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Photo Evolver 2

Make Pretty Pictures with Genetic Algorithms

Grid Tile Reflect

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What Is It?

The Photo Evolver 2 is a way to evolve pretty pictures using genetic algorithms. When you click "Start a New Experiment!", the Evolver takes you to a blank canvas and populates it with five randomly generated "creatures" -- pictures that are formed by combining normal photographs in complex ways.  Click on a creature to get a closer look, and if you like it, mutate it!  Mutating a creature will produce five offspring that are variations of the original. If you like what you got, mutate the mutations! Lather, rinse, repeat, and if all goes well you'll soon have a bunch of pretty pictures to your liking.  If not, start over with a new experiment!  If you like a creature a lot, add it to the gallery!

The different mode checkboxes are:
  • Grid: Create a whole bunch of read-only creatures. You can look at them, but you can't mutate them.
  • Tile: Always apply a Shift filter first. This tends to produce tile-able creatures.
  • Reflect: Always apply a Mirror filter last. This also produces tiles.
By the way, you can come back and continue an experiment at any time, just bookmark it. You can also share an experiment or creature with a friend, and they can add their own mutations to it.

Take care,
-Dr. Zeus

History of the Project
A short presentation on how I got here: