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SongArtistAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
raga ramdas malharravi hankar and ali akbar khanragas18:4803/26/19, 03:12PM82:30:24
raga bilashkani todiravi hankar and ali akbar khanragas19:5605/14/19, 12:32PM72:19:32
raga palasravi hankar and ali akbar khanragas20:1609/04/18, 02:49PM62:01:36
Spirals In HyperspaceOzric TentaclesSpirals In Hyperspace09:5110/22/19, 10:11AM101:38:30
raga malikaravi hankar and ali akbar khanragas19:0009/06/18, 04:11PM51:35:00
Decasia: Part IVBasel SinfoniettaDecasia15:4010/22/19, 10:49AM61:34:00
A Rainbow in Curved AirTerry RileyA Rainbow in Curved Air18:4612/10/19, 03:14PM51:33:50
Reich: Drumming - Part 3Steve Reich & MusiciansDrumming11:1102/04/20, 05:26PM81:29:28
Tal MalaDiga Rhythm BandDiga12:4811/25/19, 02:07PM61:16:48
Reich: Drumming - Part 2Steve Reich & MusiciansDrumming18:1211/25/19, 04:49PM41:12:48
OakumOzric TentaclesSpirals In Hyperspace09:0310/14/19, 04:11PM81:12:24
OutlawsBill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones07:5602/18/20, 04:24PM91:11:24
Reich: Drumming - Part 1Steve Reich & MusiciansDrumming17:3110/18/18, 04:33PM41:10:04
A Gift Of WingsOzric TentaclesErpland09:4809/06/18, 03:09PM71:08:36
The Creator Has a Master PlanPharoah SandersKarma32:4702/27/18, 09:16AM21:05:34
Moon RiverBill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones06:2610/22/19, 11:24AM101:04:20
Summun, Bukmun, UmyunPharoah SandersSummun, Bukmun, Umyun21:2005/31/18, 04:37PM31:04:00
Tell Your Ma, Tell Your PaBill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones09:0811/25/19, 12:51PM71:03:56
Horace Tapscott - Chicago 1993 - 02. One for LatelyUnknownUnknown21:0806/26/18, 03:14PM31:03:24
Third TerrainRova Saxaphone QuartetUnknown06:5912/18/19, 04:28PM91:02:51
Righteous PunishmentThe MermenIn God We Trust08:4802/05/20, 02:45PM71:01:36
One Six Four SevenAutechreLiftoff From Launch Pad08:4302/18/20, 05:26PM71:01:01
Reich: Drumming - Part 4Steve Reich & MusiciansDrumming09:5011/25/19, 04:10PM659:00
Valley Of A Thousand ThoughtsOzric TentaclesErpland06:3205/17/19, 04:58PM958:48
Medley: Gajal Theka/Jogi Lahra/Melody from the Film Nagin/Melody from TVarious ArtistsSapera: Snake Charmers of North India14:2111/25/19, 05:08PM457:24
Music For 18 MusiciansSteve ReichUnknown56:3110/07/19, 11:16AM156:31
Mysticum ArabicolaOzric TentaclesErpland09:1510/22/19, 11:02AM655:30
One Hundred Foot LemonThe MermenIn God We Trust13:2410/28/19, 03:01PM453:36
Ragas In Minor ScaleRavi Shankar, Philip GlassPassages07:3709/04/18, 04:27PM753:19
AgainBill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones07:3405/14/19, 11:10AM752:58
Psychic ChasmOzric TentaclesSpirals In Hyperspace08:4510/22/19, 11:18AM652:30
Do I DoStevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium I 10:2812/05/17, 03:11PM552:20
Magnificent SevensDiga Rhythm BandDiga12:5902/18/20, 04:52PM451:56
Eternal WheelOzric TentaclesErpland08:2009/04/18, 02:58PM650:00
Eight Lines (Howie B Remix)Reich RemixedUnknown08:1605/17/19, 03:54PM649:36
More Wood Less HeadThe MermenIn God We Trust09:5110/28/19, 02:36PM549:15
Anthem-Part 3Philip GlassUnknown08:1101/15/19, 10:56AM649:06
Meetings Along The EdgeRavi Shankar, Philip GlassPassages08:1102/18/20, 05:00PM649:06
PropheciesPhilip GlassKoyaanisqatsi (Original Version)08:1103/14/18, 03:16PM649:06
Sweet SixteenDiga Rhythm BandDiga08:0612/17/19, 04:56PM648:36
VesselsPhilip GlassKoyaanisqatsi (Original Versio08:0611/25/19, 03:56PM648:36
Proverb (Nobukazu Takemura Remix)Reich RemixedUnknown07:4804/30/19, 09:43AM646:48
Dear PrudenceJerry Garcia BandLive 11:4110/08/19, 02:04PM446:44
Ethnicolor IJean-Michel JarreZoolook11:4012/07/18, 02:31PM446:40
Full HouseWes MontgomeryFull House [Keepnews Collection]09:1604/20/17, 03:57PM546:20
DivaJean-Michel JarreZoolook07:3302/18/20, 05:17PM645:18
The GridPhilip GlassKoyaanisqatsi (Original Versio14:5604/30/19, 10:10AM344:48
The Desert Music (Freq Nasty & B.L.I.M. Remix)Reich RemixedUnknown07:2310/22/19, 10:19AM644:18
ErplandOzric TentaclesErpland05:3202/04/20, 04:55PM844:16
Caught!Philip GlassUnknown07:2110/22/19, 11:09AM644:06
Hymn To The SunPhilip GlassUnknown06:1702/18/20, 04:32PM743:59
ChewierOzric TentaclesSpirals In Hyperspace05:2712/16/19, 04:18PM843:36
Strange MeetingBill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones05:2611/25/19, 04:54PM843:28
Blues DreamBill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones04:4911/25/19, 05:43PM943:21
Kuru Field Of JusticePhilip GlassUnknown06:0810/18/18, 03:49PM742:56
Here Comes SunshineGrateful DeadDick's Picks, Vol. 1 [Live] 14:1305/26/17, 02:03PM342:39
IscenceOzric TentaclesErpland04:3802/18/20, 05:04PM941:42
Knee 5Philip GlassUnknown05:1102/18/20, 05:10PM841:28
PrashantiRavi Shankar, Philip GlassPassages13:3805/14/19, 11:35AM340:54
La China Leoncia Arreo La Correntinada Trajo Entre La Muchachada La Flor De La JuvuntudGato BarbieriChapter One: Latin America13:3302/27/18, 03:49PM340:39
Move OverWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields10:0505/06/19, 11:30AM440:20
Feelin' Just Fine (Head Full of Shit)Spacemen 3Home Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry04:2810/18/18, 04:41PM940:12
TorqueRova Saxaphone QuartetUnknown10:0112/07/18, 01:51PM440:04
Decasia: Part IBasel SinfoniettaDecasia13:1612/07/18, 11:52AM339:48
OfferingRavi Shankar, Philip GlassPassages09:4611/25/19, 05:34PM439:04
Donovan's Reef JamCountry Joe & The FishLive! Fillmore West 196938:1711/21/16, 03:16PM138:17
The ThrobbeOzric TentaclesErpland06:2208/10/18, 12:47PM638:12
Decasia: Part IIIBasel SinfoniettaDecasia07:3701/15/19, 10:48AM538:05
Decasia: Part VIBasel SinfoniettaDecasia12:2902/21/18, 05:47PM337:27
Lady GaborThe Nels Cline Singers with Jeff ParkerKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Vol. 1112:2902/05/20, 02:36PM337:27
PlasmoidOzric TentaclesSpirals In Hyperspace05:1807/31/19, 02:48PM737:06
ContemplationMcCoy TynerThe Real McCoy09:1309/06/19, 03:14PM436:52
Tangled Up In BlueJerry Garcia BandLive 12:1702/14/20, 11:01AM336:51
Decasia: Part VBasel SinfoniettaDecasia04:3612/07/18, 12:04PM836:48
Piano Phase (D Note's Phased & Konfused Mix)Reich RemixedUnknown05:0905/17/19, 03:33PM736:03
Red, Black & GreenPharoah SandersThembi08:5605/16/18, 03:48PM435:44
Let Us Go Into The House Of The LordPharoah SandersSummun, Bukmun, Umyun17:4705/22/19, 04:33PM235:34
The UnutterablePhilip GlassUnknown07:0302/18/20, 04:39PM535:15
That Lucky Old SunJerry Garcia BandLive 11:3202/22/18, 09:40AM334:36
SadhanipaRavi Shankar, Philip GlassPassages08:3710/02/17, 05:02PM434:28
GrosvenorDr. ZeusUnknown17:1012/10/19, 03:32PM234:20
Justice And HonorBill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones04:4911/25/19, 04:00PM733:43
Mademoiselle Mabry (Miss Mabry)Miles DavisFilles de Kilimanjaro16:3303/23/18, 03:03PM233:06
Depth ChargeAfrican Head ChargeAdrian Sherwood Presents The04:0705/14/19, 11:14AM832:56
I'm A Greedy ManJames BrownUnknown06:3203/26/19, 02:53PM532:40
CloudscapePhilip GlassKoyaanisqatsi (Original Version)04:4011/25/19, 05:48PM732:40
Dee DeeOrnette ColemanUnknown10:4310/12/18, 03:11PM332:09
Channels And WindsRavi Shankar, Philip GlassPassages08:0005/17/19, 04:51PM432:00
Theka TalinVarious ArtistsSapera: Snake Charmers of North India04:3305/16/18, 04:10PM731:51
In The Ultimate Scheme Of ThingsZoogz RiftVillagers07:5508/27/18, 03:56PM431:40
Kasaba KabezaZoogz RiftDie, You Cretinous Bastards!10:2409/01/16, 04:19PM331:12
Toka TolaOzric TentaclesSpirals In Hyperspace07:4705/14/19, 12:09PM431:08
P. Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)ParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 07:4310/23/19, 04:32PM430:52
ProtestPhilip GlassUnknown04:2210/18/18, 04:37PM730:34
MayaPhilip HamiltonUnknown06:0502/05/20, 03:37PM530:25
Smilin' JonesBill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones05:0205/17/19, 04:07PM630:12
The VisitorsHamza El DinUnknown10:0212/19/17, 12:57PM330:06
Mass Projection Henry > RoopsNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free09:5709/26/18, 01:52PM329:51
Tolstoy FarmPhilip GlassUnknown04:5812/07/18, 02:36PM629:48
Suffering And SmilingFela Anikulapo KutiUnknown09:5509/06/19, 04:41PM329:45
El MacheteAntibalasLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 109:5412/10/19, 09:37AM329:42
Make It FunkyJames BrownUnknown07:2510/05/18, 10:22AM429:40
Eyes Of The World/DrumsGrateful DeadOne From The Vault (Disc 1) [Live]14:3205/26/17, 02:17PM229:04
Blue 'n' BoogieWes MontgomeryFull House [Keepnews Collection]09:3903/15/17, 09:35AM328:57
Tidal ConvergenceOzric TentaclesErpland07:1409/06/18, 03:39PM428:56
Sugar MagnoliaGrateful DeadEurope '72 07:1112/10/19, 02:32PM428:44
These Are The JB's (Pt. 1 & 2)The J.B.'sThese Are The J.B.'s04:4503/12/19, 02:59PM628:30
Tutu's PromiseJessica WilliamsWilliams, Jessica: Live at Yoshi's, Vol. 109:2606/20/18, 05:23PM328:18
Mosque And TemplePhilip GlassUnknown04:4311/25/19, 05:16PM628:18
New Cities In Ancient Lands, IndiaPhilip GlassUnknown04:4306/28/17, 11:50AM628:18
Pruit IgoePhilip GlassKoyaanisqatsi (Original Version)07:0403/30/17, 05:15PM428:16
Aqua BoogieParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 09:2502/28/18, 03:13PM328:15
That PlacePhilip GlassUnknown04:4211/25/19, 04:30PM628:12
Ptah, The El DaoudAlice ColtranePtah, The El Daoud14:0302/01/16, 03:35PM228:06
KoyaanisqatsiPhilip GlassKoyaanisqatsi (Original Versio03:3005/14/19, 12:12PM828:00
High RiseIkonKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 209:1908/23/16, 05:25PM327:57
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Qawwal And Party- Khena Ghalat Ghalat To Chhupana Sahi SahiThe Compact Real WorldUnknown13:5809/06/19, 04:24PM227:56
Unbroken ChainPhil & Friends2007.10.20 13:5805/15/18, 09:53AM227:56
Papa Don't Take No Mess, Part 1James BrownThe CD Of JB, Vol. 2: Cold Sweat & Other Soul Classics04:3601/27/20, 12:43PM627:36
Rajastahni SongVarious ArtistsSapera: Snake Charmers of North India03:0411/25/19, 03:33PM927:36
My Favorite ThingsJohn ColtraneUnknown13:4402/13/17, 04:39PM227:28
Hand Jive (First Alternate Take)Miles DavisNefertiti06:5210/07/19, 11:31AM427:28
Ma 'tit FilleBuckwheat ZydecoUnknown06:5204/23/19, 01:39PM427:28
Shut Up 'n' Play Yer Guitar Some MoreFrank ZappaUnknown06:5204/30/19, 10:56AM427:28
KirstenSortenmuld1999-September #209:0802/15/17, 03:28PM327:24
To Lay Me DownGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]09:0208/24/18, 03:57PM327:06
Heading To GloryAfrican Head ChargeLiftoff From Launch Pad04:3109/04/18, 01:58PM627:06
From EgyptPhilip GlassUnknown03:2310/02/17, 05:09PM827:04
ZoolookologieJean-Michel JarreZoolook03:5111/25/19, 05:38PM726:57
IndiaGato BarbieriChapter One: Latin America08:5802/27/18, 03:06PM326:54
Guitar TrioBand Of SusansLiftoff From Launch Pad13:2006/06/16, 03:38PM226:40
Get Out Of My LifeJerry Garcia BandLive 08:5302/22/18, 09:15AM326:39
Endangered SpeciesPat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X13:1902/14/20, 11:14AM226:38
Four By FiveMcCoy TynerThe Real McCoy06:3712/06/17, 02:51PM426:28
EpiloguePhilip GlassUnknown04:2311/25/19, 01:54PM626:18
Twenty YearsBill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones03:1505/22/19, 03:58PM826:00
DealJerry Garcia BandLive 08:3903/03/18, 10:14AM325:57
When You Feel It Grunt If You Can (Medley)The J.B.'sThese Are The J.B.'s12:5810/05/18, 11:19AM225:56
BedPhilip GlassUnknown03:4205/14/19, 11:39AM725:54
Hard TimesBill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones03:4112/07/18, 01:36PM725:47
Poem in G MinorJessica WilliamsWilliams, Jessica: Live at Yoshi's, Vol. 108:3409/06/19, 02:58PM325:42
Life's a BeachA-Studio2007-612:5006/11/18, 04:18PM225:40
Track 14George2007-612:5003/23/17, 10:25AM225:40
Forwarding, Parts 1 & 2Peter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown12:4806/01/18, 10:26AM225:36
AfrikiAlpha BlondyUnknown05:0502/14/20, 10:19AM525:25
Metroid Metal - The EndingStemageUnknown05:0512/16/19, 11:06AM525:25
Flying HighCountry Joe & The FishLive! Fillmore West 196912:3608/07/18, 09:31AM225:12
Serra PeladaPhilip GlassUnknown05:0212/07/18, 01:33PM525:10
ThermoOscar Peterson And Freddie HubbardUnknown08:2210/03/19, 03:06PM325:06
Evening SongPhilip GlassUnknown04:1112/07/18, 01:41PM625:06
Ain't That A BitchJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:0110/08/19, 01:40PM525:05
Carrion CrowEarthKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Vol. 1112:3210/27/16, 10:41AM225:04
Mothership Connection (Star Child)ParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 06:1610/03/19, 02:45PM425:04
EncuentrosGato BarbieriChapter One: Latin America12:2802/27/18, 02:54PM224:56
Music For 18 Musicians (Coldcut Remix)Reich RemixedUnknown06:0909/06/18, 02:46PM424:36
The Way You Do The Things You DoJerry Garcia BandLive 08:0810/14/19, 03:54PM324:24
Walkin'Miles DavisThe Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More" 08:0801/25/19, 03:31PM324:24
SunscapeOzric TentaclesErpland04:0209/18/17, 04:39PM624:12
SoldadiOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 08:0303/01/18, 02:41PM324:09
Say It Loud (I'm Black And I'm Proud)James BrownThe CD Of JB, Vol. 2: Cold Sweat & Other Soul Classics04:4810/05/18, 10:32AM524:00
Simple Twist Of FateJerry Garcia BandLive 11:5410/31/18, 03:33PM223:48
Beautiful LoveJohn Abercrombie/Marc Johnson/Peter ErskineJohn Abercrombie, Marc Johnson & Peter Erskine07:5510/14/19, 03:42PM323:45
JerusalemAlpha BlondyUnknown07:5202/14/20, 04:17PM323:36
The World's A Mess; It's In MyXLos Angeles04:4302/05/20, 03:18PM523:35
New Cities In Ancient Lands, AfricaPhilip GlassUnknown02:5612/07/18, 01:58PM823:28
NemesisDave Holland QuartetExtensions11:3607/31/19, 02:12PM223:12
There Is A Door, It Opens, Then It Is ClosedThe MermenIn God We Trust11:3603/12/18, 10:09AM223:12
Ethnicolor IIJean-Michel JarreZoolook03:5205/17/19, 04:26PM623:12
Haryana Folk SongVarious ArtistsSapera: Snake Charmers of North India03:1711/25/19, 03:30PM722:59
RazooliDiga Rhythm BandDiga02:5211/25/19, 01:33PM822:56
Morning DewGrateful DeadEurope '72 11:2605/26/17, 01:18PM222:52
Flying Colors: Alone TogetherJessica WilliamsWilliams, Jessica: Live at Yoshi's, Vol. 111:2505/27/16, 03:29PM222:50
Long Time No SeePat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X07:3610/23/19, 03:10PM322:48
Word from BirdPat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X03:4803/26/19, 02:12PM622:48
CrackerblocksOzric TentaclesErpland05:4011/25/19, 03:39PM422:40
Cold SweatJames BrownUnknown07:3010/05/18, 10:54AM322:30
RumpofsteelskinParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 05:3710/01/19, 02:46PM422:28
Thick As A Brick - Part 1Jethro TullUnknown22:2603/28/17, 02:29PM122:26
AkashaOzric TentaclesSpirals In Hyperspace07:2709/20/17, 01:43PM322:21
Born To Be BlueWes MontgomeryFull House [Keepnews Collection]07:2710/19/18, 09:57AM322:21
ZoolookJean-Michel JarreZoolook03:4310/22/19, 10:53AM622:18
GazzelloniEric DolphyOut to Lunch07:2512/15/17, 10:45AM322:15
RACGianni GebbiaKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 411:0501/27/20, 11:47AM222:10
Audio Delite At Low FidelityBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business05:2910/30/18, 02:51PM421:56
Metroid Metal Prime - Intro/Menu ThemeStemageUnknown04:2312/16/19, 11:35AM521:55
White ShadowsColdplayX&Y05:2812/20/19, 11:02AM421:52
Switch BladeDuke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles MingusMoney Jungle05:2504/30/19, 09:56AM421:40
Reich: Desert Music - 5. FastMichael Tilson Thomas: Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra & ChorusReich: Desert Music10:4810/30/18, 01:40PM221:36
Booty OotyJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:2404/30/19, 10:45AM421:36
Flash LightParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 10:4502/05/20, 04:05PM221:30
TrapezeThe MermenIn God We Trust10:4303/12/18, 12:25PM221:26
I'll ZeThe J.B.'sThese Are The J.B.'s10:3910/05/18, 11:38AM221:18
Information Par Le MistralSartana et Son Groupe MistralSofrito: International Soundclash05:1804/20/17, 04:03PM421:12
Playin' In The BandGrateful DeadDick's Picks, Vol. 1 [Live] 21:1106/29/18, 03:26PM121:11
Mass Projection Jim > Fake ZeroNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free10:3412/17/19, 05:07PM221:08
Ray M'beleOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 07:0112/13/19, 03:58PM321:03
Tippin'Oscar Peterson And Freddie HubbardUnknown07:0012/20/19, 10:19AM321:00
The Dark TreeHorace TapscottThe Dark Tree 20:5712/17/19, 04:26PM120:57
Zap BébésZap MamaAncestry In Progress05:1410/12/18, 02:54PM420:56
Come Rain Or Come ShineWes MontgomeryFull House [Keepnews Collection]06:5802/18/20, 10:55AM320:54
Worm BuffetZoogz RiftWith No Apparent Reason10:2512/27/17, 12:01PM220:50
ShinePhil & Friends2007.10.20 06:5510/30/18, 03:27PM320:45
Portrait Of JennieOscar Peterson And Freddie HubbardUnknown06:5412/06/17, 02:45PM320:42
L.O.V.E - Monty AlexanderClark TerryOne on One05:1012/06/17, 03:45PM420:40
DreamsThe Allman Brothers BandUnknown10:1810/08/19, 01:19PM220:36
I'll Write a Song for YouEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live03:2610/23/19, 04:00PM620:36
Stop That TrainJerry Garcia BandLive 06:5102/04/20, 04:36PM320:33
Black HoleDave Holland QuartetExtensions10:1510/04/17, 09:29AM220:30
Tchavolo SwingTchavolo Et DoradoLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)04:0610/10/18, 04:49PM520:30
Color of MindDave Holland QuartetExtensions10:1205/09/19, 04:27PM220:24
Piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 35 - I- Grave - Doppio MovimentoFrederic ChopinUnknown06:4812/16/19, 04:47PM320:24
Stop That TrainJerry Garcia BandLive 06:4802/22/18, 09:47AM320:24
They Don't Want MusicBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business06:4703/08/17, 03:24PM320:21
West GanjiChicago Afrobeat ProjectChicago Afrobeat Project10:0610/27/16, 10:19AM220:12
DevotionEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live05:0312/16/19, 03:48PM420:12
Diamond In The RoughShawn ColvinSteady On05:0307/31/19, 04:07PM420:12
LahilalaAmadou & MariamWati05:0312/20/19, 09:26AM420:12
Home Is Where The Hatred IsGil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man03:2202/04/20, 04:40PM620:12
Cowgirl In The SandNeil YoungDecade10:0302/28/18, 02:46PM220:06
Rajastahni Rasiya #1Various ArtistsSapera: Snake Charmers of North India03:2102/14/20, 11:48AM620:06
Give It Up Or Turnit A LooseJames BrownUnknown03:2010/23/19, 04:11PM620:00
Clocked Out DuoEvery Night The Same DreamKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 409:5812/05/17, 02:56PM219:56
KyotoSantanaLotus 09:5809/06/19, 03:50PM219:56
Precious TinyLotionUnknown09:5703/15/18, 01:23PM219:54
Happiness Is DrummingDiga Rhythm BandDiga03:1801/25/19, 03:09PM619:48
SnakepitOzric TentaclesErpland03:1811/25/19, 05:12PM619:48
Libya BluesPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown06:3412/10/19, 09:25AM319:42
All I DoThe Derek Trucks BandSonglines06:3211/20/17, 10:52AM319:36
Search for PeaceMcCoy TynerThe Real McCoy06:3202/14/20, 11:32AM319:36
Metroid Metal Prime - Phendrana DriftsStemageUnknown04:5412/16/19, 10:56AM419:36
Apo CalypsoThe MermenIn God We Trust06:3103/23/18, 03:10PM319:33
HeatherJessica WilliamsWilliams, Jessica: Live at Yoshi's, Vol. 106:3012/13/17, 09:30AM319:30
Rajastahni Rasiya #2Various ArtistsSapera: Snake Charmers of North India03:1505/14/19, 11:02AM619:30
Track 17GeorgeDecember 2001-109:4410/28/16, 12:04PM219:28
Coffaro's ThemeBill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones04:5212/07/18, 11:21AM419:28
Memories of You - Sir Roland HannaClark TerryOne on One04:5212/06/17, 03:18PM419:28
Megamix (Tranquility Bass Remix)Reich RemixedUnknown09:4012/07/18, 11:39AM219:20
It's No UseMerl Saunders, Jerry Garcia, John Kahn & Bill VittLive At Keystone, Vol. 109:3712/07/16, 10:06AM219:14
The Harder They ComeMerl Saunders, Jerry Garcia, John Kahn & Bill VittLive At Keystone, Vol. 106:2311/15/16, 10:34AM319:09
Lok Sangit LahraVarious ArtistsSapera: Snake Charmers of North India03:1109/04/18, 04:07PM619:06
Escape VelocityMudboyKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Vol. 1109:3209/26/18, 11:17AM219:04
Ilere, Ilere, IlereBabatunde OlatunjiUnknown09:3203/23/17, 11:06AM219:04
Pour Chercher Le MagotKiland et L'Orchestre MabatalaïSofrito: International Soundclash06:2102/14/20, 10:30AM319:03
The Whales >The Mermen2003-01-03 - Great American Music Hall18:5811/06/15, 10:05AM118:58
RockawayThe Lava RatsKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead06:1910/12/18, 02:33PM318:57
I Shall Be ReleasedJerry Garcia BandLive 09:2702/22/18, 09:06AM218:54
JatayuTransglobal Underground1999-February #306:1805/16/18, 04:26PM318:54
Track 07EricSpring 200906:1601/30/20, 04:29PM318:48
How Am I to Know?Miles Davis QuintetThe New Miles Davis Quintet04:4206/20/18, 04:46PM418:48
Obsession For MenThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria09:2301/10/18, 03:40PM218:46
The Song Is OverThe WhoWho's Next06:1512/13/19, 04:14PM318:45
Se Eni A Fe L'amo - Kere KereBabatunde OlatunjiUnknown09:2210/12/18, 02:49PM218:44
Show Me The WayZap MamaAncestry In Progress04:4006/26/18, 02:53PM418:40
Nuclear Cats Get New HomeBiltter vs. HrvatskiHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry06:1310/30/18, 02:02PM318:39
5-08 My RomanceBill EvansThe Last Waltz09:1508/25/16, 01:28PM218:30
Willie The PimpFrank ZappaUnknown09:1503/01/18, 03:32PM218:30
While You Were OutFrank ZappaUnknown06:1012/04/17, 10:00AM318:30
Vein MelterHerbie HancockHead Hunters09:1312/15/17, 10:33AM218:26
Splashin' With The MermaidThe MermenKrill Slippin'03:4110/28/19, 02:48PM518:25
So WhatMiles DavisThe Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More" 09:1202/06/20, 03:35PM218:24
Tin Pan AlleyStevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleCouldn't Stand The Weather09:1209/27/18, 12:59PM218:24
BorotoBadenya Les Freres CoulibalyAfrican Groove04:3607/31/18, 12:14PM418:24
Take Your Mama OutScissor SistersUnknown04:3606/11/18, 03:50PM418:24
Lone RangerJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 06:0711/02/17, 03:43PM318:21
Two FingersYetiKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 409:1004/20/17, 03:32PM218:20
CassidyGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]04:3508/23/18, 08:21PM418:20
Toltec SpringOzric TentaclesErpland03:0306/01/18, 10:35AM618:18
Zohar No. 23 Mustaphas 3Unknown04:3302/18/20, 11:08AM418:12
Decasia: Part IIBasel SinfoniettaDecasia09:0411/16/17, 12:29PM218:08
Missing LinkAvie Allen And The Arrows1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West09:0403/03/17, 09:54AM218:08
The Deep EndMajor StarsKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 109:0305/24/18, 02:25PM218:06
Eternal Caravan Of ReincarnationSantanaUnknown04:3110/11/19, 03:08PM418:04
GuaguancóArturo SandovalDanzon (Dance On)06:0107/12/18, 01:22PM318:03
Every Step Of The WaySantanaUnknown09:0112/13/19, 04:23PM218:02
Son Of Mr. Green GenesFrank ZappaUnknown09:0003/30/17, 03:48PM218:00
Artists OnlyTalking HeadsUnknown03:3601/27/20, 11:24AM518:00
My StyleBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business04:2905/01/17, 10:58AM417:56
AkiwowoBabatunde OlatunjiUnknown08:5706/14/17, 02:16PM217:54
Luminous CharmsPeter ApfelbaumUnknown08:5712/01/17, 04:03PM217:54
Stucco HomesFrank ZappaUnknown08:5707/31/18, 12:32PM217:54
Tender Umbrella (Rihanna vs. General Public)Party BenBest of Bootie 200704:2803/14/18, 03:21PM417:52
Pleasant PheasantDarol Anger & Mike MarshallPsycho Grass05:5710/23/19, 03:48PM317:51
Save The ChildrenGil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man04:2705/22/19, 04:37PM417:48
ToumastTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life04:2711/01/18, 03:41PM417:48
SugareeJerry GarciaGarcia05:5512/10/19, 02:10PM317:45
Knee 1Philip GlassUnknown03:3310/22/19, 11:28AM517:45
Ohkami No JikanKokoniKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 217:4111/20/17, 10:31AM117:41
The ThemeMiles Davis QuintetThe New Miles Davis Quintet05:5210/01/19, 03:08PM317:36
Track 02George2007-605:5110/08/19, 01:35PM317:33
Piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 35 - Iii- Marche FunebreFrederic ChopinUnknown08:4406/07/18, 11:49AM217:28
You Haven't Done Nothin'Stevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium I 03:2912/09/19, 03:06PM517:25
TweezerPhishA Picture of Nectar08:4212/09/19, 03:33PM217:24
System of SurvivalEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live05:4803/07/19, 05:05PM317:24
Delinquent PaymentsZoogz RiftNonentity (Water III: Fan Black Dada)08:4110/07/19, 04:54PM217:22
Dr. JimmyThe WhoQuadrophenia 08:4103/15/18, 01:42PM217:22
I Want To Ta-Ta You BabyJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:4712/13/19, 04:39PM317:21
Don't Let GoJerry Garcia BandLive 17:1606/30/16, 03:15PM117:16
Jade Vincent ExperimentThe Girl Of My DreamsKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 205:4502/14/20, 10:36AM317:15
A Real DragonDarol Anger & Mike MarshallPsycho Grass05:4301/27/20, 12:16PM317:09
IrisMiles DavisE.S.P.08:3402/14/20, 03:47PM217:08
Weaver Of DreamsOscar Peterson And Freddie HubbardUnknown08:3102/14/20, 09:42AM217:02
Amad [Alternate Take]Duke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]04:1512/20/19, 11:24AM417:00
Hat and BeardEric DolphyOut to Lunch08:2803/21/18, 03:42PM216:56
How Many More TimesLed ZeppelinUnknown08:2805/02/18, 04:31PM216:56
05 DerelictBeckUnknown04:1306/26/18, 03:20PM416:52
Chocolate CityParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 05:3703/15/17, 09:25AM316:51
Better Change Your MindWilliam OnyeaborNigeria 70 08:2411/01/17, 04:36PM216:48
The Sheltering SkyKing CrimsonDiscipline08:2402/14/17, 03:33PM216:48
Shut Up 'n Play Yer GuitarFrank ZappaUnknown05:3608/07/18, 09:52AM316:48
Damadam Mast KalandarVarious ArtistsSapera: Snake Charmers of North India03:2112/07/18, 01:03PM516:45
Turiya And RamakrishnaAlice ColtranePtah, The El Daoud08:2205/24/18, 02:33PM216:44
FlossingDr. ZeusUnknown05:3410/07/19, 04:31PM316:42
Orange DubSub OsloKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 416:4104/19/16, 03:39PM116:41
Get Up Offa That Thing (Release The Pressure)James BrownThe CD Of JB, Vol. 2: Cold Sweat & Other Soul Classics04:1010/05/18, 10:02AM416:40
NamedropperLotionUnknown05:3302/18/20, 02:14PM316:39
MantraAlice ColtranePtah, The El Daoud16:3603/13/18, 05:05PM116:36
When Fine Society Sits Down To DineChumbawambaUn05:3201/31/17, 04:37PM316:36
Rind De HoreTaraf De HaïdouksLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)08:1602/08/17, 11:38AM216:32
Treacherous CretinsFrank ZappaUnknown05:3003/07/19, 04:38PM316:30
WooloomoolooJean-Michel JarreZoolook03:1805/17/19, 03:28PM516:30
KecakBaliUnknown08:1209/06/19, 02:50PM216:24
Maki MadniDerek Trucks Band Feat. Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali KhanJoyful Noise08:1101/29/20, 03:09PM216:22
Honeysuckle Rose - Benny GreenClark TerryOne on One08:0903/23/18, 02:01PM216:18
A Mis AbuelosArturo SandovalDanzon (Dance On)05:2505/22/19, 03:34PM316:15
Angel From MontgomerySusan TedeschiJust Won't Burn05:2410/30/17, 10:14AM316:12
Last Forever (The Current Sea)The MermenIn God We Trust05:2410/28/19, 03:32PM316:12
The Devil's HeavenHelena Espvall & Ernesto Diaz-InfanteKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Volume 1208:0509/06/19, 02:30PM216:10
Alo Mi Alo (Parts 1 And 2)Orlando Julius EkemodeNigeria 70 08:0408/04/17, 09:27AM216:08
Melody from the Film PhagunVarious ArtistsSapera: Snake Charmers of North India04:0205/14/19, 11:57AM416:08
Soup 'n Old ClothesFrank ZappaUnknown08:0310/11/19, 02:57PM216:06
Incident at NeshaburSantanaLotus 15:5712/29/15, 11:43AM115:57
El Manicero Se VaAfro Festival led by Fantastic Tchico TchicayaSofrito: International Soundclash07:5811/01/17, 03:45PM215:56
Voodoo What You DoJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:1805/22/18, 05:14PM315:54
Willow Grove - Barry HarrisClark TerryOne on One03:5812/16/19, 03:52PM415:52
W'happy MamaZap MamaA Ma Zone05:1706/11/18, 05:04PM315:51
Reich: Desert Music - 1. FastMichael Tilson Thomas: Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra & ChorusReich: Desert Music07:5410/23/19, 04:07PM215:48
(You Gotta Walk) Don't Look BackPeter Tosh With Mick JaggerPutumayo Presents World Hits05:1609/06/19, 02:12PM315:48
MedleyScarabHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry05:1607/31/19, 02:32PM315:48
SwampTalking HeadsSpeaking In Tongues05:1605/16/17, 02:50PM315:48
Chant To Call The Indians OutWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields03:5712/16/19, 04:06PM415:48
BusinessDr. ZeusUnknown15:4710/04/16, 03:56PM115:47
Convict 13Bill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones03:5602/21/18, 06:02PM415:44
Looking For AnswersSusan TedeschiJust Won't Burn05:1412/05/17, 10:03AM315:42
6-04 Days of Wine and RosesBill EvansThe Last Waltz07:4702/06/20, 04:17PM215:34
Positively 4th StreetMerl Saunders, Jerry Garcia, John Kahn & Bill VittLive At Keystone, Vol. 107:4709/06/19, 02:41PM215:34
Bourgeois BoogieOrnette Coleman And Prime TimeVirgin Beauty05:1104/23/19, 04:07PM315:33
Bedroom ThangZZ TopUnknown03:5302/05/20, 03:45PM415:32
Waves WithinSantanaUnknown03:5303/21/18, 04:15PM415:32
AnthemPhilip HamiltonUnknown07:4509/24/19, 03:35PM215:30
Up For The Down StrokeParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 05:1003/15/17, 08:48AM315:30
JekajoChicago Afrobeat ProjectChicago Afrobeat Project07:4409/24/19, 05:06PM215:28
No Thugs In Our HouseXTCEnglish Settlement05:0904/23/19, 02:07PM315:27
Paris GreenKing Of HawaiiKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead05:0906/06/18, 10:23AM315:27
LaceDr. ZeusUnknown03:0508/24/18, 03:48PM515:25
Secret To A Long LifeMichelle ShockedArkansas Traveler03:5104/23/19, 03:15PM415:24
Bird SongGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]07:4112/05/17, 10:32AM215:22
Mount HarissaDuke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]07:4109/24/19, 03:23PM215:22
Toussaint l'OvertureSantanaLotus 07:4001/05/18, 10:25AM215:20
Train To Sao PauloPhilip GlassUnknown03:0410/01/19, 02:38PM515:20
All The Love In The UniverseSantanaUnknown07:3909/04/18, 01:53PM215:18
ParallelogramGrateful DeadInfrared Roses [Live]05:0610/07/19, 05:06PM315:18
Be My NoirThe MermenUnknown07:3810/11/19, 03:52PM215:16
PreludeGrateful DeadEurope '72 07:3805/26/17, 02:25PM215:16
Musashi No ShirabeThe Art Of The Japanese Bamboo FluteUnknown07:3703/02/16, 12:04PM215:14
S.O.SWes MontgomeryFull House [Keepnews Collection]05:0409/13/17, 04:46PM315:12
Mister PresidentLotionThe Telephone Album03:4810/23/19, 03:30PM415:12
Higher GroundStevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium I 03:4709/17/19, 03:23PM415:08
MadnessMiles DavisNefertiti07:3312/18/19, 04:16PM215:06
No More Gas (Rihanna vs. Kardinal Offishall vs. Akon vs. Ne-Yo vs. Estelle vs. Pussycat Dolls vs. Leona Lewis vs. Danity Kane vs. Madonna vs. Timbaland vs. Justin Timberlake vs. Lupe Fiasco vs. Matthew Santos vs. Britney Spears vs. Flo-Rida vs. T-Pain)EarwormBest of Bootie 200805:0207/03/18, 12:04PM315:06
I'm Your PuppetJames & Bobby PurifySoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 103:0102/14/20, 09:33AM515:05
Super Metroid - Upper CrateriaStemageSuper Metroid Metal05:0004/23/19, 01:20PM315:00
Be Ever WonderfulEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live03:4509/17/19, 02:49PM415:00
Mushmouth Shoutin'ZZ TopRio Grande Mud03:4502/08/17, 11:49AM415:00
Third Weak LegsScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry04:5905/16/18, 03:55PM314:57
Candles And StonesPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown07:2803/07/19, 04:57PM214:56
My Funny ValentineMiles DavisThe Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More" 14:5509/08/17, 02:54PM114:55
Police PeoplePat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X04:5805/22/19, 04:53PM314:54
Section 43Country Joe & The FishElectric Music For The Mind And Body07:2606/29/18, 02:25PM214:52
Strung OutJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 07:2608/27/18, 04:13PM214:52
I'm Cryin'Stevie Ray VaughnUnknown03:4302/08/17, 11:25AM414:52
Mathew 24:14??????14:5110/21/15, 11:20AM114:51
Living for the CityStevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium I 07:2507/02/18, 12:46PM214:50
I Feel So GoodDeep BlueUnknown03:4205/31/18, 03:42PM414:48
ZoemetraOzric TentaclesSpirals In Hyperspace07:2312/29/15, 11:22AM214:46
ProcessionalDave Holland QuartetExtensions07:2201/31/17, 03:10PM214:44
Pieces Of A ManGil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man04:5405/22/19, 03:29PM314:42
What's She Done To Your MindRain ParadeEmergency Third Rail Power Trip / Explosions In The Glass Palace02:5603/13/18, 05:27PM514:40
The OracleDave Holland QuartetExtensions14:3801/22/16, 10:44AM114:38
Hurts Me TooGrateful DeadEurope '72 07:1906/29/18, 03:00PM214:38
Little JacoDarol Anger & Mike MarshallPsycho Grass07:1812/10/19, 09:16AM214:36
MantraSantanaLotus 07:1806/01/18, 01:41PM214:36
Dearly BelovedWes MontgomeryBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]04:5205/22/19, 04:42PM314:36
Do That StuffParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 04:5108/16/17, 03:44PM314:33
Heart BeatitudeThe MermenUnknown03:3810/28/19, 03:43PM414:32
The WhalesThe MermenKrill Slippin'04:5010/28/19, 03:23PM314:30
Ja Fun Mi (Instrumental)King Sunny Ade & His African BeatsNigeria 70 07:1409/04/18, 01:40PM214:28
Ride OnParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 03:3710/01/19, 03:53PM414:28
Green and GoldRoy AyersBaadasssss! Soundtrack04:4903/08/17, 02:55PM314:27
The Unheard MusicXLos Angeles04:4912/16/19, 10:42AM314:27
Drifting Down the Coast on a Haze of FogExpo '70KFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Volume 1214:2610/12/18, 03:39PM114:26
The SleeperCannonball & ColtraneUnknown07:1305/01/17, 11:31AM214:26
One More Saturday NightGrateful DeadEurope '72 04:4802/04/20, 05:04PM314:24
Lady Day And John ColtraneGil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man03:3612/05/17, 11:05AM414:24
I'll Rip Your Brains OutZoogz RiftWater07:1110/30/18, 02:22PM214:22
StashPhishA Picture of Nectar07:1101/27/20, 12:50PM214:22
Super Metroid Metal - Lower NorfairStemageUnknown04:4709/27/18, 12:40PM314:21
Tennessee JedGrateful DeadEurope '72 07:1003/21/17, 04:26PM214:20
JessicaThe Allman Brothers BandBrothers and Sisters07:0702/08/17, 11:21AM214:14
Track 07George2010-704:4408/27/18, 04:44PM314:12
Telephone BillJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 04:4306/06/18, 09:38AM314:09
GraceCountry Joe & The FishElectric Music For The Mind And Body07:0411/01/18, 02:04PM214:08
Out Of This WorldJohn ColtraneUnknown14:0712/09/19, 03:52PM114:07
I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me NothingJames BrownUnknown07:0310/04/18, 09:30AM214:06
It's A Hard Life Wherever You Go-Abraham MartinEmmylou HarrisUnknown07:0309/17/19, 04:31PM214:06
ToumarankeOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 07:0312/01/17, 04:44PM214:06
I Think I'll Call It MorningGil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man03:3102/05/20, 03:49PM414:04
My Name Is PrinceLotionThe Telephone Album03:3112/16/19, 11:14AM414:04
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Give It AwayUnknownUnknown04:4112/04/17, 09:43AM314:03
Dawn ChorusDarol Anger & Mike MarshallPsycho Grass07:0103/07/19, 04:21PM214:02
A TuneBardo Pond With Roy MontgomeryKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 207:0010/03/19, 02:55PM214:00
Super Metroid Metal - Boss MedleyStemageUnknown07:0003/30/17, 04:07PM214:00
Whats UpZmrzlinaKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 507:0012/05/19, 09:59AM214:00
Over The WaterfallMichelle ShockedArkansas Traveler04:4010/24/16, 01:39PM314:00
Why Johnny Can't ReadFrank ZappaUnknown04:4011/13/17, 03:15PM314:00
The Grunt (Pt. 1 & 2)The J.B.'sThese Are The J.B.'s03:3010/05/18, 11:22AM414:00
ThinkJames BrownThe CD Of JB, Vol. 2: Cold Sweat & Other Soul Classics02:4810/05/18, 10:08AM514:00
It Must Have Been The RosesGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]06:5911/06/17, 01:03PM213:58
Smells Like Ke$ha's G6 (Ke$ha vs. Nirvana vs. Far East Movement vs. Britney Spears)Titus JonesBest of Bootie 2010 (Bonus Tracks)04:3909/06/19, 03:57PM313:57
World War IVAntibalasLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 106:5810/01/19, 03:18PM213:56
Jesus In The SkyThe MermenIn God We Trust06:5603/12/18, 09:57AM213:52
I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me)James BrownThe CD Of JB, Vol. 2: Cold Sweat & Other Soul Classics03:2810/05/18, 10:05AM413:52
Healing ChantNeville BrothersUnknown04:3706/08/18, 02:54PM313:51
Vermont CounterpointJane RiglerKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 513:4602/08/18, 10:25AM113:46
El MatadorLos Fabulosos Cadillacs2009-804:3509/17/19, 03:39PM313:45
Like ThatBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business04:3504/23/19, 02:56PM313:45
OMG The One Who Changed The Way I Love (Usher vs. R.E.M. vs. Example)Dylan Vasey vs. Hifi Banjo StringsBest of Bootie 201104:3508/24/18, 04:21PM313:45
Nabed Nade El Piny KaOwiny Sigoma BandSofrito: International Soundclash06:5201/29/20, 02:20PM213:44
BurnThe MermenUnknown13:4310/28/19, 03:15PM113:43
Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit DownEric BibbMali To Memphis06:5101/20/16, 01:43PM213:42
X&YColdplayX&Y04:3408/16/17, 04:10PM313:42
FearlessOverwhelming ColorfastOverwhelming Colorfast03:2512/16/19, 10:51AM413:40
DilrubaNiyaz2005-406:4909/26/18, 11:05AM213:38
Little WingStevie Ray VaughnUnknown06:4906/01/18, 10:47AM213:38
Merl's TuneMerl Saunders, Jerry Garcia, John Kahn & Bill VittLive At Keystone, Vol. 113:3711/15/16, 10:28AM113:37
Mary's BluesJohn ColtraneDakar06:4803/07/19, 04:14PM213:36
Werente SerigneOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 06:4802/14/17, 05:33PM213:36
Kar Kar MadisonBoubacar TraoréMali To Memphis04:3208/04/17, 09:47AM313:36
Roll With The PunchesYoung MCStone Cold Rhymin'04:3106/20/18, 04:41PM313:33
Madness (Alternate Take)Miles DavisNefertiti06:4612/10/19, 02:39PM213:32
Prodigal Daughter (Cotton Eyed Joe)Michelle ShockedArkansas Traveler06:4404/21/17, 10:20AM213:28
Track 08EricSpring 200906:4202/08/17, 09:34AM213:24
The Intractable BoyThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria04:2810/28/19, 02:04PM313:24
Graveyard BluesScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry03:2107/31/19, 04:02PM413:24
23 Minutes In BrusselsLunaPenthouse06:4111/02/17, 04:25PM213:22
AmadDuke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]04:2701/29/20, 02:42PM313:21
Imidiwan WinakalinTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life04:2702/14/20, 11:19AM313:21
No. 99LotionThe Telephone Album04:2712/16/19, 10:48AM313:21
With No Definite Future & No Purpose Other Than To Prevail Somehow...The MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria04:2710/28/19, 03:36PM313:21
Journey in SatchidanandaAlice ColtraneJourney in Satchidananda06:4009/26/18, 01:17PM213:20
TipitinaProfessor LonghairNew Orleans Piano02:4010/19/18, 09:40AM513:20
Get DownWarBaadasssss! Soundtrack04:2603/01/18, 02:53PM313:18
SuperstitionStevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium I 04:2603/08/17, 04:41PM313:18
Tunji (Toon-Gee)John ColtraneUnknown06:3801/25/19, 03:03PM213:16
HoneymoonersOrnette Coleman And Prime TimeVirgin Beauty04:2409/06/19, 01:38PM313:12
Space Invaders RegroupBilDeejay's Choice03:1801/30/20, 04:47PM413:12
Track 07GeorgeAugust 1998-106:3501/27/20, 12:57PM213:10
Lil' MoneyEric RobersonBaadasssss! Soundtrack04:2312/27/17, 11:47AM313:09
Child Of The EarthSanchez, PonchoDo It!06:3312/16/19, 03:58PM213:06
Isn't She LovelyStevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium I 06:3303/21/17, 03:05PM213:06
This SkyThe Derek Trucks BandSonglines06:3212/04/17, 10:14AM213:04
Stella by StarlightMiles DavisThe Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More" 13:0305/23/17, 09:43AM113:03
Battle of the SpeciesAntibalasLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 106:2908/04/17, 09:12AM212:58
Track 11GeorgeDecember 2001-106:2911/06/17, 01:39PM212:58
Doin' Our Own DangJungle BrothersUnknown04:1909/17/19, 04:21PM312:57
Feel ItBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business04:1903/13/17, 09:55AM312:57
8-03 34 SkidooBill EvansThe Last Waltz06:2811/01/18, 03:07PM212:56
Agony Of DefeetParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 06:2705/08/19, 01:47PM212:54
Unissons NousAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali04:1705/09/19, 03:48PM312:51
BarisBaliUnknown12:4801/27/20, 12:32PM112:48
The Great CurveTalking HeadsUnknown06:2302/08/17, 10:49AM212:46
Black SeaThe Insect SurfersKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead04:1512/10/19, 03:38PM312:45
Land Of The NavajoOld And In The WayUnknown06:2201/19/17, 03:15PM212:44
7-07 Waltz For DebbyBill EvansThe Last Waltz06:2110/21/16, 12:52PM212:42
Jack-A-RoeGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]04:1411/20/17, 09:32AM312:42
RaglanThe MermenUnknown04:1404/30/19, 10:39AM312:42
Say It (Over And Over Again)Jessica WilliamsWilliams, Jessica: Live at Yoshi's, Vol. 106:2001/25/19, 03:43PM212:40
Solaris StompSpace CossacksKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead03:1003/26/19, 02:22PM412:40
Low BeamsContinentalKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 412:3904/19/16, 02:52PM112:39
Deathless HorsieFrank ZappaUnknown06:1912/20/19, 11:46AM212:38
Merakngila-Gamelan Semar PegulinganMusic For The GodsUnknown04:1211/30/16, 10:18AM312:36
Mob JobPat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X04:1209/24/19, 04:21PM312:36
My BloodNeville BrothersUnknown04:1212/05/17, 03:01PM312:36
Dev'lish MaryBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:3105/15/18, 09:36AM512:35
Eighty-OneMiles DavisE.S.P.06:1707/03/18, 11:53AM212:34
ZombieFela Anikulapo KutiBlack Man's Cry12:3302/14/20, 10:49AM112:33
Danza EgipciaThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown04:1104/30/19, 09:50AM312:33
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-IX)Pink FloydWish You Were Here12:3201/10/17, 09:02AM112:32
Nocturne No. 1Frederic ChopinUnknown06:1611/20/17, 11:07AM212:32
Day In, Day OutXTCDrums And Wires03:0812/01/17, 03:54PM412:32
Nobody Knows The Trouble I've SeenDeep BlueUnknown03:0812/09/19, 04:13PM412:32
Burn Down BabylonBilDeejay's Choice06:1505/24/18, 03:34PM212:30
QuadropheniaThe WhoQuadrophenia 06:1510/30/18, 02:58PM212:30
Stars Fell On AlabamaCannonball & ColtraneUnknown06:1504/21/17, 10:34AM212:30
Stone FlowerSantanaUnknown06:1301/29/20, 02:51PM212:26
SugarlightXLos Angeles02:2912/16/19, 11:38AM512:25
I Love Me (Vol. I)LotionThe Telephone Album04:0812/16/19, 11:18AM312:24
TeremitesSebastyen, Marta2000-February04:0810/30/18, 03:02PM312:24
Lonesome Fiddler BluesOld And In The WayUnknown03:0607/31/19, 02:18PM412:24
When Two People In LoveJimmy ReedHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry03:0602/14/20, 03:39PM412:24
It's Getting Dark In HereZoogz RiftSchool Of The Criminally Insane06:1101/31/17, 04:04PM212:22
Jason And The ArgonautsXTCEnglish Settlement06:0909/17/19, 03:29PM212:18
Sponge CookieThe MermenUnknown06:0810/28/19, 02:10PM212:16
Chant To Mother EarthBLONigeria 70 06:0704/20/17, 04:38PM212:14
The Magic of PalermoThe Lounge LizardsNo Pain for Cakes06:0709/27/18, 12:46PM212:14
A Sleeping BeeBill EvansAt The Montreaux At The Jazz Festival06:0612/20/19, 11:16AM212:12
Top of the Pops 2011 (What The Fuck)Mashup-GermanyBest of Bootie 2011 (Bonus Tracks)04:0401/27/20, 11:14AM312:12
Yellow MoonNeville BrothersUnknown04:0403/01/18, 03:08PM312:12
Spiritual Trilogy: Oh Freedom / Come And Go With Me / I'm On My WayOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)06:0502/23/18, 09:55AM212:10
HeartlandKeith JarrettConcerts06:0407/31/19, 02:27PM212:08
Four on OneJohn Abercrombie/Marc Johnson/Peter ErskineJohn Abercrombie, Marc Johnson & Peter Erskine06:0312/15/17, 09:53AM212:06
The Market PlaceWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields06:0205/06/19, 12:01PM212:04
Filles de KilimanjaroMiles DavisFilles de Kilimanjaro12:0310/20/15, 06:04PM112:03
Burning Down The HouseTalking HeadsUnknown04:0110/10/18, 04:35PM312:03
AroundLotionUnknown06:0102/10/16, 02:44PM212:02
AsstinatoNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free06:0107/12/18, 12:45PM212:02
4-03 Who Can I Turn to (When NobodyBill EvansThe Last Waltz06:0008/27/18, 04:25PM212:00
Blues on the CornerMcCoy TynerThe Real McCoy06:0010/04/17, 09:44AM212:00
My Home Is The DeltaMuddy WatersMali To Memphis04:0003/01/18, 02:58PM312:00
The StoryShawn ColvinSteady On03:5902/14/20, 03:58PM311:57
Pulpin' LineThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria03:5801/10/18, 03:11PM311:54
You Don't Hear No DrumsWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields11:5205/22/19, 04:10PM111:52
Funkin' For FunParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 05:5605/09/17, 10:36AM211:52
Ba BumpBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business03:5708/29/18, 11:53PM311:51
CrackopensteinBlectum From BlechdomKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 403:5702/14/20, 04:34PM311:51
Variations On The Carlos Santana Secret Chord ProgressionFrank ZappaUnknown03:5709/27/18, 12:35PM311:51
AfricanoEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live05:5403/03/17, 05:02PM211:48
Reich: Desert Music - 3b. ModerateMichael Tilson Thomas: Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra & ChorusReich: Desert Music05:5403/21/17, 05:15PM211:48
Waiting For A MiracleJerry Garcia BandLive 05:5402/22/18, 10:25AM211:48
3-04 Up with the LarkBill EvansThe Last Waltz05:5310/11/19, 03:44PM211:46
The Last DoorPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown05:5307/31/19, 03:21PM211:46
My Trip to IrelandThe Lounge LizardsNo Pain for Cakes05:5210/04/16, 03:01PM211:44
Track 07EricSpring 200702:5610/14/19, 03:13PM411:44
Track 09GeorgeDecember 2001-103:5411/16/17, 11:01AM311:42
Low Spark Of The High-Heeled BoysTrafficUnknown11:4006/30/16, 04:34PM111:40
Astral TravelingPharoah SandersThembi05:5002/28/18, 02:55PM211:40
LiveLaddio BolockoKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 105:5002/14/20, 03:34PM211:40
Midnight Ride (Live)NeighborsLive From The Kfjc Surf Battle05:5008/16/17, 03:07PM211:40
Song For KailaDarol Anger & Mike MarshallPsycho Grass05:5005/02/18, 03:58PM211:40
10 SissyneckBeckUnknown03:5301/27/20, 11:02AM311:39
Saroz Solo & Sher - Quetta, PakistanMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown05:4908/16/16, 02:59PM211:38
Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker)ParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 05:4803/08/17, 04:56PM211:36
Tabla Solo - Lahore, PakistanMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown05:4812/17/19, 05:21PM211:36
DriftingJimi HendrixUnknown03:5207/31/19, 03:06PM311:36
Agboju LogunShina Williams & His African PercussionistsNigeria 70 11:3404/23/19, 03:11PM111:34
Girlfriend Is BetterTalking HeadsUnknown05:4710/01/19, 04:09PM211:34
Isis and OsirisAlice ColtraneJourney in Satchidananda11:3211/09/15, 04:49PM111:32
Sketches Of Drunken MaryHorace TapscottThe Dark Tree 11:3205/09/17, 02:42PM111:32
Every Step of the WaySantanaLotus 11:3001/05/18, 10:09AM111:30
Me Myself And IDe La Soul3 Feet High And Rising03:5002/14/20, 04:50PM311:30
Cumberland BluesGrateful DeadEurope '72 05:4308/16/16, 02:09PM211:26
Hound DogOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)03:4802/23/18, 09:43AM311:24
Sailing OnThe Derek Trucks BandSonglines03:4812/20/19, 10:01AM311:24
Trial-PrisonPhilip GlassUnknown02:5110/07/19, 04:57PM411:24
Desolation RowBob DylanHighway 61 Revisited11:2206/11/18, 03:45PM111:22
Unto The ResplendentThe MermenUnknown05:4112/17/19, 04:31PM211:22
We Found Love And You Came (The Wanted vs. Rihanna)Daw-GunBest of Bootie 201203:4701/27/20, 11:10AM311:21
What's NewJohn ColtraneBallads03:4701/29/20, 03:16PM311:21
Frelon Brun (Brown Hornet)Miles DavisFilles de Kilimanjaro05:4011/03/17, 03:23PM211:20
Remidios VaroKing Of HawaiiKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:5001/25/19, 03:36PM411:20
Mr Suso #1Philip GlassUnknown01:0802/18/20, 04:25PM1011:20
8-05 Autumn LeavesBill EvansThe Last Waltz05:3910/01/19, 04:19PM211:18
Se a CabóSantanaLotus 05:3901/05/18, 10:43AM211:18
SunshineJungle BrothersUnknown03:4602/14/20, 09:59AM311:18
SwitchLotionUnknown02:4912/16/19, 11:01AM411:16
I Thought About YouMiles DavisThe Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More" 11:1412/15/17, 10:17AM111:14
Sun GoddessEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live05:3703/07/17, 03:23PM211:14
The GlowPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown05:3509/24/19, 04:39PM211:10
Hog HeavenFrank ZappaUnknown02:4712/20/19, 11:39AM411:08
Solitude - Tommy FlanaganClark TerryOne on One05:3309/01/16, 03:51PM211:06
The Enormous RoomLotionUnknown03:4205/16/18, 04:19PM311:06
TriangleHerbie HancockUnknown11:0503/15/18, 01:00PM111:05
Berkshire BluesRahsaan Roland KirkBil02:4612/27/17, 11:09AM411:04
Track 11EricSpring 200903:4102/06/20, 03:45PM311:03
Boulevard Del La MortAlpha BlondyUnknown05:3106/06/18, 11:20AM211:02
Naked EyeThe WhoWho's Next05:3103/14/18, 03:26PM211:02
Improvisation Piece No. 4 (Exerpt)Moe Staiano & Moe!Kestra!KFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 511:0002/08/18, 09:48AM111:00
Emmylou Rides Clarence West And Then SouthThe MermenUnknown05:3005/22/18, 04:23PM211:00
Yours Is the LightSantanaLotus 05:3001/05/18, 09:09AM211:00
Dear Mr. FantasyTrafficUnknown05:2905/03/18, 01:40PM210:58
The Touch of Your LipsBill Evans TrioThe Last Waltz05:2903/01/18, 04:16PM210:58
Track 08George2004-705:2911/03/17, 02:44PM210:58
Track 15GeorgeAugust 1998-103:3910/07/19, 04:39PM310:57
FunkentelechyParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 10:5609/13/17, 04:57PM110:56
White SandsGet Wet1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West05:2811/04/19, 10:11AM210:56
Track 03GeorgeDecember 2001-102:4405/02/18, 04:01PM410:56
Before I Let You GoJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:2710/11/19, 03:57PM210:54
Haunted HeartJohn Abercrombie/Marc Johnson/Peter ErskineJohn Abercrombie, Marc Johnson & Peter Erskine05:2701/31/17, 04:49PM210:54
Pearl NecklaceZoogz Rift & Mark MylarNutritionally Sound05:2609/24/19, 04:48PM210:52
Ship AhoyFrank ZappaUnknown05:2605/24/18, 02:51PM210:52
So What'cha WantBeastie BoysCheck Your Head03:3704/30/19, 09:25AM310:51
The WaitPretendersPretenders03:3709/06/19, 03:05PM310:51
Nunca MasGato BarbieriChapter One: Latin America05:2502/27/18, 02:35PM210:50
Una TorentasManitas De PlataUnknown03:3610/03/19, 02:48PM310:48
Naked Lady Wrestler/Wait A MinuteAss Baboons Of VenusKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 205:2310/10/18, 04:44PM210:46
Belly Button WindowJimi HendrixThe Cry Of Love03:3507/31/19, 03:51PM310:45
BreathePink FloydDark Side Of The Moon03:3510/07/19, 11:24AM310:45
One For HelenBill EvansAt The Montreaux At The Jazz Festival05:2205/22/19, 03:44PM210:44
Jordan Am A Hard Road To TravelTex Logan, Eric Weissberg, & the New Lost City RamblersBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:4110/30/18, 01:22PM410:44
Walk OnNeil YoungDecade02:4112/10/19, 02:46PM410:44
StablematesMiles Davis QuintetThe New Miles Davis Quintet05:2112/15/17, 10:38AM210:42
Sister RosaNeville BrothersUnknown03:3411/13/17, 03:04PM310:42
Memories of Flight 19Voice of Eye & Nux VomicaKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Volume 1210:4110/27/16, 10:08AM110:41
6-05 Up With the LarkBill EvansThe Last Waltz05:2011/01/17, 03:50PM210:40
Get On The Good FootJames BrownUnknown05:2010/05/18, 10:27AM210:40
Super Metroid Metal - BrinstarStemageUnknown05:2012/16/19, 10:31AM210:40
IsraelitesDesmond DekkerUnknown02:4012/17/19, 04:05PM410:40
Ladies Of The CanyonJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)03:3310/14/19, 02:50PM310:39
Night TrainJames Brown & The Famous FlamesSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 103:3301/27/20, 11:36AM310:39
The Drowning Man Knows His GodThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria03:3310/28/19, 03:26PM310:39
PlasmaPhil & Friends2007.10.20 10:3810/11/19, 03:19PM110:38
Electric BombardmentAudio ActiveHappy Happer05:1809/06/19, 04:04PM210:36
Fade To Pretty Vacant (Visage vs. Sex Pistols vs. The Charlatans vs. Fun Lovin' Criminals vs. Nouvelle Vague)CopycatBest of Bootie 200705:1805/08/19, 01:38PM210:36
West Of HereLotionThe Telephone Album05:1806/06/18, 10:47AM210:36
Good Girls Burn Miami (Sean Kingston vs. Cobra Starship vs. Lady Gaga vs. Shakira vs. LMFAO)Titus JonesBest of Bootie 200903:3204/30/19, 10:14AM310:36
ContradictionsZoogz RiftFive Billion Pinheads Can't Be Wrong10:3503/23/17, 09:30AM110:35
Dust to DustKhan, Shafqat Ali2000-May #105:1707/31/19, 04:21PM210:34
Orange Blossom SpecialOld And In The WayUnknown03:3102/18/20, 02:18PM310:33
Track 06Zoogz RiftEurope 199005:1607/01/16, 04:10PM210:32
Johnny G. Is BackJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:1511/20/17, 09:45AM210:30
La BoostLotionUnknown05:1512/04/17, 10:05AM210:30
Quo Me Cunque Rapit Tempestas Deforor HospesThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria05:1510/28/19, 03:51PM210:30
Knockin' On Your DoorOld And In The WayUnknown03:3012/16/19, 04:13PM310:30
Oh Mary Don't You WeepMississippi John HurtWorried Blues 196303:3002/14/20, 09:45AM310:30
Taqsim In Maqam Iraq - Baghdad, IraqMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown03:3010/19/18, 09:29AM310:30
Funk Beyond The Call Of DutyJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:1301/27/20, 12:10PM210:26
LovePharoah SandersThembi05:1305/02/16, 03:49PM210:26
TogetherSanchez, PonchoDo It!05:1312/09/19, 03:38PM210:26
One For LatelyHorace TapscottThe Dark Tree 10:2405/09/17, 02:09PM110:24
P-Funk Is Playing At My House (LCD Soundsystem vs. Gerald A. vs. Katie Enlow)DJ RikoBest of Bootie 200505:1206/06/18, 11:12AM210:24
Shiver Me TimbersZoogz RiftIsland of Living Puke05:1203/01/18, 04:24PM210:24
Flanders RockDarol Anger & Mike MarshallPsycho Grass05:1111/28/16, 01:54PM210:22
SlyHerbie HancockUnknown10:2111/06/15, 04:29PM110:21
Track 18George2010-710:2005/01/17, 10:36AM110:20
Fyodor And AnnabelJohn ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner05:1004/23/19, 03:58PM210:20
Tourist Point of ViewDuke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]05:1010/14/19, 03:23PM210:20
'Allo 'Allo (Original Mix)Zap MamaA Ma Zone05:0911/01/17, 04:23PM210:18
LostOld And In The WayUnknown03:2603/14/18, 03:34PM310:18
Master Blaster (Jammin')Stevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium I 05:0803/06/17, 10:47AM210:16
The JesterLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:3405/24/18, 02:42PM410:16
Costo KnowoneThe MermenIn God We Trust05:0703/12/18, 12:37PM210:14
Panihari - Jaisalmer, IndiaMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown05:0705/16/18, 03:39PM210:14
Canard Du JourFrank ZappaUnknown10:1112/21/15, 04:33PM110:11
Easy RiderOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)05:0506/06/18, 10:56AM210:10
GoRuinsKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 305:0503/26/19, 02:08PM210:10
I Know You RiderGrateful DeadEurope '72 05:0509/26/18, 11:27AM210:10
Love Theme From Santo GoldLotionUnknown05:0510/31/18, 03:13PM210:10
Cold CanyonViolent FemmesBlind Leading the Naked03:2309/08/17, 02:34PM310:09
His Master's VoicesCabinet MagazineUnknown03:2303/23/17, 09:04AM310:09
J'ai Vu Le Loup, Le Renard Et La Belette - The Balfa BrothersLouisiana SpiceUnknown03:2311/02/17, 03:34PM310:09
The "In" CrowdRamsey Lewis TrioSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 103:2311/07/17, 02:03PM310:09
When You Are Who You AreGil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man03:2305/22/19, 04:48PM310:09
A Real Mother For YaJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:0403/08/17, 04:06PM210:08
I Got More Than A Feeling (Boston vs. Black Eyed Peas)Mad Mix MustangBest of Bootie 200905:0410/03/19, 03:14PM210:08
Izarharh TenereTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life05:0312/20/19, 10:24AM210:06
Space Park DriveThe Insect SurfersKFJC Presents Combo Swell03:2203/26/19, 03:33PM310:06
Rajastahni SongVarious ArtistsSapera: Snake Charmers of North India02:0111/25/19, 04:12PM510:05
There Is No Greater LoveMiles DavisThe Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More" 10:0311/06/18, 10:18AM110:03
La-La Means I Love YouThe DelfonicsSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 103:2103/07/17, 03:50PM310:03
7/20/09 (Excerpt) (Live)ConureKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Volume 1205:0103/01/18, 03:44PM210:02
Tourist Point of View [Alternate Take]Duke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]05:0010/30/18, 01:18PM210:00
Two For The Price Of OneLarry Williams & Johnny WatsonSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 103:2006/26/18, 03:29PM310:00
Minnie's Yoo Hoo! 1930The Carl Stalling ProjectUnknown02:0007/03/18, 12:06PM510:00
Dancing TimeThe FunkeesNigeria 70 03:1902/05/20, 03:41PM309:57
Sahib Teri Bandi / Maki MadniThe Derek Trucks BandSonglines09:5510/30/17, 11:50AM109:55
Fassous TarahnetTamikrest 2011-1004:5704/30/19, 09:21AM209:54
Hangin' OutBetty DavisThe Columbia Years 1968-196904:5712/01/17, 03:33PM209:54
This Must Be The PlaceTalking HeadsSpeaking In Tongues04:5712/27/17, 10:57AM209:54
Soul Surfin'The MermenKrill Slippin'03:1812/20/19, 10:57AM309:54
You're My DrugThe Dukes Of StratophearUnknown03:1803/13/18, 05:33PM309:54
Boogie on Reggae WomanStevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium I 04:5604/23/19, 02:29PM209:52
Johnny Too BadTaj MahalMo' Roots03:1701/29/20, 03:12PM309:51
Tar Solo In Dastgah Mahur - Teheran, IranMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown04:5512/13/19, 04:33PM209:50
The Safety Booty (Bubba Sparxxx vs. Men Without Hats)DJ TopcatBest of Bootie 200604:5508/16/17, 03:33PM209:50
And The Flowers They'll BloomThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria09:4912/05/17, 12:14PM109:49
Escape From MayberryThe Palace Of LoveKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 209:4803/21/16, 10:16AM109:48
Kamaycha - West Of Jaisalmer, IndiaMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown03:1601/30/20, 04:39PM309:48
SabaliAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali03:1602/08/17, 09:43AM309:48
Neptune's RevengeThe MermenKrill Slippin'02:2710/30/18, 02:26PM409:48
To Be ContinuedGato BarbieriChapter One: Latin America02:2702/27/18, 02:57PM409:48
MegaMan 2MinibossesUnknown09:4710/12/18, 03:22PM109:47
Media Man (Radio Edit)Chicago Afrobeat ProjectOff the Grid04:5310/14/19, 03:59PM209:46
DJamaAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali03:1505/16/18, 05:01PM309:45
Peri's ScopeBill Evans TrioPortrait in Jazz03:1502/14/20, 11:45AM309:45
Ain't Nobody's BusinessJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 04:5203/23/18, 04:06PM209:44
My Other Car Is A Beatle (L'Trimm vs. Armand Van Helden vs. Beatles vs. Gary Numan)Jay-RBest of Bootie 200504:5202/18/20, 01:49PM209:44
CaribaWes MontgomeryFull House [Keepnews Collection]09:4103/06/17, 10:30AM109:41
It Hurt So BadSusan TedeschiJust Won't Burn04:5002/28/18, 02:29PM209:40
S.O.SWes MontgomeryFull House [Keepnews Collection]04:5012/05/17, 11:23AM209:40
Say It Right Away (Nelly Furtado vs. The Egg vs. Madonna)EarwormBest of Bootie 200704:5009/17/19, 03:06PM209:40
The Needle's EyeGil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man04:5012/13/19, 04:43PM209:40
Ode to Billie JoeHenry KaiserThose Who Know History Are Doomed to Repeat It09:3803/21/17, 04:16PM109:38
Jack StrawGrateful DeadEurope '72 04:4905/24/18, 02:55PM209:38
Love Will Tear You Apart (She Wants Revenge vs. Joy Division vs. Bauhaus)A plus DBest of Bootie 200604:4912/10/19, 02:21PM209:38
Smells Like Compton (N.W.A. vs. Nirvana)CheekyboyBest of Bootie 200504:4911/03/17, 04:08PM209:38
Wild Man BluesVarious ArtistsThe Sound of Jazz [Columbia/Sony]04:4910/23/19, 03:34PM209:38
Metroid Metal Prime - Space PiratesStemageUnknown04:4812/01/17, 03:24PM209:36
Metroid Metal - Tourian BrainStemageUnknown03:1209/08/17, 03:02PM309:36
Rell Sunn AlohaSlacktone1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West03:1212/17/19, 04:40PM309:36
The Sounds Of ScienceBeastie BoysPaul's Boutique03:1204/23/19, 03:26PM309:36
NgalamOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 09:3406/14/17, 03:07PM109:34
EvangelineJerry Garcia BandLive 04:4702/22/18, 10:01AM209:34
Giant StepsJohn ColtraneUnknown04:4701/19/17, 03:29PM209:34
Somebody Ate RenfieldZoogz RiftBorn In The Wrong Universe04:4703/07/19, 04:32PM209:34
To Be Naked And French Is Always HardThe MermenUnknown04:4703/12/19, 03:27PM209:34
Track 01EricSpring 200904:4712/27/17, 12:18PM209:34
Since U Been Gahan (Kelly Clarkson vs. Rex The Dog vs. Depeche Mode)EarwormBest of Bootie 200504:4610/23/19, 04:16PM209:32
Tire Loma Da NigbehinMonomonoNigeria 70 04:4609/01/16, 03:29PM209:32
Tasty Licks - Blue Days, Black NightsHand-PickedUnknown02:2309/06/19, 03:52PM409:32
UntitledKeith JarrettConcerts09:3005/16/18, 04:40PM109:30
La Zorra y El PerolGrupo Canalon de TimbiquiSofrito: International Soundclash04:4506/29/18, 03:05PM209:30
Love JonesJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 04:4503/21/18, 03:47PM209:30
One For SenegalThe PlebAfrican Groove04:4509/26/18, 04:03PM209:30
SaramaAmadou & MariamWati04:4512/09/19, 02:58PM209:30
Somebody Rock Me (The Killers vs. The Clash)Party BenBest of Bootie 200504:4503/01/18, 04:51PM209:30
Bluebird of Delhi (Mynah) [Alternate Take]Duke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]03:1010/21/16, 11:29AM309:30
Farewell To The MasterNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free09:2603/06/18, 02:38PM109:26
The PrisonerGil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man09:2602/23/16, 11:22AM109:26
Elephant TalkKing CrimsonDiscipline04:4307/03/18, 12:18PM209:26
LevitationThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men04:4312/13/19, 04:28PM209:26
Listening WindTalking HeadsRemain In Light04:4303/23/17, 09:58AM209:26
Love On Three LevelsDarol Anger & Mike MarshallPsycho Grass04:4301/27/20, 12:05PM209:26
I Can't Quit You BabyLed ZeppelinUnknown04:4211/28/16, 01:48PM209:24
Tonight's The Night (part 1)Neil YoungDecade04:4210/31/16, 04:07PM209:24
Where Them Levels At (Avicii vs. David Guetta)DJs From MarsBest of Bootie 2011 (Bonus Tracks)04:4204/29/16, 10:30AM209:24
Storm ComingGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere03:0807/31/19, 02:38PM309:24
After the Love Has GoneEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live04:4112/05/17, 03:16PM209:22
Ocean BeachThe MermenUnknown03:0711/04/19, 10:05AM309:21
ChinatownLunaPenthouse04:4002/14/17, 05:22PM209:20
Clocks [Live]ColdplayLeftRightLeftRightLeft [Live]04:4007/05/18, 02:33PM209:20
Rude MoodStevie Ray VaughnSyeve Ray Vaughn-Texas Flood04:4009/24/19, 03:05PM209:20
Truckin'Grateful DeadDick's Picks, Vol. 1 [Live] 09:1805/26/17, 01:49PM109:18
Good Newz Comin'Jungle BrothersUnknown04:3908/23/16, 05:16PM209:18
Heavy Duty JudyFrank ZappaUnknown04:3910/31/18, 04:05PM209:18
BouleriasManitas De PlataUnknown03:0609/06/19, 03:17PM309:18
Second Wind - Claire LynchHand-PickedUnknown03:0606/06/18, 10:07AM309:18
Between I & ThouThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria09:1701/10/18, 03:07PM109:17
Brown-Eyed WomenGrateful DeadEurope '72 04:3805/26/17, 01:39PM209:16
California Skank (Tupac vs. Fatboy Slim)BootOXBest of Bootie 2010 (Bonus Tracks)04:3811/06/17, 01:30PM209:16
TinaDuke EllingtonUnknown04:3802/18/20, 11:03AM209:16
7-05 My Man's Gone NowBill EvansThe Last Waltz04:3707/03/18, 11:23AM209:14
Kavali - Hyderabad, IndiaMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown04:3710/30/18, 02:46PM209:14
Theme From The Black HoleParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 04:3701/05/18, 09:13AM209:14
Miki's Lush BeehiveThe MermenUnknown04:3610/01/19, 04:03PM209:12
Little-UmbrellasFrank ZappaUnknown03:0410/30/18, 01:47PM309:12
The DriftThe MermenUnknown03:0404/30/19, 09:46AM309:12
Good Good Lovin'James BrownThe CD Of JB, Vol. 2: Cold Sweat & Other Soul Classics02:1810/05/18, 10:44AM409:12
Doctor Of ElectricityCountry Joe & The FishLive! Fillmore West 196909:1103/26/19, 02:47PM109:11
Morning PrayerPharoah SandersThembi09:1102/26/18, 10:16PM109:11
I'm Not In LoveTalking HeadsUnknown04:3509/06/19, 04:31PM209:10
Hey Little GirlProfessor LonghairNew Orleans Piano03:0303/08/17, 02:58PM309:09
IndisciplineKing CrimsonDiscipline04:3403/01/18, 03:39PM209:08
La Fuente Del RitmoSantanaUnknown04:3410/14/19, 02:43PM209:08
RunawaysXTCEnglish Settlement04:3412/01/17, 04:26PM209:08
Houses In MotionTalking HeadsRemain In Light04:3307/12/18, 01:08PM209:06
Until It Talks (Metallica vs. Coldplay)Divide & KreateBest of Bootie 200804:3309/24/19, 03:09PM209:06
Womanizer On Fire (Kings of Leon vs. Britney Spears vs. Jason Nevins)LeeDM101Best of Bootie 200904:3309/17/19, 04:07PM209:06
Music Is The VictimScissor SistersUnknown03:0206/20/18, 04:28PM309:06
Ball And ChainXTCEnglish Settlement04:3208/24/18, 04:14PM209:04
Dinkle DanceZoogz RiftIdiots on the Miniature Golf Course04:3211/01/17, 04:28PM209:04
Santur Solo In Dastgah Homayon - Teheran, IranMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown03:0112/09/19, 04:07PM309:03
Nocturne No. 9Frederic ChopinUnknown04:3106/06/18, 10:32AM209:02
Down By The RiverNeil YoungDecade09:0003/30/17, 04:00PM109:00
Club Can't Use Somebody (Kings of Leon vs. Flo Rida ft. David Guetta)DJ FoxBest of Bootie 201004:3009/17/19, 04:36PM209:00
The Seventh (Clubbed) Seal??????04:3003/14/18, 03:31PM209:00
Track 03EricSpring 200903:0010/30/18, 03:05PM309:00
Ledi Ndieme M'bodjOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 08:5905/01/17, 11:24AM108:59
Mist from the Random MoreGogKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Vol. 1108:5805/22/18, 04:55PM108:58
Knuckle DownXTCEnglish Settlement04:2901/30/20, 04:44PM208:58
Track 11George2010-704:2912/27/17, 10:04AM208:58
When God Dips His Pen Of Love In My Heart - Cox FamilyHand-PickedUnknown04:2901/29/20, 03:20PM208:58
DeadThey Might Be GiantsFlood02:5912/10/19, 02:04PM308:57
ScotlandEmmylou HarrisUnknown02:5912/20/19, 11:05AM308:57
Dirt and BloodAntibalasLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 108:5605/09/17, 10:57AM108:56
Samba Pa TiSantanaLotus 08:5611/22/16, 11:29AM108:56
Don’t Stop Believin’ In This Love On Earth (Lady Gaga vs. Belinda Carlisle vs. Journey vs. Madonna vs. Ke$ha vs. Bruno Mars vs. Leona Lewis vs. New York Outlaw)Titus JonesBest of Bootie 201104:2801/19/17, 03:09PM208:56
Hatchet JagGajiKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 308:5411/28/16, 01:44PM108:54
Bird SongJerry GarciaGarcia04:2704/20/17, 03:39PM208:54
Just Do ItPete Rock Featuring Pharoahe MonchBaadasssss! Soundtrack04:2711/03/17, 02:39PM208:54
Singing In The ShowerOrnette Coleman And Prime Time with Jerry GarciaVirgin Beauty04:2706/29/18, 03:41PM208:54
The Trick BagWes MontgomeryBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]04:2705/24/18, 02:01PM208:54
Voo DooNeville BrothersUnknown04:2703/08/17, 02:47PM208:54
Big Day At The BayThe MermenKrill Slippin'02:5809/06/19, 02:07PM308:54
Blow Torch (Live)Lava RatsLive From The Kfjc Surf Battle02:5802/18/20, 02:09PM308:54
Rescue MeFontella BassSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 102:5802/14/20, 09:48AM308:54
Uncle PenOld And In The WayUnknown02:5812/17/19, 04:48PM308:54
Weaving DayMichelle ShockedArkansas Traveler02:5812/04/17, 10:29AM308:54
Crazy DaySly & Robbie / Amp FiddlerInspiration Information04:2603/08/17, 04:20PM208:52
Death Sound BluesCountry Joe & The FishElectric Music For The Mind And Body04:2606/29/18, 03:30PM208:52
Uhiki (Pinye's Remix)HardstoneAfrican Groove04:2602/18/20, 02:22PM208:52
All BluesMiles DavisThe Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More" 08:5112/04/17, 09:54AM108:51
Hey Now BabyProfessor LonghairNew Orleans Piano02:5712/05/17, 03:19PM308:51
Look Up (To See What's Coming Down)SantanaUnknown02:5707/03/18, 12:46PM308:51
Lose AgainAlison Krauss & Union StationUnknown02:5706/20/18, 04:49PM308:51
SandThe MermenKrill Slippin'02:5709/27/18, 01:14PM308:51
Skylark - Marian McPartlandClark TerryOne on One04:2503/23/18, 02:29PM208:50
Tiptina - Professor LonghairLouisiana SpiceUnknown04:2507/11/16, 03:02PM208:50
Too Much Of AnythingThe WhoWho's Next04:2506/06/18, 10:28AM208:50
MoodMiles DavisE.S.P.08:4910/27/16, 09:41AM108:49
Abballabba'Cannavacciuolo, Lino2004-204:2401/30/20, 04:52PM208:48
Miss Q'nZap MamaAncestry In Progress04:2405/09/19, 02:49PM208:48
NaimaJohn ColtraneUnknown04:2406/20/18, 05:14PM208:48
At the Rabbi’s TableMeshugga Beach PartyKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:5612/13/19, 04:08PM308:48
Moon SaunaKing Of HawaiiKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:5609/24/19, 03:15PM308:48
Totally Gorgeous Foreign ChickOverwhelming ColorfastOverwhelming Colorfast02:5610/11/19, 04:07PM308:48
Passion DanceMcCoy TynerThe Real McCoy08:4712/12/17, 03:18PM108:47
Track 02GeorgeAugust 1998-108:4701/15/19, 01:08PM108:47
Return Of The Son Of Shut Up 'n' Play Yer GuitarFrank ZappaUnknown08:4603/15/16, 03:10PM108:46
Ko Ko BlueZZ TopRio Grande Mud04:2309/24/19, 03:27PM208:46
OclupacaDuke EllingtonUnknown04:2309/24/19, 02:57PM208:46
Too Young To Go SteadyJohn ColtraneBallads04:2301/29/20, 02:32PM208:46
Art DecoDon CherryArt Deco08:4509/08/17, 04:25PM108:45
Girl U WantDevoFreedom Of Choice02:5503/07/19, 04:59PM308:45
Panama RedOld And In The WayUnknown02:5503/12/19, 03:22PM308:45
Utrus HorasOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 08:4311/20/17, 09:53AM108:43
Come TogetherThe BeatlesAbbey Road04:2112/05/19, 09:52AM208:42
Ich Fumbus GrossenChicago Afrobeat ProjectOff the Grid04:2105/09/17, 02:55PM208:42
Squib CakesSanchez, PonchoDo It!04:2105/16/18, 04:47PM208:42
Wasted WordsThe Allman Brothers BandBrothers and Sisters04:2102/14/20, 11:26AM208:42
MimosaHerbie HancockUnknown08:4110/01/15, 04:24PM108:41
For Captain / Ballad of the Hot Ghost MamaLa OtracinaKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Vol. 1108:4010/10/18, 03:57PM108:40
Will You Still Be MineRahsaan Roland KirkBil08:4003/21/18, 03:09PM108:40
SlinkyOzric TentaclesSpirals In Hyperspace08:3902/11/16, 11:10AM108:39
I Held Her in My ArmsViolent FemmesBlind Leading the Naked02:5306/26/18, 02:45PM308:39
Sweet Sovereign (Lady Sovereign vs. Eurythmics vs. Shiny Grey)DJ Jay-RBest of Bootie 200604:1912/29/15, 03:15PM208:38
Rem BluesDuke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles MingusMoney Jungle04:1805/22/19, 03:39PM208:36
Say It (Over And Over Again)John ColtraneBallads04:1803/07/19, 04:49PM208:36
Night And DayDjango ReinhardtUnknown02:5202/14/20, 11:22AM308:36
My Sisters And BrothersJerry Garcia BandLive 04:1702/22/18, 10:29AM208:34
Smoke Along The TrackEmmylou HarrisUnknown04:1710/07/19, 04:35PM208:34
Bop Gun (Endangered Species)ParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 08:3303/03/17, 04:51PM108:33
Johny Hit And Run PauleneXLos Angeles02:5112/16/19, 11:28AM308:33
Pig In A PenOld And In The WayUnknown02:5102/06/20, 03:56PM308:33
TearLotionUnknown04:1604/23/19, 02:25PM208:32
I'll Go CrazyJames BrownThe CD Of JB, Vol. 2: Cold Sweat & Other Soul Classics02:0810/05/18, 10:46AM408:32
Pull Of The MoonThe MermenUnknown08:3101/10/18, 02:08PM108:31
Baby, You're RightDerek Trucks Band Feat. Susan TedeschiJoyful Noise04:1510/30/17, 11:35AM208:30
Monkey CardScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry04:1510/30/17, 11:40AM208:30
Principal's OfficeYoung MCStone Cold Rhymin'04:1501/29/20, 03:29PM208:30
BatomaAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali04:1409/17/19, 04:42PM208:28
Don't Hold Back, Sweet Jane (Chemical Brothers vs. Velvet Underground vs. U2 vs. Sugababes vs. MARRS)Go Home ProductionsBest of Bootie 200604:1407/08/16, 11:39AM208:28
I WishStevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium I 04:1403/15/17, 08:36AM208:28
Low Dog (Bootie edit) (Flo-Rida vs. The Stooges vs. Dakar & Grinser)DJ FoxBest of Bootie 200804:1408/24/18, 04:09PM208:28
Take Me CocoZap MamaAdventures In Afropea 104:1404/30/19, 11:26AM208:28
Track 02George2010-708:2704/20/17, 03:10PM108:27
Sadilo Mome - Tropnalo Oro3 Mustaphas 3Unknown02:4908/16/17, 02:54PM308:27
Hidden TreasureTrafficUnknown04:1303/01/18, 03:55PM208:26
It's About The Dollar BillJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 04:1310/11/19, 03:33PM208:26
MindTalking HeadsFear Of Music04:1305/09/19, 03:35PM208:26
Plight Of The MatadorKing Of Hawaii1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West04:1312/19/16, 03:50PM208:26
SubmissionSex PistolsNever Mind The Bullocks Heres04:1311/20/17, 09:36AM208:26
Soul MakossaManu DibangoPutumayo Presents World Hits04:1204/30/19, 10:22AM208:24
Track 03Zoogz RiftEurope 199002:0601/29/20, 03:59PM408:24
Samurai Hee-HawJohn Abercrombie/Marc Johnson/Peter ErskineJohn Abercrombie, Marc Johnson & Peter Erskine08:2301/31/17, 03:18PM108:23
Straight Up and DownEric DolphyOut to Lunch08:2203/02/16, 03:48PM108:22
12 High 5 (Rock The Catskills)BeckUnknown04:1109/26/18, 09:45AM208:22
The Breeze And IWes MontgomeryBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]04:1112/04/17, 10:18AM208:22
Look At Little SisterStevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleCouldn't Stand The Weather02:4709/26/18, 02:01PM308:21
Stand TogetherBeastie BoysCheck Your Head02:4711/06/17, 01:06PM308:21
Blue XoamThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria04:1001/27/20, 11:28AM208:20
Pictures Of Matchstick Men Camper Van BeethovenUnknown04:1008/24/18, 04:01PM208:20
Pon De Billie Foley (Major Lazer vs. Michael Jackson vs. Harold Faltermeyer)DJ Le Clown vs. LudachristBest of Bootie 201004:1009/26/18, 01:37PM208:20
The Book I ReadTalking HeadsUnknown04:1010/23/19, 03:42PM208:20
Ya SoloZap MamaA Ma Zone04:1002/04/20, 04:59PM208:20
Volunteered SlaveryThe Derek Trucks BandSonglines02:0503/14/18, 02:53PM408:20
Hammer HeadThe MermenKrill Slippin'02:4610/28/19, 03:18PM308:18
Constellation JigTom Glazer & Dottie EvansSpace Songs02:0410/08/19, 01:25PM408:16
No RainBanco de Gaia1999-July #208:1511/16/17, 10:28AM108:15
Chasing Cars That Way (Backstreet Boys vs. Snow Patrol)Dan Mei & Marc JohnceBest of Bootie 200904:0709/24/19, 04:29PM208:14
Makino - Jodhpur, IndiaMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown04:0710/31/18, 03:17PM208:14
Gates Of HellDestruktorKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Vol. 1108:1203/12/19, 03:09PM108:12
Pussy CatTwinkThe Broken Record02:0302/04/20, 04:42PM408:12
The Hand That Signed The PaperPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown08:1103/12/19, 03:35PM108:11
The QuestAfro Cult FoundationNigeria 70 08:1011/06/18, 10:57AM108:10
Star Of BethlehemNeil YoungDecade02:4305/02/18, 03:37PM308:09
XXX (X vs. the xx)HawkinsBest of Bootie 2010 (Bonus Tracks)02:4311/21/17, 11:35AM308:09
Balada ConducatoroluiTaraf De HaïdouksLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)04:0402/14/20, 04:38PM208:08
KaenaThe MermenKrill Slippin'04:0401/10/18, 02:28PM208:08
The WheelJerry GarciaGarcia04:0409/24/19, 04:43PM208:08
Petits Machins (Little Stuff)Miles DavisFilles de Kilimanjaro08:0707/31/18, 12:40PM108:07
DedofikitionCircleKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 408:0604/22/16, 01:59PM108:06
A Sign Of The AgesGil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man04:0305/01/17, 10:16AM208:06
E'mmaTouré KundaPutumayo Presents World Hits04:0305/24/18, 04:24PM208:06
HeavenTalking HeadsUnknown04:0303/07/19, 04:42PM208:06
Nabombeli Yo (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 104:0310/07/19, 11:43AM208:06
Over The FallsThe MermenKrill Slippin'04:0309/24/19, 04:25PM208:06
Rafiki (Original Mix)Zap MamaA Ma Zone04:0311/20/17, 09:12AM208:06
You Spin Me Upside Down (Diana Ross vs. Dead Or Alive)DJ ShyboyBest of Bootie 200804:0311/16/17, 12:16PM208:06
ZambraThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown04:0305/09/19, 03:58PM208:06
All Along The WatchtowerJimi HendrixUnknown04:0205/02/16, 04:02PM208:04
Cold ShotStevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleCouldn't Stand The Weather04:0204/23/19, 02:20PM208:04
Know HowYoung MCStone Cold Rhymin'04:0211/03/17, 02:55PM208:04
Track 12EricSpring 200904:0211/16/17, 11:45AM208:04
TroubleRay LaMontagneTrouble04:0203/01/18, 10:48AM208:04
Chilly WindsOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)02:4102/23/18, 09:48AM308:03
Focus On FifthsNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free04:0105/04/16, 04:20PM208:02
Yer BluesThe BeatlesThe Beatles (White Album) 04:0103/01/18, 02:48PM208:02
Samantha SmithPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown08:0110/14/19, 03:34PM108:01
The Other One v2Dead & CompanyDead & Co » 2018-07-03 @ Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA08:0102/14/20, 04:25PM108:01
A Man Walks Into A BarChumbawambaUn04:0009/26/18, 09:41AM208:00
Pain And PovertyPhilip HamiltonUnknown04:0010/11/19, 03:23PM208:00
Scissor ManXTCDrums And Wires04:0010/11/19, 03:04PM208:00
Sulu as Kono (Live)NeighborsLive From The Kfjc Surf Battle04:0012/13/19, 04:51PM208:00
Brainiac's DaughterThe Dukes Of StratophearUnknown03:5907/31/18, 11:40AM207:58
R.J.Miles DavisE.S.P.03:5912/06/17, 03:03PM207:58
Spit ShineNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free07:5702/18/20, 02:01PM107:57
Stand By Last Friday Night (Katy Perry vs. Ben E. King)G3RStBest of Bootie 2011 (Bonus Tracks)03:5811/16/17, 03:11PM207:56
AuschwitzMarichkaLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)01:5902/14/20, 04:43PM407:56
NefertitiMiles DavisNefertiti07:5501/25/19, 02:56PM107:55
Come See About Down (Jay Sean vs. The Supremes)DJ FoxBest of Bootie 2010 (Bonus Tracks)03:5705/15/18, 10:02AM207:54
Lahara - Jodhpur, IndiaMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown02:3803/01/18, 05:13PM307:54
Help On The Way/Slipknot!Grateful DeadOne From The Vault (Disc 1) [Live]07:5210/30/15, 01:12PM107:52
Cumbia y Tambo (En La Lluvia)La PesadaSofrito: International Soundclash03:5605/02/18, 04:05PM207:52
Red River ValleyBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:3711/16/17, 03:07PM307:51
MoneyPink FloydDark Side Of The Moon07:5002/06/20, 03:53PM107:50
Love TodayMikaLife In Cartoon Motion03:5510/12/18, 03:57PM207:50
Teddy's BreadStemage, ChunkstyleDwelling of Duels Jan/Feb 2006 Competition03:5512/27/17, 11:06AM207:50
Crow JaneThe Derek Trucks BandSonglines03:5403/12/19, 03:41PM207:48
HangedSaint Of KillersKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 507:4702/08/18, 10:11AM107:47
I Want You (She's So Heavy)The BeatlesAbbey Road07:4711/20/17, 10:42AM107:47
LiveAngel'in Heavy SyrupKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 107:4711/06/17, 02:31PM107:47
Wary From The BranchesHexbreakerKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Vol. 1107:4703/14/18, 03:42PM107:47
CountessNikki SuddenKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 303:5312/05/17, 12:19PM207:46
Foire InternationaleOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 07:4503/23/17, 10:47AM107:45
Beak (Roy Orbit's Son, Mo' Mo-Fo's, Main Theme)Zoogz RiftWater07:4307/03/18, 12:31PM107:43
SuccotashHerbie HancockUnknown07:4312/21/15, 04:09PM107:43
The Beat Of My DrumBabatunde OlatunjiUnknown07:4310/23/19, 03:02PM107:43
ArrowsOverwhelming ColorfastOverwhelming Colorfast03:5104/23/19, 01:55PM207:42
MupepeZap MamaAdventures In Afropea 103:5111/01/17, 03:18PM207:42
Sleepy Eyed John And Tom And Jerry - Laurie Lewis And Tom RozumHand-PickedUnknown03:5109/17/19, 02:52PM207:42
SpaceMerl Saunders, Jerry Garcia, John Kahn & Bill VittLive At Keystone, Vol. 103:5112/29/16, 10:28AM207:42
Super Metroid Metal - MaridiaStemageUnknown03:5102/10/16, 04:20PM207:42
VillagersZoogz RiftVillagers03:5102/14/20, 10:03AM207:42
They'll Need A CraneThey Might Be GiantsUnknown02:3405/09/19, 04:00PM307:42
Baby's In Love With The RadioJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 03:5009/24/19, 04:33PM207:40
Ce N'est Pas BonAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali03:5004/30/19, 09:33AM207:40
English RoundaboutXTCEnglish Settlement03:5003/13/18, 04:12PM207:40
Little Stinky KittyThe MermenUnknown03:5010/28/19, 02:17PM207:40
Mr. MosquitoLotionThe Telephone Album03:5002/14/20, 10:07AM207:40
Quiet VillageMartin DennyUnknown03:5012/05/17, 11:43AM207:40
Route 666Pollo Del MarKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead03:5002/05/20, 04:12PM207:40
RainMakerTrafficThe Low Spark of High Heeled Boys07:3907/11/16, 03:18PM107:39
Groove HolmesBeastie BoysCheck Your Head02:3307/03/18, 12:43PM307:39
02 HotwaxBeckUnknown03:4908/10/18, 12:56PM207:38
Dance Dreams (Lady Gaga vs. Eurythmics)Divide & KreateBest of Bootie 200803:4902/05/20, 03:14PM207:38
Dark HollowGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]03:4907/12/18, 01:12PM207:38
Days Of Wine And RosesWes MontgomeryBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]03:4911/16/17, 04:08PM207:38
Just Got PaidZZ TopRio Grande Mud03:4903/21/17, 04:35PM207:38
Born To Be BlueWes MontgomeryFull House [Keepnews Collection]07:3611/16/17, 03:32PM107:36
Buy Nothing DayChumbawambaUn03:4812/13/19, 04:05PM207:36
Gee, I Like Your PantsFrank ZappaUnknown02:3206/20/18, 04:56PM307:36
Sonata #3John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano02:3209/24/19, 03:12PM307:36
Santy AnnoOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)01:5403/12/19, 02:55PM407:36
ExodusBob Marley & The WailersExodus07:3511/06/15, 09:43AM107:35
BozosAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali03:4702/28/18, 03:40PM207:34
Gangster Of LoveJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 03:4703/08/17, 05:04PM207:34
Tabu Ley Seigneur Rochereau & Afrisa International Orchestra- Tu As Dit QueThe Compact Real WorldUnknown03:4703/14/18, 03:51PM207:34
Track 12GeorgeDecember 2001-103:4702/04/20, 05:08PM207:34
Cortez The KillerNeil YoungDecade07:3210/31/18, 04:00PM107:32
Goin' Down The Road Feeling BadGrateful DeadHundred Year Hall (Disc 1) [Live]07:3211/22/16, 09:27AM107:32
Miles' ModeJohn ColtraneUnknown07:3210/04/16, 03:09PM107:32
NervousVarious ArtistsThe Sound of Jazz [Columbia/Sony]03:4605/24/18, 03:03PM207:32
Outside People - Nathan And The Zydeco Cha ChasLouisiana SpiceUnknown03:4607/11/16, 03:09PM207:32
Tread WaterDe La Soul3 Feet High And Rising03:4606/29/18, 02:52PM207:32
J Griff's BluesRahsaan Roland KirkBil07:3102/15/17, 03:36PM107:31
Loyin, LoyinBabatunde OlatunjiUnknown07:3108/04/17, 09:42AM107:31
Welcome to the MachinePink FloydWish You Were Here07:3101/20/16, 12:57PM107:31
Just Squeeze Me (But Don't Tease Me)Miles Davis QuintetThe New Miles Davis Quintet07:3001/29/20, 02:59PM107:30
SerapisCannavacciuolo, Lino2004-203:4505/09/17, 11:06AM207:30
It's My Lazy DayBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:3001/29/20, 02:22PM307:30
Standing In The Way Of Connection (The Gossip vs. Elastica)A plus DBest of Bootie 200702:3007/03/18, 11:38AM307:30
Furs on IceJohn Abercrombie/Marc Johnson/Peter ErskineJohn Abercrombie, Marc Johnson & Peter Erskine07:2802/14/20, 09:20AM107:28
Comets 2Comets On FireKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 403:4403/21/18, 04:26PM207:28
In From The StormJimi HendrixThe Cry Of Love03:4409/27/18, 01:17PM207:28
Dice Of Life (The Battle) [Explicit]Andre Nickatina aka Dre DogConversation With A Devil [Explicit]03:4302/08/17, 11:00AM207:26
I Don't Want To Be PresidentJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 03:4301/27/20, 12:19PM207:26
Just A ThoughtGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere03:4309/26/18, 03:41PM207:26
Second InterludeJohn CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano03:4310/30/18, 01:56PM207:26
untitledKIRIHITOKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 203:4312/09/19, 03:24PM207:26
UprisingAntibalasLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 107:2512/20/19, 09:54AM107:25
Little OneMiles DavisE.S.P.07:2401/28/16, 10:50AM107:24
2:25Touched By A JanitorKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 402:2805/09/19, 03:37PM307:24
SeptemberEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live02:2805/24/18, 03:28PM307:24
Viola Lee BluesPhil & Friends2007.10.20 02:2810/08/19, 01:49PM307:24
Alice in WonderlandJohn Abercrombie/Marc Johnson/Peter ErskineJohn Abercrombie, Marc Johnson & Peter Erskine07:2312/05/17, 10:39AM107:23
The Harder They ComeJimmy CliffPutumayo Presents World Hits03:4102/06/20, 04:05PM207:22
Mass Projection NelsNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free02:2701/30/20, 04:36PM307:21
Oh YeahCanHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry07:2003/15/16, 02:47PM107:20
AlienationZoogz RiftMurdering Hell's Happy Cretins03:4011/16/17, 12:20PM207:20
I Feel The Blues Moving In - Del MccouryHand-PickedUnknown03:4003/12/19, 02:53PM207:20
Wasting Your TimeDarrin StoutKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 503:4005/22/18, 04:34PM207:20
Balla DaffeOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 07:1912/29/15, 03:00PM107:19
Confessin' (That I Love You)Jessica WilliamsWilliams, Jessica: Live at Yoshi's, Vol. 107:1801/22/16, 09:47AM107:18
BarikaAmadou & MariamWati03:3906/06/18, 09:41AM207:18
Metroid Metal - NorfairStemageUnknown03:3905/22/18, 04:44PM207:18
The Great PretenderOld And In The WayUnknown03:3908/16/17, 04:05PM207:18
Ikyadarh DimTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life03:3809/17/19, 02:45PM207:16
SiipSieEkova2001-Q1 A03:3807/02/18, 12:33PM207:16
The Silly Elephant Who Stomped To TeaThe MermenUnknown07:1511/04/19, 09:46AM107:15
Someone Keeps Moving My ChairThey Might Be GiantsFlood02:2510/01/19, 03:29PM307:15
Jeun Ko Ku (Chop 'N' Quench)Fela Kuti & The Africa 70Nigeria 70 07:1408/04/17, 09:19AM107:14
Buggin' OutA Tribe Called QuestUnknown03:3702/14/20, 04:09PM207:14
Complicated Sex On FireDJ SchmolliUnknown03:3711/03/17, 03:38PM207:14
Ngwino RukundoSamite1998-December #203:3710/07/19, 05:18PM207:14
Jungle Blues - Eric ReedClark TerryOne on One03:3607/12/18, 12:39PM207:12
You're So PerfectThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men03:3612/09/19, 03:56PM207:12
The Big Bang TheoryParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 07:1111/01/17, 03:57PM107:11
DakarJohn ColtraneUnknown07:1005/01/17, 10:43AM107:10
DJuruAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali03:3510/30/18, 02:30PM207:10
Reich: Desert Music - 4. ModerateMichael Tilson Thomas: Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra & ChorusReich: Desert Music03:3503/01/18, 04:08PM207:10
Kam-Ma-LayDerek Trucks Band Feat. Ruben BladesJoyful Noise07:0903/13/17, 10:04AM107:09
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To CryMerl Saunders, Jerry Garcia, John Kahn & Bill VittLive At Keystone, Vol. 107:0811/15/16, 10:04AM107:08
Virgin BeautyOrnette Coleman And Prime TimeVirgin Beauty03:3402/01/17, 04:31PM207:08
Crying in the GhettoBilDeejay's Choice07:0709/24/19, 04:17PM107:07
EqueDuke EllingtonUnknown03:3302/05/20, 03:30PM207:06
Feet MusicOrnette ColemanUnknown03:3302/15/17, 03:53PM207:06
HelplessNeil YoungDecade03:3307/05/18, 02:28PM207:06
Ride Through Wild CountryShakin' Apostles1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West03:3301/29/20, 02:45PM207:06
Pet SoundsThe Beach BoysPet Sounds [Bonus Tracks]02:2206/11/18, 03:52PM307:06
5-06 Someday My Prince Will ComeBill EvansThe Last Waltz07:0512/29/15, 04:23PM107:05
On The RunPink FloydDark Side Of The Moon07:0506/13/16, 05:01PM107:05
ThembiPharoah SandersThembi07:0502/27/18, 10:23AM107:05
5-04 Like Someone in LoveBill EvansThe Last Waltz07:0309/27/18, 01:11PM107:03
Found Someone NewSusan TedeschiJust Won't Burn02:2101/24/19, 02:41PM307:03
The Sun Is Gonna ShineWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields02:2105/09/19, 03:40PM307:03
HihacheThe Lafayette Afro Rock BandDarkest Light/The Best of the Lafayette Afro-Rock Band07:0203/03/17, 01:02PM107:02
AnnabelJohn ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner03:3102/05/20, 03:04PM207:02
Reich: Desert Music - 3a. SlowMichael Tilson Thomas: Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra & ChorusReich: Desert Music07:0003/15/18, 01:07PM107:00
Track 13EricSpring 200907:0006/30/16, 04:22PM107:00
Allah WakbarrOfo The Black CompanyNigeria 70 03:3010/23/19, 03:53PM207:00
Brrrlak! (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 103:3010/28/16, 11:22AM207:00
Filé Gumbo - Zachary RichardLouisiana SpiceUnknown03:3009/26/18, 03:37PM207:00
If I Could Be ThereEmmylou HarrisUnknown03:3011/03/17, 02:59PM207:00
SongeZap MamaA Ma Zone03:3010/23/19, 03:38PM207:00
Taskim In Makam Nishaburek - Ankara, TurkeyMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown03:3001/27/20, 12:00PM207:00
Baby Won't You Please Come HomeBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:2006/01/18, 10:56AM307:00
Reich: Desert Music - 2. ModerateMichael Tilson Thomas: Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra & ChorusReich: Desert Music06:5910/30/18, 02:41PM106:59
Franklin's TowerGrateful DeadOne From The Vault (Disc 1) [Live]06:5803/21/17, 04:42PM106:58
Call Me Uprising (Blondie vs. Muse)CjRBest of Bootie 200903:2910/04/16, 03:32PM206:58
Enter Telephone (Lady Gaga vs. Metallica)DJs From MarsBest of Bootie 201003:2910/30/18, 01:44PM206:58
Go-Go GirlThe PyronautsKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead03:2911/04/19, 10:16AM206:58
WhisperMorphineYes03:2907/05/18, 02:42PM206:58
Will A G6 Roll (Far East Movement ft. Dev & The Cataracs vs. Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs. A-Trak)The MashMaticiansBest of Bootie 201003:2910/30/15, 02:42PM206:58
Hound DogThe ResidentsThe King And Eye02:1902/05/20, 04:08PM306:57
The New TimmyLotionUnknown02:1910/07/19, 11:18AM306:57
Could You Be Love Gamed? (Lady Gaga vs. Bob Marley)DJ BCBest of Bootie 201003:2809/06/19, 01:47PM206:56
Feedback QueenLotionThe Telephone Album03:2802/10/16, 03:17PM206:56
Mwekuru MuthaoMelodica Teens BandSofrito: International Soundclash03:2810/10/18, 04:18PM206:56
BluesVarious ArtistsThe Sound of Jazz [Columbia/Sony]06:5510/30/17, 10:43AM106:55
Route 4John ColtraneUnknown06:5503/21/17, 03:45PM106:55
Misty - Billy TaylorClark TerryOne on One06:5409/23/19, 12:54PM106:54
Four TeachersLake Of DraculaKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 303:2703/21/17, 05:09PM206:54
Freedom Of ChoiceDevoGreatest Hits03:2711/16/16, 05:01PM206:54
Hey BabyNo DoubtThe Singles 1992-200303:2710/01/19, 03:33PM206:54
My Soul Fell DownWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields02:1805/06/19, 11:51AM306:54
FrisellThe Derek Trucks BandJoyful Noise06:5305/04/16, 04:48PM106:53
He's GoneGrateful DeadEurope '72 06:5308/21/18, 10:19AM106:53
A Toast To The PeopleBlack & BluesPieces Of A Man03:2611/28/16, 01:22PM206:52
Can't Hide LoveEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live03:2603/15/17, 08:51AM206:52
Louisana AnnaScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry03:2611/13/17, 03:07PM206:52
SpidergawdJerry GarciaGarcia03:2610/07/19, 04:42PM206:52
Bandy BandyZap MamaAncestry In Progress06:5009/17/19, 04:03PM106:50
Track 08GeorgeAugust 1998-106:5006/20/18, 04:19PM106:50
Hot Knives And HornetsThe Phantom LimbsKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 403:2510/11/19, 04:01PM206:50
Sure Got Cold After the Rain FellZZ TopRio Grande Mud06:4911/07/17, 02:00PM106:49
Mutatis MutandisZoogz RiftInterim Resurgence06:4811/06/17, 02:24PM106:48
Alice in BlunderlandHenry KaiserThose Who Know History Are Doomed to Repeat It02:1603/26/19, 02:14PM306:48
Metroid Metal - RidleyStemageUnknown02:1606/26/18, 03:38PM306:48
Fried PiesWes MontgomeryBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]06:4703/08/17, 04:27PM106:47
SnowcatKinskiKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 406:4704/27/16, 02:54PM106:47
