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Speak, Minotaur!

Punk You Look It Jerks
As we left the Circle Jerks show, Bob was not in a good way. He'd lost a bit of his memory from getting his head stepped on and didn't even remember where we'd parked his car. He was also very worried about blacking out again. He told me I'd have to drive home.

I had a learner's permit at this point, but was very law-abiding and I refused. Instead, he drove the car and kept reminding me that if he blacked out I should take the wheel and ease us over to the side. He was really freaked out.

When we got back to his place, he insisted I not leave him as he was afraid he'd die in the middle of the night or something. I'm a nice guy, so I agreed to spend the night. He pointed to a spot on the floor and said, "You can sleep there." Then he flopped into his bed and passed out.

The spot on the floor was covered in trash, as was most of the floor. I cleared away some of the debris and lay down amongst the paper, old clothes, greasy bolts, etc. It was surprisingly comfortable.

I woke up early and called my parents to tell them where I was.

Chez Zeus: Speak, Minotaur!: Station No. 52

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