Hoover/Yosemite, July 2010: Index (201 slides)


Sardine Falls

Selection of bottles at the Mono County Museum

Zenith tuner

Fresh and clean!

A snake!

Our first portage

Mysterious box found off-trail

Nap time

Still napping

First snow field

Alex and Crown Point

Kerrick Meadow

Sunset over Peeler Lake

Snow bank in Kerrick Meadow

Swimming hole at lunch

Smiley Face

C-shaped lake

The view from our campsite

Our campsite at the C-shaped lake

The lake monster

Another Seavey Pass lake

Momma and baby marmot

Piute Mountain

Volunteer Peak in the distance

Lunch before the big climb

Did I mention how many waterfalls there were?

Volunteer Peak

Our campsite at Smedberg Lake

Smedberg Lake at sunset

Falls below Smedberg Lake

Refrozen puddle

Heading out from Smedberg Lake

Up towards Benson Pass

Upper Wilson Creek from Benson Pass

Wilson Creek

Matterhorn Canyon

Where we crossed, just before leaving the PCT

View from our campsite in Matterhorn Canyon

Alex dealing with the bugs

Portage #279

Our first glimpse of the Sawtooths

Matterhorn Peak

The waterfall below Matterhorn Peak


The shoulder of Whorl Mountain


Whorl Mountain from Burro Pass

The North side of Burro Pass

Our lake below the Finger Peaks

Crazy moonscape snow

Alex's Heart

Our campsite below the Sawtooth Range

Sawtooth alpenglow

Sunset through Mule Pass


Abstract Snow

The top half of The Slide

Nice trunk

Heading up to Mule Pass

Eocene Ridge

Crown Point

The view from Mule Pass

Enjoying the view

Still enjoying the view

The trail emerging from the snow at Mule Pass

Crown Point from just below Mule Pass

Flowers and Tarns

Slide Mountain

The junction to Rock Island Pass

Arriving at Snow Lake

Snow Lake

Rock Island Pass

Alpenglow on Eocene Ridge

Crown Lake

Portage #465

Largest Robinson Lake

Second Robinson Lake