Frogs On IceDarol Anger & Mike MarshallPsycho Grass06:4602/01/17, 04:06PM106:46
Man's WorldIowaskaKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 506:4602/08/18, 09:55AM106:46
Track 13George2007-606:4612/29/15, 10:06AM106:46
Conquering LionBilDeejay's Choice03:2304/23/19, 03:44PM206:46
Ostriches Have Sex Too, You KnowZoogz RiftIdiots on the Miniature Golf Course03:2303/06/18, 02:28PM206:46
Track 01George2010-703:2309/06/19, 04:45PM206:46
Track 12EricSpring 200703:2310/14/19, 03:26PM206:46
Harmonies/Robes Of TussynThe LandingKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 506:4502/08/18, 09:34AM106:45
Sex And Dying In High SocietyXLos Angeles02:1512/16/19, 10:33AM306:45
Video DreamPhilip GlassUnknown02:1511/25/19, 04:15PM306:45
4-06 The Two Lonely PeopleBill EvansThe Last Waltz06:4406/29/18, 02:49PM106:44
Mr. WigglesParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 06:4407/07/16, 03:49PM106:44
The DrubThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria03:2201/10/18, 04:16PM206:44
Babe I'm Gonna Leave YouLed ZeppelinUnknown06:4303/26/19, 02:35PM106:43
Adult Books (dangerhouse RoughXLos Angeles03:2105/04/16, 03:49PM206:42
Blah-Blah CafeJean-Michel JarreZoolook03:2103/15/17, 04:38PM206:42
Detox (Amy Winehouse vs. Britney Spears)King Of PantsBest of Bootie 200703:2107/01/16, 04:13PM206:42
Dire WolfGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]03:2106/12/17, 10:25AM206:42
Tamatant TilayTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life03:2102/14/20, 04:01PM206:42
Track 23EricSpring 200703:2110/28/16, 12:18PM206:42
ChevroletZZ TopRio Grande Mud03:2003/21/18, 04:04PM206:40
Cloudy DaysAlison Krauss & Union StationUnknown03:2009/24/19, 03:00PM206:40
GuiltinessBob Marley & The WailersExodus03:2003/01/18, 02:44PM206:40
Hollaback GirlGwen StefaniLove. Angel. Music. Baby.03:2011/01/18, 02:37PM206:40
Knock Out Eileen (LL Cool J vs. Dexy's Midnight Runners)DJ LobsterdustBest of Bootie 201003:2009/17/19, 03:33PM206:40
Welcome To MaliAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali03:2006/07/18, 11:35AM206:40
Fiberglass JungleLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:1307/31/19, 03:33PM306:39
Licking StickDesmond DekkerUnknown02:1302/14/20, 10:09AM306:39
KeepersMerl Saunders, Jerry Garcia, John Kahn & Bill VittLive At Keystone, Vol. 106:3811/15/16, 10:14AM106:38
The RockThe WhoQuadrophenia 06:3802/14/17, 04:40PM106:38
I'll Get Mine Bye And ByeBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown03:1910/03/19, 03:09PM206:38
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - 2. Allegro ModeratoNeville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107906:3703/15/16, 10:54AM106:37
A Jump AheadHerbie HancockUnknown06:3603/23/17, 09:20AM106:36
Sing 3Kill Me TomorrowKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 503:1805/02/18, 03:43PM206:36
So Much LoveScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry03:1802/14/20, 04:46PM206:36
Space ZydecoBuckwheat ZydecoUnknown03:1812/29/16, 10:00AM206:36
Track 15Zoogz RiftEurope 199003:1802/06/20, 03:59PM206:36
Watermelon ManHerbie HancockUnknown06:3508/27/18, 04:03PM106:35
Sometimes I SlipDeep BlueUnknown06:3401/29/20, 03:45PM106:34
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - 4. AllegroNeville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107903:1705/31/18, 04:06PM206:34
Britney - Dead Or Alive? (Britney Spears vs. Dead Or Alive vs. Daft Punk)team9Best of Bootie 200703:1706/30/16, 03:42PM206:34
Pretty VacantSex PistolsNever Mind The Bullocks Heres03:1706/01/18, 10:29AM206:34
We Don't Want To Sing AlongChumbawambaUn03:1703/13/18, 05:24PM206:34
Colors for SusanHenry KaiserThose Who Know History Are Doomed to Repeat It06:3302/28/18, 02:35PM106:33
It's So Nice To Have Your LoveCountry Joe & The FishLive! Fillmore West 196906:3111/09/15, 04:19PM106:31
Like Anyone ElseDerek Trucks Band Feat. Solomon BurkeJoyful Noise06:3101/05/18, 09:03AM106:31
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 25 A 2 Clav. AdagioGlenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations06:3008/17/16, 02:49PM106:30
Zarb And Santur - Teheran, IranMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown03:1511/01/17, 03:21PM206:30
Nay - Istanbul, TurkeyMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown02:1011/16/17, 11:27AM306:30
Dazed And ConfusedLed ZeppelinUnknown06:2804/23/19, 02:52PM106:28
FourMiles DavisThe Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More" 06:2810/09/17, 09:40AM106:28
You Shook MeLed ZeppelinUnknown06:2812/17/19, 05:13PM106:28
DealJerry GarciaGarcia03:1402/05/20, 02:51PM206:28
Jimmy Brown The News BoyFlatt & ScruggsBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6303:1410/11/19, 03:26PM206:28
Private LifePretendersPretenders06:2710/30/15, 01:38PM106:27
Thela Hun GinjeetKing CrimsonDiscipline06:2711/06/17, 01:21PM106:27
A Good Man Is Hard To FindBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:0911/03/17, 02:51PM306:27
WaterThe WhoWho's Next06:2605/24/18, 03:09PM106:26
Dear SomeoneGillian WelchKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 403:1305/09/19, 04:17PM206:26
E-lec-tri-cityTom Glazer & Dottie EvansEnergy & Motion Songs03:1301/29/20, 02:28PM206:26
Or Down You FallGil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man03:1303/23/18, 02:16PM206:26
Beethoven's Fifth Gold Digger (Kanye West vs. Beethoven vs. Walter Murphy)A plus DBest of Bootie 200603:1205/16/18, 04:01PM206:24
Lovely NYCdj BC and The BeastlesLet It Beast03:1204/29/16, 12:20PM206:24
32 FootstepsThey Might Be GiantsThey Might Be Giants01:3611/01/17, 04:46PM406:24
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - Canon 5 A 2 (Canon Circularis Per Tonos)Neville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107903:1107/31/19, 03:59PM206:22
Blind For NowLotionUnknown03:1104/23/19, 04:01PM206:22
Coconut Milk - Bo Dollis & Wild MagnoliasLouisiana SpiceUnknown03:1111/01/17, 03:27PM206:22
Mamo, Snezhets Navalyalo3 Mustaphas 3Soup Of The Century03:1107/31/18, 11:56AM206:22
Nancy (With The Laughing Face)John ColtraneBallads03:1110/14/19, 02:57PM206:22
Super BirdCountry Joe & The FishElectric Music For The Mind And Body02:0711/23/15, 04:14PM306:21
Walk, Don't RunThe VenturesUnknown02:0706/30/16, 02:58PM306:21
Backward Country Boy BluesDuke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles MingusMoney Jungle06:2010/28/16, 11:02AM106:20
I Been Cryin' Since You Been GoneMississippi John HurtWorried Blues 196303:1012/13/19, 04:47PM206:20
On The Road AgainGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]03:1009/06/19, 02:15PM206:20
PantylandNoxagtKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 503:1007/05/18, 02:14PM206:20
She Walks Right In (Bonus Track)Professor LonghairNew Orleans Piano03:1003/06/17, 09:44AM206:20
This Is A Recording 4 Living In A Fulltime Era (L.I.F.E.)De La Soul3 Feet High And Rising03:1011/01/18, 02:15PM206:20
Time To ThinkZoogz RiftVillagers03:1002/14/20, 03:54PM206:20
Inch WormJohn ColtraneUnknown06:1912/19/17, 01:06PM106:19
Along The Navajo TrailBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown03:0902/08/17, 09:51AM206:18
Lie Still, Little BottleThey Might Be GiantsLincoln02:0612/01/17, 04:17PM306:18
Surf Before SunriseLos Mel-Tones1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West02:0602/14/20, 10:13AM306:18
Light BeamJohn Abercrombie/Marc Johnson/Peter ErskineJohn Abercrombie, Marc Johnson & Peter Erskine03:0805/24/18, 03:26PM206:16
Moral And Immoral (Take 1)John ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner03:0810/14/19, 02:46PM206:16
So Much Things to SayBob Marley & The WailersExodus03:0802/05/20, 02:48PM206:16
Tentative DecisionsTalking HeadsUnknown03:0801/03/17, 03:08PM206:16
MohairKing Of HawaiiKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:0507/31/19, 03:35PM306:15
Golden Clarinet3 Mustaphas 3Unknown06:1409/30/15, 10:42AM106:14
Like a Rolling StoneBob DylanHighway 61 Revisited06:1412/16/19, 04:33PM106:14
Moral And Immoral (Take 2)John ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner03:0710/30/18, 02:08PM206:14
The Revolution Will Not Be TelevisedGil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man03:0703/03/17, 12:32PM206:14
Midnight MoonlightOld And In The WayUnknown06:1205/24/18, 02:40PM106:12
For Those That Never DreamNOBODYKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 403:0610/19/18, 09:37AM206:12
What The Hell Is This?Johnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 06:1003/02/16, 11:49AM106:10
HedgehogLunaPenthouse03:0509/06/19, 04:27PM206:10
Me And My UncleGrateful DeadHundred Year Hall (Disc 1) [Live]03:0510/14/19, 03:00PM206:10
Music NewsOrnette ColemanUnknown03:0508/27/18, 04:55PM206:10
Reggae RecipeDesmond DekkerUnknown03:0506/01/18, 10:53AM206:10
RiotMiles DavisNefertiti03:0505/22/19, 04:56PM206:10
You Need To Be With MeSusan TedeschiJust Won't Burn03:0505/09/17, 03:18PM206:10
FearlessPink FloydMeddle06:0907/05/18, 10:58AM106:09
PeaceBlack & BluesPieces Of A Man06:0902/23/16, 12:30PM106:09
New Underwear DanceRumah SakitKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 306:0804/20/17, 03:20PM106:08
Song Of The WindSantanaUnknown06:0801/05/18, 10:31AM106:08
Soul For SaleWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields06:0801/20/16, 01:13PM106:08
All Your WayMorphineYes03:0407/08/16, 11:42AM206:08
LollipopMikaLife In Cartoon Motion03:0402/04/20, 04:45PM206:08
Juba And A Brown SquawWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields06:0705/06/19, 11:46AM106:07
MarisStellamaraKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 106:0710/19/18, 09:49AM106:07
7-06 Who Can I Turn to (When NobodyBill EvansThe Last Waltz06:0608/16/16, 09:10AM106:06
CanarsieFrank ZappaUnknown06:0602/28/18, 02:16PM106:06
Green SunshineThe Auqua Velvets1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West06:0611/04/19, 09:52AM106:06
Electric GuitarTalking HeadsUnknown03:0307/02/18, 12:36PM206:06
SomethingThe BeatlesAbbey Road03:0303/26/19, 03:25PM206:06
Dense Rain, Black ForestZoogz RiftVillagers06:0505/04/16, 04:13PM106:05
Loopin TimeBrill, Wally2001-Q2 B06:0410/10/18, 04:24PM106:04
Taqsim In Maqam Hejaz - Muharraq, BahrainMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown06:0407/31/19, 03:13PM106:04
ChantingOrnette Coleman And Prime TimeVirgin Beauty03:0202/28/18, 02:19PM206:04
Cyrano De Berger's Back (reheaXLos Angeles03:0212/16/19, 11:21AM206:04
Track 01GeorgeAugust 1998-103:0202/18/20, 11:18AM206:04
Track 04GeorgeDecember 2001-103:0203/21/17, 04:19PM206:04
Coming DownOverwhelming ColorfastOverwhelming Colorfast06:0302/10/16, 02:31PM106:03
Brain DamagePink FloydDark Side Of The Moon02:0103/21/18, 04:43PM306:03
ConjuntoArturo SandovalDanzon (Dance On)06:0212/29/15, 11:01AM106:02
Track 06George2004-706:0207/07/16, 02:23PM106:02
Abalone DazeThe MermenKrill Slippin'03:0110/28/19, 03:46PM206:02
For The TurnstilesNeil YoungDecade03:0109/06/19, 03:01PM206:02
Leavin' - James KingHand-PickedUnknown03:0105/24/18, 02:45PM206:02
Soul SerenadeKing CurtisSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 103:0110/23/19, 03:23PM206:02
Tweed HeadsKing Of HawaiiKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead03:0112/16/19, 04:40PM206:02
Ramble On RoseGrateful DeadEurope '72 06:0107/05/18, 03:28PM106:01
An Honest M.I.A. (The Bravery vs. M.I.A.)A plus DBest of Bootie 200503:0003/23/17, 10:54AM206:00
Tattooed Love BoysPretendersPretenders03:0004/23/19, 03:23PM206:00
PaulusDr. ZeusUnknown02:0009/06/19, 03:31PM306:00
Ballad of a Thin ManBob DylanHighway 61 Revisited05:5905/09/19, 03:14PM105:59
Enjoy YourselfSahara All Stars Band JosNigeria 70 05:5912/09/19, 04:04PM105:59
HoneybombThe MermenUnknown05:5802/14/20, 11:42AM105:58
Be ThankfulBilDeejay's Choice02:5902/28/18, 02:58PM205:58
Deep RiverOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)02:5903/26/19, 02:28PM205:58
Lilly of BombayKing Of HawaiiKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:5910/14/19, 03:03PM205:58
Metroid Metal - Kraid's ThemeStemageUnknown02:5902/10/16, 02:38PM205:58
Pickney GalDesmond DekkerUnknown02:5911/06/18, 11:04AM205:58
CurveMermenKFJC Presents Combo Swell05:5702/06/20, 03:41PM105:57
Tin Tin DeoSanchez, PonchoDo It!05:5705/01/17, 10:01AM105:57
Warm And Willing WaysPhilip HamiltonUnknown05:5703/13/18, 04:45PM105:57
03 - She's Actual SizeUnknownUnknown01:5912/17/19, 05:15PM305:57
Crazy (Album Version)Gnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere02:5810/30/18, 01:50PM205:56
Groove MeKing FloydBaadasssss! Soundtrack02:5803/15/17, 09:08AM205:56
H.C.Q. StrutDjango ReinhardtUnknown02:5803/14/18, 03:08PM205:56
Lipovacko Kolo3 Mustaphas 3Unknown02:5802/14/17, 05:00PM205:56
Dickie's DreamVarious ArtistsThe Sound of Jazz [Columbia/Sony]05:5511/16/17, 10:34AM105:55
Reich: Desert Music - 3c. SlowMichael Tilson Thomas: Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra & ChorusReich: Desert Music05:5511/16/17, 11:16AM105:55
Sleepwalkers (Live)Linda DraperKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Volume 1202:5712/17/19, 04:02PM205:54
2 Live Supertramp Discodj BCUnknown05:5302/05/20, 03:00PM105:53
Pony BoyThe Allman Brothers BandBrothers and Sisters05:5211/06/18, 10:49AM105:52
Track 06GeorgeAugust 1998-105:5210/01/15, 05:05PM105:52
Guitar TownEmmylou HarrisUnknown02:5605/22/18, 05:09PM205:52
Little SisterThe ResidentsThe King And Eye02:5610/08/19, 01:52PM205:52
Mardi Gras In New Orleans (Bonus Track)Professor LonghairNew Orleans Piano02:5612/09/19, 03:01PM205:52
Masochism TangoTom LehrerUnknown02:5604/23/19, 02:59PM205:52
The LandladyPhishA Picture of Nectar02:5611/16/17, 10:39AM205:52
The Race Is OnGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]02:5608/21/18, 10:12AM205:52
underwaterthemeXOCSuper Mario World01:5707/11/16, 03:11PM305:51
Cousin MaryJohn ColtraneUnknown05:5001/31/17, 02:26PM105:50
Blue BoyJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)02:5511/06/17, 12:52PM205:50
Knick KnackTwinkSmall Sound All Around02:5506/08/18, 03:05PM205:50
Nigeria - Eleja Choir - Jubilee AnthemThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown02:5503/01/18, 03:58PM205:50
Stang's SwangStevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleCouldn't Stand The Weather02:5504/23/19, 03:53PM205:50
Texarkana Baby [Take 1]Bob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:5511/02/17, 03:37PM205:50
Born Under PunchesTalking HeadsRemain In Light05:4901/13/16, 04:03PM105:49
The Mole From The MinistryThe Dukes Of StratophearUnknown05:4910/12/18, 03:53PM105:49
LiveZeni GevaKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 105:4803/02/16, 02:47PM105:48
Flute ThingZoogz RiftWith No Apparent Reason02:5411/16/17, 11:24AM205:48
Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)Django ReinhardtUnknown02:5412/01/17, 04:47PM205:48
My Daddy Works For The Secret MarinesZoogz RiftAmputees In Limbo02:5412/13/19, 03:51PM205:48
Dr. FunkensteinParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 05:4703/08/17, 04:15PM105:47
Oye Como VaSantanaLotus 05:4712/17/19, 04:37PM105:47
Ikon AllahBala Miller & The Great Music Pirameeds Of AfrikaNigeria 70 05:4612/29/15, 03:58PM105:46
SuavitoArturo SandovalDanzon (Dance On)05:4611/06/15, 10:29AM105:46
High On A Mountain - Del MccouryHand-PickedUnknown02:5303/23/17, 09:07AM205:46
Informal DialecticLowDownKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 402:5305/01/17, 11:47AM205:46
Vern Williams - When Springtime Comes AgainHand-PickedUnknown02:5305/24/18, 04:31PM205:46
500 YearsPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown05:4510/21/15, 03:58PM105:45
Forever My FriendRay LaMontagneTrouble05:4502/04/20, 05:15PM105:45
Matadjem YinmixanTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life05:4511/21/17, 11:47AM105:45
WabashCannonball & ColtraneUnknown05:4508/16/16, 02:31PM105:45
Bailophone DancePharoah SandersThembi05:4411/06/15, 05:02PM105:44
GlorifiedLotionThe Telephone Album05:4411/06/17, 01:55PM105:44
HimalayasGuo Brothers & Shung TianThe Compact Realworld05:4406/11/18, 04:51PM105:44
Healing StreamBilDeejay's Choice02:5209/26/18, 11:07AM205:44
The MaestroBeastie BoysCheck Your Head02:5202/18/20, 11:15AM205:44
Mano DayakTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life05:4307/31/19, 02:57PM105:43
Superman LoverJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:4311/28/16, 01:15PM105:43
Super Metroid Metal - Prelude/ThemeStemageSuper Metroid Metal05:4202/10/16, 04:16PM105:42
BuddyTrivalveKFJC Presents Combo Swell02:5102/05/20, 03:22PM205:42
Castillos de Arena, Pt. 1 (Sand Castle)SantanaLotus 02:5110/07/19, 11:38AM205:42
Octopus's GardenThe BeatlesAbbey Road02:5105/16/17, 02:53PM205:42
The Boogie MonsterGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere02:5112/20/19, 10:48AM205:42
You Are the Sunshine of My LifeStevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium I 02:5103/08/17, 02:50PM205:42
Playboy ChimesBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:5001/25/19, 03:06PM205:40
Sweetback's ThemeMelvin Van PeeblesBaadasssss! Soundtrack02:5002/14/20, 04:41PM205:40
Sonata #7John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano01:5302/04/20, 05:09PM305:39
ColorsPharoah SandersKarma05:3806/20/18, 04:25PM105:38
Following YouChumbawambaUn02:4903/01/18, 03:13PM205:38
Muleskinner BluesOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)02:4902/23/18, 09:39AM205:38
Ordinary VersionBilDeejay's Choice02:4903/30/17, 03:51PM205:38
SquankZZ TopUnknown02:4909/26/18, 01:33PM205:38
The Old Home Place - J.D. Crowe & The New SouthHand-PickedUnknown02:4909/17/19, 04:10PM205:38
Track 14EricSpring 200905:3703/01/18, 04:42PM105:37
Without YouPhilip HamiltonUnknown05:3710/28/16, 11:35AM105:37
Burial Of Long ShotBilDeejay's Choice02:4802/14/20, 09:53AM205:36
M'totoZap MamaA Ma Zone02:4812/13/19, 04:01PM205:36
Monkey And The EngineerGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]02:4808/21/18, 10:22AM205:36
Coulden't Keep It TogetherPhilip HamiltonUnknown05:3505/09/19, 02:55PM105:35
InnerplayJohn Abercrombie/Marc Johnson/Peter ErskineJohn Abercrombie, Marc Johnson & Peter Erskine05:3512/12/17, 03:03PM105:35
MillionsXTCDrums And Wires05:3510/21/16, 11:48AM105:35
SolitudeDuke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles MingusMoney Jungle05:3402/14/20, 09:26AM105:34
Wish You Were HerePink FloydWish You Were Here05:3409/30/15, 03:44PM105:34
Freedom Is In The TryingWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields02:4705/06/19, 11:38AM205:34
Mary Had a Little LambStevie Ray VaughnTexas Flood02:4703/01/18, 04:31PM205:34
Ha Lese Le Di KhannaSanchez, PonchoDo It!05:3307/08/16, 11:22AM105:33
Just Like Tom Thumb's BluesBob DylanHighway 61 Revisited05:3203/23/17, 09:42AM105:32
LevanteThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown05:3205/09/19, 03:00PM105:32
Track 12George2007-605:3203/23/17, 09:37AM105:32
08 Where It's AtBeckUnknown05:3107/08/16, 12:10PM105:31
Track 11George2007-605:3105/02/16, 03:27PM105:31
Money JungleDuke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles MingusMoney Jungle05:3010/20/15, 11:49AM105:30
Southern ManNeil YoungDecade05:3012/05/17, 11:10AM105:30
Track 10George2010-705:3003/12/19, 03:14PM105:30
SouvenirsDjango ReinhardtUnknown02:4505/09/17, 03:21PM205:30
They Might Be GiantsThey Might Be GiantsFlood02:4505/31/18, 04:09PM205:30
Soul EyesJohn ColtraneColtrane05:2901/13/16, 03:55PM105:29
Bonnie & ClydeLunaPenthouse05:2802/01/16, 02:45PM105:28
Come Back JesusAlpha BlondyUnknown05:2808/16/16, 09:21AM105:28
Madre3 Mustaphas 3Soup Of The Century05:2801/19/17, 03:35PM105:28
Mirror Man/Alice in BlunderlandHenry KaiserThose Who Know History Are Doomed to Repeat It05:2807/01/16, 03:41PM105:28
Root Down Reprisedj BC and The BeastlesThe Beastles02:4408/16/16, 02:11PM205:28
Sweet Child O' Brightside (The Killers vs. Guns N' Roses)DJs From MarsBest of Bootie 201205:2712/27/17, 10:36AM105:27
Recover VersionGirl Boy GirlKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 305:2610/21/15, 09:15AM105:26
SirataHabib Koité & BamadaMali To Memphis05:2606/14/17, 02:21PM105:26
Track 07GeorgeDecember 2001-105:2611/06/18, 10:37AM105:26
Track 09GeorgeAugust 1998-105:2611/23/15, 05:16PM105:26
You Give Me Your Love And I'll Give You MineMorris BrothersBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:4303/15/18, 01:13PM205:26
Muse vs Klaxons - Supermassive RainbowElectroSoundUnknown05:2504/23/19, 03:34PM105:25
That's the Way of the WorldEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live05:2511/22/16, 09:12AM105:25
Mystery AchievementPretendersPretenders05:2406/06/18, 10:18AM105:24
Audio Active's Adventure In Time & SpaceAudio ActiveHappy Happer02:4201/29/20, 03:57PM205:24
BlackjackLotionThe Telephone Album02:4211/01/17, 03:06PM205:24
Lighten UpBeastie BoysCheck Your Head02:4208/16/17, 02:57PM205:24
SeguriyaThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown02:4203/26/19, 02:38PM205:24
SummertimeBilly StewartSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 102:4211/16/17, 11:41AM205:24
And The Gods Made LoveJimi HendrixUnknown01:2101/29/20, 03:00PM405:24
Big RiverGrateful DeadDick's Picks, Vol. 1 [Live] 05:2308/21/18, 10:27AM105:23
China DollGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]05:2306/12/17, 10:44AM105:23
FantasyEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live05:2303/21/17, 03:59PM105:23
Track 08GeorgeDecember 2001-105:2307/07/16, 03:17PM105:23
All Of A Sudden (it's Too LateXTCEnglish Settlement05:2201/07/16, 03:20PM105:22
Guelah PapyrusPhishA Picture of Nectar05:2202/05/20, 02:24PM105:22
Texas FloodStevie Ray VaughnUnknown05:2210/30/17, 10:48AM105:22
White Trash RagaThe MermenUnknown05:2203/01/18, 04:56PM105:22
Stay HungryTalking HeadsUnknown02:4112/10/19, 02:49PM205:22
Track 21EricSpring 200702:4111/06/18, 10:08AM205:22
Healing The FeelingOrnette Coleman And Prime TimeVirgin Beauty05:2112/01/17, 04:31PM105:21
Mon Amour, Ma CherieAmadou & MariamMali To Memphis05:2112/29/16, 10:15AM105:21
My Black BagThe MermenUnknown05:2110/04/16, 02:44PM105:21
Track 05GeorgeDecember 2001-105:2109/06/19, 02:04PM105:21
Video GamesPat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X05:2105/24/18, 03:22PM105:21
DepkDuke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]02:4005/22/19, 04:45PM205:20
Hello Black Or White (Michael Jackson vs. Martin Solveig)John MarrBest of Bootie 201102:4010/11/19, 03:38PM205:20
If I Had A Ribbon BowOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)02:4009/04/18, 01:06PM205:20
Krazy Day N Nite (Pitbull vs. Lil Jon vs. Kid Cudi vs. Crookers)A Plus DBest of Bootie 200902:4012/05/19, 10:02AM205:20
Purple ToupeeThey Might Be GiantsUnknown02:4006/26/18, 02:42PM205:20
Bondage Of The SeaThe MermenUnknown05:1809/26/18, 03:50PM105:18
Track 05Zoogz RiftEurope 199005:1812/18/19, 04:36PM105:18
Wah Wah Zoo MarsAudio ActiveHappy Happer05:1811/03/17, 03:43PM105:18
'Buked And ScornedOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)02:3902/23/18, 10:17AM205:18
Brahms 3rd Movement 3rd SymphonyThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria02:3901/10/18, 02:17PM205:18
Liberty ValanceThe Royal GuardsmenSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:3907/31/18, 11:50AM205:18
Sonata #11John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano02:3907/02/18, 12:56PM205:18
Buckwheat's SpecialBuckwheat ZydecoUnknown05:1705/09/19, 03:54PM105:17
Hello Girl, Let’s Party Til The End (Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette vs. Britney Spears vs. LMFAO vs. No Doubt vs. Sum 41 vs. Vanilla Ice)Titus JonesBest of Bootie 201105:1711/06/17, 02:37PM105:17
I Get Wild - Wild GravityTalking HeadsSpeaking In Tongues05:1701/22/16, 10:49AM105:17
It Must Be A CamelFrank ZappaUnknown05:1703/22/17, 10:56AM105:17
S'posin'Miles Davis QuintetThe New Miles Davis Quintet05:1712/06/17, 03:50PM105:17
Come And Dance With MeJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:1609/06/19, 01:43PM105:16
Deep Dream Control (Missy Elliott vs. Adele vs. Britney Spears vs. Fleetwood Mac vs. Tchaikovsky)Maya Jakobson vs. LobsterdustBest of Bootie 201105:1611/06/17, 01:14PM105:16
Cowboys To GirlsThe IntrudersSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 102:3803/03/17, 12:55PM205:16
Baby Don't You Do ItThe WhoWho's Next05:1505/11/16, 09:26AM105:15
Saye Mogo BanaIssa BagayogoAfrican Groove05:1506/14/17, 02:35PM105:15
China Cat SunflowerGrateful DeadHundred Year Hall (Disc 1) [Live]05:1409/24/19, 05:11PM105:14
I Know You RiderGrateful DeadHundred Year Hall (Disc 1) [Live]05:1405/16/18, 04:16PM105:14
Live, Love, LearnBetty DavisThe Columbia Years 1968-196902:3705/16/18, 05:10PM205:14
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm GoneBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:3709/06/19, 03:29PM205:14
TryOverwhelming ColorfastOverwhelming Colorfast02:3712/16/19, 11:31AM205:14
Pump Up The Party Rock (LMFAO vs. Pink vs. Kraze vs. Danzel vs. C&C Music Factory vs. Salt-N-Pepa vs. Diddy Dirty Money)MashMikeBest of Bootie 2011 (Bonus Tracks)05:1303/01/18, 10:53AM105:13
African FlowerSanchez, PonchoDo It!05:1208/09/18, 02:58PM105:12
Cop & BlowJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:1209/01/16, 02:46PM105:12
Sliding DeltaMississippi John HurtWorried Blues 196305:1210/30/17, 10:23AM105:12
The Punk Meets The GodfatherThe WhoQuadrophenia 05:1207/08/16, 11:01AM105:12
AgraDuke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]02:3605/22/19, 04:59PM205:12
Helpless DancerThe WhoQuadrophenia 02:3606/26/18, 03:35PM205:12
Sat Bhayan Ki Ek Behanadli IITalab Khan BarnaLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)02:3611/16/17, 10:49AM205:12
You Can Get It If You Really WantDesmond DekkerUnknown02:3603/01/18, 10:44AM205:12
Frame By FrameKing CrimsonDiscipline05:1012/09/16, 09:53AM105:10
Pull Up The RootsTalking HeadsSpeaking In Tongues05:1003/13/18, 04:00PM105:10
Sonatas #14 & 15 GeminiJohn CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano05:1005/16/18, 04:06PM105:10
The Depraved CityJohn ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner05:1005/23/17, 10:17AM105:10
Track 03George2004-705:1004/30/19, 10:35AM105:10
Cluck Old HenAlison Krauss & Union StationUnknown02:3508/29/18, 11:56PM205:10
Never No More Hard Times BluesBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:3510/01/19, 03:37PM205:10
Have A CigarPink FloydWish You Were Here05:0905/02/18, 04:16PM105:09
East West HighwayShahin & Sepehr2001-Q1 B05:0805/09/19, 03:08PM105:08
Kinky ReggaeBob Marley & The WailersUnknown05:0804/23/19, 03:39PM105:08
Fire (Live)The PyronautsLive From The Kfjc Surf Battle02:3405/24/18, 04:18PM205:08
Hadra - Metilli Des Chambra, AlgeriaMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown02:3404/20/17, 03:34PM205:08
Sekar SungsangBaliUnknown02:3403/01/18, 03:46PM205:08
Look And SeeWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields05:0705/06/19, 11:35AM105:07
Slippery PeopleTalking HeadsUnknown05:0706/06/16, 03:43PM105:07
All Your Goodies Are GoneParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 05:0610/07/19, 05:23PM105:06
Hold You In My ArmsRay LaMontagneTrouble05:0605/24/18, 04:47PM105:06
TrigonometryPat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X05:0612/01/17, 03:19PM105:06
FrictionTom Glazer & Dottie EvansSpace Songs02:3310/23/19, 03:26PM205:06
Metroid Metal - The ThemeStemageUnknown02:3309/24/19, 01:32PM205:06
On A Night Like ThisBuckwheat ZydecoUnknown02:3302/05/20, 03:54PM205:06
Peace And HappinessDeep BlueUnknown02:3308/27/18, 04:35PM205:06
TormentZoogz RiftTorment02:3303/07/19, 04:44PM205:06
What Is Gravity?Tom Glazer & Dottie EvansSpace Songs02:3305/08/19, 01:40PM205:06
Door To DoorJohn ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner05:0506/11/18, 04:05PM105:05
EpilogueGrateful DeadEurope '72 05:0511/06/15, 10:54AM105:05
SabaliRokia TraoriMali To Memphis05:0503/14/18, 03:59PM105:05
7-03 Mother Of EarlBill EvansThe Last Waltz05:0412/15/17, 09:47AM105:04
BrasillianceDuke EllingtonUnknown05:0408/17/16, 02:32PM105:04
Take Me To The RiverTalking HeadsUnknown05:0411/21/16, 01:29PM105:04
UnionBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business05:0403/06/17, 10:52AM105:04
09 MinusBeckUnknown02:3205/05/16, 11:17AM205:04
Another Day, Another DollarAlison Krauss & Union StationUnknown02:3211/16/17, 11:10AM205:04
Bustin' SurfboardsLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:3203/07/19, 04:03PM205:04
King Tubby Meets the Rockers UptownAugustus PabloHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry02:3202/14/20, 09:51AM205:04
Run ComeBilDeejay's Choice02:3211/16/17, 11:18AM205:04
25 O'clockThe Dukes Of StratophearUnknown05:0302/08/17, 10:40AM105:03
DIRTY POOLStevie Ray VaughnTEXAS FLOOD05:0310/30/17, 11:55AM105:03
Edjmayegh s'emeliOthmani, Nabil2013-105:0305/02/18, 03:52PM105:03
Hausi In Makam Iraq - Tlemcen, AlgeriaMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown05:0303/12/19, 03:19PM105:03
The Dead Of The NightShawn ColvinSteady On05:0309/01/16, 03:56PM105:03
Joachim WestJohn ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner05:0212/01/17, 03:43PM105:02
Path of LoveAtman2003-105:0204/30/19, 10:27AM105:02
Twisted LogicColdplayX&Y05:0203/01/18, 04:29PM105:02
Into The WestThe MermenUnknown02:3110/28/19, 02:20PM205:02
The Great Apes Ate GrapesZoogz RiftIdiots on the Miniature Golf Course02:3111/06/15, 04:39PM205:02
Multihorn VariationsRahsaan Roland KirkBil05:0110/23/19, 04:24PM105:01
PajamasLotionUnknown05:0102/10/16, 03:10PM105:01
IfaTunji Oyelana & The BendersNigeria 70 05:0006/14/17, 02:40PM105:00
St. ElsewhereGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere02:3003/23/17, 11:08AM205:00
AhimanaTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life04:5912/18/19, 04:21PM104:59
Pere Et Garçon Zydeco - John Delafose And The Eunice PlayboysLouisiana SpiceUnknown04:5911/03/17, 02:49PM104:59
TarzanJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 04:5903/08/17, 02:30PM104:59
CatnipTwinkTwink02:2903/14/18, 04:12PM204:58
ForestOverwhelming ColorfastOverwhelming Colorfast02:2912/16/19, 10:59AM204:58
Percolator StompThe Apemen1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West02:2911/04/19, 10:19AM204:58
SnowballDevoUnknown02:2908/16/16, 09:32AM204:58
Tambura - Manama, BahrainMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown02:2912/04/17, 09:45AM204:58
Track 10EricSpring 200702:2902/14/17, 04:57PM204:58
What IfColdplayX&Y04:5701/29/20, 02:37PM104:57
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - 1. LargoNeville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107904:5611/20/17, 09:28AM104:56
Bell BoyThe WhoQuadrophenia 04:5612/19/16, 03:55PM104:56
