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SongArtistAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Rajastahni SongVarious ArtistsSapera: Snake Charmers of North India03:0412/07/18, 02:46PM721:28
Third TerrainRova Saxaphone QuartetUnknown06:5912/07/18, 02:42PM855:52
Tolstoy FarmPhilip GlassUnknown04:5812/07/18, 02:36PM629:48
Ethnicolor IJean-Michel JarreZoolook11:4012/07/18, 02:31PM446:40
Trial-PrisonPhilip GlassUnknown02:5112/07/18, 02:19PM308:33
DivaJean-Michel JarreZoolook07:3312/07/18, 02:16PM430:12
Mr Suso #1Philip GlassUnknown01:0812/07/18, 02:08PM707:56
OakumOzric TentaclesSpirals In Hyperspace09:0312/07/18, 02:07PM71:03:21
New Cities In Ancient Lands, AfricaPhilip GlassUnknown02:5612/07/18, 01:58PM823:28
Justice And HonorBill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones04:4912/07/18, 01:55PM524:05
TorqueRova Saxaphone QuartetUnknown10:0112/07/18, 01:51PM440:04
Evening SongPhilip GlassUnknown04:1112/07/18, 01:41PM625:06
Hard TimesBill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones03:4112/07/18, 01:36PM725:47
Serra PeladaPhilip GlassUnknown05:0212/07/18, 01:33PM525:10
Proverb (Nobukazu Takemura Remix)Reich RemixedUnknown07:4812/07/18, 01:28PM539:00
Piano Phase (D Note's Phased & Konfused Mix)Reich RemixedUnknown05:0912/07/18, 01:20PM525:45
Hymn To The SunPhilip GlassUnknown06:1712/07/18, 01:15PM637:42
Smilin' JonesBill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones05:0212/07/18, 01:08PM525:10
Damadam Mast KalandarVarious ArtistsSapera: Snake Charmers of North India03:2112/07/18, 01:03PM516:45
Eight Lines (Howie B Remix)Reich RemixedUnknown08:1612/07/18, 01:00PM541:20
Rajastahni Rasiya #1Various ArtistsSapera: Snake Charmers of North India03:2112/07/18, 12:52PM413:24
Moon RiverBill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones06:2612/07/18, 12:48PM851:28
raga ramdas malharravi hankar and ali akbar khanragas18:4812/07/18, 12:42PM72:11:36
Strange MeetingBill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones05:2612/07/18, 12:10PM738:02
Decasia: Part VBasel SinfoniettaDecasia04:3612/07/18, 12:04PM836:48
AgainBill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones07:3412/07/18, 12:00PM645:24
Decasia: Part IBasel SinfoniettaDecasia13:1612/07/18, 11:52AM339:48
Megamix (Tranquility Bass Remix)Reich RemixedUnknown09:4012/07/18, 11:39AM219:20
Sweet SixteenDiga Rhythm BandDiga08:0612/07/18, 11:29AM432:24
Coffaro's ThemeBill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones04:5212/07/18, 11:21AM419:28
Magnificent SevensDiga Rhythm BandDiga12:5912/07/18, 11:16AM225:58
ErplandOzric TentaclesErpland05:3212/07/18, 11:03AM738:44
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 10 Fughetta. A 1 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:4311/06/18, 11:05AM402:52
Pickney GalDesmond DekkerUnknown02:5911/06/18, 11:04AM205:58
Willow Grove - Barry HarrisClark TerryOne on One03:5811/06/18, 11:01AM311:54
The QuestAfro Cult FoundationNigeria 70 08:1011/06/18, 10:57AM108:10
Pony BoyThe Allman Brothers BandBrothers and Sisters05:5211/06/18, 10:49AM105:52
Viola Lee BluesPhil & Friends2007.10.20 02:2811/06/18, 10:43AM204:56
Astro ManJimi HendrixThe Cry Of Love03:3711/06/18, 10:40AM103:37
Track 07GeorgeDecember 2001-105:2611/06/18, 10:37AM105:26
Chase With Sports Cars And HelicopterThe PrisonerUnknown02:3611/06/18, 10:31AM102:36
Remidios VaroKing Of HawaiiKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:5011/06/18, 10:29AM308:30
Too Young To Go SteadyJohn ColtraneBallads04:2311/06/18, 10:26AM104:23
Orange Blossom SpecialOld And In The WayUnknown03:3111/06/18, 10:22AM103:31
There Is No Greater LoveMiles DavisThe Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More" 10:0311/06/18, 10:18AM110:03
Track 21EricSpring 200702:4111/06/18, 10:08AM205:22
ToumastTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life04:2711/01/18, 03:41PM417:48
Space Invaders RegroupBilDeejay's Choice03:1811/01/18, 03:36PM309:54
Track 08George2007-603:4111/01/18, 03:33PM103:41
Oh Mary Don't You WeepMississippi John HurtWorried Blues 196303:3011/01/18, 03:29PM103:30
Track 04George2004-704:0011/01/18, 03:26PM104:00
Walls Of TimeEmmylou HarrisUnknown04:4511/01/18, 03:22PM104:45
Street 66Linton Kwesi JohnsonUnknown03:4711/01/18, 03:17PM103:47
FlossingDr. ZeusUnknown05:3411/01/18, 03:13PM211:08
A MessageRahsaan Roland KirkBil00:5711/01/18, 03:07PM201:54
8-03 34 SkidooBill EvansThe Last Waltz06:2811/01/18, 03:07PM212:56
Caught!Philip GlassUnknown07:2111/01/18, 03:00PM429:24
Eine Kleine Big Booty Bonkers (Dizzee Rascal vs. Bombs Away vs. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) DJs From MarsBest of Bootie 201103:5911/01/18, 02:53PM103:59
Come TogetherThe BeatlesAbbey Road04:2111/01/18, 02:49PM104:21
Fingertips (6)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:0711/01/18, 02:44PM400:28
Hand Jive (First Alternate Take)Miles DavisNefertiti06:5211/01/18, 02:44PM213:44
Hollaback GirlGwen StefaniLove. Angel. Music. Baby.03:2011/01/18, 02:37PM206:40
Porpoise MouthCountry Joe & The FishElectric Music For The Mind And Body02:5111/01/18, 02:34PM102:51
Tal MalaDiga Rhythm BandDiga12:4811/01/18, 02:31PM451:12
Track 09George2010-703:2811/01/18, 02:18PM103:28
This Is A Recording 4 Living In A Fulltime Era (L.I.F.E.)De La Soul3 Feet High And Rising03:1011/01/18, 02:15PM206:20
Filthy GorgeousScissor SistersUnknown03:5211/01/18, 02:12PM103:52
Allah WakbarrOfo The Black CompanyNigeria 70 03:3011/01/18, 02:08PM103:30
GraceCountry Joe & The FishElectric Music For The Mind And Body07:0411/01/18, 02:04PM214:08
I'm Your PuppetJames & Bobby PurifySoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 103:0111/01/18, 01:57PM412:04
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - AriaGlenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations01:5311/01/18, 01:54PM203:46
Mean Old FriscoDeep BlueUnknown03:2710/31/18, 04:08PM103:27
Heavy Duty JudyFrank ZappaUnknown04:3910/31/18, 04:05PM209:18
Cortez The KillerNeil YoungDecade07:3210/31/18, 04:00PM107:32
LoveCountry Joe & The FishElectric Music For The Mind And Body02:2410/31/18, 03:46PM102:24
Raw Head And Bloody BonesScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry04:3110/31/18, 03:43PM104:31
White ShadowsColdplayX&Y05:2810/31/18, 03:39PM316:24
Fingertips (16)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:0510/31/18, 03:33PM200:10
Simple Twist Of FateJerry Garcia BandLive 11:5410/31/18, 03:33PM223:48
Revolution 1The BeatlesUnknown04:1610/31/18, 03:21PM104:16
Makino - Jodhpur, IndiaMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown04:0710/31/18, 03:17PM208:14
Love Theme From Santo GoldLotionUnknown05:0510/31/18, 03:13PM210:10
Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My MonkeyThe BeatlesUnknown02:2510/31/18, 03:08PM102:25
ShinePhil & Friends2007.10.20 06:5510/30/18, 03:27PM320:45
Hot ChaThey Might Be GiantsFlood01:3710/30/18, 03:20PM203:14
Temperaturized (Sean Paul vs. Yaz)Divide & KreateBest of Bootie 200603:0310/30/18, 03:19PM103:03
Party & Bullshit (In The USA) (Notorious B.I.G. vs. Miley Cyrus)HathbangerBest of Bootie 200903:2210/30/18, 03:16PM103:22
MadnessMiles DavisNefertiti07:3310/30/18, 03:12PM107:33
Track 03EricSpring 200903:0010/30/18, 03:05PM309:00
TeremitesSebastyen, Marta2000-February04:0810/30/18, 03:02PM312:24
QuadropheniaThe WhoQuadrophenia 06:1510/30/18, 02:58PM212:30
Audio Delite At Low FidelityBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business05:2910/30/18, 02:51PM421:56
Kavali - Hyderabad, IndiaMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown04:3710/30/18, 02:46PM209:14
Reich: Desert Music - 2. ModerateMichael Tilson Thomas: Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra & ChorusReich: Desert Music06:5910/30/18, 02:41PM106:59
I'll Find My WayThe Derek Trucks BandSonglines04:2410/30/18, 02:34PM104:24
DJuruAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali03:3510/30/18, 02:30PM207:10
Neptune's RevengeThe MermenKrill Slippin'02:2710/30/18, 02:26PM409:48
AuschwitzMarichkaLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)01:5910/30/18, 02:24PM203:58
I'll Rip Your Brains OutZoogz RiftWater07:1110/30/18, 02:22PM214:22
Electric BombardmentAudio ActiveHappy Happer05:1810/30/18, 02:15PM105:18
Moral And Immoral (Take 2)John ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner03:0710/30/18, 02:08PM206:14
Temas De HuelvaThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown02:2410/30/18, 02:05PM204:48
Nuclear Cats Get New HomeBiltter vs. HrvatskiHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry06:1310/30/18, 02:02PM318:39
Second InterludeJohn CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano03:4310/30/18, 01:56PM207:26
King Tubby Meets the Rockers UptownAugustus PabloHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry02:3210/30/18, 01:52PM102:32
