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Alex at Lake Aloha

Alex at Pinto Lake

Frieda and Julie on a slide.

A collage of panoramic photos of a cactus.

Long Valley and Long Ridge.
These two are the same panorama inverted.

A round made from Kennedy Valley at right.

Kennedy Valley

The Stick

Red Bug Lake

Around Town. A 360° panorama of Manhattan, taken from Brooklyn Heights.

Square Lake and Three-Fingered Jack. That's really the name of the lake. The guy sitting in it is my Dad, though -- the mountain is Three-Fingered Jack.

Ride With Dan

Elkhorn Slough

Cactus in Bands

Elkhorn Slough - Hawk and Elkhorn Slough - Mouse.
These two are the same panorama inverted.

Tomales Point

The first round panorama I did, using the photos from Tomales Point at left. The slices are arranged randomly.

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