Deep Elem BluesGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]04:5606/12/17, 11:00AM104:56
I Don't Even Know MyselfThe WhoWho's Next04:5603/02/18, 03:27PM104:56
Sympathy For Teen Spirit (Rolling Stones vs. Queen vs. Nirvana)DJ MouleBest of Bootie 200704:5609/04/18, 01:11PM104:56
MahjounThe Derek Trucks BandSonglines02:2811/01/17, 04:44PM204:56
This Is Where I BelongThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men02:2810/12/18, 03:00PM204:56
Fix YouColdplayX&Y04:5507/12/18, 12:59PM104:55
Gween-Kong-GeeeX-GirlKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 204:5505/01/17, 11:10AM104:55
The Things (That) I Used To DoStevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleCouldn't Stand The Weather04:5503/13/17, 10:12AM104:55
BaroniAmadou & MariamWati04:5412/16/19, 04:37PM104:54
Talkin' CaseyMississippi John HurtWorried Blues 196304:5405/22/18, 04:30PM104:54
Velvet SceneJohn ColtraneDakar04:5401/15/19, 12:45PM104:54
Cry Like An AngelShawn ColvinSteady On04:5201/06/16, 11:45AM104:52
Fonk SambaGrind OrchestraKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 404:5204/19/16, 03:44PM104:52
Phase 4-2 ArpeggioCabinet MagazineUnknown04:5203/15/16, 03:31PM104:52
Stayin' Low! (Bee Gees vs. Lil Jon vs. De La Soul)Daily DazeBest of Bootie 2011 (Bonus Tracks)04:5206/26/18, 03:25PM104:52
The Circle GameJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)04:5208/16/17, 03:13PM104:52
Triumph Of The Won'tZoogz RiftFive Billion Pinheads Can't Be Wrong04:5212/17/19, 04:45PM104:52
Sad And Lonely TimesCountry Joe & The FishElectric Music For The Mind And Body02:2610/08/19, 01:42PM204:52
You're From TexasBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:2609/27/18, 01:20PM204:52
Getting In TuneThe WhoWho's Next04:5108/27/18, 04:19PM104:51
Got More RhymesYoung MCStone Cold Rhymin'04:5110/30/15, 03:10PM104:51
My Name Is YoungYoung MCStone Cold Rhymin'04:5111/22/16, 09:35AM104:51
On Fire (Remix)Tone LocUnknown04:5110/21/15, 01:59PM104:51
Roads Girdle The GlobeXTCDrums And Wires04:5109/17/19, 03:46PM104:51
Senses Working OvertimeXTCEnglish Settlement04:5101/22/16, 10:54AM104:51
Hot ChaThey Might Be GiantsFlood01:3709/17/19, 04:12PM304:51
Chant #9Peter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown04:5006/06/18, 10:41AM104:50
IguazuSantaollala, Gustavo1998-August #204:5012/27/17, 09:52AM104:50
No CompassionTalking Heads7704:5011/06/15, 05:07PM104:50
Track 01George2007-604:5009/04/18, 01:46PM104:50
Los AngelesXLos Angeles02:2510/08/19, 01:45PM204:50
Soul KitchenXLos Angeles02:2512/19/17, 12:59PM204:50
Happy HourOrnette Coleman And Prime TimeVirgin Beauty04:4911/06/17, 01:25PM104:49
Sea of Tranquility3 Balls Of FireKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead04:4911/02/17, 04:00PM104:49
Crosseyed And PainlessTalking HeadsRemain In Light04:4805/24/18, 03:14PM104:48
Ramblin' ManThe Allman Brothers BandBrothers and Sisters04:4801/27/20, 11:33AM104:48
Speed of SoundColdplayX&Y04:4809/30/15, 09:33AM104:48
Unjust DessertsZoogz RiftVillagers04:4812/29/16, 09:57AM104:48
Temas De HuelvaThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown02:2410/30/18, 02:05PM204:48
5th Fret, Distant CousinLotionThe Telephone Album04:4702/10/16, 04:08PM104:47
Express This Way (Madonna vs Lady Gaga)DJ TrippBest of Bootie 2011 (Bonus Tracks)04:4701/20/16, 03:07PM104:47
Jack StrawGrateful DeadHundred Year Hall (Disc 1) [Live]04:4708/21/18, 10:00AM104:47
Party PeopleParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 04:4703/06/18, 02:56PM104:47
Square OneColdplayX&Y04:4708/16/16, 08:53AM104:47
TimePink FloydDark Side Of The Moon04:4710/01/15, 04:50PM104:47
Just Won't BurnSusan TedeschiJust Won't Burn04:4602/14/20, 10:23AM104:46
Les Temps Ont ChangeAmadou & MariamWati04:4606/14/17, 02:53PM104:46
Shut Up And Take Me Out (The Ting Tings vs. Franz Ferdinand vs. Aretha Franklin vs. M/A/R/R/S)DJ Y Alias JYBest of Bootie 200904:4602/13/17, 03:13PM104:46
The Train and the RiverVarious ArtistsThe Sound of Jazz [Columbia/Sony]04:4602/01/17, 04:15PM104:46
Track 01George2004-704:4611/06/15, 11:08AM104:46
We Free KingsRahsaan Roland KirkBil04:4610/12/18, 04:09PM104:46
Worried BluesMississippi John HurtWorried Blues 196304:4602/28/18, 03:03PM104:46
I Palindrome IThey Might Be GiantsUnknown02:2307/12/18, 12:35PM204:46
Love Struck BabyStevie Ray VaughnUnknown02:2310/28/16, 10:33AM204:46
Sonata #4John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano02:2302/06/20, 04:01PM204:46
Comprachico BoogieZoogz RiftFive Billion Pinheads Can't Be Wrong04:4502/24/17, 01:53PM104:45
Track 05George2004-704:4501/19/17, 03:20PM104:45
Track 11George2004-704:4511/22/16, 11:40AM104:45
Walls Of TimeEmmylou HarrisUnknown04:4511/01/18, 03:22PM104:45
Brigadier SabariAlpha BlondyUnknown04:4403/15/16, 03:56PM104:44
Solitude [Alternate Take]Duke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles MingusMoney Jungle04:4403/02/16, 09:25AM104:44
Straight AheadJimi HendrixUnknown04:4406/13/16, 04:45PM104:44
It's My Life (Alternate Take)Betty DavisThe Columbia Years 1968-196902:2202/05/20, 03:25PM204:44
Road Movie to BerlinThey Might Be GiantsFlood02:2204/23/19, 01:41PM204:44
Standing In My Doorway CryingJessie Mae HemphillMali To Memphis04:4302/13/17, 04:44PM104:43
Big MamaTaj MahalMo' Roots04:4203/21/16, 10:24AM104:42
I Need ItJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 04:4203/06/17, 09:57AM104:42
Crime WavePlanet Seven1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West02:2102/14/20, 03:28PM204:42
PipelineThe VenturesUnknown02:2103/12/19, 02:49PM204:42
DeliriumLos VenturasKFJC Presents Combo Swell04:4107/12/18, 01:04PM104:41
For Heaven's SakeWes MontgomeryBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]04:4112/10/19, 02:25PM104:41
Ghost Of A Guilty ConscienceJohn ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner04:4109/01/16, 04:02PM104:41
Limehouse BluesCannonball & ColtraneUnknown04:4103/01/18, 10:38AM104:41
I Wanna Bulletproof Dancer (La Roux vs. Robyn vs. Whitney Houston vs. Taylor Swift)Titus JonesBest of Bootie 201004:4011/06/15, 04:33PM104:40
Merry Go RoundThe MermenUnknown04:4001/10/18, 03:27PM104:40
Everything Right Is Wrong AgainThey Might Be GiantsGiants Jubilee02:2001/05/18, 09:16AM204:40
Levels That I Used To Know (Gotye vs. Avicii)A Plus DBest of Bootie 201204:3911/22/16, 11:12AM104:39
Track 10George2004-704:3911/16/17, 04:04PM104:39
Wax_Audio__Sad_But_SuperstitiousGluntini ProjectUnknown04:3810/01/19, 04:13PM104:38
Help!The Beatles102:1910/07/19, 11:21AM204:38
Termini's CornerRahsaan Roland KirkBil02:1906/30/16, 02:38PM204:38
MadagasgarThe MermenUnknown04:3703/14/18, 02:51PM104:37
Shining StarEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live04:3702/28/18, 03:27PM104:37
Talkin' BluesBob Marley & The WailersUnknown04:3709/27/18, 01:04PM104:37
Chalk Dust TorturePhishA Picture of Nectar04:3606/06/16, 03:25PM104:36
Hi Mom I'm HomeZoogz RiftTorment04:3610/07/19, 04:25PM104:36
Les Flammes D'enfer - BeausoieilLouisiana SpiceUnknown04:3605/01/17, 11:02AM104:36
Locomotive BreathJethro TullUnknown04:3603/02/16, 02:30PM104:36
Queen BeeTaj MahalMali To Memphis04:3604/20/17, 04:19PM104:36
Rapana's StoryMagic CarpathiansKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 404:3604/22/16, 01:42PM104:36
Super Holla Tricka (Beastie Boys vs. Gwen Stefani vs. A. Skillz & Krafty Kutz)TrippBest of Bootie 200504:3605/09/17, 03:39PM104:36
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 15 Canone Alla Quinta. A 1 Clav. AndanteGlenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations02:1807/02/18, 12:38PM204:36
I Didn't Know What Time It WasRahsaan Roland KirkBil02:1803/21/18, 02:51PM204:36
It's My Life Confessions, Pt. II (A+D Bootie Edit) (Bon Jovi vs. Usher cover)Glee CastBest of Bootie 200902:1809/17/19, 04:44PM204:36
Paperback WriterThe Beatles102:1811/07/17, 01:49PM204:36
Tidal WaveLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:1810/11/19, 03:36PM204:36
Track 08EricSpring 200702:1812/27/17, 10:31AM204:36
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 23 A 2 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:5512/09/19, 03:02PM504:35
Come On (Part III)Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleCouldn't Stand The Weather04:3411/28/16, 01:35PM104:34
FanaAmadou & MariamWati04:3402/05/20, 03:08PM104:34
Let's Dance N Stuff (David Bowie vs. Deadmau5)MadMixMustangBest of Bootie 2011 (Bonus Tracks)04:3411/20/17, 09:17AM104:34
In The Mood For Some Killing (Glenn Miller & His Orchestra vs. Rage Against The Machine)DJ SchmolliBest of Bootie 2011 (Bonus Tracks)02:1707/03/18, 12:11PM204:34
No. 6's SpeechThe PrisonerUnknown02:1703/12/19, 03:37PM204:34
Close To Blowing In The Deep (Ke$ha vs. Adele vs. Madonna vs. Rihanna vs. Alex Clare vs. 3OH!3)Titus JonesBest of Bootie 201204:3302/13/17, 03:08PM104:33
Dub In An AbyssAudio ActiveHappy Happer04:3311/01/17, 04:51PM104:33
House Burning DownThe Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric Ladyland Part 204:3308/09/17, 05:15PM104:33
This City Is Very Exciting!3 Mustaphas 3Soup Of The Century04:3308/16/17, 03:40PM104:33
Tired EyesNeil YoungDecade04:3310/21/15, 04:16PM104:33
For FreeJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)04:3211/06/17, 12:56PM104:32
Sekarinotan-Gamelan Semar PegulinganMusic For The GodsUnknown04:3209/01/16, 03:06PM104:32
BurnedNeil YoungDecade02:1603/15/16, 03:51PM204:32
Car HopLos Straightjackets1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West02:1611/04/19, 10:02AM204:32
Hung Up On Soul (Death Cab For Cutie vs. Madonna)Party BenBest of Bootie 200604:3107/12/16, 02:54PM104:31
Moves Like A Deadmau5 (Maroon 5 vs. Deadmau5 vs. Rolling Stones) VoicedudeBest of Bootie 201104:3110/07/19, 11:36AM104:31
Raw Head And Bloody BonesScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry04:3110/31/18, 03:43PM104:31
SekebeAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali04:3108/04/17, 09:03AM104:31
That's Enough Of That Stuff - Marcia BallLouisiana SpiceUnknown04:3107/31/19, 02:43PM104:31
The Dirty JobsThe WhoQuadrophenia 04:3103/13/18, 05:38PM104:31
EtJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 04:3012/29/16, 10:21AM104:30
Helter SkelterThe BeatlesUnknown04:3009/24/19, 04:58PM104:30
Just for a Thrill - Geri AllenClark TerryOne on One04:3012/15/17, 10:50AM104:30
We Can Work It OutThe Beatles102:1502/01/16, 02:25PM204:30
Double FeatureLunaPenthouse04:2912/05/17, 11:27AM104:29
FandanguilloThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown04:2903/01/18, 04:02PM104:29
Pulled UpTalking HeadsUnknown04:2912/20/19, 11:10AM104:29
RippleGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]04:2906/12/17, 11:32AM104:29
Crazy Logic (Gnarls Barkley vs. Supertramp vs. Rockwell)Arty FufkinBest of Bootie 200604:2802/14/17, 03:24PM104:28
Fite Dem BackLinton Kwesi JohnsonUnknown04:2803/15/16, 10:44AM104:28
Hot Rich Girls Dropped In A Grange (Gwen Stefani vs. Snoop Dogg vs. ZZ Top)ToreroBest of Bootie 200504:2812/10/19, 02:16PM104:28
Rabab & Goque Solo - Near Wadi Musa, Jordan & Dosso, NigerMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown04:2802/04/20, 04:49PM104:28
Very SpecialDuke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles MingusMoney Jungle04:2805/04/16, 03:56PM104:28
Los Angeles (dangerhouse VersiXLos Angeles02:1402/10/16, 03:42PM204:28
Love Is A Hurtin' ThingLou RawlsSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 102:1402/14/20, 10:11AM204:28
ConversationJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)04:2706/11/18, 04:59PM104:27
Rock Me RightSusan TedeschiJust Won't Burn04:2708/24/18, 03:45PM104:27
Still Raining, Still DreamingJimi HendrixUnknown04:2712/20/19, 11:20AM104:27
Track 02EricSpring 200904:2710/02/15, 11:12AM104:27
Free AngelaSantanaLotus 04:2601/05/18, 10:17AM104:26
Making HistoryLinton Kwesi JohnsonUnknown04:2612/10/19, 02:44PM104:26
Track 07George2007-604:2609/06/19, 01:51PM104:26
EpisodeLunchboxKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 302:1305/09/17, 02:57PM204:26
I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At HomeMac Wiseman & The Country BoysBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:1302/28/18, 02:10PM204:26
It's TomorrowOverwhelming ColorfastOverwhelming Colorfast02:1311/07/17, 02:32PM204:26
AngelJimi HendrixThe Cry Of Love04:2512/20/19, 11:50AM104:25
Barnard BluesBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown04:2409/26/18, 03:58PM104:24
Death And All His Friends [Live]ColdplayLeftRightLeftRightLeft [Live]04:2403/15/16, 02:51PM104:24
I'll Find My WayThe Derek Trucks BandSonglines04:2410/30/18, 02:34PM104:24
She Said, She SaidOverwhelming ColorfastOverwhelming Colorfast04:2412/16/19, 10:38AM104:24
Silver CoastInsect SurfersUnknown Title04:2410/02/15, 01:26PM104:24
Taboehgan-Gamelan Semar PegulinganMusic For The GodsUnknown04:2412/27/17, 10:23AM104:24
The Good Egg (1939)The Carl Stalling ProjectUnknown04:2404/30/19, 11:21AM104:24
CastagnaManitas De PlataUnknown02:1201/27/20, 11:49AM204:24
Francisco’s DanceKing Of HawaiiKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:1203/01/18, 03:10PM204:24
Have You Ever BeenJimi HendrixUnknown02:1209/17/19, 03:01PM204:24
3 WishesOrnette Coleman And Prime Time with Jerry GarciaVirgin Beauty04:2309/08/17, 02:59PM104:23
Brain CloudsIthinktheressomedamageKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 504:2302/08/18, 10:03AM104:23
Post-Modern Highrise, Table Top StompGrateful DeadInfrared Roses [Live]04:2307/12/16, 03:19PM104:23
Border PatrolThe Duo-TonesKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead04:2206/11/18, 04:29PM104:22
Lonesome L.A. CowboyOld And In The WayUnknown04:2206/08/18, 03:23PM104:22
Lookout 31The Derek Trucks BandJoyful Noise04:2207/11/16, 02:45PM104:22
LotusScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry04:2207/03/18, 11:35AM104:22
Sexy Peek-A-Boo (Justin Timberlake vs. Siouxsie & the Banshees)A plus DBest of Bootie 200604:2212/29/15, 04:16PM104:22
A Run For LifeLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:1112/05/17, 09:48AM204:22
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - Fuga Canonica In EpidiapenteNeville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107902:1111/21/16, 02:01PM204:22
I Wanna Believe In Fire Love (The Darkness vs. Cher vs. Adele vs. Britney Spears vs. Death Cab For Cutie)Titus JonesBest of Bootie 201204:2110/30/15, 03:05PM104:21
My Clown's on FireThe Lounge LizardsNo Pain for Cakes04:2102/13/17, 10:43AM104:21
Psycho KillerTalking Heads7704:2103/15/16, 03:19PM104:21
Reggae Fi RadniLinton Kwesi JohnsonReggae Greats04:2101/06/16, 10:44AM104:21
Arkansas TravelerMichelle ShockedArkansas Traveler04:2003/07/19, 04:07PM104:20
Dum DiddlyBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business04:2003/06/17, 10:11AM104:20
Funky Goes To Hollywood (Wild Cherry vs. Frankie Goes To Hollywood)EarwormBest of Bootie 200704:2010/21/15, 09:02AM104:20
Say No GoDe La Soul3 Feet High And Rising04:2005/16/18, 04:30PM104:20
Solo In Dastgah Af-Shari - Teheran, IranMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown04:2001/20/16, 02:48PM104:20
Walking The PeachThe MermenUnknown04:2001/10/18, 03:44PM104:20
Tally Ho!Legends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:1001/27/20, 12:34PM204:20
Children of the RevolutionViolent FemmesBlind Leading the Naked04:1912/29/15, 10:37AM104:19
Once In A LifetimeTalking HeadsUnknown04:1910/21/15, 09:09AM104:19
PondKhan, Nusrat Fateh Ali and Michael Brooks2006-704:1910/07/19, 05:01PM104:19
Je Te KiffeAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali04:1802/13/17, 11:20AM104:18
Oye Como VaSantanaPutumayo Presents World Hits04:1801/05/18, 09:36AM104:18
Vibes And StuffA Tribe Called QuestUnknown04:1806/28/18, 10:29AM104:18
SevillanasThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown02:0911/03/17, 03:25PM204:18
theme_originalXOCSuper Mario World01:2612/04/17, 10:26AM304:18
9mm Goes BangBoogie Down ProductionsHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry04:1709/26/18, 01:58PM104:17
Been All Around The WorldGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]04:1706/12/17, 10:48AM104:17
Pass The MicBeastie BoysCheck Your Head04:1710/20/15, 10:47AM104:17
If I Were A Free Fallin' Boy (Beyoncé vs. Tom Petty)EarwormBest of Bootie 200804:1605/31/18, 03:17PM104:16
Revolution 1The BeatlesUnknown04:1610/31/18, 03:21PM104:16
Gosh, I Miss You All The TimeJim & Jesse And The Virginia BoysBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:0806/08/18, 03:08PM204:16
03 Lord Only KnowsBeckUnknown04:1510/01/15, 11:55AM104:15
FaithViolent FemmesBlind Leading the Naked04:1508/10/18, 12:51PM104:15
Weeping And WailingMississippi John HurtWorried Blues 196304:1510/30/15, 02:46PM104:15
I'm Coming Over (demo)XLos Angeles01:2504/23/19, 03:41PM304:15
Chassidic Medley- Adir Hu - Moshe EmesAndy Statman & David GrismanUnknown04:1403/26/19, 02:19PM104:14
Orere ElejigboThe Lijadu SistersNigeria 70 04:1412/21/15, 03:40PM104:14
Titanium 500 (No Oil Edit) (The Proclaimers vs. David Guetta feat. Sia)DJ SchmolliBest of Bootie 201204:1401/20/16, 03:14PM104:14
Track 05EricSpring 200904:1410/30/15, 02:11PM104:14
WaitingSantanaLotus 04:1407/08/16, 12:17PM104:14
Beach BoundThe Mach IVKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:0712/09/19, 03:58PM204:14
Eleanor RigbyThe Beatles102:0707/31/18, 11:25AM204:14
Salty Dog BluesFlatt & ScruggsBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:0712/07/16, 10:17AM204:14
(Find Myself) A Heap Of Love (Florence & the Machine vs. Depeche Mode vs. Imogen Heap)LeeDM101Best of Bootie 201004:1302/13/17, 10:26AM104:13
High Plains DrifterBeastie BoysPaul's Boutique04:1311/16/17, 10:46AM104:13
Isfahan [Alternate Take]Duke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]04:1306/26/18, 03:33PM104:13
Lagu Kodok (Frog Song)BaliUnknown04:1305/09/17, 10:40AM104:13
Xibaba (She-Ba-Ba)SantanaLotus 04:1301/05/18, 09:47AM104:13
Dougou MassaAmadou & MariamWati04:1202/14/20, 09:30AM104:12
Noche GranadinaThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown04:1205/01/17, 10:12AM104:12
Plight of the MatadorKing Of HawaiiKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead04:1211/04/19, 09:33AM104:12
Something To Believe InShawn ColvinSteady On04:1212/27/17, 10:52AM104:12
Conga (Revisited)Arturo SandovalDanzon (Dance On)01:2402/05/20, 03:10PM304:12
Cou CouZap MamaBaadasssss! Soundtrack04:1109/30/15, 03:48PM104:11
ProblemsSex PistolsNever Mind The Bullocks Heres04:1103/21/17, 03:50PM104:11
Track 16GeorgeDecember 2001-104:1106/06/16, 04:05PM104:11
33 RPM SoulMichelle ShockedArkansas Traveler04:1003/28/16, 11:48AM104:10
Come OnJimi HendrixUnknown04:1006/11/18, 03:57PM104:10
Ezy RiderJimi HendrixUnknown04:1001/29/20, 04:03PM104:10
Greece - A. Kostis - Kaike Ena SholioThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown04:1012/07/16, 09:43AM104:10
shut up your delightmash2mixUnknown04:1010/01/19, 03:49PM104:10
Woman Made The DevilBongos IkwueNigeria 70 04:1012/01/17, 03:28PM104:10
Flyng HighWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields02:0505/06/19, 11:40AM204:10
Pinnocchio's FurnitureFrank ZappaUnknown02:0503/22/17, 10:48AM204:10
Ya Dorah ShamiLes Musiciens du NilLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)04:0902/05/20, 04:16PM104:09
VeilOverwhelming ColorfastOverwhelming Colorfast01:2311/03/17, 03:53PM304:09
Beyond This WorldJungle BrothersUnknown04:0806/11/18, 04:22PM104:08
Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)MikaLife In Cartoon Motion04:0810/20/15, 05:35PM104:08
Funky Cold MedinaTone LocUnknown04:0805/11/16, 09:35AM104:08
NirGaga (Nirvana vs. Lady Gaga)DJ LobsterdustBest of Bootie 200904:0811/06/15, 11:46AM104:08
ShadrachBeastie BoysPaul's Boutique04:0810/01/19, 02:50PM104:08
In The Magnum Record ShopThe PrisonerUnknown02:0403/03/17, 09:45AM204:08
Peanut ButterThe Royal GuardsmenSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:0402/14/20, 09:55AM204:08
Bouba (Cool)Dady MimboAfrican Groove04:0708/09/18, 03:25PM104:07
Is The Blue Moon Still Shining - Laurie Lewis And Kathy KallickHand-PickedUnknown04:0710/29/15, 01:57PM104:07
IsfahanDuke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]04:0703/14/18, 02:58PM104:07
Moron SerenadeZoogz RiftAmputees In Limbo04:0705/31/18, 03:50PM104:07
You Can't Blame The YouthBob Marley & The WailersUnknown04:0711/06/15, 10:40AM104:07
Abadou (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 104:0602/14/17, 05:37PM104:06
Bukë E Kripë Në Vater Tonë - Kalaxhojnë3 Mustaphas 3Unknown04:0603/21/17, 04:06PM104:06
I Belong To The BandScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry04:0602/06/20, 04:09PM104:06
Intimacy of the Blues - Kenny BarronClark TerryOne on One04:0602/18/20, 11:12AM104:06
Peaches (1996 Remaster)The StranglersPeaches - The Very Best Of The Stranglers04:0605/15/18, 09:33AM104:06
Shout My Name (Ting Tings vs. Lulu vs. Green Day)The KleptonesBest of Bootie 201204:0612/19/16, 04:02PM104:06
Stardust Kids (David Bowie vs. MGMT)A Plus DBest of Bootie 200904:0601/20/16, 02:17PM104:06
I'm So TiredThe BeatlesUnknown02:0303/23/17, 10:56AM204:06
You're Killing MeZoogz RiftIsland of Living Puke02:0308/16/16, 04:19PM204:06
DominoRahsaan Roland KirkBil04:0512/05/17, 11:34AM104:05
I Come OffYoung MCStone Cold Rhymin'04:0506/11/18, 04:33PM104:05
I'm Gonna Get You BabyJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 04:0511/13/17, 03:00PM104:05
Stop HaltLora LogicHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry04:0502/01/16, 02:53PM104:05
Che Che Cole MakossaAntibalas Afrobeat Orchestra Feat. Mayra VegaBaadasssss! Soundtrack04:0402/18/20, 02:06PM104:04
Hide AwayStevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleCouldn't Stand The Weather04:0405/09/19, 03:21PM104:04
Teenage Gay (Katy Perry vs. O.M.D.)DJs From MarsBest of Bootie 201004:0401/29/20, 03:24PM104:04
Track 04EricSpring 200704:0403/01/18, 04:46PM104:04
Connie And Babe & The Backwoods Boys - Home Is Where The Heart IsHand-PickedUnknown02:0202/13/17, 10:39AM204:04
HeartacheViolent FemmesBlind Leading the Naked02:0206/29/18, 02:15PM204:04
5-01 Re_ Person I KnewBill EvansThe Last Waltz04:0304/20/17, 03:14PM104:03
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - Canon A 4Neville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107904:0310/21/15, 03:41PM104:03
Every Kind Of Creep (Zebra remix) (Radiohead vs. Robert Palmer)TotomBest of Bootie 200804:0310/01/15, 04:54PM104:03
Fe'm Confiance (Tropical Treats Edit)Les Difficiles de Pétion-VilleSofrito: International Soundclash04:0306/06/16, 03:59PM104:03
Track 02George2004-704:0312/07/16, 10:46AM104:03
Vibrations GrooveLord Shorty & Vibrations InternationalSofrito: International Soundclash04:0301/06/16, 11:28AM104:03
titlescreenXOCSuper Mario World01:2103/13/18, 05:42PM304:03
Hella GoodNo DoubtThe Singles 1992-200304:0201/06/16, 11:40AM104:02
Planetary Firework (Go!) (Katy Perry vs. My Chemical Romance)A Plus DBest of Bootie 201104:0201/03/17, 02:54PM104:02
You Never Give Me Your MoneyThe BeatlesAbbey Road04:0212/07/16, 09:57AM104:02
You Win AgainGrateful DeadEurope '72 04:0205/01/17, 11:51AM104:02
Just DessertsChumbawambaUn04:0101/31/17, 04:17PM104:01
The Ecstasy Of Dancing FleasPenguin Cafe OrchestraUnknown04:0110/14/19, 02:54PM104:01
Track 05EricSpring 200704:0111/13/17, 02:45PM104:01
U Make Me SweatJungle BrothersUnknown04:0102/24/17, 01:48PM104:01
Don't Phunk With My HeartBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business04:0002/14/17, 04:34PM104:00
HorsemeatScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry04:0009/17/19, 03:50PM104:00
Killing Days Are Over (Echo & the Bunnymen vs. Florence + the Machine)LeeDM101 vs. Party BenBest of Bootie 2011 (Bonus Tracks)04:0001/25/19, 03:22PM104:00
Track 04George2004-704:0011/01/18, 03:26PM104:00
Walking With A Ghost In Paris (Tegan & Sara vs. Mylo)Party BenBest of Bootie 200504:0003/23/17, 10:51AM104:00
Waltzing With BearsPriscilla HerdmanUnknown04:0004/29/16, 12:49PM104:00
Bo DiddleyThe Royal GuardsmenSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:0012/21/15, 04:19PM204:00
Track 24EricSpring 200702:0004/23/19, 01:57PM204:00
Dr. LinkLotionUnknown03:5902/10/16, 02:25PM103:59
Eine Kleine Big Booty Bonkers (Dizzee Rascal vs. Bombs Away vs. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) DJs From MarsBest of Bootie 201103:5911/01/18, 02:53PM103:59
FandangosThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown03:5903/23/18, 02:33PM103:59
Fire And BrimstoneNeville BrothersUnknown03:5903/07/17, 03:54PM103:59
Swallowed in the SeaColdplayX&Y03:5904/23/19, 01:28PM103:59
Gypsy QueenSantanaLotus 03:5801/05/18, 09:43AM103:58
Me & You & Yazoo (Cassie vs. Yazoo)Matt HiteBest of Bootie 200703:5803/02/16, 02:38PM103:58
Track 01GeorgeDecember 2001-103:5802/14/17, 05:13PM103:58
WouyoumaPositive Black SoulAfrican Groove03:5808/04/17, 09:51AM103:58
Yacht DanceXTCEnglish Settlement03:5809/01/16, 04:23PM103:58
Flop Eared Mule - David Grier And Mike ComptonHand-PickedUnknown01:5905/24/18, 04:20PM203:58
I Ain't Broke (But I'm Badly Bent) - David GrismanHand-PickedUnknown01:5907/03/18, 11:40AM203:58
Nothing's Gonna Change My ClothesThey Might Be GiantsGiants Jubilee01:5903/01/18, 10:40AM203:58
LizardsThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria03:5701/10/18, 03:15PM103:57
Pink ElephantsCapsule QueenKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 403:5704/19/16, 02:37PM103:57
SolearesManitas De PlataUnknown03:5705/09/17, 03:01PM103:57
TestifyParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 03:5701/31/17, 05:00PM103:57
Four CornersZoogz RiftBohemian Buddha03:5608/16/16, 04:12PM103:56
It's Nearly AfricaXTCEnglish Settlement03:5610/21/15, 03:23PM103:56
Mofolo Hall (Akulalwa)NdumisoAfrican Groove03:5609/26/18, 09:54AM103:56
The Andy Griffith Show Theme: The Fishin' HoleHenry KaiserThose Who Know History Are Doomed to Repeat It03:5606/06/18, 11:06AM103:56
Abstract ImprovisationRahsaan Roland KirkBil01:5811/28/16, 01:30PM203:56
Call WaitingZap MamaA Ma Zone03:5510/01/15, 11:38AM103:55
Happy DayTalking HeadsTalking Heads- 7703:5507/03/18, 11:46AM103:55
HelicopterXTCDrums And Wires03:5506/06/18, 09:47AM103:55
Help The PoorDeep BlueUnknown03:5506/26/18, 02:28PM103:55
Night Bird FlyingJimi HendrixThe Cry Of Love03:5507/03/18, 11:31AM103:55
Warning SignTalking HeadsUnknown03:5507/31/19, 04:11PM103:55
Big Railroad BluesGrateful DeadHundred Year Hall (Disc 1) [Live]03:5408/21/18, 10:09AM103:54
Call To PrayerBaaba MaalThe Compact Realworld03:5402/18/20, 10:59AM103:54
Farther AlongMississippi John HurtWorried Blues 196303:5409/26/18, 01:27PM103:54
Tribe VibesJungle BrothersUnknown03:5405/09/17, 03:46PM103:54
Who's That Knocking At My Door - Dreadful SnakesHand-PickedUnknown03:5402/13/17, 10:47AM103:54
Smith's ReelBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown01:5707/11/16, 03:31PM203:54
BorderlineCamper Van BeethovenUnknown03:5312/09/19, 02:52PM103:53
Happy As A ClamKelp!1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West03:5302/13/17, 11:24AM103:53
Jump You Fucker (Cee Lo Green vs. Van Halen)The KleptonesBest of Bootie 201003:5301/10/17, 09:29AM103:53
Pata PataMiriam MakebaPutumayo Presents World Hits03:5311/06/15, 04:09PM103:53
Scalp SaladThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria03:5301/10/18, 04:03PM103:53
Filthy GorgeousScissor SistersUnknown03:5211/01/18, 02:12PM103:52
Jerked + ShockedAudio ActiveHappy Happer03:5202/18/20, 01:53PM103:52
Ponta De Lanca AfricanoJorge BenUnknown03:5210/27/16, 09:09AM103:52
She Divines WaterCamper Van BeethovenUnknown03:5211/21/16, 03:29PM103:52
Track 16EricSpring 200703:5212/09/16, 10:08AM103:52
The SearchJohn ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner01:5608/17/16, 03:00PM203:52
Nocturne No. 20Frederic ChopinUnknown03:5112/29/15, 10:12AM103:51
Sweet Dreams are Made of Seven Nation ArmyDJ PolyOn It's Way03:5110/23/19, 03:20PM103:51
The Adventure Is Stilll Going On (Adventure In Time & Space Pt. 2)Audio ActiveHappy Happer03:5101/20/16, 01:47PM103:51
Track 15George2004-703:5103/23/17, 09:13AM103:51
Eyes Of BodhidharmaZoogz RiftAmputees In Limbo03:5005/03/18, 12:24PM103:50
The LonerNeil YoungDecade03:5005/03/16, 11:10AM103:50
Earl's BreakdownHylo Brown and The Timberliners With Earl ScruggsBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6301:5504/20/17, 04:32PM203:50
Bare WhiteThe MermenUnknown03:4901/10/18, 03:31PM103:49
Cow Hooking Blues No.2Mississippi John HurtWorried Blues 196303:4902/24/16, 03:02PM103:49
Cut My HairThe WhoQuadrophenia 03:4903/28/16, 11:24AM103:49
Domino Feels So Close (Jessie J vs. Calvin Harris)DJ Em-TeeBest of Bootie 201203:4903/28/16, 11:44AM103:49
Need To Be With You Tonight (INXS vs. Smokey Robinson)FissunixBest of Bootie 2011 (Bonus Tracks)03:4903/26/19, 03:29PM103:49
All You Need Is LoveThe Beatles103:4806/30/16, 02:42PM103:48
Helalisa (Nubian Sons)Hamza El DinUnknown03:4803/13/18, 05:14PM103:48
Hey LadiesBeastie BoysPaul's Boutique03:4809/17/19, 03:55PM103:48
Long May You RunNeil YoungDecade03:4810/27/16, 10:50AM103:48
On EbayChumbawambaUn03:4812/05/17, 10:06AM103:48
Paper Rump (Wreckx-N-Effect vs. M.I.A.)DJ TrippBest of Bootie 200803:4801/27/20, 12:38PM103:48
Swingin' the Blues - Junior ManceClark TerryOne on One03:4810/04/17, 09:15AM103:48
Compagnon De LavieAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali03:4701/27/20, 11:06AM103:47
Di eagle an' di bear (12'' version)Linton Kwesi Johnson Unknown03:4703/14/18, 03:02PM103:47
Hicaz Dolap RomHasam Yarim Dunya et son ensembleLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)03:4710/27/16, 09:05AM103:47
Love Comes Running Up That Hill Quickly (Placebo vs. Pet Shop Boys vs. Kate Bush)DJ MagnetBest of Bootie 200703:4712/21/15, 03:19PM103:47
Pressure Time (Queen & David Bowie vs. MGMT)Mighty MikeBest of Bootie 2010 (Bonus Tracks)03:4709/26/18, 01:23PM103:47
Street 66Linton Kwesi JohnsonUnknown03:4711/01/18, 03:17PM103:47
After The Gold RushNeil YoungDecade03:4612/29/16, 10:35AM103:46
Another Long OneShawn ColvinSteady On03:4607/07/16, 03:21PM103:46
Lonesome WhistleDeep BlueUnknown03:4608/16/16, 04:08PM103:46
Track 10Zoogz RiftEurope 199003:4611/02/17, 03:53PM103:46
What A Way To GoDeep BlueUnknown03:4605/31/18, 03:28PM103:46
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - AriaGlenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations01:5311/01/18, 01:54PM203:46
Gypsy EyesThe Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric Ladyland 03:4510/30/15, 03:00PM103:45
Lost In SpaceLunaPenthouse03:4510/12/18, 03:45PM103:45
Any Way You Want It (Syntax Error Remix) (Journey vs. Rhythm Scholar)Rhythm ScholarBest of Bootie 200903:4406/20/18, 05:02PM103:44