Crazy (Album Version)Gnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere02:5810/30/18, 01:50PM205:56
Little-UmbrellasFrank ZappaUnknown03:0410/30/18, 01:47PM309:12
Enter Telephone (Lady Gaga vs. Metallica)DJs From MarsBest of Bootie 201003:2910/30/18, 01:44PM206:58
Reich: Desert Music - 5. FastMichael Tilson Thomas: Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra & ChorusReich: Desert Music10:4810/30/18, 01:40PM221:36
ZambraThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown04:0310/30/18, 01:29PM104:03
Nobody Knows The Trouble I've SeenDeep BlueUnknown03:0810/30/18, 01:25PM206:16
Jordan Am A Hard Road To TravelTex Logan, Eric Weissberg, & the New Lost City RamblersBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:4110/30/18, 01:22PM410:44
Tourist Point of View [Alternate Take]Duke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]05:0010/30/18, 01:18PM210:00
I'll Write a Song for YouEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live03:2610/30/18, 01:13PM517:10
Track 07EricSpring 200702:5610/19/18, 10:17AM308:48
NamedropperLotionUnknown05:3310/19/18, 10:08AM211:06
Metroid Metal - The EndingStemageUnknown05:0510/19/18, 10:02AM420:20
Born To Be BlueWes MontgomeryFull House [Keepnews Collection]07:2710/19/18, 09:57AM322:21
MarisStellamaraKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 106:0710/19/18, 09:49AM106:07
SomethingThe BeatlesAbbey Road03:0310/19/18, 09:43AM103:03
TipitinaProfessor LonghairNew Orleans Piano02:4010/19/18, 09:40AM513:20
For Those That Never DreamNOBODYKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 403:0610/19/18, 09:37AM206:12
Use The Same Old Song (The Four Tops vs. Kings of Leon)Mighty MikeBest of Bootie 200902:5910/19/18, 09:34AM102:59
In 3'SBeastie BoysCheck Your Head02:2310/19/18, 09:31AM102:23
Taqsim In Maqam Iraq - Baghdad, IraqMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown03:3010/19/18, 09:29AM310:30
Ethnicolor IIJean-Michel JarreZoolook03:5210/18/18, 05:00PM519:20
Reich: Drumming - Part 3Steve Reich & MusiciansDrumming11:1110/18/18, 04:56PM555:55
Knee 1Philip GlassUnknown03:3310/18/18, 04:45PM310:39
Feelin' Just Fine (Head Full of Shit)Spacemen 3Home Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry04:2810/18/18, 04:41PM940:12
ProtestPhilip GlassUnknown04:2210/18/18, 04:37PM730:34
Reich: Drumming - Part 1Steve Reich & MusiciansDrumming17:3110/18/18, 04:33PM41:10:04
Rajastahni SongVarious ArtistsSapera: Snake Charmers of North India02:0110/18/18, 04:15PM408:04
Decasia: Part IVBasel SinfoniettaDecasia15:4010/18/18, 04:13PM51:18:20
OutlawsBill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones07:5610/18/18, 03:57PM539:40
Kuru Field Of JusticePhilip GlassUnknown06:0810/18/18, 03:49PM742:56
One Six Four SevenAutechreLiftoff From Launch Pad08:4310/18/18, 03:38PM434:52
We Free KingsRahsaan Roland KirkBil04:4610/12/18, 04:09PM104:46
Wild InjunsNeville BrothersUnknown03:1910/12/18, 04:04PM103:19
Track 10GeorgeAugust 1998-103:3110/12/18, 04:01PM103:31
Love TodayMikaLife In Cartoon Motion03:5510/12/18, 03:57PM207:50
The Mole From The MinistryThe Dukes Of StratophearUnknown05:4910/12/18, 03:53PM105:49
Constellation JigTom Glazer & Dottie EvansSpace Songs02:0410/12/18, 03:48PM306:12
Lost In SpaceLunaPenthouse03:4510/12/18, 03:45PM103:45
Can't Leave You AloneSusan TedeschiJust Won't Burn03:0210/12/18, 03:42PM103:02
Drifting Down the Coast on a Haze of FogExpo '70KFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Volume 1214:2610/12/18, 03:39PM114:26
SugarlightXLos Angeles02:2910/12/18, 03:24PM409:56
MegaMan 2MinibossesUnknown09:4710/12/18, 03:22PM109:47
Oh FuckZoogz RiftIsland of Living Puke00:0910/12/18, 03:12PM200:18
El MarabinoEnrique CoriaUnknown01:1910/12/18, 03:12PM101:19
Dee DeeOrnette ColemanUnknown10:4310/12/18, 03:11PM332:09
This Is Where I BelongThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men02:2810/12/18, 03:00PM204:56
Track 16George2004-702:5610/12/18, 02:57PM102:56
Zap BébésZap MamaAncestry In Progress05:1410/12/18, 02:54PM420:56
Se Eni A Fe L'amo - Kere KereBabatunde OlatunjiUnknown09:2210/12/18, 02:49PM218:44
Piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 35 - I- Grave - Doppio MovimentoFrederic ChopinUnknown06:4810/12/18, 02:40PM213:36
RockawayThe Lava RatsKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead06:1910/12/18, 02:33PM318:57
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 18 Canone All Sesta. A 1 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:4610/12/18, 02:27PM100:46
Tchavolo SwingTchavolo Et DoradoLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)04:0610/10/18, 04:49PM520:30
Naked Lady Wrestler/Wait A MinuteAss Baboons Of VenusKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 205:2310/10/18, 04:44PM210:46
Pre-moamo SyndromeZoogz RiftInterim Resurgence01:2910/10/18, 04:39PM101:29
Boys And GirlsTwinkThe Broken Record02:0410/10/18, 04:38PM102:04
Burning Down The HouseTalking HeadsUnknown04:0110/10/18, 04:35PM312:03
For The TurnstilesNeil YoungDecade03:0110/10/18, 04:31PM103:01
Doin' Our Own DangJungle BrothersUnknown04:1910/10/18, 04:28PM208:38
Loopin TimeBrill, Wally2001-Q2 B06:0410/10/18, 04:24PM106:04
Mwekuru MuthaoMelodica Teens BandSofrito: International Soundclash03:2810/10/18, 04:18PM206:56
GrosvenorDr. ZeusUnknown17:1010/10/18, 04:15PM117:10
For Captain / Ballad of the Hot Ghost MamaLa OtracinaKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Vol. 1108:4010/10/18, 03:57PM108:40
I'll ZeThe J.B.'sThese Are The J.B.'s10:3910/05/18, 11:38AM221:18
These Are The JB's (Pt. 1 & 2)The J.B.'sThese Are The J.B.'s04:4510/05/18, 11:27AM523:45
The Grunt (Pt. 1 & 2)The J.B.'sThese Are The J.B.'s03:3010/05/18, 11:22AM414:00
When You Feel It Grunt If You Can (Medley)The J.B.'sThese Are The J.B.'s12:5810/05/18, 11:19AM225:56
Papa Don't Take No Mess, Part 1James BrownThe CD Of JB, Vol. 2: Cold Sweat & Other Soul Classics04:3610/05/18, 10:58AM418:24
Cold SweatJames BrownUnknown07:3010/05/18, 10:54AM322:30
I'll Go CrazyJames BrownThe CD Of JB, Vol. 2: Cold Sweat & Other Soul Classics02:0810/05/18, 10:46AM408:32
Good Good Lovin'James BrownThe CD Of JB, Vol. 2: Cold Sweat & Other Soul Classics02:1810/05/18, 10:44AM409:12
I'm A Greedy ManJames BrownUnknown06:3210/05/18, 10:42AM426:08
Give It Up Or Turnit A LooseJames BrownUnknown03:2010/05/18, 10:35AM413:20
Say It Loud (I'm Black And I'm Proud)James BrownThe CD Of JB, Vol. 2: Cold Sweat & Other Soul Classics04:4810/05/18, 10:32AM524:00
Get On The Good FootJames BrownUnknown05:2010/05/18, 10:27AM210:40
Make It FunkyJames BrownUnknown07:2510/05/18, 10:22AM429:40
ThinkJames BrownThe CD Of JB, Vol. 2: Cold Sweat & Other Soul Classics02:4810/05/18, 10:08AM514:00
I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me)James BrownThe CD Of JB, Vol. 2: Cold Sweat & Other Soul Classics03:2810/05/18, 10:05AM413:52
Get Up Offa That Thing (Release The Pressure)James BrownThe CD Of JB, Vol. 2: Cold Sweat & Other Soul Classics04:1010/05/18, 10:02AM416:40
I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me NothingJames BrownUnknown07:0310/04/18, 09:30AM214:06
You're From TexasBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:2609/27/18, 01:20PM204:52
In From The StormJimi HendrixThe Cry Of Love03:4409/27/18, 01:17PM207:28
SandThe MermenKrill Slippin'02:5709/27/18, 01:14PM308:51
5-04 Like Someone in LoveBill EvansThe Last Waltz07:0309/27/18, 01:11PM107:03
Talkin' BluesBob Marley & The WailersUnknown04:3709/27/18, 01:04PM104:37
Tin Pan AlleyStevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleCouldn't Stand The Weather09:1209/27/18, 12:59PM218:24
Ride Through Wild CountryShakin' Apostles1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West03:3309/27/18, 12:50PM103:33
The Magic of PalermoThe Lounge LizardsNo Pain for Cakes06:0709/27/18, 12:46PM212:14
Super Metroid Metal - Lower NorfairStemageUnknown04:4709/27/18, 12:40PM314:21
Variations On The Carlos Santana Secret Chord ProgressionFrank ZappaUnknown03:5709/27/18, 12:35PM311:51
One For SenegalThe PlebAfrican Groove04:4509/26/18, 04:03PM209:30
Barnard BluesBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown04:2409/26/18, 03:58PM104:24
Mob JobPat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X04:1209/26/18, 03:54PM208:24
Bondage Of The SeaThe MermenUnknown05:1809/26/18, 03:50PM105:18
Just A ThoughtGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere03:4309/26/18, 03:41PM207:26
Filé Gumbo - Zachary RichardLouisiana SpiceUnknown03:3009/26/18, 03:37PM207:00
03 - She's Actual SizeUnknownUnknown01:5909/26/18, 03:34PM203:58
Conga (Revisited)Arturo SandovalDanzon (Dance On)01:2409/26/18, 03:32PM202:48
Monied vs. Landed??????00:2009/26/18, 03:30PM301:00
