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Speak, Minotaur!

Geneva 6 O'Clock Climb
At one point, I joined a war gaming club. The club felt very British, very low-tech. They had a large piece of plywood covered in model-railroad grass, with some hills and rivers on it, in a back room of the school. On this they places miniatures of infantry and cavalry, mostly from 19th century wars. There were rules involving speeds of movement over various surfaces, etc., and each move of each piece was charted out using measuring tape. It was painfully slow, and I don't recall any actuall battles taking place.

They did have a problem with gamers taking too long on their turns, though, so I went out and bought them an egg timer, which I presented proudly to the sponsoring teacher.

Chez Zeus: Speak, Minotaur!: Station No. 47

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