Big Booty Bitches In Miami (Bombs Away vs. LMFAO vs. Busta Rhymes vs. Sir Mix-A-Lot)DJ SchmolliBest of Bootie 201003:4411/06/15, 11:42AM103:44
CarmelaThe Hypnotic IVKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead03:4411/04/19, 10:00AM103:44
Double OverheadBrazil 2001KFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead03:4402/24/16, 03:53PM103:44
Good Time Gangnam Style (Bootie Edit) (Psy vs. Alex Clare vs. Nicki Minaj vs. Ram Jam vs. Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen)Dan MeiBest of Bootie 201203:4409/06/19, 02:21PM103:44
Gucci Gucci Girl Power (Kreayshawn vs. Toni Basil vs. Le Tigre vs. The Ting Tings vs. The Trashwomen vs. The Go-Go’s) A Plus DBest of Bootie 201103:4412/07/16, 10:50AM103:44
MwashahHamza El DinUnknown03:4403/14/18, 03:54PM103:44
Rock ChickLotionUnknown03:4403/23/18, 02:25PM103:44
San TropezPink FloydMeddle03:4401/27/20, 11:57AM103:44
ToskaAndy Statman & David GrismanUnknown03:4412/20/19, 10:43AM103:44
Willie MontanezThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men03:4409/06/19, 04:08PM103:44
Frankie JeanBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown01:5203/23/18, 02:10PM203:44
JoshuaOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)01:5202/23/18, 10:11AM203:44
Oklahoma HillsBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown01:5202/14/20, 04:05PM203:44
GissiéZap MamaA Ma Zone03:4303/06/18, 02:23PM103:43
HeadLotionUnknown03:4310/01/15, 11:32AM103:43
MagosaAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali03:4310/27/16, 11:06AM103:43
Rafiki (DNA Remix)Zap MamaA Ma Zone03:4309/30/15, 01:58PM103:43
SandraLotionUnknown03:4302/10/16, 02:35PM103:43
Lésé Yo PaléMas Ka KléSofrito: International Soundclash03:4212/10/19, 02:53PM103:42
Michael83 Down Under (M83 vs. Men At Work vs. INXS)Mighty Mike vs. ViCBest of Bootie 201203:4204/23/19, 02:36PM103:42
The VeilPat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X03:4201/06/16, 11:36AM103:42
Animal TalkTwinkThe Broken Record01:5101/30/20, 04:31PM203:42
It It Going To Be Alright?The MartinetsNew Stories For Men03:4112/16/19, 04:09PM103:41
Life During WartimeTalking HeadsUnknown03:4103/28/16, 11:13AM103:41
Nobody Cares For MeMississippi John HurtWorried Blues 196303:4112/16/19, 04:02PM103:41
Rich Cop, Poor CopLotionThe Telephone Album03:4102/10/16, 03:51PM103:41
Track 08George2007-603:4111/01/18, 03:33PM103:41
04 The New PollutionBeckUnknown03:4001/07/16, 02:45PM103:40
Always With You (Willie Nelson vs. U2 vs. MARRS)Divide & KreateBest of Bootie 200603:4003/13/18, 05:18PM103:40
High Lonesome SoundOld And In The WayUnknown03:4010/27/16, 09:58AM103:40
NauseaXLos Angeles03:4002/10/16, 04:33PM103:40
Pride And JoyStevie Ray VaughnUnknown03:4003/15/16, 11:12AM103:40
3-Minute RuleBeastie BoysPaul's Boutique03:3906/11/18, 04:45PM103:39
All Or Nothing At AllJohn ColtraneBallads03:3912/01/17, 04:55PM103:39
Burning Of The Midnight LampThe Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric Ladyland 03:3912/29/15, 11:58AM103:39
Don't LieBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business03:3912/20/19, 11:33AM103:39
Nay - Massaad, AlgeriaMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown03:3908/16/16, 09:50AM103:39
Black Magic WomanSantanaLotus 03:3801/05/18, 10:35AM103:38
Metroid Metal - The EscapeStemageUnknown03:3812/16/19, 11:10AM103:38
Astro ManJimi HendrixThe Cry Of Love03:3711/06/18, 10:40AM103:37
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - 3. Andante LarghettoNeville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107903:3709/06/19, 01:58PM103:37
Fleurette AfricaineDuke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles MingusMoney Jungle03:3701/20/16, 02:11PM103:37
Peaches En RegaliaFrank ZappaUnknown03:3703/22/17, 11:08AM103:37
Walkin' Out Yo Girlfriend (Unk vs. Avril Lavigne vs. Toni Basil)LobsterdustBest of Bootie 200703:3707/31/18, 11:36AM103:37
Contest Coming (Cripple Creek)Michelle ShockedArkansas Traveler03:3612/21/15, 03:26PM103:36
Groove Is In The Girls (Deee-Lite vs. The Prodigy)Dunproofin'Best of Bootie 200903:3607/12/16, 02:45PM103:36
Queen of Atlanta (Queen vs. JD and Ludacris vs. Ray Charles vs. CL Smooth vs. Outkast)dj BCBest of Bootie 201103:3605/16/18, 05:14PM103:36
Zapateado De Las CampanasThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown03:3611/28/16, 01:25PM103:36
20-MeneatersDJ Edgar HooverIt Is To Laff03:3511/02/17, 04:18PM103:35
Autumn To MayPriscilla HerdmanUnknown03:3501/22/16, 11:31AM103:35
My InterpretationMikaLife In Cartoon Motion03:3511/06/15, 04:05PM103:35
Sweet MelodyZap MamaAncestry In Progress03:3403/02/16, 09:45AM103:34
Track 04GeorgeAugust 1998-103:3405/24/18, 02:05PM103:34
Track 06EricSpring 200903:3405/09/19, 04:07PM103:34
Warm ValleyDuke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles MingusMoney Jungle03:3411/20/17, 09:20AM103:34
Your Avid OutputThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men03:3405/24/18, 02:59PM103:34
Oh MonahBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown03:3301/15/19, 01:12PM103:33
Semi-Charmed Call (Bootie Edit) (Carly Rae Jepsen vs. Third Eye Blind)ChambalandBest of Bootie 201203:3310/14/19, 03:46PM103:33
VadzimuPeace Of EbonyAfrican Groove03:3305/09/17, 10:43AM103:33
LlamaPhishA Picture of Nectar03:3211/20/17, 10:34AM103:32
Church Key (Live)Lava RatsLive From The Kfjc Surf Battle01:4612/10/19, 03:33PM203:32
Bootie IntroTitus JonesBest of Bootie 201100:5309/26/18, 01:53PM403:32
Qanum Solo In Maqam Kurd - Baghdad, IraqMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown03:3112/07/16, 10:35AM103:31
Track 10GeorgeAugust 1998-103:3110/12/18, 04:01PM103:31
Walk The Proud LandBob Marley & The WailersUnknown03:3108/16/17, 03:48PM103:31
With Our LoveTalking HeadsUnknown03:3110/28/16, 10:56AM103:31
Abimenijoe-Gender WayangMusic For The GodsUnknown03:3001/31/17, 04:40PM103:30
Blues With A FeelingDeep BlueUnknown03:3003/21/16, 09:46AM103:30
Feel Good Roboto 2Gorillaz vs Styx146 BPM03:3012/07/16, 09:49AM103:30
Highway 61 RevisitedBob DylanHighway 61 Revisited03:3001/07/16, 03:26PM103:30
Rumba D'espanaManitas De PlataUnknown03:3003/23/18, 02:05PM103:30
Tanguillo RumbeaoThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown03:3010/20/15, 11:16AM103:30
Dance Music - Foum El Ancur, MoroccoMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown03:2911/16/17, 12:06PM103:29
FreedomJimi HendrixUnknown03:2910/27/16, 11:12AM103:29
I've Grown Accustomed To Her FaceWes MontgomeryFull House [Keepnews Collection]03:2910/30/15, 02:04PM103:29
La La LaSegun Bucknor & His RevolutionNigeria 70 03:2902/15/17, 02:58PM103:29
Speaking In SwordsGrateful DeadInfrared Roses [Live]03:2912/20/19, 10:07AM103:29
Ice Ice Tik Tok (Ke$ha vs. Vanilla Ice)The Face MeltersBest of Bootie 201003:2810/21/15, 03:48PM103:28
Long Hot Summer NightThe Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric Ladyland 03:2805/09/19, 04:11PM103:28
Oh Those Secret Marines!Zoogz RiftWater03:2803/15/16, 11:15AM103:28
Rude Boy Resort (Rihanna vs. Papa Roach)DJ SchmolliBest of Bootie 2010 (Bonus Tracks)03:2805/09/17, 11:09AM103:28
Something's Got To GiveBeastie BoysCheck Your Head03:2805/09/19, 02:45PM103:28
Track 09George2010-703:2811/01/18, 02:18PM103:28
You Are Being WatchedZoogz Rift & Mark MylarNutritionally Sound03:2809/24/19, 03:38PM103:28
Moving Da Royalty (Will Smith vs. Daft Punk)Rad BadBest of Bootie 201001:4403/01/18, 03:04PM203:28
Who Is It-Talking HeadsTalking Heads- 7701:4410/08/19, 01:23PM203:28
LambadaKaomaPutumayo Presents World Hits03:2712/05/17, 12:02PM103:27
Maxwell's Silver HammerThe BeatlesAbbey Road03:2703/15/16, 10:47AM103:27
Mean Old FriscoDeep BlueUnknown03:2710/31/18, 04:08PM103:27
One Of These DaysCamper Van BeethovenUnknown03:2703/13/18, 03:52PM103:27
Plekete (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 103:2706/26/18, 01:55PM103:27
ChainsBlack & BluesPieces Of A Man03:2602/23/16, 11:40AM103:26
Just a GirlNo DoubtThe Singles 1992-200303:2611/22/16, 09:05AM103:26
Shaking Hands (Soldier's Joy)Michelle ShockedArkansas Traveler03:2601/31/17, 04:31PM103:26
Us And ThemPink FloydDark Side Of The Moon03:2605/09/19, 03:17PM103:26
Part TwoLeo KottkeUnknown01:4308/16/17, 03:35PM203:26
DenouementJohn ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner03:2511/06/15, 11:11AM103:25
Never Go BackCamper Van BeethovenUnknown03:2510/21/16, 12:56PM103:25
Seen And Not SeenTalking HeadsUnknown03:2504/23/19, 03:50PM103:25
The Good LifePat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X03:2510/09/17, 09:43AM103:25
Whistling In The DarkThey Might Be GiantsUnknown03:2501/27/20, 11:53AM103:25
Love Please Come HomeOld And In The WayUnknown03:2402/14/17, 05:04PM103:24
Phantom On The Bottom (The Lady Tigra vs. Justice)DJ Paul V.Best of Bootie 200703:2405/11/16, 09:09AM103:24
Bar-B-QZZ TopRio Grande Mud03:2309/01/16, 02:52PM103:23
CollideascopeThe Dukes Of StratophearUnknown03:2302/01/17, 03:36PM103:23
Dec. 4th, Oh What A Night (Jay-Z vs. Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons)DJ TopcatBest of Bootie 200603:2301/31/17, 04:44PM103:23
Kaman Garo KanhajiGazi Khan ManghaniyarLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)03:2310/23/19, 03:56PM103:23
Lazy BluesMississippi John HurtWorried Blues 196303:2312/21/15, 04:14PM103:23
When You're Near Me I Have DifXTCDrums And Wires03:2305/02/18, 04:08PM103:23
Boogie WonderlandEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live03:2202/01/16, 02:33PM103:22
Born On The BayouBetty DavisThe Columbia Years 1968-196903:2209/01/16, 03:16PM103:22
FolksongPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown03:2209/01/16, 02:37PM103:22
Old ManNeil YoungDecade03:2207/05/18, 02:46PM103:22
Party & Bullshit (In The USA) (Notorious B.I.G. vs. Miley Cyrus)HathbangerBest of Bootie 200903:2210/30/18, 03:16PM103:22
The More You LiveDesmond DekkerUnknown03:2212/07/16, 09:53AM103:22
The Real MeThe WhoQuadrophenia 03:2208/16/16, 09:03AM103:22
Wake UpNeville BrothersUnknown03:2209/17/19, 04:24PM103:22
19-You Can't Hurry LiesCrystal MethIt Is To Laff01:4109/17/19, 03:34PM203:22
Stone Cold Buggin'Young MCStone Cold Rhymin'01:4104/30/19, 09:35AM203:22
Come Rain or Come ShineBill Evans TrioPortrait in Jazz03:2105/09/19, 04:04PM103:21
You Can Depend on Me! - John LewisClark TerryOne on One03:2110/09/17, 09:25AM103:21
Along About Daybreak - Joe ValHand-PickedUnknown03:2008/16/16, 03:55PM103:20
God Save The QueenSex PistolsNever Mind The Bullocks Heres03:2011/16/17, 12:12PM103:20
I Want Stacy's Mom (Fountains of Wayne vs. Lena Horne vs. The Wiseguys vs. Karen Young)G3rstBest of Bootie 201203:2004/23/19, 01:24PM103:20
Ursonate SelectionChristian BökUnknown03:2002/14/20, 03:51PM103:20
PreludeParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 01:4012/07/16, 11:00AM203:20
Chang Solo - Quetta, PakistanMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown03:1910/27/16, 09:19AM103:19
Six Gun SurferMighty Surf LordsKFJC Presents Combo Swell03:1905/01/17, 10:53AM103:19
Wild InjunsNeville BrothersUnknown03:1910/12/18, 04:04PM103:19
Bach: Fugue In F Sharp Minor, BWV 883Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations03:1811/03/17, 03:56PM103:18
Fly On The WallXTCEnglish Settlement03:1804/30/19, 11:00AM103:18
Live at P.J.'sBeastie BoysCheck Your Head03:1811/02/17, 03:16PM103:18
Track 22EricSpring 200703:1806/26/18, 02:16PM103:18
Zydeco Honky TonkBuckwheat ZydecoUnknown03:1810/20/15, 11:44AM103:18
An Odd Little PlaceJerry GarciaGarcia01:3910/24/16, 01:47PM203:18
Mark On The BusBeastie BoysCheck Your Head01:0612/27/17, 11:48AM303:18
Bluebird of Delhi (Mynah)Duke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]03:1703/12/19, 03:45PM103:17
Bulletproof Radar (La Roux vs. Britney Spears)DJ SchmolliBest of Bootie 200903:1702/01/17, 04:36PM103:17
Gambangan-Gamelan Semar PegulinganMusic For The GodsUnknown03:1705/02/16, 03:44PM103:17
Track 03EricSpring 200703:1710/28/16, 11:27AM103:17
Track 08George2010-703:1709/01/16, 04:09PM103:17
Walk To The Mountain (And Tell The Story Of Love's Thunderclapping Eyes)Peter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown03:1712/09/16, 09:57AM103:17
Feel The Spirit Of My GuitarJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 03:1612/29/15, 03:52PM103:16
Word For BirdOrnette ColemanUnknown03:1611/21/16, 01:39PM103:16
Let Your Feelings ShowEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live01:3809/24/19, 03:51PM203:16
Going Back To Dani (Notorious B.I.G. vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers)Victor MenegauxBest of Bootie 200603:1501/07/16, 02:48PM103:15
Jimmy JamesBeastie BoysCheck Your Head03:1506/11/18, 05:07PM103:15
KazatskiAndy Statman & David GrismanUnknown03:1505/31/18, 04:16PM103:15
The GoodbyeThe MermenKrill Slippin'03:1510/28/19, 02:14PM103:15
VivreZap MamaAncestry In Progress03:1508/27/18, 04:06PM103:15
01 Devil's HaircutBeckUnknown03:1407/12/16, 02:57PM103:14
Ana NgThey Might Be GiantsUnknown03:1408/17/16, 03:27PM103:14
Gone GoingBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business03:1412/18/19, 04:31PM103:14
Morning MorgantownJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)03:1403/15/16, 10:36AM103:14
ScratchMorphineYes03:1409/26/18, 09:58AM103:14
Trinidad - Lord Invader - Old Time Cat-O'-NineThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown03:1412/09/19, 04:10PM103:14
Jack O' DiamondsOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)03:1302/23/18, 09:46AM103:13
Track 11EricSpring 200703:1309/30/15, 09:22AM103:13
Old And In The WayOld And In The WayUnknown03:1202/01/17, 04:27PM103:12
Ça Varie VarieZap MamaAncestry In Progress03:1102/13/17, 10:37AM103:11
Cry Baby CryThe BeatlesUnknown03:1107/05/18, 10:52AM103:11
Maggie Walker BluesClarence "Tom" Ashley, Doc Watson, Clint Howard, & Fred PriceBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6303:1103/06/18, 02:19PM103:11
Pedat-TongtongMusic For The GodsUnknown03:1103/23/17, 08:43AM103:11
Ricochet In TimeShawn ColvinSteady On03:1110/07/19, 05:26PM103:11
Sardinia - Effisio Melis - FiorassioThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown03:1110/27/16, 11:02AM103:11
Ticket To RideThe Beatles103:1102/14/20, 11:36AM103:11
Whitewater - Bela FleckHand-PickedUnknown03:1106/11/18, 04:54PM103:11
Let's GrooveEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live03:1010/27/16, 09:54AM103:10
Real Back Poppin' (Cheryl Lynn vs. Fat Joe & Nelly)DJ AxelBest of Bootie 200603:1011/20/17, 09:39AM103:10
Reggae SoundsLinton Kwesi JohnsonUnknown03:1007/31/19, 02:51PM103:10
TekitoiTaha, Rachid2005-103:1005/03/18, 11:59AM103:10
I ZimbraTalking HeadsUnknown03:0907/31/19, 04:32PM103:09
Montana CowgirlEmmylou HarrisUnknown03:0902/28/18, 03:30PM103:09
Take The -A- TrainBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown03:0911/16/16, 04:51PM103:09
The Other SideScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry03:0910/30/17, 10:06AM103:09
Grace KellyMikaLife In Cartoon Motion03:0803/15/16, 11:56AM103:08
Song X DuoPat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X03:0801/19/17, 03:55PM103:08
Sweet Georgia BrownDjango ReinhardtUnknown03:0812/20/19, 09:57AM103:08
Am-A-DoBob Marley & The WailersUnknown03:0702/13/17, 10:22AM103:07
Another One From The ColoniesPenguin Cafe OrchestraBroadcasting From Home03:0711/06/15, 09:32AM103:07
DunnoBilDeejay's Choice03:0702/08/17, 11:28AM103:07
Heart Of GoldNeil YoungDecade03:0712/07/16, 09:46AM103:07
I Love You, You Big DummyHenry KaiserThose Who Know History Are Doomed to Repeat It03:0703/15/16, 11:08AM103:07
KidPretendersPretenders03:0704/21/17, 10:55AM103:07
Mr. UdoSantanaLotus 03:0701/05/18, 09:39AM103:07
O DeathCamper Van BeethovenUnknown03:0710/21/16, 11:32AM103:07
UntitledKoonda Holaa + The BeetcheesKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 403:0704/27/16, 02:47PM103:07
Blues For C & TRahsaan Roland KirkBil03:0608/16/16, 09:35AM103:06
Night TrafficZoogz RiftInterim Resurgence03:0610/27/15, 04:09PM103:06
Where Your Eyes Dont GoThey Might Be GiantsLincoln03:0605/09/17, 02:14PM103:06
You'll Get No More Of Me - Lynn MorrisHand-PickedUnknown03:0607/31/18, 11:59AM103:06
Blue Eyed Boston Boy - Bluegrass CardinalsHand-PickedUnknown03:0508/16/16, 09:56AM103:05
TelefonUz Jsme DomaKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 103:0511/03/17, 02:34PM103:05
The Night They All Came OutZoogz RiftIdiots on the Miniature Golf Course03:0504/23/19, 02:33PM103:05
Jamaica - Lord Composer - Hill And Gully Ride; Mandeville RoadThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown03:0401/13/16, 02:53PM103:04
Understanding Tha Inna Minds EyeLeaders of the New SchoolHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry03:0402/28/18, 02:22PM103:04
Be PreparedTom LehrerUnknown01:3203/01/18, 02:54PM203:04
Good Night Children, EverywhereThe PrisonerUnknown01:3212/05/17, 10:18AM203:04
BodiesSex PistolsNever Mind The Bullocks Heres03:0305/22/18, 05:20PM103:03
Look What Your're Doing To MeThe PaladinsKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 303:0303/23/17, 08:54AM103:03
Temperaturized (Sean Paul vs. Yaz)Divide & KreateBest of Bootie 200603:0310/30/18, 03:19PM103:03
Tiger SharkInsect SurfersUnknown Title03:0310/01/19, 03:21PM103:03
Blue Pepper (Far East of the Blues)Duke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]03:0210/07/19, 04:21PM103:02
Can't Leave You AloneSusan TedeschiJust Won't Burn03:0210/12/18, 03:42PM103:02
Kali SaraTchavolo Et DoradoLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)03:0210/01/15, 04:27PM103:02
Sons Di CarriloesEnrique CoriaUnknown03:0210/21/15, 11:05AM103:02
Sing a SongEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live01:3102/13/17, 03:28PM203:02
Burn (Intro)The MermenUnknown03:0110/28/19, 02:23PM103:01
It Won't Work This TimeAlison Krauss & Union StationUnknown03:0112/29/15, 04:01PM103:01
WillyJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)03:0107/08/16, 12:05PM103:01
BellevilleDjango ReinhardtUnknown03:0010/09/17, 09:28AM103:00
Deep Blue SeaOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)03:0002/23/18, 10:00AM103:00
Dread beat an' bloodLinton Kwesi JohnsonPoet and the roots03:0005/15/18, 09:39AM103:00
Three Little BirdsBob Marley & The WailersExodus03:0011/21/16, 02:23PM103:00
Vanishing GirlThe Dukes Of StratophearUnknown03:0011/21/16, 02:26PM103:00
Another NightAlison Krauss & Union StationUnknown02:5911/13/17, 03:10PM102:59
Music For A Found HarmoniumPenguin Cafe OrchestraUnknown02:5912/27/17, 11:00AM102:59
Use The Same Old Song (The Four Tops vs. Kings of Leon)Mighty MikeBest of Bootie 200902:5910/19/18, 09:34AM102:59
A Little MaxDuke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles MingusMoney Jungle02:5802/01/16, 03:14PM102:58
Egg ManBeastie BoysPaul's Boutique02:5805/24/18, 04:34PM102:58
First InterludeJohn CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano02:5812/29/15, 03:22PM102:58
NecromancingGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere02:5812/20/19, 11:36AM102:58
OhioNeil YoungDecade02:5801/28/16, 11:04AM102:58
Walk Your Blues AwayProfessor LonghairNew Orleans Piano02:5805/31/18, 03:53PM102:58
Bashie's BounceAndy Statman & David GrismanUnknown02:5710/08/19, 01:28PM102:57
Track 13EricSpring 200702:5710/30/15, 02:54PM102:57
A Circus of Heartbreakin' Divas (Pat Benatar vs. Beyoncé vs. 3OH!3 vs. Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera vs. M.I.A.)Titus JonesBest of Bootie 200902:5612/27/17, 11:51AM102:56
Mung TacoThe BerzerkersKFJC Presents Combo Swell02:5612/20/19, 11:30AM102:56
Track 16George2004-702:5610/12/18, 02:57PM102:56
(Every Time I Hear) That Mellow SousaphoneDixie Power TrioUnknown02:5504/20/17, 04:26PM102:55
Ocean BeachPollo Del Mar V.931999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West02:5502/24/17, 01:56PM102:55
Rosa Lee McFallGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]02:5506/12/17, 11:17AM102:55
Your Racist FriendThey Might Be GiantsUnknown02:5510/07/19, 04:45PM102:55
03-Tourettes 678Brighton Drag Queen MassacreIt Is To Laff02:5403/13/18, 05:30PM102:54
Cecilia AnnChachi, Boba Fett, and the Wookiee1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West02:5401/13/16, 02:50PM102:54
Hall Of HeadsThey Might Be GiantsUnknown02:5405/24/18, 04:01PM102:54
Little Footsteps In The SnowMac Wiseman & The Country BoysBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:5405/16/18, 04:42PM102:54
Stopover BombayAlice ColtraneJourney in Satchidananda02:5403/23/17, 03:32PM102:54
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 24 Canone All'Ottava. A 1 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:5802/05/20, 03:37PM302:54
Across The Alley From The AlamoBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:5302/14/17, 05:09PM102:53
Children Of Production [Live]ParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 02:5307/31/19, 02:35PM102:53
Four Or Five TimesBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:5305/22/18, 05:17PM102:53
Gunbri - Foum El Ancur, MoroccoMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown02:5310/30/15, 02:06PM102:53
Honeysuckle RoseDjango ReinhardtUnknown02:5306/11/18, 04:25PM102:53
Krill Slippin'The MermenKrill Slippin'02:5301/10/18, 03:17PM102:53
Love & Me Make ThreeViolent FemmesBlind Leading the Naked02:5310/01/15, 04:45PM102:53
Nezasa No ShirabeThe Art Of The Japanese Bamboo FluteUnknown02:5301/31/17, 03:58PM102:53
Our Favorite MartianLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:5310/27/16, 10:44AM102:53
I Had A Little MuleBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:5212/13/19, 04:53PM102:52
J-BayThe Surf KingsKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:5204/20/17, 04:58PM102:52
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 10 Fughetta. A 1 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:4311/06/18, 11:05AM402:52
LoserOverwhelming ColorfastOverwhelming Colorfast02:5112/16/19, 10:25AM102:51
No FeelingsSex PistolsNever Mind The Bullocks Heres02:5110/21/16, 01:14PM102:51
One Love/People Get ReadyBob Marley & The WailersExodus02:5102/05/20, 03:52PM102:51
Pictures on the WallBilDeejay's Choice02:5101/19/17, 04:51PM102:51
Porpoise MouthCountry Joe & The FishElectric Music For The Mind And Body02:5111/01/18, 02:34PM102:51
We Got More SoulDyke & The BlazersSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 102:5111/06/15, 03:59PM102:51
Metroid Metal - Item CollectStemageUnknown00:5712/16/19, 10:43AM302:51
Track 18EricSpring 200702:5012/29/15, 03:03PM102:50
UnknownSplashback1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West02:5009/26/18, 11:30AM102:50
But It's AlrightJ.J. JacksonSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 102:4903/08/17, 04:37PM102:49
It's Easy To Remember (But So Hard To Forget)John ColtraneBallads02:4912/27/17, 10:42AM102:49
LoveDonnBaadasssss! Soundtrack02:4912/20/19, 10:53AM102:49
Lucky Ball & ChainThey Might Be GiantsFlood02:4907/12/18, 12:51PM102:49
Now I Will Dance For ButterballZoogz RiftVillagers02:4910/21/16, 11:22AM102:49
Roll It (Salt-N-Pepa vs. Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs. A-Trak) LobsterdustBest of Bootie 201102:4909/17/19, 04:15PM102:49
Day TripperThe Beatles102:4810/21/15, 01:50PM102:48
I'm Gonna Make You MineThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men02:4803/02/16, 09:15AM102:48
LiveStinking LizavetaKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 102:4810/01/15, 04:32PM102:48
Matthew, Mark, Luke & JohnPriscilla HerdmanUnknown02:4803/21/17, 04:31PM102:48
The Biggest HitThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men02:4811/21/16, 02:20PM102:48
Reality IslandThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men02:4705/11/16, 09:17AM102:47
Single Ladies (In Mayberry) (Beyoncé vs. The Andy Griffith Show)Party BenBest of Bootie 200902:4709/06/19, 02:18PM102:47
BecauseThe BeatlesAbbey Road02:4611/06/15, 04:02PM102:46
Good Times Bad TimesLed ZeppelinUnknown02:4601/25/19, 03:34PM102:46
Hard HeartedOld And In The WayUnknown02:4604/23/19, 03:47PM102:46
I Don't Know WhyAlison Krauss & Union StationUnknown02:4608/25/16, 01:37PM102:46
Indian NationGeorge Tomsco and 3 Balls of FireKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:4601/20/16, 01:33PM102:46
Kemence Karadenis - Macka, TurkeyMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown02:4606/20/18, 04:35PM102:46
PaasLotionUnknown02:4602/10/16, 03:36PM102:46
WakaCamper Van BeethovenUnknown02:4612/20/19, 10:51AM102:46
YapOverwhelming ColorfastOverwhelming Colorfast02:4612/10/19, 02:55PM102:46
You Don't Know My MindGuy DavisMali To Memphis02:4512/27/17, 10:07AM102:45
Bootie IntroA Plus DBest of Bootie 200900:5505/16/18, 03:49PM302:45
I'm In The MoodJohn Lee HookerMali To Memphis02:4404/29/16, 12:17PM102:44
Slave DriverTaj MahalMo' Roots02:4403/01/18, 05:05PM102:44
Society Islands - Les Tamaru - 'upa-'upaThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown02:4301/06/16, 10:39AM102:43
Sonata #8John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano02:4302/13/17, 03:27PM102:43
Track 14GeorgeAugust 1998-102:4307/01/16, 04:05PM102:43
Various Cues From Bugs Bunny Films (1943-1956)The Carl Stalling ProjectUnknown02:4311/03/17, 03:52PM102:43
Boogie WoogieProfessor LonghairNew Orleans Piano02:4203/08/17, 05:10PM102:42
Funky Broadway, Pt. 1Dyke & The BlazersSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 102:4203/06/17, 08:56AM102:42
Jamaica FarewellThe DetonatorsKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:4207/31/19, 02:21PM102:42
LiarSex PistolsNever Mind The Bullocks Heres02:4212/27/17, 09:47AM102:42
Track 14EricSpring 200702:4212/27/17, 11:20AM102:42
Flying HighCountry Joe & The FishElectric Music For The Mind And Body02:4105/22/18, 05:06PM102:41
Fourth InterludeJohn CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano02:4111/21/16, 02:33PM102:41
Li'l Red Riding HoodThe Royal GuardsmenSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:4112/27/17, 10:39AM102:41
Snoopy Vs. The Red BaronThe Royal GuardsmenSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:4103/01/18, 04:34PM102:41
Brazilian Star WarsFAROFFUnknown02:4005/03/18, 12:12PM102:40
I Did It For AlfieChumbawambaUn02:4009/24/19, 04:54PM102:40
I'm OneThe WhoQuadrophenia 02:4011/02/17, 04:27PM102:40
PaperTalking HeadsUnknown02:4003/23/18, 02:13PM102:40
Whip ItDevoUnknown02:4002/18/20, 02:25PM102:40
Wildwood Flower - D.L. MenardLouisiana SpiceUnknown02:4006/13/16, 05:15PM102:40
Agarralo Que Eso Es TuyoLuis Kalaff y sus Alegres DominicanosSofrito: International Soundclash02:3908/27/18, 05:00PM102:39
My TripOverwhelming ColorfastOverwhelming Colorfast02:3912/01/17, 03:12PM102:39
Stop Your SobbingPretendersPretenders02:3911/16/16, 04:58PM102:39
Track 13GeorgeAugust 1998-102:3903/23/17, 08:51AM102:39
The Girls Want To Be With The GirlsTalking HeadsUnknown02:3803/02/16, 09:33AM102:38
The Machine Gun TVTell MeKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 202:3804/30/19, 10:30AM102:38
11 ReadymadeBeckUnknown02:3702/08/17, 11:02AM102:37
Dear SirLotionUnknown02:3711/01/17, 04:42PM102:37
She's An AngelThey Might Be GiantsGiants Jubilee02:3710/14/19, 03:16PM102:37
Shield Of FaithAlison Krauss & Union StationUnknown02:3711/07/17, 02:28PM102:37
Snap Bean - Li'l Brian And The Zydeco TravelersLouisiana SpiceUnknown02:3707/07/16, 02:07PM102:37
Chase With Sports Cars And HelicopterThe PrisonerUnknown02:3611/06/18, 10:31AM102:36
Ed McMahonZoogz RiftWith No Apparent Reason02:3612/07/16, 09:39AM102:36
Five-Five-FiveFrank ZappaUnknown02:3602/15/17, 03:55PM102:36
Jesse PolkaBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:3611/06/15, 04:51PM102:36
No. 6 Tree Chopping And Raft BuildingThe PrisonerUnknown02:3611/02/17, 03:13PM102:36
Run Don't WalkThe MermenKrill Slippin'02:3602/15/17, 03:49PM102:36
Latin'iaLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:3510/01/19, 02:41PM102:35
Not Enough Crayons For EveryoneTwinkWelcome To The Jingle02:3510/27/16, 09:23AM102:35
The Battle Of New OrleansThe Royal GuardsmenSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:3505/02/18, 04:34PM102:35
TorremolinosThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown02:3511/06/15, 09:35AM102:35
Alley-OopThe Royal GuardsmenSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:3411/20/17, 11:01AM102:34
Son Subano (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 102:3403/04/16, 01:20PM102:34
South Africa - John Bhengu - UmakotshahaThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown02:3407/03/18, 12:34PM102:34
Before I Met YouFlatt & ScruggsBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:3305/04/16, 04:51PM102:33
Black Sabotage (Beastie Boys vs. Led Zeppelin)DJ MouleBest of Bootie 200602:3303/14/18, 04:16PM102:33
Cigany HimnuszRostas SzabinaLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)02:3312/20/19, 10:04AM102:33
Danza ParaguayaEnrique CoriaUnknown02:3303/13/18, 04:23PM102:33
Every Humble Knee Must Bow - Nashville Bluegrass BandHand-PickedUnknown02:3311/03/17, 03:34PM102:33
Trouble AheadBodies In The BasementKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 402:3304/22/16, 01:48PM102:33
Asleep In A Snake BasketTwinkSmall Sound All Around02:3207/08/16, 12:13PM102:32
Communication BreakdownLed ZeppelinUnknown02:3209/24/19, 04:51PM102:32
The HeathenBob Marley & The WailersExodus02:3203/01/18, 04:10PM102:32
Cumberland GapHylo Brown and The Timberliners With Earl ScruggsBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6301:1602/28/18, 02:24PM202:32
Been In The PenOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)02:3102/23/18, 10:09AM102:31
La PunaladaEnrique CoriaUnknown02:3103/02/16, 03:51PM102:31
Carnuba Wax: Son of GarStay FuckedKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Vol. 1102:3005/09/17, 03:27PM102:30
OctopunchOrestes PrezzaKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:3002/08/17, 10:28AM102:30
Telephone And Rubber BandPenguin Cafe OrchestraUnknown02:3011/20/17, 09:23AM102:30
The Phone CallPretendersPretenders02:3001/25/19, 03:12PM102:30
Twang AMEl RayKFJC Presents Combo Swell02:3006/29/18, 03:33PM102:30
Ultra Violet And Infra RedTom Glazer & Dottie EvansEnergy & Motion Songs02:3009/06/19, 03:59PM102:30
Watermelon ManMongo SantamaríaPutumayo Presents World Hits02:3001/30/20, 04:34PM102:30
(Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your TreeZZ TopUnknown02:2912/21/15, 04:42PM102:29
Mar GayaLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:2910/20/15, 11:09AM102:29
Slush BunnyTwinkIce Cream Truckin'02:2912/10/19, 09:18AM102:29
SoldierNeil YoungDecade02:2904/30/19, 10:47AM102:29
What-A Tribe Called QuestUnknown02:2911/16/16, 04:30PM102:29