Look At Little SisterStevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleCouldn't Stand The Weather02:4709/26/18, 02:01PM308:21
9mm Goes BangBoogie Down ProductionsHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry04:1709/26/18, 01:58PM104:17
Conga (Intro)Arturo SandovalDanzon (Dance On)01:1409/26/18, 01:54PM101:14
Bootie IntroTitus JonesBest of Bootie 201100:5309/26/18, 01:53PM403:32
Mass Projection Henry > RoopsNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free09:5709/26/18, 01:52PM329:51
Allen Shelton - Sourwood MountainHand-PickedUnknown00:3509/26/18, 01:42PM301:45
Secret To A Long LifeMichelle ShockedArkansas Traveler03:5109/26/18, 01:41PM311:33
Pon De Billie Foley (Major Lazer vs. Michael Jackson vs. Harold Faltermeyer)DJ Le Clown vs. LudachristBest of Bootie 201004:1009/26/18, 01:37PM208:20
SquankZZ TopUnknown02:4909/26/18, 01:33PM205:38
BouleriasManitas De PlataUnknown03:0609/26/18, 01:30PM206:12
Farther AlongMississippi John HurtWorried Blues 196303:5409/26/18, 01:27PM103:54
Pressure Time (Queen & David Bowie vs. MGMT)Mighty MikeBest of Bootie 2010 (Bonus Tracks)03:4709/26/18, 01:23PM103:47
Tweed HeadsKing Of HawaiiKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead03:0109/26/18, 01:20PM103:01
Journey in SatchidanandaAlice ColtraneJourney in Satchidananda06:4009/26/18, 01:17PM213:20
UnknownSplashback1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West02:5009/26/18, 11:30AM102:50
I Know You RiderGrateful DeadEurope '72 05:0509/26/18, 11:27AM210:10
Escape VelocityMudboyKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Vol. 1109:3209/26/18, 11:17AM219:04
Healing StreamBilDeejay's Choice02:5209/26/18, 11:07AM205:44
DilrubaNiyaz2005-406:4909/26/18, 11:05AM213:38
They'll Need A CraneThey Might Be GiantsUnknown02:3409/26/18, 10:00AM205:08
ScratchMorphineYes03:1409/26/18, 09:58AM103:14
Mofolo Hall (Akulalwa)NdumisoAfrican Groove03:5609/26/18, 09:54AM103:56
Pearl NecklaceZoogz Rift & Mark MylarNutritionally Sound05:2609/26/18, 09:50AM105:26
12 High 5 (Rock The Catskills)BeckUnknown04:1109/26/18, 09:45AM208:22
A Man Walks Into A BarChumbawambaUn04:0009/26/18, 09:41AM208:00
Blues DreamBill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones04:4909/06/18, 04:16PM733:43
raga malikaravi hankar and ali akbar khanragas19:0009/06/18, 04:11PM51:35:00
Rajastahni Rasiya #2Various ArtistsSapera: Snake Charmers of North India03:1509/06/18, 03:52PM516:15
IscenceOzric TentaclesErpland04:3809/06/18, 03:49PM732:26
ChewierOzric TentaclesSpirals In Hyperspace05:2709/06/18, 03:44PM632:42
Tidal ConvergenceOzric TentaclesErpland07:1409/06/18, 03:39PM428:56
Mosque And TemplePhilip GlassUnknown04:4309/06/18, 03:31PM418:52
PrashantiRavi Shankar, Philip GlassPassages13:3809/06/18, 03:27PM227:16
A Gift Of WingsOzric TentaclesErpland09:4809/06/18, 03:09PM71:08:36
Happiness Is DrummingDiga Rhythm BandDiga03:1809/06/18, 02:59PM516:30
Spirals In HyperspaceOzric TentaclesSpirals In Hyperspace09:5109/06/18, 02:56PM81:18:48
Music For 18 Musicians (Coldcut Remix)Reich RemixedUnknown06:0909/06/18, 02:46PM424:36
Tell Your Ma, Tell Your PaBill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones09:0809/06/18, 02:40PM545:40
Meetings Along The EdgeRavi Shankar, Philip GlassPassages08:1109/06/18, 02:26PM432:44
Ragas In Minor ScaleRavi Shankar, Philip GlassPassages07:3709/04/18, 04:27PM753:19
Mysticum ArabicolaOzric TentaclesErpland09:1509/04/18, 04:20PM437:00
ZoolookJean-Michel JarreZoolook03:4309/04/18, 04:11PM518:35
Lok Sangit LahraVarious ArtistsSapera: Snake Charmers of North India03:1109/04/18, 04:07PM619:06
Knee 5Philip GlassUnknown05:1109/04/18, 04:04PM631:06
raga bilashkani todiravi hankar and ali akbar khanragas19:5609/04/18, 03:58PM61:59:36
A Rainbow in Curved AirTerry RileyA Rainbow in Curved Air18:4609/04/18, 03:16PM356:18
Eternal WheelOzric TentaclesErpland08:2009/04/18, 02:58PM650:00
raga palasravi hankar and ali akbar khanragas20:1609/04/18, 02:49PM62:01:36
Heading To GloryAfrican Head ChargeLiftoff From Launch Pad04:3109/04/18, 01:58PM627:06
All The Love In The UniverseSantanaUnknown07:3909/04/18, 01:53PM215:18
Track 01George2007-604:5009/04/18, 01:46PM104:50
And The Gods Made LoveJimi HendrixUnknown01:2109/04/18, 01:41PM304:03
Ja Fun Mi (Instrumental)King Sunny Ade & His African BeatsNigeria 70 07:1409/04/18, 01:40PM214:28
Uncle PenOld And In The WayUnknown02:5809/04/18, 01:14PM205:56
Sympathy For Teen Spirit (Rolling Stones vs. Queen vs. Nirvana)DJ MouleBest of Bootie 200704:5609/04/18, 01:11PM104:56
If I Had A Ribbon BowOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)02:4009/04/18, 01:06PM205:20
Word from BirdPat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X03:4808/30/18, 12:13AM519:00
Cluck Old HenAlison Krauss & Union StationUnknown02:3508/29/18, 11:56PM205:10
Ba BumpBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business03:5708/29/18, 11:53PM311:51
Una TorentasManitas De PlataUnknown03:3608/29/18, 11:49PM207:12
Agarralo Que Eso Es TuyoLuis Kalaff y sus Alegres DominicanosSofrito: International Soundclash02:3908/27/18, 05:00PM102:39
FrictionTom Glazer & Dottie EvansSpace Songs02:3308/27/18, 04:58PM102:33
Music NewsOrnette ColemanUnknown03:0508/27/18, 04:55PM206:10
Stay HungryTalking HeadsUnknown02:4108/27/18, 04:52PM102:41
AfrikiAlpha BlondyUnknown05:0508/27/18, 04:49PM315:15
Track 07George2010-704:4408/27/18, 04:44PM314:12
I Ne Suhe (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 101:0308/27/18, 04:39PM202:06
Peace And HappinessDeep BlueUnknown02:3308/27/18, 04:35PM205:06
Sugar MagnoliaGrateful DeadEurope '72 07:1108/27/18, 04:33PM321:33
4-03 Who Can I Turn to (When NobodyBill EvansThe Last Waltz06:0008/27/18, 04:25PM212:00
Getting In TuneThe WhoWho's Next04:5108/27/18, 04:19PM104:51
Strung OutJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 07:2608/27/18, 04:13PM214:52
VivreZap MamaAncestry In Progress03:1508/27/18, 04:06PM103:15
Watermelon ManHerbie HancockUnknown06:3508/27/18, 04:03PM106:35
In The Ultimate Scheme Of ThingsZoogz RiftVillagers07:5508/27/18, 03:56PM431:40
Sailing OnThe Derek Trucks BandSonglines03:4808/27/18, 03:48PM207:36
HoneymoonersOrnette Coleman And Prime TimeVirgin Beauty04:2408/27/18, 03:44PM208:48
LiveLaddio BolockoKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 105:5008/27/18, 03:40PM105:50
OMG The One Who Changed The Way I Love (Usher vs. R.E.M. vs. Example)Dylan Vasey vs. Hifi Banjo StringsBest of Bootie 201104:3508/24/18, 04:21PM313:45
Castillos de Arena, Pt. 1 (Sand Castle)SantanaLotus 02:5108/24/18, 04:17PM102:51
Ball And ChainXTCEnglish Settlement04:3208/24/18, 04:14PM209:04
Low Dog (Bootie edit) (Flo-Rida vs. The Stooges vs. Dakar & Grinser)DJ FoxBest of Bootie 200804:1408/24/18, 04:09PM208:28
Pictures Of Matchstick Men Camper Van BeethovenUnknown04:1008/24/18, 04:01PM208:20
To Lay Me DownGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]09:0208/24/18, 03:57PM327:06
LaceDr. ZeusUnknown03:0508/24/18, 03:48PM515:25
Rock Me RightSusan TedeschiJust Won't Burn04:2708/24/18, 03:45PM104:27
CassidyGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]04:3508/23/18, 08:21PM418:20
One More Saturday NightGrateful DeadEurope '72 04:4808/21/18, 10:32AM209:36
Big RiverGrateful DeadDick's Picks, Vol. 1 [Live] 05:2308/21/18, 10:27AM105:23
Monkey And The EngineerGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]02:4808/21/18, 10:22AM205:36
He's GoneGrateful DeadEurope '72 06:5308/21/18, 10:19AM106:53
The Race Is OnGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]02:5608/21/18, 10:12AM205:52
Big Railroad BluesGrateful DeadHundred Year Hall (Disc 1) [Live]03:5408/21/18, 10:09AM103:54
ParallelogramGrateful DeadInfrared Roses [Live]05:0608/21/18, 10:05AM210:12
Jack StrawGrateful DeadHundred Year Hall (Disc 1) [Live]04:4708/21/18, 10:00AM104:47
02 HotwaxBeckUnknown03:4908/10/18, 12:56PM207:38
DebatesDr. ZeusUnknown01:2108/10/18, 12:53PM101:21
FaithViolent FemmesBlind Leading the Naked04:1508/10/18, 12:51PM104:15
The ThrobbeOzric TentaclesErpland06:2208/10/18, 12:47PM638:12
Bouba (Cool)Dady MimboAfrican Groove04:0708/09/18, 03:25PM104:07
African FlowerSanchez, PonchoDo It!05:1208/09/18, 02:58PM105:12
Shut Up 'n Play Yer GuitarFrank ZappaUnknown05:3608/07/18, 09:52AM316:48
Reich: Desert Music - 1. FastMichael Tilson Thomas: Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra & ChorusReich: Desert Music07:5408/07/18, 09:39AM107:54
Flying HighCountry Joe & The FishLive! Fillmore West 196912:3608/07/18, 09:31AM225:12
Petits Machins (Little Stuff)Miles DavisFilles de Kilimanjaro08:0707/31/18, 12:40PM108:07
Stucco HomesFrank ZappaUnknown08:5707/31/18, 12:32PM217:54
Righteous PunishmentThe MermenIn God We Trust08:4807/31/18, 12:23PM544:00
BorotoBadenya Les Freres CoulibalyAfrican Groove04:3607/31/18, 12:14PM418:24
