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Speak, Minotaur!

Anger Smash Dog
Jef Joint Smash
My brother and some of his friends were goofing off in the driveway across the street. They asked me if I could fit through the dog door into the garage. I was suspicious, but said yes and did it. When I tried to crawl out, they bounced a basketball just in front of the door, banging me on the head every time I poked my head through. They were laughing that hideous, creepy, older-brother laugh.

I sat in the garage and waited. That got boring for Jef's friends, so they through a smoke bomb in through the dog door. As the garage quickly filled up with thick smoke, I got pretty scared. I ran to the door in to the house but it was locked. I yelled at them to let me out. But the basketball guillotine was still functioning.

Finally I was coughing so hard I decided I had to brave the door no matter what. Crying from the smoke, the rage, and the blows to my head and back, I emerged, yelled something obscene at them all, and ran home.

Chez Zeus: Speak, Minotaur!: Station No. 5

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