You Tried To Ruin My Name - Wilma Lee CooperHand-PickedUnknown02:2912/20/19, 11:27AM102:29
Endless Summer (Live)The CoppertonesLive From The Kfjc Surf Battle02:2810/14/19, 04:02PM102:28
Goen Daddy GoneGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere02:2810/23/19, 03:16PM102:28
Track 18George2004-702:2807/01/16, 04:16PM102:28
Who CaresGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere02:2801/22/16, 10:13AM102:28
By The Sea I Will Stay ForeverThe MermenKrill Slippin'02:2707/31/19, 03:15PM102:27
Crosstown TrafficJimi HendrixUnknown02:2706/26/18, 03:16PM102:27
Sgt. Pepper's Paradise (Beatles vs. Guns N' Roses)Jimmi JammesBest of Bootie 200502:2701/05/18, 09:18AM102:27
Down BrownieZZ TopRio Grande Mud02:2603/28/16, 12:04PM102:26
Gimme Some Supermassive Green OnionsAber N. Steinslightly reworked02:2610/11/19, 03:00PM102:26
Guess Things Happen That WayEmmylou HarrisUnknown02:2611/06/15, 10:23AM102:26
I'm Putting All My Eggs In One BasketBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:2605/09/19, 03:03PM102:26
The SavageThe ManateesKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:2607/12/16, 02:59PM102:26
Wray-ManBradipos IVKFJC Presents Combo Swell02:2609/17/19, 03:41PM102:26
Your Phone's Off The Hook, ButXLos Angeles02:2602/08/17, 11:05AM102:26
Polythene PamThe BeatlesAbbey Road01:1310/23/19, 03:11PM202:26
Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My MonkeyThe BeatlesUnknown02:2510/31/18, 03:08PM102:25
Texas PlainsBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:2511/21/16, 01:41PM102:25
Track 13George2010-702:2503/02/16, 09:55AM102:25
LoveCountry Joe & The FishElectric Music For The Mind And Body02:2410/31/18, 03:46PM102:24
The Allen Brothers - When Someone Wants To LeaveHand-PickedUnknown02:2408/25/16, 01:30PM102:24
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - Canon PerpetuusNeville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107901:1211/16/17, 11:28AM202:24
Bike Ride To The MoonThe Dukes Of StratophearUnknown02:2304/23/19, 03:17PM102:23
In 3'SBeastie BoysCheck Your Head02:2310/19/18, 09:31AM102:23
Liza JaneNew Lost City RamblersBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:2301/29/20, 02:25PM102:23
Cruel SeaThe VenturesUnknown02:2201/07/16, 04:57PM102:22
I Never KnewBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:2212/30/15, 10:06AM102:22
Weather ReportBilDeejay's Choice02:2207/08/16, 12:24PM102:22
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 28 A 2 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations01:1112/09/19, 03:18PM202:22
CowtownThey Might Be GiantsLincoln02:2111/06/15, 03:47PM102:21
Crowd SculptureGrateful DeadInfrared Roses [Live]02:2102/14/20, 04:04PM102:21
Gypsy SurferLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:2101/10/17, 09:31AM102:21
Road TripKing Of HawaiiKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:2112/09/19, 03:20PM102:21
Shame And ScandalOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)02:2102/23/18, 10:19AM102:21
Since You Been GoneDeep BlueUnknown02:2104/30/19, 10:50AM102:21
Ted Lundy - The Old Swinging BridgeHand-PickedUnknown02:2105/09/17, 02:26PM102:21
Neighbor, NeighborZZ TopUnknown02:2002/28/18, 03:33PM102:20
The EndThe BeatlesAbbey Road02:2003/01/18, 03:34PM102:20
03 - She's Actual Size, trimmedUnknownUnknown01:1009/17/19, 03:51PM202:20
Allen Shelton - Sourwood MountainHand-PickedUnknown00:3502/18/20, 02:02PM402:20
Go-Go Gadget GospelGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere02:1905/05/16, 11:19AM102:19
BlackbirdThe BeatlesUnknown02:1805/09/17, 02:11PM102:18
Glass OnionThe BeatlesUnknown02:1810/08/19, 01:47PM102:18
Point PanicLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:1807/01/16, 04:24PM102:18
Everybody Needs LoveSlim SmithLiftoff From Launch Pad02:1708/16/16, 03:35PM102:17
Eye Of Fatima (Pt. 2)Camper Van BeethovenUnknown02:1708/16/16, 02:34PM102:17
Track 09Zoogz RiftEurope 199002:1711/16/17, 10:36AM102:17
BoogieDeep BlueUnknown02:1607/31/19, 03:30PM102:16
Breakin' HeartsViolent FemmesBlind Leading the Naked02:1601/13/16, 03:29PM102:16
I Saw Her Standing ThereDixie Power TrioUnknown02:1607/03/18, 12:13PM102:16
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Aria Da CapoGlenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations02:1503/02/16, 09:06AM102:15
Big Yellow TaxiJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)02:1507/02/18, 12:48PM102:15
Laisse Tomber les FillesDel Sol, Fabienne2007-402:1508/16/17, 04:01PM102:15
Longitude And LatitudeTom Glazer & Dottie EvansSpace Songs02:1505/16/18, 03:58PM102:15
MammalThey Might Be GiantsUnknown02:1409/17/19, 04:38PM102:14
PowBeastie BoysCheck Your Head02:1405/02/18, 04:10PM102:14
Vatican RagTom LehrerUnknown02:1410/08/19, 01:21PM102:14
Just In Time To See The SunSantanaUnknown02:1301/05/18, 10:37AM102:13
ParkNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free02:1305/16/18, 05:04PM102:13
Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet HeadThey Might Be GiantsGiants Jubilee02:1301/31/17, 04:56PM102:13
Heart AttackZoogz RiftMurdering Hell's Happy Cretins02:1201/03/17, 02:56PM102:12
Thank You For Sending Me An AngelTalking HeadsUnknown02:1212/01/17, 03:45PM102:12
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 13 A 2 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations02:1111/13/17, 02:47PM102:11
Glory, GloryOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)02:1102/23/18, 09:57AM102:11
Tony Rice - Old TrainHand-PickedUnknown02:1110/01/19, 03:55PM102:11
Another Man Done GoneOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)02:1012/07/16, 09:34AM102:10
I Am The SeaThe WhoQuadrophenia 02:1001/07/16, 03:22PM102:10
Heart AttackZoogz RiftAmputees In Limbo02:0912/29/15, 04:26PM102:09
Poisoning Pidgeons In The ParkTom LehrerUnknown02:0912/05/17, 12:27PM102:09
BearsThe Royal GuardsmenSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:0807/01/16, 03:51PM102:08
SubdomainsDr. ZeusUnknown02:0810/04/16, 03:11PM102:08
Iranbow??????02:0711/23/15, 04:40PM102:07
My Soul Is TiredBetty DavisThe Columbia Years 1968-196902:0711/02/17, 03:49PM102:07
No. 6 Arrives At Dreamy PartyThe PrisonerUnknown02:0703/21/17, 04:28PM102:07
Diamond HeadThe VenturesUnknown02:0611/04/19, 09:54AM102:06
The Needle And The Damage DoneNeil YoungDecade02:0610/27/16, 09:21AM102:06
I Ne Suhe (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 101:0308/27/18, 04:39PM202:06
Boys And GirlsTwinkThe Broken Record02:0410/10/18, 04:38PM102:04
Love Letters In The SandMac Wiseman & The Country BoysBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:0412/05/17, 10:24AM102:04
Mr. FoneboneLeo KottkeUnknown02:0411/09/15, 04:51PM102:04
The Jolly Green GiantThe Royal GuardsmenSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:0406/29/18, 02:42PM102:04
ComputePat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X02:0312/15/17, 09:59AM102:03
King BrothersTear It Up BluesKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 202:0306/06/18, 09:43AM102:03
Track 19EricSpring 200702:0312/07/16, 10:27AM102:03
Undertow (Live)The CoppertonesLive From The Kfjc Surf Battle02:0312/07/16, 11:02AM102:03
Latcho DromTony GatlifLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)01:0103/01/18, 02:59PM202:02
Border RideJim & Jesse And The Virginia BoysBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:0103/15/16, 02:53PM102:01
Rebel RouserThe VenturesUnknown02:0105/22/18, 04:46PM102:01
Partical ManThey Might Be GiantsUnknown01:5911/21/17, 11:37AM101:59
Sqad CarLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown01:5912/27/17, 11:02AM101:59
She Came In Through The Bathroom WindowThe BeatlesAbbey Road01:5801/31/17, 02:58PM101:58
Kinetic And Potential EnergyTom Glazer & Dottie EvansEnergy & Motion Songs01:5701/06/16, 10:26AM101:57
Suicidal TendancyJohn ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner01:5712/07/16, 10:15AM101:57
Tee Nah Nah -Tuts WashingtonLouisiana SpiceUnknown01:5712/20/19, 10:45AM101:57
Crazy RhythmBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown01:5612/29/16, 10:17AM101:56
It's Your Red WagonBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown01:5510/30/15, 01:40PM101:55
You've Had Your ChancesThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men01:5501/10/17, 04:06PM101:55
Carry Me OutThe Lounge LizardsNo Pain for Cakes01:5412/15/17, 10:01AM101:54
HewlettDr. ZeusUnknown01:5412/09/19, 02:54PM101:54
You'll Miss MeThey Might Be GiantsLincoln01:5403/14/18, 04:18PM101:54
A MessageRahsaan Roland KirkBil00:5711/01/18, 03:07PM201:54
17-Oh SupermashBob ParrIt Is To Laff01:5310/03/19, 02:57PM101:53
Baja CactusThe Chris Shahin Band1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West01:5305/02/16, 03:51PM101:53
Kiss Me, Son Of GodThey Might Be GiantsLincoln01:5307/03/18, 12:24PM101:53
Lee Highway BluesClarence "Tom" Ashley, Doc Watson, Clint Howard, & Fred PriceBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6301:5312/04/17, 10:07AM101:53
Jerome, ArizonaZoogz RiftWater01:5209/17/19, 04:17PM101:52
Mr. MeThey Might Be GiantsLincoln01:5211/06/17, 02:17PM101:52
Scuttlebuttin'Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleCouldn't Stand The Weather01:5207/07/16, 02:00PM101:52
I Loves You PorgyRahsaan Roland KirkBil01:4902/14/20, 03:36PM101:49
Time For Livin'Beastie BoysCheck Your Head01:4910/21/16, 01:39PM101:49
Salty Dog BluesMorris BrothersBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6301:4809/06/19, 04:10PM101:48
Grand Coulee DamTom Glazer & Dottie EvansEnergy & Motion Songs01:4703/30/17, 03:39PM101:47
Women & MenThey Might Be GiantsFlood01:4709/30/15, 01:55PM101:47
Saltarello - Castelnuovo, Near Isernia, ItalyMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown01:4506/06/18, 11:02AM101:45
Alabama BoundOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)01:4103/28/16, 11:09AM101:41
Up TempoLeo KottkeUnknown01:4005/11/16, 09:37AM101:40
Death Will Never Conquer [Live]ColdplayLeftRightLeftRightLeft [Live]01:3905/24/18, 04:35PM101:39
Scooter PieTwinkIce Cream Truckin'01:3905/02/16, 03:33PM101:39
IntroZap MamaAncestry In Progress01:3801/31/17, 02:28PM101:38
Late For SupperJerry GarciaGarcia01:3811/22/16, 09:01AM101:38
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 20 A 2 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:4901/29/20, 03:46PM201:38
Fastest RhymeYoung MCStone Cold Rhymin'00:4903/01/18, 10:41AM201:38
Carry That WeightThe BeatlesAbbey Road01:3703/06/18, 02:51PM101:37
Funky BossBeastie BoysCheck Your Head01:3606/20/18, 04:37PM101:36
01 Track 01UnknownUnknown01:3403/06/18, 02:49PM101:34
The Last Train Out Of TexasThe Hatemail ExpressKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 401:3304/19/16, 02:33PM101:33
Star Wars ClipGeorge LucasHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry00:3109/06/19, 01:34PM301:33
Dill Pickle RagJim & Jesse And The Virginia BoysBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6301:3203/21/18, 04:22PM101:32
Getting Laid at Grace ParkZoogz RiftWater01:3201/25/19, 03:13PM101:32
Golden SlumbersThe BeatlesAbbey Road01:3201/07/16, 03:27PM101:32
09-Get Ur Typewriter On DJ M. Aynot Feed It Is To Laff 01:3105/16/18, 03:50PM101:31
Bottom (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 101:3110/19/15, 09:54AM101:31
journal.pone.0049773.s003UnknownUnknown00:3002/05/20, 04:05PM301:30
Pre-moamo SyndromeZoogz RiftInterim Resurgence01:2910/10/18, 04:39PM101:29
Number ThreeThey Might Be GiantsThey Might Be Giants01:2812/29/16, 09:52AM101:28
LetterboxThey Might Be GiantsFlood01:2508/16/17, 03:08PM101:25
Imagine A Jump (Van Halen vs. John Lennon)Mighty MikeBest of Bootie 201001:2406/30/16, 04:12PM101:24
Sonata #5John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano01:2411/28/16, 01:18PM101:24
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 22 Alla Breve A 1 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:4203/23/17, 10:54AM201:24
Take The "A" TrainZoogz Rift & Mark MylarNutritionally Sound00:2809/24/19, 04:49PM301:24
Noah's Dork??????01:2307/08/16, 11:50AM101:23
DebatesDr. ZeusUnknown01:2108/10/18, 12:53PM101:21
Metroid Metal - IntroStemageUnknown00:2712/16/19, 11:36AM301:21
El MarabinoEnrique CoriaUnknown01:1910/12/18, 03:12PM101:19
Sat Bhayan Ki Ek Behanadli ITalab Khan BarnaLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)01:1911/03/17, 03:15PM101:19
Stand On Your Own HeadThey Might Be GiantsLincoln01:1610/01/19, 03:27PM101:16
Star Wars ClipGeorge LucasHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry00:3802/05/20, 03:38PM201:16
Conga (Intro)Arturo SandovalDanzon (Dance On)01:1409/26/18, 01:54PM101:14
What Is A Shooting Star?Tom Glazer & Dottie EvansSpace Songs01:1411/09/15, 04:59PM101:14
Hoppity JonesTwinkTwink01:1307/05/18, 02:11PM101:13
Shoehorn With TeethThey Might Be GiantsLincoln01:1302/15/17, 03:43PM101:13
Transmitting Live From MarsDe La Soul3 Feet High And Rising01:1203/28/16, 11:14AM101:12
YawningDr. ZeusUnknown01:1112/10/19, 02:11PM101:11
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 7 A 1 Ovvero 2 Clav. Al Tempo Di GigaGlenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations01:0810/23/19, 03:49PM101:08
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - Canon 3 A 2 Per Motum ContrariumNeville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107900:3403/23/17, 09:51AM201:08
I'm Ready, Willing & Able (Take 1)Betty DavisThe Columbia Years 1968-196901:0505/24/18, 01:57PM101:05
Din Din (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 101:0410/19/15, 09:45AM101:04
Old Mother ReaganViolent FemmesBlind Leading the Naked00:3205/31/18, 04:03PM201:04
Diver Dan vs. the Worm GobblersZoogz RiftWater01:0210/27/15, 04:14PM101:02
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - Canon 2 A 2 Violini In UnisonoNeville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107901:0112/29/15, 11:06AM101:01
Wild Honey PieThe BeatlesUnknown01:0102/05/20, 03:19PM101:01
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 29 A 1 Ovvero 2 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations01:0001/28/16, 10:20AM101:00
Monied vs. Landed??????00:2009/26/18, 03:30PM301:00
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 14 A 2 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:5901/13/16, 03:26PM100:59
Follow MeZap MamaAncestry In Progress00:5905/02/18, 03:38PM100:59
A Little Bit Of SoapDe La Soul3 Feet High And Rising00:5712/07/16, 10:18AM100:57
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 26 A 2 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:5310/30/15, 01:45PM100:53
Shooting Scars??????00:5302/15/17, 03:56PM100:53
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - Canon A 2 Quaerendo Invenietis (Canon Contrarium Stricte Reversum)Neville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107900:5205/02/18, 03:39PM100:52
Unreleased BackgroundsThe Beach BoysPet Sounds [Bonus Tracks]00:5112/29/15, 10:32AM100:51
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 27 Canone Alla Nona. A 2 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:5011/06/17, 01:39PM100:50
Bootie Intro 2012LobsterdustBest of Bootie 201200:4912/05/17, 12:15PM100:49
Bootie IntröDJ SchmolliBest of Bootie 201000:4910/27/16, 10:20AM100:49
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 18 Canone All Sesta. A 1 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:4610/12/18, 02:27PM100:46
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - Canon Perpetuus Super Thema RegiumNeville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107900:4402/14/20, 10:30AM100:44
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 19 A 1 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:4310/21/16, 11:23AM100:43
Texas Playboy Theme [Closing]Bob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown00:4307/31/19, 03:52PM100:43
death_gameoverXOCSuper Mario World00:2003/07/19, 04:49PM200:40
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 9 Canone Alla Terza. A 1 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:3802/24/16, 03:02PM100:38
Oh FuckZoogz RiftIsland of Living Puke00:0909/06/19, 03:26PM400:36
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 6 Canone Alla Seconda. A 1 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:3510/14/19, 03:46PM100:35
The Biz Vs. The NugeBeastie BoysCheck Your Head00:3401/10/17, 09:03AM100:34
Bootie IntroA plus DBest of Bootie 200600:3311/03/17, 03:44PM100:33
The Blue NunBeastie BoysCheck Your Head00:3210/21/15, 11:02AM100:32
Fingertips (2)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:0602/18/20, 02:06PM500:30
Fingertips (17)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:2811/16/16, 04:27PM100:28
Used ??????00:1404/20/17, 03:57PM200:28
Fingertips (6)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:0711/01/18, 02:44PM400:28
Fingertips (15)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:2712/19/16, 03:58PM100:27
Oh FuckZoogz RiftIsland of Living Puke00:0912/10/19, 02:56PM300:27
Bootie IntroParty BenBest of Bootie 200800:2309/06/19, 02:58PM100:23
Breath??????00:1109/17/19, 04:10PM200:22
Fingertips (9)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:0803/01/18, 03:32PM200:16
Fumms Bo VoChristian BökUnknown00:0504/20/17, 04:55PM300:15
Fingertips (7)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:1210/21/15, 09:54AM100:12
Fingertips (5)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:0601/30/20, 04:29PM200:12
Fingertips (16)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:0510/31/18, 03:33PM200:10
Fingertips (18)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:0907/03/18, 12:14PM100:09
Fingertips (8)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:0701/31/17, 04:09PM100:07
Fingertips (10)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:0612/21/15, 03:26PM100:06
Star Wars ClipGeorge LucasHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry00:0603/14/18, 03:42PM100:06
Fingertips (11)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:0403/26/19, 03:15PM100:04
Black UnityPharoah SandersBlack Unity37:22--000:00
EchoesPink FloydMeddle23:32--000:00
Part IKeith JarrettConcerts21:54--000:00
Thick As A Brick - Part 2Jethro TullUnknown20:55--000:00
8-07 NardisBill EvansThe Last Waltz19:36--000:00
Your Love Is Ever YoungHamza El DinUnknown18:30--000:00
7-02 NardisBill EvansThe Last Waltz17:47--000:00
NardisBill Evans TrioThe Last Waltz17:42--000:00
Lino's PadHorace TapscottThe Dark Tree 16:46--000:00
I Know You Rider »Dead & CompanyDead & Co » 2018-07-03 @ Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA16:00--000:00
ChameleonHerbie HancockUnknown15:44--000:00
Little Miss StrangeJimi HendrixUnknown15:01--000:00
Upside DownFela Anikulapo Kuti & The Africa 70 With Sandra Akanke IsidoreNigeria 70 14:42--000:00
All of YouMiles DavisThe Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More" 14:40--000:00
Medley: Peripheral Darkness/Boogie Woogie...Zoogz RiftTorment14:32--000:00
Days BetweenDead & CompanyDead & Co » 2018-07-03 @ Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA14:15--000:00
Tout de SuiteMiles DavisFilles de Kilimanjaro14:07--000:00
All BluesOscar Peterson And Freddie HubbardUnknown13:59--000:00
St37Nicht JetztKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 213:50--000:00
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)Pink FloydWish You Were Here13:40--000:00
1983....(A Merman I Should Turn To Be)Jimi HendrixUnknown13:37--000:00
Let It GrowDead & CompanyDead & Co » 2018-07-03 @ Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA13:15--000:00
Truckin'Grateful DeadEurope '72 13:07--000:00
The AnkhPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown12:48--000:00
Althea »Dead & CompanyDead & Co » 2018-07-03 @ Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA12:27--000:00
Horace Tapscott - Chicago 1993 - 04. The Black ApostlesUnknownUnknown12:25--000:00
Opening Parade, Bali Arts FestivalBaliUnknown12:23--000:00
Part IIKeith JarrettConcerts12:04--000:00
House MountainBevis FrondKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 112:03--000:00
Ad Lib on NipponDuke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]11:38--000:00
Faces And PlacesOrnette ColemanUnknown11:37--000:00
CassidyDead & CompanyDead & Co » 2018-07-03 @ Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA11:29--000:00
Annabelle Lee / Red Asphalt (Live)Pollo Del MarLive From The Kfjc Surf Battle11:14--000:00
China Cat Sunflower »Dead & CompanyDead & Co » 2018-07-03 @ Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA11:05--000:00
Gending Kebyar Kosalya AriniBaliUnknown10:44--000:00
Pink Lady LemonadeAcid Mothers TempleKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 110:41--000:00
Drums »Dead & CompanyDead & Co » 2018-07-03 @ Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA10:10--000:00
Live in the Pit (Live)Open Graves and Tide TablesKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Volume 1210:10--000:00
Saving A LifeDiluteKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 309:56--000:00
Si Se PuedeAntibalasLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 109:55--000:00
Brown-Eyed WomenDead & CompanyDead & Co » 2018-07-03 @ Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA09:44--000:00
Something About John ColtraneAlice ColtraneJourney in Satchidananda09:44--000:00
AlfieSonny RollinsLiftoff From Launch Pad09:40--000:00
Ship of FoolsDead & CompanyDead & Co » 2018-07-03 @ Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA09:38--000:00
Secret Marines .. The SequelZoogz RiftAmputees In Limbo09:32--000:00
JoshuaMiles DavisThe Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More" 09:31--000:00
Tibet On ItChicago Afrobeat ProjectChicago Afrobeat Project09:30--000:00
Musicawi SiltAntibalasLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 109:29--000:00
Overhang PartyLa Fie'vreKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 209:26--000:00
Playing In The BandGrateful DeadHundred Year Hall (Disc 1) [Live]09:20--000:00
BMWChicago Afrobeat ProjectChicago Afrobeat Project09:18--000:00
New Minglewood BluesDead & CompanyDead & Co » 2018-07-03 @ Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA09:18--000:00
Casey JonesDead & CompanyDead & Co » 2018-07-03 @ Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA09:10--000:00
Hand JiveMiles DavisNefertiti08:58--000:00
Ballade No. 1Frederic ChopinUnknown08:53--000:00
El Pajaro NegroLa CaitaLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)08:43--000:00
Ride BlueMainlinerKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 208:34--000:00
Won't Get Fooled AgainThe WhoWho's Next08:33--000:00
Ollin AzageedHamza El DinUnknown08:31--000:00
CaribaWes MontgomeryFull House [Keepnews Collection]08:28--000:00
Jhini Jhini Bini ChadariyaAyuthya2002-708:27--000:00
Horace Tapscott - Chicago 1993 - 06. Sandy and NilesUnknownUnknown08:24--000:00
No DiscriminationTony Allen & His African MessengersNigeria 70 08:19--000:00
Aiko AikoDead & CompanyDead & Co » 2018-07-03 @ Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA08:17--000:00
Hand Jive (Second Alternate Take)The Miles Davis QuintetNefertiti08:17--000:00
Like A HurricaneNeil YoungDecade08:17--000:00
Castlevania 3MinibossesUnknown08:13--000:00
Revolution 9The BeatlesThe Beatles (White Album) 08:13--000:00
WedgesDarol Anger & Mike MarshallPsycho Grass08:12--000:00
8-01 Letter to EvanBill EvansThe Last Waltz08:07--000:00
Dancing In Her SleepThe MermenUnknown08:07--000:00
MysteriosoJessica WilliamsWilliams, Jessica: Live at Yoshi's, Vol. 108:06--000:00
What You Call 'Freedom' We Call 'Dryystyn'Yume BitsuKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 308:02--000:00
Jazz FreeNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free08:00--000:00
Jiv JagoRasa2000-May #207:59--000:00
Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleCouldn't Stand The Weather07:59--000:00
La RebellionOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 07:58--000:00
Ya Habibi, Ya Ghaybine3 Mustaphas 3Soup Of The Century07:56--000:00
Geneging Sekar GadungBaliUnknown07:54--000:00
Viola Lee Blues »Dead & CompanyDead & Co » 2018-07-03 @ Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA07:53--000:00
AgitationMiles DavisE.S.P.07:48--000:00
Journey Through Sankaun PassSix Organs Of AdmittanceKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 307:47--000:00
Purus RiverUakti1999-September #207:47--000:00
Ndiaga NiawOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 07:46--000:00
Seven Steps to HeavenMiles DavisThe Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More" 07:46--000:00
The World Is GiftedPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown07:46--000:00
CoumbaOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 07:45--000:00
Babanzele (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 107:40--000:00
ReasonsEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live07:38--000:00
Stella by StarlightJohn Abercrombie/Marc Johnson/Peter ErskineJohn Abercrombie, Marc Johnson & Peter Erskine07:34--000:00
Blinded SevenThe Hop-Frog KollectivKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Vol. 1107:33--000:00
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - Ricercar 2 A 6Neville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107907:32--000:00
13 RamshackleBeckUnknown07:30--000:00
The Sleeping Lady And The Giant Who Watches Over HerDuke EllingtonUnknown07:28--000:00
Come Rain Or Come ShineWes MontgomeryFull House [Keepnews Collection]07:22--000:00
FinZoogz RiftFive Billion Pinheads Can't Be Wrong07:18--000:00
N.E.S.T.A (Never Ever Submit to Authority)AntibalasLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 107:17--000:00
Dai-BosatsuThe Art Of The Japanese Bamboo FluteUnknown07:15--000:00
I Shot The SheriffBob Marley & The WailersUnknown07:13--000:00
When Will the Blues Leave?Don CherryArt Deco07:13--000:00
Cat WalkJohn ColtraneUnknown07:11--000:00
Blue NileAlice ColtranePtah, The El Daoud07:06--000:00
Dhauladhar DreamingParsons, David2006-307:05--000:00
Hey JudeThe Beatles107:05--000:00
Syeeda's Song FluteJohn ColtraneUnknown07:05--000:00
Mr. P.C.John ColtraneUnknown07:02--000:00
You Say You CareJessica WilliamsWilliams, Jessica: Live at Yoshi's, Vol. 107:02--000:00
Space »Dead & CompanyDead & Co » 2018-07-03 @ Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA07:00--000:00
DunnoBilDeejay's Choice06:58--000:00
CrunchChicago Afrobeat ProjectChicago Afrobeat Project06:57--000:00
Like Someone in LoveBill Evans TrioThe Last Waltz06:57--000:00
Latin American SunshineDuke EllingtonUnknown06:56--000:00
Sweet SurrenderZoogz RiftTorment06:55--000:00
Langaga Patanchanada - Lahore, PakistanMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown06:54--000:00
DounouyaLobi TraoréMali To Memphis06:53--000:00
03 Ife L'oju L'aiye (Love Is The GreBabatunde OlatunjiUnknown06:50--000:00
Media Man (Backseat Bingo Remix)Chicago Afrobeat ProjectOff the Grid06:49--000:00
No Pain for CakesThe Lounge LizardsNo Pain for Cakes06:48--000:00
PouloAmadou & MariamWati06:47--000:00
The Green FlashThe ConcavesKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead06:47--000:00
Witches PitJohn ColtraneUnknown06:43--000:00
Cul De SacDeath Kit TrainKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 206:41--000:00
Fantasy Is RealityParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 06:41--000:00
Do ItSanchez, PonchoDo It!06:40--000:00
FallMiles DavisNefertiti06:39--000:00
Shiva-LokaAlice ColtraneJourney in Satchidananda06:38--000:00
Burnin' & Lootin'Bob Marley & The WailersUnknown06:37--000:00
Melt The GunsXTCEnglish Settlement06:35--000:00
AqualungJethro TullAqualung06:34--000:00
Besame MuchoWes MontgomeryBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]06:32--000:00
Remmy Ongala & Orchestre Super Matimila- Kipenda RohoThe Compact Real WorldUnknown06:30--000:00
Yo QuisieraSanchez, PonchoDo It!06:27--000:00
Piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 35 - Ii- ScherzoFrederic ChopinUnknown06:25--000:00
Rastaman ChantBob Marley & The WailersUnknown06:23--000:00
The Great Gig In The SkyPink FloydDark Side Of The Moon06:23--000:00
(A Warm) Global WarningChicago Afrobeat ProjectOff the Grid06:22--000:00
Coconut GrooveArturo SandovalDanzon (Dance On)06:22--000:00
Fine and MellowVarious ArtistsThe Sound of Jazz [Columbia/Sony]06:22--000:00
Freakin' & Peakin'LunaPenthouse06:21--000:00
To Lay Me DownJerry GarciaGarcia06:19--000:00
DanzonArturo SandovalDanzon (Dance On)06:18--000:00
I've Had EnoughThe WhoQuadrophenia 06:17--000:00
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - Ricercar 1 A 3Neville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107906:16--000:00
Powerhouse And Other Cuts From Early 50'sThe Carl Stalling ProjectThe Carl Stalling Project 06:16--000:00
Introduction / Rock And Soul Music / LoveCountry Joe & The FishLive! Fillmore West 196906:15--000:00
Broken ArrowNeil YoungDecade06:14--000:00
GreetingsJoni HaastrupNigeria 70 06:13--000:00
I Want to Talk About YouJessica WilliamsWilliams, Jessica: Live at Yoshi's, Vol. 106:12--000:00
Anxiety Montage (1952-1955)The Carl Stalling ProjectUnknown06:11--000:00
3-02 Yet Ne'er BrokenBill EvansThe Last Waltz06:09--000:00
Someday My Prince Will ComeBill EvansAt The Montreaux At The Jazz Festival06:09--000:00
You Can Stay But The Noise Must GoJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 06:09--000:00
4-01 Yet Ne'er BrokenBill EvansThe Last Waltz06:06--000:00
Talking BushChicago Afrobeat ProjectChicago Afrobeat Project06:06--000:00
Ja Sha TaanFun-da-mental1998-August #206:02--000:00
RinmonThe Art Of The Japanese Bamboo FluteUnknown06:02--000:00
Jack RabbitHerbie HancockUnknown06:01--000:00
Kita KitaGaspel LawalNigeria 70 06:01--000:00
Sacred IsleCeredwen1999-September #206:01--000:00
SpiralJohn ColtraneUnknown06:01--000:00
Tombstone BluesBob DylanHighway 61 Revisited06:01--000:00
A Whiter Shade Of PaleDarol Anger & Mike MarshallPsycho Grass05:59--000:00
Autumn Leaves [Take 1]Bill Evans TrioPortrait in Jazz05:59--000:00
One Of These DaysPink FloydMeddle05:57--000:00
Jealous Hearted WomanDeep BlueUnknown05:55--000:00
Making Flippy FloppyTalking HeadsUnknown05:55--000:00
Love, Reign O'er MeThe WhoQuadrophenia 05:53--000:00
Lovers Of TodayPretendersPretenders05:52--000:00
Eyuphuro- SamukhelaThe Compact Real WorldUnknown05:50--000:00
Lli Fat mat!Taha, Rachid2005-105:50--000:00
Bulerias De La SamaritanaThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown05:49--000:00
Through Alien EmpiresMiss Murgatroid & Petra HadenKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 205:49--000:00
26-Knockin' PopcornDJ Edgar HooverIt Is To Laff05:48--000:00