Move OverWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields10:0507/31/18, 12:09PM330:15
You'll Get No More Of Me - Lynn MorrisHand-PickedUnknown03:0607/31/18, 11:59AM103:06
Mamo, Snezhets Navalyalo3 Mustaphas 3Soup Of The Century03:1107/31/18, 11:56AM206:22
Hammer HeadThe MermenKrill Slippin'02:4607/31/18, 11:53AM205:32
Liberty ValanceThe Royal GuardsmenSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:3907/31/18, 11:50AM205:18
DriftingJimi HendrixUnknown03:5207/31/18, 11:48AM207:44
Space Park DriveThe Insect SurfersKFJC Presents Combo Swell03:2207/31/18, 11:44AM206:44
Brainiac's DaughterThe Dukes Of StratophearUnknown03:5907/31/18, 11:40AM207:58
Walkin' Out Yo Girlfriend (Unk vs. Avril Lavigne vs. Toni Basil)LobsterdustBest of Bootie 200703:3707/31/18, 11:36AM103:37
journal.pone.0049773.s003UnknownUnknown00:3007/31/18, 11:25AM201:00
Eleanor RigbyThe Beatles102:0707/31/18, 11:25AM204:14
Never No More Hard Times BluesBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:3507/31/18, 11:23AM102:35
Melody from the Film PhagunVarious ArtistsSapera: Snake Charmers of North India04:0207/17/18, 04:21PM312:06
Channels And WindsRavi Shankar, Philip GlassPassages08:0007/17/18, 04:00PM324:00
Twenty YearsBill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones03:1507/17/18, 03:52PM619:30
Anthem-Part 3Philip GlassUnknown08:1107/17/18, 03:49PM540:55
Reich: Drumming - Part 2Steve Reich & MusiciansDrumming18:1207/17/18, 03:41PM354:36
BedPhilip GlassUnknown03:4207/17/18, 03:11PM622:12
OfferingRavi Shankar, Philip GlassPassages09:4607/17/18, 03:07PM329:18
SnakepitOzric TentaclesErpland03:1807/17/18, 02:57PM516:30
GuaguancóArturo SandovalDanzon (Dance On)06:0107/12/18, 01:22PM318:03
Blue XoamThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria04:1007/12/18, 01:16PM104:10
Dark HollowGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]03:4907/12/18, 01:12PM207:38
Houses In MotionTalking HeadsRemain In Light04:3307/12/18, 01:08PM209:06
DeliriumLos VenturasKFJC Presents Combo Swell04:4107/12/18, 01:04PM104:41
Fix YouColdplayX&Y04:5507/12/18, 12:59PM104:55
Lucky Ball & ChainThey Might Be GiantsFlood02:4907/12/18, 12:51PM102:49
AsstinatoNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free06:0107/12/18, 12:45PM212:02
Jungle Blues - Eric ReedClark TerryOne on One03:3607/12/18, 12:39PM207:12
I Palindrome IThey Might Be GiantsUnknown02:2307/12/18, 12:35PM204:46
Zohar No. 23 Mustaphas 3Unknown04:3307/12/18, 12:33PM209:06
Ramble On RoseGrateful DeadEurope '72 06:0107/05/18, 03:28PM106:01
Pussy CatTwinkThe Broken Record02:0307/05/18, 03:22PM306:09
CrackerblocksOzric TentaclesErpland05:4007/05/18, 03:20PM317:00
Old ManNeil YoungDecade03:2207/05/18, 02:46PM103:22
WhisperMorphineYes03:2907/05/18, 02:42PM206:58
(You Gotta Walk) Don't Look BackPeter Tosh With Mick JaggerPutumayo Presents World Hits05:1607/05/18, 02:39PM210:32
Clocks [Live]ColdplayLeftRightLeftRightLeft [Live]04:4007/05/18, 02:33PM209:20
HelplessNeil YoungDecade03:3307/05/18, 02:28PM207:06
PantylandNoxagtKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 503:1007/05/18, 02:14PM206:20
Hoppity JonesTwinkTwink01:1307/05/18, 02:11PM101:13
SugareeJerry GarciaGarcia05:5507/05/18, 02:10PM211:50
Heart BeatitudeThe MermenUnknown03:3807/05/18, 02:04PM310:54
Bourgeois BoogieOrnette Coleman And Prime TimeVirgin Beauty05:1107/05/18, 02:00PM210:22
FearlessPink FloydMeddle06:0907/05/18, 10:58AM106:09
Cry Baby CryThe BeatlesUnknown03:1107/05/18, 10:52AM103:11
It's About The Dollar BillJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 04:1307/03/18, 12:50PM104:13
Look Up (To See What's Coming Down)SantanaUnknown02:5707/03/18, 12:46PM308:51
Groove HolmesBeastie BoysCheck Your Head02:3307/03/18, 12:43PM307:39
Libya BluesPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown06:3407/03/18, 12:41PM213:08
South Africa - John Bhengu - UmakotshahaThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown02:3407/03/18, 12:34PM102:34
Beak (Roy Orbit's Son, Mo' Mo-Fo's, Main Theme)Zoogz RiftWater07:4307/03/18, 12:31PM107:43
Kiss Me, Son Of GodThey Might Be GiantsLincoln01:5307/03/18, 12:24PM101:53
Elephant TalkKing CrimsonDiscipline04:4307/03/18, 12:18PM209:26
Fingertips (18)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:0907/03/18, 12:14PM100:09
I Saw Her Standing ThereDixie Power TrioUnknown02:1607/03/18, 12:13PM102:16
In The Mood For Some Killing (Glenn Miller & His Orchestra vs. Rage Against The Machine)DJ SchmolliBest of Bootie 2011 (Bonus Tracks)02:1707/03/18, 12:11PM204:34
Dancing TimeThe FunkeesNigeria 70 03:1907/03/18, 12:09PM206:38
Minnie's Yoo Hoo! 1930The Carl Stalling ProjectUnknown02:0007/03/18, 12:06PM510:00
No More Gas (Rihanna vs. Kardinal Offishall vs. Akon vs. Ne-Yo vs. Estelle vs. Pussycat Dolls vs. Leona Lewis vs. Danity Kane vs. Madonna vs. Timbaland vs. Justin Timberlake vs. Lupe Fiasco vs. Matthew Santos vs. Britney Spears vs. Flo-Rida vs. T-Pain)EarwormBest of Bootie 200805:0207/03/18, 12:04PM315:06
Audio Active's Adventure In Time & SpaceAudio ActiveHappy Happer02:4207/03/18, 11:58AM102:42
LollipopMikaLife In Cartoon Motion03:0407/03/18, 11:56AM103:04
Eighty-OneMiles DavisE.S.P.06:1707/03/18, 11:53AM212:34
Happy DayTalking HeadsTalking Heads- 7703:5507/03/18, 11:46AM103:55
Night And DayDjango ReinhardtUnknown02:5207/03/18, 11:43AM205:44
I Ain't Broke (But I'm Badly Bent) - David GrismanHand-PickedUnknown01:5907/03/18, 11:40AM203:58
Standing In The Way Of Connection (The Gossip vs. Elastica)A plus DBest of Bootie 200702:3007/03/18, 11:38AM307:30
LotusScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry04:2207/03/18, 11:35AM104:22
Night Bird FlyingJimi HendrixThe Cry Of Love03:5507/03/18, 11:31AM103:55
Cold ShotStevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleCouldn't Stand The Weather04:0207/03/18, 11:27AM104:02
7-05 My Man's Gone NowBill EvansThe Last Waltz04:3707/03/18, 11:23AM209:14
Sonata #11John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano02:3907/02/18, 12:56PM205:18
DevotionEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live05:0307/02/18, 12:53PM315:09
Big Yellow TaxiJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)02:1507/02/18, 12:48PM102:15
Living for the CityStevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium I 07:2507/02/18, 12:46PM214:50
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 15 Canone Alla Quinta. A 1 Clav. AndanteGlenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations02:1807/02/18, 12:38PM204:36
Electric GuitarTalking HeadsUnknown03:0307/02/18, 12:36PM206:06
SiipSieEkova2001-Q1 A03:3807/02/18, 12:33PM207:16
Switch BladeDuke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles MingusMoney Jungle05:2506/29/18, 03:46PM316:15
Singing In The ShowerOrnette Coleman And Prime Time with Jerry GarciaVirgin Beauty04:2706/29/18, 03:41PM208:54
untitledKIRIHITOKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 203:4306/29/18, 03:36PM103:43
Twang AMEl RayKFJC Presents Combo Swell02:3006/29/18, 03:33PM102:30
Death Sound BluesCountry Joe & The FishElectric Music For The Mind And Body04:2606/29/18, 03:30PM208:52
Playin' In The BandGrateful DeadDick's Picks, Vol. 1 [Live] 21:1106/29/18, 03:26PM121:11
La Zorra y El PerolGrupo Canalon de TimbiquiSofrito: International Soundclash04:4506/29/18, 03:05PM209:30
Hurts Me TooGrateful DeadEurope '72 07:1906/29/18, 03:00PM214:38
Tread WaterDe La Soul3 Feet High And Rising03:4606/29/18, 02:52PM207:32
4-06 The Two Lonely PeopleBill EvansThe Last Waltz06:4406/29/18, 02:49PM106:44
The Jolly Green GiantThe Royal GuardsmenSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:0406/29/18, 02:42PM102:04
MohairKing Of HawaiiKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:0506/29/18, 02:34PM204:10
Track 24EricSpring 200702:0006/29/18, 02:27PM102:00
Section 43Country Joe & The FishElectric Music For The Mind And Body07:2606/29/18, 02:25PM214:52
HeartacheViolent FemmesBlind Leading the Naked02:0206/29/18, 02:15PM204:04
Vibes And StuffA Tribe Called QuestUnknown04:1806/28/18, 10:29AM104:18
Walk OnNeil YoungDecade02:4106/26/18, 03:40PM308:03
Metroid Metal - RidleyStemageUnknown02:1606/26/18, 03:38PM306:48
Helpless DancerThe WhoQuadrophenia 02:3606/26/18, 03:35PM205:12
Isfahan [Alternate Take]Duke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]04:1306/26/18, 03:33PM104:13
Two For The Price Of OneLarry Williams & Johnny WatsonSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 103:2006/26/18, 03:29PM310:00
Stayin' Low! (Bee Gees vs. Lil Jon vs. De La Soul)Daily DazeBest of Bootie 2011 (Bonus Tracks)04:5206/26/18, 03:25PM104:52
05 DerelictBeckUnknown04:1306/26/18, 03:20PM416:52
Crosstown TrafficJimi HendrixUnknown02:2706/26/18, 03:16PM102:27
Horace Tapscott - Chicago 1993 - 02. One for LatelyUnknownUnknown21:0806/26/18, 03:14PM31:03:24
