out that it's a half-pipe drain in the surface of a reflecting lake.

The Mystery Shot II. Not too many guesses on this one -- the second entrant got it. It's the reflection of the Vatican courtyard in a Pomodoro sculpture that's surrounded by scaffolding.

Eagle in the Sand.

Roots and rocks in Bear Valley.

Leaf with drops of water.

The Cola Wars.

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