Joyful NoiseThe Derek Trucks BandJoyful Noise05:48--000:00
Esketa DanceMulatu Astatke / The HeliocentricsUnknown05:47--000:00
Jelly, JellyThe Allman Brothers BandBrothers and Sisters05:47--000:00
Mizike (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 105:47--000:00
untitledSpaceheadsKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 205:47--000:00
Politician ManBetty DavisThe Columbia Years 1968-196905:46--000:00
Moon RocksTalking HeadsSpeaking In Tongues05:45--000:00
EmilyBill Evans TrioThe Last Waltz05:44--000:00
Coastal BalladNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free05:43--000:00
AfricaArturo SandovalDanzon (Dance On)05:42--000:00
Under The Kou TreeThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria05:42--000:00
Volunteered SlaveryRahsaan Roland KirkBil05:42--000:00
(E) RippleDead & CompanyDead & Co » 2018-07-03 @ Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA05:41--000:00
BerthaGrateful DeadHundred Year Hall (Disc 1) [Live]05:41--000:00
Love The Way You Lie in Paradise City (Eminem ft. Rihanna vs. Guns N' Roses)DJs From MarsBest of Bootie 2010 (Bonus Tracks)05:41--000:00
Sugar MountainNeil YoungDecade05:41--000:00
Murdering Hell's Happy CretinsZoogz RiftMurdering Hell's Happy Cretins05:39--000:00
ShangoPeter KingNigeria 70 05:39--000:00
Strangle Louie/AyoThe Swamis1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West05:39--000:00
The Old Laughing LadyNeil YoungDecade05:38--000:00
Track 17George2010-705:38--000:00
The BlessingDon CherryArt Deco05:37--000:00
Due NorthWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields05:35--000:00
Song XPat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X05:35--000:00
BargainThe WhoWho's Next05:34--000:00
UkigomoThe Art Of The Japanese Bamboo FluteUnknown05:34--000:00
China Cat / SunflowerGrateful DeadEurope '72 05:33--000:00
E.S.P.Miles DavisE.S.P.05:32--000:00
Queen Jane ApproximatelyBob DylanHighway 61 Revisited05:32--000:00
The Big CountryTalking HeadsUnknown05:32--000:00
The GatesPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown05:32--000:00
Track 13George2004-705:32--000:00
WoodstockJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)05:30--000:00
DrownedThe WhoQuadrophenia 05:29--000:00
Down In The CockpitXTCEnglish Settlement05:28--000:00
Mardis Gras In New Orleans - Dirty Dozen Brass BandLouisiana SpiceUnknown05:27--000:00
My HumpsBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business05:27--000:00
Track 16GeorgeAugust 1998-105:27--000:00
Down Home GirlBetty DavisThe Columbia Years 1968-196905:26--000:00
Track 02Zoogz RiftEurope 199005:26--000:00
Viva La Vida [Live]ColdplayLeftRightLeftRightLeft [Live]05:24--000:00
Brown SugarZZ TopUnknown05:23--000:00
I Let 'Em KnowYoung MCStone Cold Rhymin'05:23--000:00
Sonata #16John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano05:23--000:00
Praying For YouJoi2007-405:22--000:00
Rasta PoueAlpha BlondyUnknown05:21--000:00
SpidermanDixie Power TrioUnknown05:21--000:00
Celeshake (Ying Yang Twins feat. Pitbull vs. Kool & the Gang)A plus DAplusD.net05:19--000:00
Dance Music - Jaipur, IndiaMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown05:19--000:00
Nyoka MusangoThomas MapfumoLiftoff From Launch Pad05:19--000:00
Chant # 11Peter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown05:17--000:00
Run AroundMop Mop2013-605:17--000:00
Shin-GetsuThe Art Of The Japanese Bamboo FluteUnknown05:17--000:00
Long Road - Motherless ChildPeter ApfelbaumUnknown05:15--000:00
You Don't Know What Love IsJohn ColtraneBallads05:15--000:00
No KillingViolent FemmesBlind Leading the Naked05:14--000:00
Cante MineroThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown05:13--000:00
A Pillow Of WindsPink FloydMeddle05:12--000:00
Skrillex Rock (Skrillex vs. Daft Punk vs. Queen vs. House Of Pain)Loo & PlacidoBest of Bootie 2012 (Bonus Tracks)05:12--000:00
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)Jimi HendrixUnknown05:12--000:00
RuñideraOrquesta RevéThe Compact Realworld05:11--000:00
SouthboundThe Allman Brothers BandBrothers and Sisters05:11--000:00
The Hobo SongOld And In The WayUnknown05:11--000:00
Track 11GeorgeAugust 1998-105:11--000:00
Hold Me BackMichelle ShockedArkansas Traveler05:10--000:00
Baba O'RileyThe WhoWho's Next05:09--000:00
Eep HourJerry GarciaGarcia05:09--000:00
Everything You Know Is WrongChumbawambaUn05:09--000:00
It's A SinThe ExKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 205:09--000:00
PinocchioMiles DavisNefertiti05:09--000:00
Pinocchio (Alternate Take)Miles DavisNefertiti05:09--000:00
Track 10GeorgeDecember 2001-105:09--000:00
Canadian SunsetWes MontgomeryBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]05:08--000:00
Show Me In The Deep (Adele vs. Robin S.)DJs From MarsBest of Bootie 2011 (Bonus Tracks)05:08--000:00
DisciplineKing CrimsonDiscipline05:07--000:00
WalideAmadou & MariamWati05:07--000:00
Dr. Funkenstein's Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication MedleyParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 05:06--000:00
Groovin' HighArturo SandovalDanzon (Dance On)05:05--000:00
King’s MedleyKing Of HawaiiKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead05:05--000:00
M'BuguluZoogz RiftWater II: At Safe Distance05:05--000:00
Chico CuadradinoDuke EllingtonUnknown05:04--000:00
Bass StringsCountry Joe & The FishElectric Music For The Mind And Body05:03--000:00
LeisureXTCEnglish Settlement05:03--000:00
Sea And SandThe WhoQuadrophenia 05:03--000:00
Sifaka (Live)The PyronautsLive From The Kfjc Surf Battle05:03--000:00
Track 12George2004-705:03--000:00
Shotgun Down The AvalancheShawn ColvinSteady On05:02--000:00
5:15The WhoQuadrophenia 05:01--000:00
Miss Frisco (Queen Of The Disco)Johnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:01--000:00
What In The World-The Dukes Of StratophearUnknown05:01--000:00
6-02 EmilyBill EvansThe Last Waltz05:00--000:00
RosettaVarious ArtistsThe Sound of Jazz [Columbia/Sony]05:00--000:00
UntitledLightning BoltKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 305:00--000:00
Alabama GetawayDead & CompanyDead & Co » 2018-07-03 @ Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA04:59--000:00
Found A JobTalking HeadsUnknown04:59--000:00
Steady OnShawn ColvinSteady On04:59--000:00
Cocody RockAlpha BlondyUnknown04:58--000:00
November Rehab (Amy Winehouse vs. Guns N’ Roses) DJs From MarsBest of Bootie 201104:58--000:00
Give Him Cornbread - Beau Jocque And The Zydeco Hi-RollersLouisiana SpiceUnknown04:57--000:00
LennyStevie Ray VaughnUnknown04:57--000:00
Live in the Pit (Live)Santiago LatorreKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Volume 1204:57--000:00
She Is Weird CityLotionUnknown04:57--000:00
ChauffeursAmadou & MariamWati04:55--000:00
Come and Go BluesThe Allman Brothers BandBrothers and Sisters04:55--000:00
VisitDr. ZeusUnknown04:55--000:00
I Wish I KnewJohn ColtraneBallads04:54--000:00
Nobody Likes a Prima DonnaChicago Afrobeat ProjectOff the Grid04:54--000:00
Rumbas GitanasManitas De PlataUnknown04:54--000:00
Half A TripleRahsaan Roland KirkBil04:53--000:00
Don't Be What UCJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 04:52--000:00
Gimmie A BreakDeep BlueUnknown04:52--000:00
Internet Friends & Scary Monsters Back In Wonderwall (Oasis vs. AC/DC vs. Knife Party vs. Skrillex)DJs From MarsBest of Bootie 201204:51--000:00
Pose Of AwarenessPollo Del MarKFJC Presents Combo Swell04:51--000:00
Track 04EricSpring 200904:49--000:00
Complicated GameXTCDrums And Wires04:48--000:00
Don't You Want My Bad Romance (Lady Gaga vs. Human League)A Plus DBest of Bootie 200904:48--000:00
Bow WowJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 04:47--000:00
White DoveOld And In The WayUnknown04:47--000:00
SweetheartsCamper Van BeethovenUnknown04:46--000:00
Whole Lotta Extra Dougie (Cali Swag District vs. Led Zeppelin vs. Katy Perry)LobsterdustBest of Bootie 201104:46--000:00
A MessageColdplayX&Y04:45--000:00
While My Guitar Gently WeepsThe BeatlesUnknown04:45--000:00
Come A Long WayMichelle ShockedArkansas Traveler04:44--000:00
Fox Problems (Jimi Hendrix vs. Jimi Bo Horne vs. Eric B & Rakim)PilchardBest of Bootie 200604:44--000:00
Get Up Stand UpBob Marley & The WailersUnknown04:44--000:00
Mama, He Treats Your Daughter MeanSusan TedeschiJust Won't Burn04:44--000:00
Short DogSanchez, PonchoDo It!04:44--000:00
Tambur Solo - Daulatabad, AfghanistanMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown04:44--000:00
O Ti YoMidnight GrooversSofrito: International Soundclash04:43--000:00
SwayThe MermenUnknown04:43--000:00
ZambiChicago Afrobeat ProjectChicago Afrobeat Project04:43--000:00
Believe In Sexual Eruption (Snoop Dogg vs. Cher)A Plus DBest of Bootie 200804:42--000:00
Here I Go Again (L)Country Joe & The FishLive! Fillmore West 196904:42--000:00
Your Gold DressThe Dukes Of StratophearUnknown04:42--000:00
Bambi SaidiLes Musiciens du NilLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)04:41--000:00
Couldn't Stand The WeatherStevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleCouldn't Stand The Weather04:41--000:00
Pink NapkinsFrank ZappaUnknown04:41--000:00
Work It Out (Beyonce vs. Dave Matthews vs. Jurassic 5 vs. Deee-Lite)LenlowBest of Bootie 200604:41--000:00
My FriendJimi HendrixThe Cry Of Love04:39--000:00
So Close, So Far AwayThe Derek Trucks BandJoyful Noise04:39--000:00
06 NovacaneBeckUnknown04:38--000:00
Our In-House DostoevskyJohn ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner04:38--000:00
Angel BandOld And In The WayUnknown04:37--000:00
Big FatZoogz RiftSanitized for Your Protection04:37--000:00
Hypnotized GypsyDJ FOXvinyl04:37--000:00
GranadaThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown04:35--000:00
I'd Rather Be Blind, Crippled & CrazyThe Derek Trucks BandSonglines04:35--000:00
Grand CentralCannonball & ColtraneUnknown04:34--000:00
How ComeRay LaMontagneTrouble04:33--000:00
I Work On The Retard FarmZoogz RiftFive Billion Pinheads Can't Be Wrong04:33--000:00
Strawberry JamMichelle ShockedArkansas Traveler04:33--000:00
Track 15George2010-704:33--000:00
West Virginia, My Home - Hazel DickensHand-PickedUnknown04:33--000:00
Gili ( Bega Sitya )L'ensemble Kek LangLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)04:32--000:00
Mama's Hand - Hazel DickensHand-PickedUnknown04:32--000:00
Little LighthouseThe Dukes Of StratophearUnknown04:31--000:00
Mali DenouAmadou & MariamWati04:31--000:00
Gimme Gimme (Rolling Stones vs. Rick James)The KleptonesBest of Bootie 2010 (Bonus Tracks)04:30--000:00
Cler AchelTinariwen2007-104:29--000:00
Comment ça vaZap MamaA Ma Zone04:29--000:00
Cler AchelTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life04:28--000:00
Flex Gym Beat Sauce (Duck Sauce vs. Dizzee Rascal vs. Ray Krebbs vs. Michael Jackson)Marc Johnce vs. Party BenBest of Bootie 201004:28--000:00
S.L.H. (Sri Lanka High) (M.I.A. vs. The Ramones)Jay-RBest of Bootie 200504:28--000:00
Track 09George2007-604:28--000:00
Up The NeckPretendersPretenders04:28--000:00
You Got What It TakesDeep BlueUnknown04:28--000:00
IntegrityZoogz RiftVillagers04:27--000:00
Ven Hacia MiMavericks2013-204:27--000:00
Yogurt Koydum Dolaba - Televizyon3 Mustaphas 3Unknown04:27--000:00
Get Up JohnEmmylou HarrisUnknown04:26--000:00
River Of Nine SorrowsGrateful DeadInfrared Roses [Live]04:26--000:00
Voodoo Sabotage (Beastie Boys vs. The Prodigy vs. Pendulum)The KleptonesBest of Bootie 200904:26--000:00
Yelling AwayZap MamaAncestry In Progress04:26--000:00
The Hardest PartColdplayX&Y04:25--000:00
CavernPhishA Picture of Nectar04:24--000:00
Desert PlayersOrnette Coleman And Prime Time with Jerry GarciaVirgin Beauty04:24--000:00
Every Good BoyThe Derek Trucks BandJoyful Noise04:24--000:00
Not So Sweet Martha LorraineCountry Joe & The FishElectric Music For The Mind And Body04:24--000:00
Ti Citron3 Mustaphas 3Unknown04:24--000:00
Amber AsylumSong Of The Spider WarKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 204:23--000:00
Bust A MoveYoung MCStone Cold Rhymin'04:23--000:00
Main TitleThe ScoreBaadasssss! Soundtrack04:23--000:00
With the Necessary Changes Having Been MadeZoogz RiftInterim Resurgence04:23--000:00
Hillbilly Hare (1950)The Carl Stalling ProjectUnknown04:22--000:00
Pure And EasyThe WhoWho's Next04:22--000:00
Shut Up, American Boy (Estelle vs. The Ting Tings)STV SLV / The Hood InternetBest of Bootie 200804:22--000:00
Dry Branch Fire Squad - Golden RingHand-PickedUnknown04:21--000:00
Friar's PointSusan TedeschiJust Won't Burn04:21--000:00
Track 15GeorgeDecember 2001-104:21--000:00
Wild HorsesOld And In The WayUnknown04:21--000:00
4-09 FiveBill EvansThe Last Waltz04:20--000:00
Mr. Engineer - Jd CroweHand-PickedUnknown04:20--000:00
Heart ScarsNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free04:19--000:00
The Path (Sofrito Edit)Concept NeufSofrito: International Soundclash04:19--000:00
Bach: Fugue In E, BWV 878Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations04:18--000:00
Careless Or Dead (Bon Jovi vs. George Michael)The KleptonesBest of Bootie 200604:18--000:00
It's Fun To Smoke Dust (Queen vs. Pastor Gary Greenwald vs. Midfield General)LobsterdustBest of Bootie 200804:18--000:00
Gambang-Gamelan GongMusic For The GodsUnknown04:17--000:00
Writer's Block (Ilse's Theme)John ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner04:17--000:00
DJ Got Us Falling In Hot Stuff (Usher vs. Donna Summer) DJs From MarsBest of Bootie 201104:16--000:00
Roxanne Should Be Dancing (The Police vs. The Bee Gees)DJ ZebraBest of Bootie 200804:16--000:00
Track 07George2004-704:16--000:00
Waiting in VainBob Marley & The WailersExodus04:16--000:00
Just Got Back From Baby'sZZ TopUnknown04:15--000:00
Tango #3, Determination for Rosa ParksThe Lounge LizardsNo Pain for Cakes04:15--000:00
The Nobel Prize WinnerJohn ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner04:15--000:00
Awa DidjenTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life04:14--000:00
CaravanDuke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles MingusMoney Jungle04:14--000:00
LlbiwanAmadou & MariamWati04:14--000:00
Making Plans For NigelXTCDrums And Wires04:14--000:00
Soixante TroisTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life04:14--000:00
Track 06George2007-604:14--000:00
Track 14George2004-704:14--000:00
EboloBell'a NjohSofrito: International Soundclash04:13--000:00
Eye KnowDe La Soul3 Feet High And Rising04:13--000:00
Kathelin GrayPat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X04:13--000:00
Professor BootyBeastie BoysCheck Your Head04:13--000:00
Track 10George2007-604:13--000:00
07 Jack-AssBeckUnknown04:12--000:00
Big ChiefDixie Power TrioUnknown04:12--000:00
Surf PitChumKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead04:12--000:00
Track 06George2010-704:12--000:00
Track 06GeorgeDecember 2001-104:12--000:00
Track 14GeorgeDecember 2001-104:12--000:00
Unknown ArtistOrnette Coleman And Prime TimeVirgin Beauty04:12--000:00
Army ArrangementFela Anikulapo KutiUnknown04:11--000:00
Every Car You Chase (The Snow Police)Party BenParty Ben04:11--000:00
GypsiesPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown04:11--000:00
Wild ThingTone Loc Unknown04:11--000:00
CitiesTalking HeadsUnknown04:10--000:00
LoserJerry GarciaGarcia04:10--000:00
It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to CryBob DylanHighway 61 Revisited04:09--000:00
More Than On Point (House of Pain vs. Boston)DJ TopcatBest of Bootie 200704:09--000:00
Red BeansDeep BlueUnknown04:09--000:00
Give Me Back My WigStevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleCouldn't Stand The Weather04:08--000:00
Here Today - Lonesome RiverHand-PickedUnknown04:08--000:00
Hot Tamale BabyBuckwheat ZydecoUnknown04:08--000:00
Track 02GeorgeDecember 2001-104:08--000:00
I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel to be Free)The Derek Trucks BandSonglines04:07--000:00
Paid For My Doorbell (Eric B. & Rakim vs. White Stripes)Party BenBest of Bootie 200504:07--000:00
Soweto DaalDiop, Wasis1998-October #204:07--000:00
Blue Monk - Don FriedmanClark TerryOne on One04:06--000:00
Bust A Bootie (Rhianna vs. Tom Wilson vs. Young MC)dj BCBest of Bootie 2012 (Bonus Tracks)04:06--000:00
I Can't Do This With You Looking at MeZoogz RiftWater II: At Safe Distance04:06--000:00
Inspiration WalkThe ScoreBaadasssss! Soundtrack04:06--000:00
Sping Will Be a Little Late This YearRahsaan Roland KirkBil04:06--000:00
Catfish JohnOld And In The WayUnknown04:05--000:00
Chicago Bump (Bootie edit) (Chicago vs. Amanda Blank vs. Spank Rock vs. Bloodhound Gang vs. Greg Kihn Band vs. Detroit Grand Pubahs)DJ MagnetBest of Bootie 200804:05--000:00
On The Prowl - Walter -Wolfman- WashingtonLouisiana SpiceUnknown04:05--000:00
The KyperSanchez, PonchoDo It!04:05--000:00
Di great insohreckshanLinton Kwesi JohnsonIndependant Intavenshan- The Island Anthology 04:04--000:00
Dynamite Pressure (Taio Cruz vs. Queen & David Bowie)DJ TrippBest of Bootie 201004:04--000:00
Feel Good Feelings (James Brown vs. Flo Rida vs. Black Eyed Peas) DJ ShyBoyBest of Bootie 201104:04--000:00
SabariDian, BabaMali To Memphis04:04--000:00
Track 17George2004-704:04--000:00
HablameB-Tribe1998-December #204:03--000:00
My Own ZeroZap MamaA Ma Zone04:03--000:00
StrandedShawn ColvinSteady On04:03--000:00
VultureGarmarna1999-February #204:03--000:00
Just Stop Believin' (Lady Gaga vs. Journey)DJ TrippBest of Bootie 200904:02--000:00
Samba de SausalitoSantanaLotus 04:02--000:00
NamastéBeastie BoysCheck Your Head04:01--000:00
Trouble No MoreThe Allman Brothers BandUnknown04:01--000:00
Drifting Too Far From The Shore - Boone CreekHand-PickedUnknown04:00--000:00
Home In Your HeartDerek Trucks Band Feat. Solomon BurkeJoyful Noise04:00--000:00
AssoufTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life03:59--000:00
Duffy Train Running (Duffy vs. Doobie Brothers)DJ Y Alias JYBest of Bootie 200803:59--000:00
Everybody & Ray Speak No Americano (Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP vs. Backstreet Boys vs. Ray Charles vs. Phantom of the Opera vs. Benny Benassi)Mashup-Germany vs. FaroffBest of Bootie 201003:59--000:00
02-Turd Night! DJ Breakfast Burrito It Is To Laff 03:58--000:00
Speak To MePink FloydDark Side Of The Moon03:58--000:00
Track 04George2007-603:58--000:00
We Are On Fire (Adele vs. Fun.)DJ TrippBest of Bootie 201203:57--000:00
Die Young In The Cave (Bootie Edit) (Mumford & Sons vs. Ke$ha)DJ MikeABest of Bootie 201203:56--000:00
MasiteladiAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali03:56--000:00
Sonata #9John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano03:56--000:00
Waiting For ButterballZoogz RiftVillagers03:56--000:00
We Are Never Ever Getting The Sweater (Taylor Swift vs. Weezer)A Plus DBest of Bootie 201203:56--000:00
AjoPeter KingHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry03:55--000:00
ExcursionsA Tribe Called QuestUnknown03:55--000:00
La Danse De Mardi Gras - Steve Riley And The Mamou PlayboysLouisiana SpiceUnknown03:55--000:00
Petenera Para GuitarraThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown03:55--000:00
The Lagos CommuniqueThievery CorporationAfrican Groove03:55--000:00
Don't Stop Believin' In Planet Rock (Journey vs. Afrika Bambaataa)A plus DBest of Bootie 200703:54--000:00
Track 05GeorgeAugust 1998-103:54--000:00
What Makes You Stop Believing (One Direction vs. Journey)No Saturday Night SurgeryBest of Bootie 201203:54--000:00
7-09 FiveBill EvansThe Last Waltz03:53--000:00
Come As The Starlight (Nirvana vs. The Supermen Lovers)OverdubBest of Bootie 200803:53--000:00
Imagine One Day (So Far Away) (Matisyahu vs. John Lennon vs. blink-182 vs. Gentleman vs. Bob Marley)Mashup-GermanyBest of Bootie 2010 (Bonus Tracks)03:53--000:00
My Jug And IDeep BlueUnknown03:53--000:00
California Jump (Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg vs. Van Halen)DJs From MarsBest of Bootie 201003:52--000:00
KalicomJulien JacobAfrican Groove03:52--000:00
Sir DukeStevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium I 03:52--000:00
Sonny Lettah (anti sus poem)Linton Kwesi JohnsonReggae Greats03:52--000:00
Any Colour You LikePink FloydDark Side Of The Moon03:51--000:00
Scatterlings Of AfricaJohnny Clegg & SavukaPutumayo Presents World Hits03:51--000:00
Stronger Enough (Kelly Clarkson vs. Michael Jackson)LobsterdustBest of Bootie 201203:51--000:00
Dear PrudenceThe BeatlesUnknown03:50--000:00
Folsom Prison Gangstaz (Eazy-E vs. Johnny Cash)DJ TopcatBest of Bootie 201003:50--000:00
Moon PalaceLunaPenthouse03:50--000:00
Virgin O'Riley (Madonna vs. The Who)Go Home ProductionsBest of Bootie 2010 (Bonus Tracks)03:50--000:00
Little By LittleSusan TedeschiJust Won't Burn03:49--000:00
Matte KudasaiKing CrimsonDiscipline03:49--000:00
MokoteMadekaAfrican Groove03:49--000:00
SaetaThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown03:49--000:00
AfricaAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali03:48--000:00
Disco ClubBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business03:48--000:00
Love That Will Not DieJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 03:48--000:00
Pemoengkah-Gender WayangMusic For The GodsUnknown03:47--000:00
Real By ReelXTCDrums And Wires03:47--000:00
Slave DriverBob Marley & The WailersUnknown03:47--000:00
Track 15EricSpring 200703:47--000:00
(Ghost) RIders In The SkyCadillac Angels1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West03:46--000:00
I Came But...Zuco 103Baadasssss! Soundtrack03:46--000:00
Is It In My HeadThe WhoQuadrophenia 03:46--000:00
It's My LifeNo DoubtThe Singles 1992-200303:46--000:00
Baila MeGypsy Kings2013-403:45--000:00
Nevando EstaEnrique CoriaUnknown03:45--000:00
Blackjack DaveyTaj MahalMo' Roots03:44--000:00
Loo & Placido - Timba Funk Land Timbaland vs. Daft Punkhttp://www.looandplacido.com03:44--000:00
Lula Lula Don't You Go To Bingo - Boozoo ChavisLouisiana SpiceUnknown03:44--000:00
Rainy Day, Dream AwayThe Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric Ladyland Part 203:44--000:00
Variacones Por TangoThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown03:44--000:00
Whip Your Hands Outta My Dream Hell Bottle (Avril Lavigne vs. The Ting Tings vs. Kylie Minogue vs. Katy Perry vs. Willow Smith vs. The Police)Dan Mei & Marc JohnceBest of Bootie 201103:44--000:00
Behind Blue EyesThe WhoWho's Next03:43--000:00
Going MobileThe WhoWho's Next03:43--000:00
Green Eggs And HamDylanHearsAWho.comDylan Hears a Who03:43--000:00
Someone To Watch Over MeRahsaan Roland KirkBil03:43--000:00
Deep Forbidden LakeNeil YoungDecade03:42--000:00
My WifeThe WhoWho's Next03:42--000:00
Track 09George2004-703:42--000:00
Tricky Sandman (Run-DMC vs. Metallica)DJ M.I.F.Best of Bootie 200603:42--000:00
What Are You Waiting For?Gwen StefaniLove. Angel. Music. Baby.03:42--000:00
Dalmacia 007LotionUnknown03:41--000:00
Easy Heaven (The Cure vs. The Commodores)BratBest of Bootie 200803:41--000:00
Latin GeneticsOrnette ColemanUnknown03:41--000:00
Run This Firefly (Jay-Z ft. Rihanna & Kanye West vs. Owl City)DJ TrippBest of Bootie 201003:41--000:00
The PriestJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)03:41--000:00
The Wizard Of Menlo ParkChumbawambaUn03:41--000:00
Track 04George2010-703:41--000:00
Car ThiefBeastie BoysPaul's Boutique03:40--000:00
Finger Lickin' GoodBeastie BoysCheck Your Head03:40--000:00
Liza All the Clouds'll Roll - Eric LewisClark TerryOne on One03:40--000:00
Track 03GeorgeAugust 1998-103:40--000:00
Whiney WhineyBilDeejay's Choice03:40--000:00
AmazoneMezel, Iness2011-303:39--000:00
Mr. CharlieGrateful DeadEurope '72 03:39--000:00
Basin Street BluesBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown03:38--000:00
Computer Talk (Coldplay vs. Kraftwerk)Party BenBest of Bootie 200503:38--000:00
Epicurian WayKing Of HawaiiKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead03:38--000:00
10-Let There Be LadiesCocksterIt Is To Laff03:37--000:00
Check The RhimeA Tribe Called QuestUnknown03:37--000:00
LamentRahsaan Roland KirkBil03:37--000:00
Los Ojos MiosThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown03:37--000:00
Theme (Full Version)The PrisonerUnknown03:37--000:00
Feelin' AlrightJungle BrothersUnknown03:36--000:00
Ghetto ThangDe La Soul3 Feet High And Rising03:36--000:00
LauraScissor SistersUnknown03:35--000:00
The ArrangementJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)03:35--000:00
AirTalking HeadsUnknown03:34--000:00
Cache CacheZap MamaAncestry In Progress03:34--000:00
Ladies Do Love Medj BC and The BeastlesLet It Beast03:34--000:00
Where Were YouThe Lounge LizardsNo Pain for Cakes03:34--000:00
Wound Midnight??????03:34--000:00
Badd To Me (Ying Yang Twins vs. The Cure)King of PantsBest of Bootie 200503:33--000:00
Pump ItBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business03:33--000:00
Sunshine OnNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free03:33--000:00
Anarchy In The UkSex PistolsNever Mind The Bullocks Heres03:32--000:00
Blackberry BlossomMichelle ShockedArkansas Traveler03:32--000:00
Jump Jim CrowMichelle ShockedArkansas Traveler03:32--000:00
Old ManZZ TopUnknown03:32--000:00
Track 13GeorgeDecember 2001-103:32--000:00
JammingBob Marley & The WailersExodus03:31--000:00
Stay With MeLorraine EllisonSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 103:31--000:00
AnimalsTalking HeadsUnknown03:30--000:00
BebotBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business03:30--000:00
Can I Take You Higher?UnknownUnknown03:30--000:00
Kissimmee KidOld And In The WayUnknown03:30--000:00
My Life On The Crazy Train Sucks (So What?) (Kelly Clarkson vs. Ozzy Osbourne vs. Pink vs. Daft Punk)Dan Mei & Marc JohnceBest of Bootie 200903:30--000:00
Good FriendViolent FemmesBlind Leading the Naked03:29--000:00
UnsteadyTequila WormsKFJC Presents Combo Swell03:29--000:00
Black PearlThe Checkmates Ltd. Feat. Sonny CharlesSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 103:28--000:00
Certified BluesZZ TopUnknown03:28--000:00
I Believe In YouNeil YoungDecade03:28--000:00
Rebel CodeChumbawambaUn03:28--000:00
AlrightZap MamaAncestry In Progress03:27--000:00
Be With YouChumbawambaUn03:27--000:00
Hearing AidThey Might Be GiantsUnknown03:27--000:00
Natural MysticBob Marley & The WailersExodus03:27--000:00
Non StopYoung MCStone Cold Rhymin'03:27--000:00
Oh! DarlingThe BeatlesAbbey Road03:27--000:00
Persona Non GrataShakes GownKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Volume 1203:27--000:00
RamonaLes Gitans De BadajozLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)03:27--000:00
Space InvaderPretendersPretenders03:27--000:00
All Bets Are OffZoogz Rift & Mark MylarNutritionally Sound03:26--000:00
Dub Out Of The WellAudio ActiveHappy Happer03:26--000:00
My Better Years - The Johnson Mountain BoysHand-PickedUnknown03:26--000:00
Ragtime Annie - Byron BerlineHand-PickedUnknown03:26--000:00
Re-discover Downtown PatersonZoogz RiftIsland of Living Puke03:26--000:00
Sonata #13John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano03:26--000:00
Take This HammerOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)03:26--000:00
The Last TimeGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere03:26--000:00
Gbo Mata (StationZap MamaA Ma Zone03:25--000:00
Jenifa Taught Me (Derwin's Revenge)De La Soul3 Feet High And Rising03:25--000:00
Rainy Night HouseJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)03:25--000:00
BamboleoGipsy KingsPutumayo Presents World Hits03:24--000:00
Flinthill SpecialHylo Brown and The Timberliners With Earl ScruggsBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6303:23--000:00
Goin' Down To MexicoZZ TopUnknown03:23--000:00
I'm Ready, Willing & Able (Take 9)Betty DavisThe Columbia Years 1968-196903:23--000:00
Iko-IkoZap MamaA Ma Zone03:23--000:00
Whip My Hair, Whip It Real Good (Willow Smith vs. Devo) A Plus DBest of Bootie 201103:23--000:00
Bashana Haba’a (Live)Meshugga Beach PartyLive From The Kfjc Surf Battle03:22--000:00
Holiday In The SunSex PistolsNever Mind The Bullocks Heres03:22--000:00
Life Is GrandCamper Van BeethovenUnknown03:22--000:00
Pumped Up Kicks Take Over Control (Foster The People vs. Afrojack)Dave WranglerBest of Bootie 201103:22--000:00
The Mistake I Made - Eddie LejeuneLouisiana SpiceUnknown03:22--000:00
Wadidyusay?Zap MamaAncestry In Progress03:22--000:00
YakuZap MamaAncestry In Progress03:22--000:00
Birdhouse In Your SoulThey Might Be GiantsUnknown03:21--000:00
El No-NoManitas De PlataUnknown03:21--000:00
First Week-Last Week...CarefreeTalking HeadsTalking Heads- 7703:21--000:00
Hide Away Folk FamilyThey Might Be GiantsThey Might Be Giants03:21--000:00
It Won't Come EasyBilDeejay's Choice03:21--000:00
Jet Set GuitarsThree Balls of FireKFJC Presents Combo Swell03:21--000:00
Sure-Bla-Di Shot-Bla-Dadj BC and the BeastlesThe Beastles03:21--000:00
Surf RiderLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown03:21--000:00
Teddy BearThe ResidentsThe King And Eye03:21--000:00
TestifyStevie Ray VaughnUnknown03:21--000:00
The Sad PartLotionUnknown03:21--000:00
Universal SpyThe KilaueasKFJC Presents Combo Swell03:21--000:00
Whiskey'n MamaZZ TopRio Grande Mud03:21--000:00
Ball The WallProfessor LonghairNew Orleans Piano03:20--000:00
India - Master Manahar Barve - Gungru TarangThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown03:20--000:00
The Salmon DanceMcSlimey & The TeletubbiesIt Is To Laff03:20--000:00
Wig WiseDuke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles MingusMoney Jungle03:20--000:00
From a Buick 6Bob DylanHighway 61 Revisited03:19--000:00
Millions To BlowThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men03:19--000:00
Shake Your Rump(1)Beastie BoysPaul's Boutique03:19--000:00
Track 06EricSpring 200703:19--000:00
Who Can Blame YouAlison Krauss & Union StationUnknown03:19--000:00
Embryonic JourneyLeo KottkeUnknown03:18--000:00
Every Time You Say GoodbyeAlison Krauss & Union StationUnknown03:18--000:00
KyoreiThe Art Of The Japanese Bamboo FluteUnknown03:18--000:00
Gurdum Gurdum - Daulatabad, AfhganistanMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown03:17--000:00
Rhythm KingLunaPenthouse03:17--000:00
Short Skirt, London Bridge (Fergie vs. Cake)Max EntropyBest of Bootie 200603:16--000:00
The Magic NumberDe La Soul3 Feet High And Rising03:16--000:00
Longhair's Blues-RhumbaProfessor LonghairNew Orleans Piano03:15--000:00
Rumania - Anon. Group - Dance SongThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown03:15--000:00
Satsujin TaiyoThe WhysKFJC Presents Combo Swell03:15--000:00
Dock EllisLotionUnknown03:14--000:00
Marie-Josee (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 103:14--000:00
A-1 FunkSantanaLotus 03:13--000:00
Apache '65The Ventures