Show Me The WayZap MamaAncestry In Progress04:4006/26/18, 02:53PM418:40
I Held Her in My ArmsViolent FemmesBlind Leading the Naked02:5306/26/18, 02:45PM308:39
Purple ToupeeThey Might Be GiantsUnknown02:4006/26/18, 02:42PM205:20
Walkin'Miles DavisThe Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More" 08:0806/26/18, 02:37PM216:16
Help The PoorDeep BlueUnknown03:5506/26/18, 02:28PM103:55
Track 22EricSpring 200703:1806/26/18, 02:16PM103:18
Stone Cold Buggin'Young MCStone Cold Rhymin'01:4106/26/18, 02:12PM101:41
Kamaycha - West Of Jaisalmer, IndiaMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown03:1606/26/18, 02:00PM206:32
Plekete (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 103:2706/26/18, 01:55PM103:27
Tutu's PromiseJessica WilliamsWilliams, Jessica: Live at Yoshi's, Vol. 109:2606/20/18, 05:23PM328:18
NaimaJohn ColtraneUnknown04:2406/20/18, 05:14PM208:48
Me And My UncleGrateful DeadHundred Year Hall (Disc 1) [Live]03:0506/20/18, 05:10PM103:05
Amad [Alternate Take]Duke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]04:1506/20/18, 05:07PM312:45
Any Way You Want It (Syntax Error Remix) (Journey vs. Rhythm Scholar)Rhythm ScholarBest of Bootie 200903:4406/20/18, 05:02PM103:44
Gee, I Like Your PantsFrank ZappaUnknown02:3206/20/18, 04:56PM307:36
Danza EgipciaThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown04:1106/20/18, 04:53PM208:22
Lose AgainAlison Krauss & Union StationUnknown02:5706/20/18, 04:49PM308:51
How Am I to Know?Miles Davis QuintetThe New Miles Davis Quintet04:4206/20/18, 04:46PM418:48
Roll With The PunchesYoung MCStone Cold Rhymin'04:3106/20/18, 04:41PM313:33
Funky BossBeastie BoysCheck Your Head01:3606/20/18, 04:37PM101:36
Kemence Karadenis - Macka, TurkeyMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown02:4606/20/18, 04:35PM102:46
Imidiwan WinakalinTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life04:2706/20/18, 04:32PM208:54
Music Is The VictimScissor SistersUnknown03:0206/20/18, 04:28PM309:06
ColorsPharoah SandersKarma05:3806/20/18, 04:25PM105:38
Track 08GeorgeAugust 1998-106:5006/20/18, 04:19PM106:50
El MacheteAntibalasLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 109:5406/20/18, 04:12PM219:48
Jimmy JamesBeastie BoysCheck Your Head03:1506/11/18, 05:07PM103:15
W'happy MamaZap MamaA Ma Zone05:1706/11/18, 05:04PM315:51
ConversationJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)04:2706/11/18, 04:59PM104:27
Whitewater - Bela FleckHand-PickedUnknown03:1106/11/18, 04:54PM103:11
HimalayasGuo Brothers & Shung TianThe Compact Realworld05:4406/11/18, 04:51PM105:44
3-Minute RuleBeastie BoysPaul's Boutique03:3906/11/18, 04:45PM103:39
I Come OffYoung MCStone Cold Rhymin'04:0506/11/18, 04:33PM104:05
Border PatrolThe Duo-TonesKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead04:2206/11/18, 04:29PM104:22
Honeysuckle RoseDjango ReinhardtUnknown02:5306/11/18, 04:25PM102:53
Beyond This WorldJungle BrothersUnknown04:0806/11/18, 04:22PM104:08
Life's a BeachA-Studio2007-612:5006/11/18, 04:18PM225:40
Door To DoorJohn ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner05:0506/11/18, 04:05PM105:05
Home Is Where The Hatred IsGil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man03:2206/11/18, 04:00PM516:50
Come OnJimi HendrixUnknown04:1006/11/18, 03:57PM104:10
Pet SoundsThe Beach BoysPet Sounds [Bonus Tracks]02:2206/11/18, 03:52PM307:06
Take Your Mama OutScissor SistersUnknown04:3606/11/18, 03:50PM418:24
Desolation RowBob DylanHighway 61 Revisited11:2206/11/18, 03:45PM111:22
What's NewJohn ColtraneBallads03:4706/11/18, 03:34PM103:47
HeavenTalking HeadsUnknown04:0306/11/18, 03:30PM104:03
TinaDuke EllingtonUnknown04:3806/11/18, 03:26PM104:38
Lonesome L.A. CowboyOld And In The WayUnknown04:2206/08/18, 03:23PM104:22
Gosh, I Miss You All The TimeJim & Jesse And The Virginia BoysBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:0806/08/18, 03:08PM204:16
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 23 A 2 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:5506/08/18, 03:06PM403:40
Knick KnackTwinkSmall Sound All Around02:5506/08/18, 03:05PM205:50
Soup 'n Old ClothesFrank ZappaUnknown08:0306/08/18, 03:02PM108:03
Healing ChantNeville BrothersUnknown04:3706/08/18, 02:54PM313:51
The Sun Is Gonna ShineWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields02:2106/07/18, 11:51AM102:21
Fingertips (2)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:0606/07/18, 11:49AM400:24
Piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 35 - Iii- Marche FunebreFrederic ChopinUnknown08:4406/07/18, 11:49AM217:28
Ain't That A BitchJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:0106/07/18, 11:40AM420:04
Welcome To MaliAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali03:2006/07/18, 11:35AM206:40
The Song Is OverThe WhoWho's Next06:1506/07/18, 11:32AM212:30
Boulevard Del La MortAlpha BlondyUnknown05:3106/06/18, 11:20AM211:02
P-Funk Is Playing At My House (LCD Soundsystem vs. Gerald A. vs. Katie Enlow)DJ RikoBest of Bootie 200505:1206/06/18, 11:12AM210:24
The Andy Griffith Show Theme: The Fishin' HoleHenry KaiserThose Who Know History Are Doomed to Repeat It03:5606/06/18, 11:06AM103:56
Saltarello - Castelnuovo, Near Isernia, ItalyMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown01:4506/06/18, 11:02AM101:45
The Sounds Of ScienceBeastie BoysPaul's Boutique03:1206/06/18, 10:59AM206:24
Easy RiderOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)05:0506/06/18, 10:56AM210:10
West Of HereLotionThe Telephone Album05:1806/06/18, 10:47AM210:36
Chant #9Peter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown04:5006/06/18, 10:41AM104:50
Nocturne No. 9Frederic ChopinUnknown04:3106/06/18, 10:32AM209:02
Too Much Of AnythingThe WhoWho's Next04:2506/06/18, 10:28AM208:50
Paris GreenKing Of HawaiiKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead05:0906/06/18, 10:23AM315:27
Mystery AchievementPretendersPretenders05:2406/06/18, 10:18AM105:24
Oh FuckZoogz RiftIsland of Living Puke00:0906/06/18, 10:07AM300:27
Second Wind - Claire LynchHand-PickedUnknown03:0606/06/18, 10:07AM309:18
Percolator StompThe Apemen1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West02:2906/06/18, 09:50AM102:29
HelicopterXTCDrums And Wires03:5506/06/18, 09:47AM103:55
King BrothersTear It Up BluesKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 202:0306/06/18, 09:43AM102:03
BarikaAmadou & MariamWati03:3906/06/18, 09:41AM207:18
Telephone BillJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 04:4306/06/18, 09:38AM314:09
MantraSantanaLotus 07:1806/01/18, 01:41PM214:36
Baby Won't You Please Come HomeBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:2006/01/18, 10:56AM307:00
Reggae RecipeDesmond DekkerUnknown03:0506/01/18, 10:53AM206:10
I Been Cryin' Since You Been GoneMississippi John HurtWorried Blues 196303:1006/01/18, 10:50AM103:10
Little WingStevie Ray VaughnUnknown06:4906/01/18, 10:47AM213:38
Toltec SpringOzric TentaclesErpland03:0306/01/18, 10:35AM618:18
PaulusDr. ZeusUnknown02:0006/01/18, 10:32AM204:00
Pretty VacantSex PistolsNever Mind The Bullocks Heres03:1706/01/18, 10:29AM206:34
Forwarding, Parts 1 & 2Peter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown12:4806/01/18, 10:26AM225:36
Summun, Bukmun, UmyunPharoah SandersSummun, Bukmun, Umyun21:2005/31/18, 04:37PM31:04:00
KazatskiAndy Statman & David GrismanUnknown03:1505/31/18, 04:16PM103:15
Baby's In Love With The RadioJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 03:5005/31/18, 04:12PM103:50
They Might Be GiantsThey Might Be GiantsFlood02:4505/31/18, 04:09PM205:30
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - 4. AllegroNeville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107903:1705/31/18, 04:06PM206:34
Old Mother ReaganViolent FemmesBlind Leading the Naked00:3205/31/18, 04:03PM201:04
Madness (Alternate Take)Miles DavisNefertiti06:4605/31/18, 04:02PM106:46
Oklahoma HillsBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown01:5205/31/18, 03:55PM101:52
Walk Your Blues AwayProfessor LonghairNew Orleans Piano02:5805/31/18, 03:53PM102:58
Moron SerenadeZoogz RiftAmputees In Limbo04:0705/31/18, 03:50PM104:07
I Feel So GoodDeep BlueUnknown03:4205/31/18, 03:42PM414:48
Pour Chercher Le MagotKiland et L'Orchestre MabatalaïSofrito: International Soundclash06:2105/31/18, 03:39PM212:42
Bedroom ThangZZ TopUnknown03:5305/31/18, 03:32PM311:39
What A Way To GoDeep BlueUnknown03:4605/31/18, 03:28PM103:46
CloudscapePhilip GlassKoyaanisqatsi (Original Version)04:4005/31/18, 03:24PM628:00
ScotlandEmmylou HarrisUnknown02:5905/31/18, 03:20PM205:58
If I Were A Free Fallin' Boy (Beyoncé vs. Tom Petty)EarwormBest of Bootie 200804:1605/31/18, 03:17PM104:16
Stang's SwangStevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleCouldn't Stand The Weather02:5505/31/18, 03:12PM102:55
Hold You In My ArmsRay LaMontagneTrouble05:0605/24/18, 04:47PM105:06
Say It (Over And Over Again)Jessica WilliamsWilliams, Jessica: Live at Yoshi's, Vol. 106:2005/24/18, 04:42PM106:20
Death Will Never Conquer [Live]ColdplayLeftRightLeftRightLeft [Live]01:3905/24/18, 04:35PM101:39
Egg ManBeastie BoysPaul's Boutique02:5805/24/18, 04:34PM102:58
Vern Williams - When Springtime Comes AgainHand-PickedUnknown02:5305/24/18, 04:31PM205:46
SunshineJungle BrothersUnknown03:4605/24/18, 04:28PM207:32
E'mmaTouré KundaPutumayo Presents World Hits04:0305/24/18, 04:24PM208:06
Flop Eared Mule - David Grier And Mike ComptonHand-PickedUnknown01:5905/24/18, 04:20PM203:58
Fire (Live)The PyronautsLive From The Kfjc Surf Battle02:3405/24/18, 04:18PM205:08
Hall Of HeadsThey Might Be GiantsUnknown02:5405/24/18, 04:01PM102:54
Lady GaborThe Nels Cline Singers with Jeff ParkerKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Vol. 1112:2905/24/18, 03:58PM224:58
Unissons NousAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali04:1705/24/18, 03:39PM208:34
Burn Down BabylonBilDeejay's Choice06:1505/24/18, 03:34PM212:30
SeptemberEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live02:2805/24/18, 03:28PM307:24
Light BeamJohn Abercrombie/Marc Johnson/Peter ErskineJohn Abercrombie, Marc Johnson & Peter Erskine03:0805/24/18, 03:26PM206:16
Video GamesPat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X05:2105/24/18, 03:22PM105:21
Santur Solo In Dastgah Homayon - Teheran, IranMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown03:0105/24/18, 03:17PM206:02
Crosseyed And PainlessTalking HeadsRemain In Light04:4805/24/18, 03:14PM104:48
WaterThe WhoWho's Next06:2605/24/18, 03:09PM106:26
NervousVarious ArtistsThe Sound of Jazz [Columbia/Sony]03:4605/24/18, 03:03PM207:32
Your Avid OutputThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men03:3405/24/18, 02:59PM103:34
Jack StrawGrateful DeadEurope '72 04:4905/24/18, 02:55PM209:38
Ship AhoyFrank ZappaUnknown05:2605/24/18, 02:51PM210:52
Leavin' - James KingHand-PickedUnknown03:0105/24/18, 02:45PM206:02
The JesterLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:3405/24/18, 02:42PM410:16
Midnight MoonlightOld And In The WayUnknown06:1205/24/18, 02:40PM106:12
Turiya And RamakrishnaAlice ColtranePtah, The El Daoud08:2205/24/18, 02:33PM216:44
The Deep EndMajor StarsKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 109:0305/24/18, 02:25PM218:06
Jimmy Brown The News BoyFlatt & ScruggsBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6303:1405/24/18, 02:08PM103:14
Track 04GeorgeAugust 1998-103:3405/24/18, 02:05PM103:34
The Trick BagWes MontgomeryBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]04:2705/24/18, 02:01PM208:54
I'm Ready, Willing & Able (Take 1)Betty DavisThe Columbia Years 1968-196901:0505/24/18, 01:57PM101:05
Funk Beyond The Call Of DutyJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:1305/24/18, 01:56PM105:13
BodiesSex PistolsNever Mind The Bullocks Heres03:0305/22/18, 05:20PM103:03
Four Or Five TimesBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:5305/22/18, 05:17PM102:53
Voodoo What You DoJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:1805/22/18, 05:14PM315:54
Guitar TownEmmylou HarrisUnknown02:5605/22/18, 05:09PM205:52
Flying HighCountry Joe & The FishElectric Music For The Mind And Body02:4105/22/18, 05:06PM102:41
Decasia: Part IIIBasel SinfoniettaDecasia07:3705/22/18, 05:03PM430:28
Mist from the Random MoreGogKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Vol. 1108:5805/22/18, 04:55PM108:58
Rebel RouserThe VenturesUnknown02:0105/22/18, 04:46PM102:01
Metroid Metal - NorfairStemageUnknown03:3905/22/18, 04:44PM207:18
Wasting Your TimeDarrin StoutKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 503:4005/22/18, 04:34PM207:20
Talkin' CaseyMississippi John HurtWorried Blues 196304:5405/22/18, 04:30PM104:54
Emmylou Rides Clarence West And Then SouthThe MermenUnknown05:3005/22/18, 04:23PM211:00
Queen of Atlanta (Queen vs. JD and Ludacris vs. Ray Charles vs. CL Smooth vs. Outkast)dj BCBest of Bootie 201103:3605/16/18, 05:14PM103:36
Live, Love, LearnBetty DavisThe Columbia Years 1968-196902:3705/16/18, 05:10PM205:14
ParkNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free02:1305/16/18, 05:04PM102:13
DJamaAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali03:1505/16/18, 05:01PM309:45
Tabla Solo - Lahore, PakistanMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown05:4805/16/18, 04:58PM105:48
Squib CakesSanchez, PonchoDo It!04:2105/16/18, 04:47PM208:42
Little Footsteps In The SnowMac Wiseman & The Country BoysBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:5405/16/18, 04:42PM102:54
UntitledKeith JarrettConcerts09:3005/16/18, 04:40PM109:30
Say No GoDe La Soul3 Feet High And Rising04:2005/16/18, 04:30PM104:20
JatayuTransglobal Underground1999-February #306:1805/16/18, 04:26PM318:54
The Enormous RoomLotionUnknown03:4205/16/18, 04:19PM311:06
I Know You RiderGrateful DeadHundred Year Hall (Disc 1) [Live]05:1405/16/18, 04:16PM105:14
Theka TalinVarious ArtistsSapera: Snake Charmers of North India04:3305/16/18, 04:10PM731:51
Sonatas #14 & 15 GeminiJohn CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano05:1005/16/18, 04:06PM105:10
Beethoven's Fifth Gold Digger (Kanye West vs. Beethoven vs. Walter Murphy)A plus DBest of Bootie 200603:1205/16/18, 04:01PM206:24
Longitude And LatitudeTom Glazer & Dottie EvansSpace Songs02:1505/16/18, 03:58PM102:15
Third Weak LegsScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry04:5905/16/18, 03:55PM314:57
09-Get Ur Typewriter On DJ M. Aynot Feed It Is To Laff 01:3105/16/18, 03:50PM101:31
Bootie IntroA Plus DBest of Bootie 200900:5505/16/18, 03:49PM302:45
Red, Black & GreenPharoah SandersThembi08:5605/16/18, 03:48PM435:44
Panihari - Jaisalmer, IndiaMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown05:0705/16/18, 03:39PM210:14
Come See About Down (Jay Sean vs. The Supremes)DJ FoxBest of Bootie 2010 (Bonus Tracks)03:5705/15/18, 10:02AM207:54
At the Rabbi’s TableMeshugga Beach PartyKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:5605/15/18, 09:58AM102:56
Unbroken ChainPhil & Friends2007.10.20 13:5805/15/18, 09:53AM227:56
Dread beat an' bloodLinton Kwesi JohnsonPoet and the roots03:0005/15/18, 09:39AM103:00
Dev'lish MaryBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:3105/15/18, 09:36AM512:35
Peaches (1996 Remaster)The StranglersPeaches - The Very Best Of The Stranglers04:0605/15/18, 09:33AM104:06
Dear Mr. FantasyTrafficUnknown05:2905/03/18, 01:40PM210:58
Eyes Of BodhidharmaZoogz RiftAmputees In Limbo03:5005/03/18, 12:24PM103:50
Brazilian Star WarsFAROFFUnknown02:4005/03/18, 12:12PM102:40
Little SisterThe ResidentsThe King And Eye02:5605/03/18, 12:02PM102:56
TekitoiTaha, Rachid2005-103:1005/03/18, 11:59AM103:10
The Battle Of New OrleansThe Royal GuardsmenSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:3505/02/18, 04:34PM102:35
How Many More TimesLed ZeppelinUnknown08:2805/02/18, 04:31PM216:56
Have A CigarPink FloydWish You Were Here05:0905/02/18, 04:16PM105:09
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 20 A 2 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:4905/02/18, 04:11PM100:49
PowBeastie BoysCheck Your Head02:1405/02/18, 04:10PM102:14
When You're Near Me I Have DifXTCDrums And Wires03:2305/02/18, 04:08PM103:23
Cumbia y Tambo (En La Lluvia)La PesadaSofrito: International Soundclash03:5605/02/18, 04:05PM207:52
Track 03GeorgeDecember 2001-102:4405/02/18, 04:01PM410:56
Song For KailaDarol Anger & Mike MarshallPsycho Grass05:5005/02/18, 03:58PM211:40
Edjmayegh s'emeliOthmani, Nabil2013-105:0305/02/18, 03:52PM105:03
Sing 3Kill Me TomorrowKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 503:1805/02/18, 03:43PM206:36
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - Canon A 2 Quaerendo Invenietis (Canon Contrarium Stricte Reversum)Neville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107900:5205/02/18, 03:39PM100:52
Follow MeZap MamaAncestry In Progress00:5905/02/18, 03:38PM100:59
Star Of BethlehemNeil YoungDecade02:4305/02/18, 03:37PM308:09
Ain't Nobody's BusinessJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 04:5203/23/18, 04:06PM209:44
Apo CalypsoThe MermenIn God We Trust06:3103/23/18, 03:10PM319:33
Mademoiselle Mabry (Miss Mabry)Miles DavisFilles de Kilimanjaro16:3303/23/18, 03:03PM233:06
Endangered SpeciesPat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X13:1903/23/18, 02:47PM113:19
FandangosThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown03:5903/23/18, 02:33PM103:59
Skylark - Marian McPartlandClark TerryOne on One04:2503/23/18, 02:29PM208:50
Rock ChickLotionUnknown03:4403/23/18, 02:25PM103:44
Or Down You FallGil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man03:1303/23/18, 02:16PM206:26
PaperTalking HeadsUnknown02:4003/23/18, 02:13PM102:40
Frankie JeanBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown01:5203/23/18, 02:10PM203:44
Rumba D'espanaManitas De PlataUnknown03:3003/23/18, 02:05PM103:30
Honeysuckle Rose - Benny GreenClark TerryOne on One08:0903/23/18, 02:01PM216:18
Brain DamagePink FloydDark Side Of The Moon02:0103/21/18, 04:43PM306:03
MayaPhilip HamiltonUnknown06:0503/21/18, 04:41PM318:15
Love On Three LevelsDarol Anger & Mike MarshallPsycho Grass04:4303/21/18, 04:35PM104:43
Comets 2Comets On FireKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 403:4403/21/18, 04:26PM207:28
Dill Pickle RagJim & Jesse And The Virginia BoysBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6301:3203/21/18, 04:22PM101:32
Waves WithinSantanaUnknown03:5303/21/18, 04:15PM415:32
ChevroletZZ TopRio Grande Mud03:2003/21/18, 04:04PM206:40
3-04 Up with the LarkBill EvansThe Last Waltz05:5303/21/18, 03:53PM105:53
Love JonesJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 04:4503/21/18, 03:47PM209:30
Hat and BeardEric DolphyOut to Lunch08:2803/21/18, 03:42PM216:56
Storm ComingGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere03:0803/21/18, 03:25PM206:16
Mothership Connection (Star Child)ParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 06:1603/21/18, 03:21PM318:48
DealJerry GarciaGarcia03:1403/21/18, 03:15PM103:14
My Daddy Works For The Secret MarinesZoogz RiftAmputees In Limbo02:5403/21/18, 03:12PM102:54
Will You Still Be MineRahsaan Roland KirkBil08:4003/21/18, 03:09PM108:40
Tar Solo In Dastgah Mahur - Teheran, IranMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown04:5503/21/18, 03:00PM104:55
Chasing Cars That Way (Backstreet Boys vs. Snow Patrol)Dan Mei & Marc JohnceBest of Bootie 200904:0703/21/18, 02:55PM104:07
I Didn't Know What Time It WasRahsaan Roland KirkBil02:1803/21/18, 02:51PM204:36
Dr. JimmyThe WhoQuadrophenia 08:4103/15/18, 01:42PM217:22
Ma 'tit FilleBuckwheat ZydecoUnknown06:5203/15/18, 01:33PM213:44
Precious TinyLotionUnknown09:5703/15/18, 01:23PM219:54
You Give Me Your Love And I'll Give You MineMorris BrothersBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:4303/15/18, 01:13PM205:26
Splashin' With The MermaidThe MermenKrill Slippin'03:4103/15/18, 01:11PM414:44
Reich: Desert Music - 3a. SlowMichael Tilson Thomas: Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra & ChorusReich: Desert Music07:0003/15/18, 01:07PM107:00
TriangleHerbie HancockUnknown11:0503/15/18, 01:00PM111:05
Mass Projection Jim > Fake ZeroNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free10:3403/14/18, 04:29PM110:34
You'll Miss MeThey Might Be GiantsLincoln01:5403/14/18, 04:18PM101:54
Black Sabotage (Beastie Boys vs. Led Zeppelin)DJ MouleBest of Bootie 200602:3303/14/18, 04:16PM102:33
CatnipTwinkTwink02:2903/14/18, 04:12PM204:58
SabaliRokia TraoriMali To Memphis05:0503/14/18, 03:59PM105:05
MwashahHamza El DinUnknown03:4403/14/18, 03:54PM103:44
Tabu Ley Seigneur Rochereau & Afrisa International Orchestra- Tu As Dit QueThe Compact Real WorldUnknown03:4703/14/18, 03:51PM207:34
The Unheard MusicXLos Angeles04:4903/14/18, 03:47PM209:38
Star Wars ClipGeorge LucasHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry00:0603/14/18, 03:42PM100:06
Wary From The BranchesHexbreakerKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Vol. 1107:4703/14/18, 03:42PM107:47
LostOld And In The WayUnknown03:2603/14/18, 03:34PM310:18
The Seventh (Clubbed) Seal??????04:3003/14/18, 03:31PM209:00
Naked EyeThe WhoWho's Next05:3103/14/18, 03:26PM211:02
Tender Umbrella (Rihanna vs. General Public)Party BenBest of Bootie 200704:2803/14/18, 03:21PM417:52
PropheciesPhilip GlassKoyaanisqatsi (Original Version)08:1103/14/18, 03:16PM649:06
H.C.Q. StrutDjango ReinhardtUnknown02:5803/14/18, 03:08PM205:56
Knockin' On Your DoorOld And In The WayUnknown03:3003/14/18, 03:05PM207:00
Di eagle an' di bear (12'' version)Linton Kwesi Johnson Unknown03:4703/14/18, 03:02PM103:47
IsfahanDuke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]04:0703/14/18, 02:58PM104:07
Volunteered SlaveryThe Derek Trucks BandSonglines02:0503/14/18, 02:53PM408:20
MadagasgarThe MermenUnknown04:3703/14/18, 02:51PM104:37
8-05 Autumn LeavesBill EvansThe Last Waltz05:3903/14/18, 02:47PM105:39
titlescreenXOCSuper Mario World01:2103/13/18, 05:42PM304:03
Pig In A PenOld And In The WayUnknown02:5103/13/18, 05:40PM205:42
The Dirty JobsThe WhoQuadrophenia 04:3103/13/18, 05:38PM104:31
You're My DrugThe Dukes Of StratophearUnknown03:1803/13/18, 05:33PM309:54
03-Tourettes 678Brighton Drag Queen MassacreIt Is To Laff02:5403/13/18, 05:30PM102:54
What's She Done To Your MindRain ParadeEmergency Third Rail Power Trip / Explosions In The Glass Palace02:5603/13/18, 05:27PM514:40
We Don't Want To Sing AlongChumbawambaUn03:1703/13/18, 05:24PM206:34
Always With You (Willie Nelson vs. U2 vs. MARRS)Divide & KreateBest of Bootie 200603:4003/13/18, 05:18PM103:40
Helalisa (Nubian Sons)Hamza El DinUnknown03:4803/13/18, 05:14PM103:48
MantraAlice ColtranePtah, The El Daoud16:3603/13/18, 05:05PM116:36
So What'cha WantBeastie BoysCheck Your Head03:3703/13/18, 04:49PM207:14
Warm And Willing WaysPhilip HamiltonUnknown05:5703/13/18, 04:45PM105:57
Track 07EricSpring 200906:1603/13/18, 04:34PM106:16
No Thugs In Our HouseXTCEnglish Settlement05:0903/13/18, 04:28PM210:18
Danza ParaguayaEnrique CoriaUnknown02:3303/13/18, 04:23PM102:33
The Last DoorPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown05:5303/13/18, 04:20PM105:53
English RoundaboutXTCEnglish Settlement03:5003/13/18, 04:12PM207:40
BuddyTrivalveKFJC Presents Combo Swell02:5103/13/18, 04:08PM102:51
LahilalaAmadou & MariamWati05:0303/13/18, 04:05PM315:09
Pull Up The RootsTalking HeadsSpeaking In Tongues05:1003/13/18, 04:00PM105:10
SwitchLotionUnknown02:4903/13/18, 03:55PM308:27
One Of These DaysCamper Van BeethovenUnknown03:2703/13/18, 03:52PM103:27
Costo KnowoneThe MermenIn God We Trust05:0703/12/18, 12:37PM210:14
TrapezeThe MermenIn God We Trust10:4303/12/18, 12:25PM221:26
More Wood Less HeadThe MermenIn God We Trust09:5103/12/18, 12:15PM439:24
There Is A Door, It Opens, Then It Is ClosedThe MermenIn God We Trust11:3603/12/18, 10:09AM223:12
Jesus In The SkyThe MermenIn God We Trust06:5603/12/18, 09:57AM213:52
Last Forever (The Current Sea)The MermenIn God We Trust05:2403/12/18, 09:50AM210:48
One Hundred Foot LemonThe MermenIn God We Trust13:2403/12/18, 09:36AM226:48
Party PeopleParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 04:4703/06/18, 02:56PM104:47
Carry That WeightThe BeatlesAbbey Road01:3703/06/18, 02:51PM101:37
01 Track 01UnknownUnknown01:3403/06/18, 02:49PM101:34
Farewell To The MasterNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free09:2603/06/18, 02:38PM109:26
Ostriches Have Sex Too, You KnowZoogz RiftIdiots on the Miniature Golf Course03:2303/06/18, 02:28PM206:46
GissiéZap MamaA Ma Zone03:4303/06/18, 02:23PM103:43
Maggie Walker BluesClarence "Tom" Ashley, Doc Watson, Clint Howard, & Fred PriceBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6303:1103/06/18, 02:19PM103:11
Super Metroid - Upper CrateriaStemageSuper Metroid Metal05:0003/06/18, 02:16PM210:00
Dear PrudenceJerry Garcia BandLive 11:4103/03/18, 10:26AM335:03
DealJerry Garcia BandLive 08:3903/03/18, 10:14AM325:57
Stop That TrainJerry Garcia BandLive 06:5103/03/18, 10:05AM213:42
The Way You Do The Things You DoJerry Garcia BandLive 08:0803/03/18, 09:59AM216:16
Girl U WantDevoFreedom Of Choice02:5503/02/18, 03:33PM205:50
Panama RedOld And In The WayUnknown02:5503/02/18, 03:30PM102:55
I Don't Even Know MyselfThe WhoWho's Next04:5603/02/18, 03:27PM104:56
Lahara - Jodhpur, IndiaMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown02:3803/01/18, 05:13PM307:54
Slave DriverTaj MahalMo' Roots02:4403/01/18, 05:05PM102:44
The ThemeMiles Davis QuintetThe New Miles Davis Quintet05:5203/01/18, 05:02PM211:44
White Trash RagaThe MermenUnknown05:2203/01/18, 04:56PM105:22
Somebody Rock Me (The Killers vs. The Clash)Party BenBest of Bootie 200504:4503/01/18, 04:51PM209:30
Track 04EricSpring 200704:0403/01/18, 04:46PM104:04
Track 14EricSpring 200905:3703/01/18, 04:42PM105:37
It's My Lazy DayBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:3003/01/18, 04:37PM205:00
Snoopy Vs. The Red BaronThe Royal GuardsmenSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:4103/01/18, 04:34PM102:41
Mary Had a Little LambStevie Ray VaughnTexas Flood02:4703/01/18, 04:31PM205:34
Twisted LogicColdplayX&Y05:0203/01/18, 04:29PM105:02
Shiver Me TimbersZoogz RiftIsland of Living Puke05:1203/01/18, 04:24PM210:24
The Touch of Your LipsBill Evans TrioThe Last Waltz05:2903/01/18, 04:16PM210:58
The HeathenBob Marley & The WailersExodus02:3203/01/18, 04:10PM102:32
Reich: Desert Music - 4. ModerateMichael Tilson Thomas: Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra & ChorusReich: Desert Music03:3503/01/18, 04:08PM207:10
Sonata #7John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano01:5303/01/18, 04:04PM203:46
FandanguilloThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown04:2903/01/18, 04:02PM104:29
Nigeria - Eleja Choir - Jubilee AnthemThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown02:5503/01/18, 03:58PM205:50
Hidden TreasureTrafficUnknown04:1303/01/18, 03:55PM208:26
El MatadorLos Fabulosos Cadillacs2009-804:3503/01/18, 03:51PM209:10
Sekar SungsangBaliUnknown02:3403/01/18, 03:46PM205:08
7/20/09 (Excerpt) (Live)ConureKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Volume 1205:0103/01/18, 03:44PM210:02
IndisciplineKing CrimsonDiscipline04:3403/01/18, 03:39PM209:08
The EndThe BeatlesAbbey Road02:2003/01/18, 03:34PM102:20
Fingertips (9)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:0803/01/18, 03:32PM200:16
Willie The PimpFrank ZappaUnknown09:1503/01/18, 03:32PM218:30
Following YouChumbawambaUn02:4903/01/18, 03:13PM205:38
Francisco’s DanceKing Of HawaiiKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:1203/01/18, 03:10PM204:24
Yellow MoonNeville BrothersUnknown04:0403/01/18, 03:08PM312:12
Moving Da Royalty (Will Smith vs. Daft Punk)Rad BadBest of Bootie 201001:4403/01/18, 03:04PM203:28
Latcho DromTony GatlifLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)01:0103/01/18, 02:59PM202:02
My Home Is The DeltaMuddy WatersMali To Memphis04:0003/01/18, 02:58PM312:00
Be PreparedTom LehrerUnknown01:3203/01/18, 02:54PM203:04
Get DownWarBaadasssss! Soundtrack04:2603/01/18, 02:53PM313:18
Yer BluesThe BeatlesThe Beatles (White Album) 04:0103/01/18, 02:48PM208:02
GuiltinessBob Marley & The WailersExodus03:2003/01/18, 02:44PM206:40
SoldadiOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 08:0303/01/18, 02:41PM324:09
Pump Up The Party Rock (LMFAO vs. Pink vs. Kraze vs. Danzel vs. C&C Music Factory vs. Salt-N-Pepa vs. Diddy Dirty Money)MashMikeBest of Bootie 2011 (Bonus Tracks)05:1303/01/18, 10:53AM105:13
TroubleRay LaMontagneTrouble04:0203/01/18, 10:48AM208:04
You Can Get It If You Really WantDesmond DekkerUnknown02:3603/01/18, 10:44AM205:12
Fastest RhymeYoung MCStone Cold Rhymin'00:4903/01/18, 10:41AM201:38
Nothing's Gonna Change My ClothesThey Might Be GiantsGiants Jubilee01:5903/01/18, 10:40AM203:58
Limehouse BluesCannonball & ColtraneUnknown04:4103/01/18, 10:38AM104:41
BozosAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali03:4702/28/18, 03:40PM207:34
Neighbor, NeighborZZ TopUnknown02:2002/28/18, 03:33PM102:20
Montana CowgirlEmmylou HarrisUnknown03:0902/28/18, 03:30PM103:09
Shining StarEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live04:3702/28/18, 03:27PM104:37
Track 11EricSpring 200903:4102/28/18, 03:20PM207:22
Haryana Folk SongVarious ArtistsSapera: Snake Charmers of North India03:1702/28/18, 03:16PM516:25
Aqua BoogieParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 09:2502/28/18, 03:13PM328:15
Worried BluesMississippi John HurtWorried Blues 196304:4602/28/18, 03:03PM104:46
Be ThankfulBilDeejay's Choice02:5902/28/18, 02:58PM205:58
Astral TravelingPharoah SandersThembi05:5002/28/18, 02:55PM211:40
When You Are Who You AreGil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man03:2302/28/18, 02:50PM206:46
Cowgirl In The SandNeil YoungDecade10:0302/28/18, 02:46PM220:06
Colors for SusanHenry KaiserThose Who Know History Are Doomed to Repeat It06:3302/28/18, 02:35PM106:33
It Hurt So BadSusan TedeschiJust Won't Burn04:5002/28/18, 02:29PM209:40
Cumberland GapHylo Brown and The Timberliners With Earl ScruggsBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6301:1602/28/18, 02:24PM202:32
Understanding Tha Inna Minds EyeLeaders of the New SchoolHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry03:0402/28/18, 02:22PM103:04
ChantingOrnette Coleman And Prime TimeVirgin Beauty03:0202/28/18, 02:19PM206:04
CanarsieFrank ZappaUnknown06:0602/28/18, 02:16PM106:06
I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At HomeMac Wiseman & The Country BoysBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:1302/28/18, 02:10PM204:26
La China Leoncia Arreo La Correntinada Trajo Entre La Muchachada La Flor De La JuvuntudGato BarbieriChapter One: Latin America13:3302/27/18, 03:49PM340:39
IndiaGato BarbieriChapter One: Latin America08:5802/27/18, 03:06PM326:54
To Be ContinuedGato BarbieriChapter One: Latin America02:2702/27/18, 02:57PM409:48
EncuentrosGato BarbieriChapter One: Latin America12:2802/27/18, 02:54PM224:56
Nunca MasGato BarbieriChapter One: Latin America05:2502/27/18, 02:35PM210:50
ThembiPharoah SandersThembi07:0502/27/18, 10:23AM107:05
The Creator Has a Master PlanPharoah SandersKarma32:4702/27/18, 09:16AM21:05:34
Morning PrayerPharoah SandersThembi09:1102/26/18, 10:16PM109:11
Shame And ScandalOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)02:2102/23/18, 10:19AM102:21
'Buked And ScornedOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)02:3902/23/18, 10:17AM205:18
Deep RiverOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)02:5902/23/18, 10:14AM102:59
JoshuaOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)01:5202/23/18, 10:11AM203:44
Been In The PenOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)02:3102/23/18, 10:09AM102:31
Santy AnnoOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)01:5402/23/18, 10:07AM305:42
Deep Blue SeaOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)03:0002/23/18, 10:00AM103:00
Glory, GloryOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)02:1102/23/18, 09:57AM102:11
Spiritual Trilogy: Oh Freedom / Come And Go With Me / I'm On My WayOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)06:0502/23/18, 09:55AM212:10
Chilly WindsOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)02:4102/23/18, 09:48AM308:03
Jack O' DiamondsOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)03:1302/23/18, 09:46AM103:13
Hound DogOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)03:4802/23/18, 09:43AM311:24
Muleskinner BluesOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)02:4902/23/18, 09:39AM205:38
My Sisters And BrothersJerry Garcia BandLive 04:1702/22/18, 10:29AM208:34
Waiting For A MiracleJerry Garcia BandLive 05:5402/22/18, 10:25AM211:48
EvangelineJerry Garcia BandLive 04:4702/22/18, 10:01AM209:34
Stop That TrainJerry Garcia BandLive 06:4802/22/18, 09:47AM320:24
That Lucky Old SunJerry Garcia BandLive 11:3202/22/18, 09:40AM334:36
Tangled Up In BlueJerry Garcia BandLive 12:1702/22/18, 09:29AM112:17
Get Out Of My LifeJerry Garcia BandLive 08:5302/22/18, 09:15AM326:39
I Shall Be ReleasedJerry Garcia BandLive 09:2702/22/18, 09:06AM218:54
Convict 13Bill FrisellBill Frisell With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones03:5602/21/18, 06:02PM415:44
WooloomoolooJean-Michel JarreZoolook03:1802/21/18, 05:55PM413:12
Decasia: Part VIBasel SinfoniettaDecasia12:2902/21/18, 05:47PM337:27
Psychic ChasmOzric TentaclesSpirals In Hyperspace08:4502/21/18, 04:13PM543:45
VesselsPhilip GlassKoyaanisqatsi (Original Versio08:0602/21/18, 03:46PM432:24
Valley Of A Thousand ThoughtsOzric TentaclesErpland06:3202/21/18, 09:54AM745:44
Whats UpZmrzlinaKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 507:0002/08/18, 03:28PM107:00
Vermont CounterpointJane RiglerKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 513:4602/08/18, 10:25AM113:46
HangedSaint Of KillersKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 507:4702/08/18, 10:11AM107:47
Brain CloudsIthinktheressomedamageKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 504:2302/08/18, 10:03AM104:23
Man's WorldIowaskaKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 506:4602/08/18, 09:55AM106:46
Improvisation Piece No. 4 (Exerpt)Moe Staiano & Moe!Kestra!KFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 511:0002/08/18, 09:48AM111:00
Harmonies/Robes Of TussynThe LandingKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 506:4502/08/18, 09:34AM106:45
Soul Surfin'The MermenKrill Slippin'03:1801/10/18, 04:26PM103:18
The DrubThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria03:2201/10/18, 04:16PM206:44
RaglanThe MermenUnknown04:1401/10/18, 04:13PM208:28
The DriftThe MermenUnknown03:0401/10/18, 04:08PM206:08
Scalp SaladThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria03:5301/10/18, 04:03PM103:53
The Intractable BoyThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria04:2801/10/18, 03:49PM208:56
Walking The PeachThe MermenUnknown04:2001/10/18, 03:44PM104:20
Obsession For MenThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria09:2301/10/18, 03:40PM218:46
Bare WhiteThe MermenUnknown03:4901/10/18, 03:31PM103:49
Merry Go RoundThe MermenUnknown04:4001/10/18, 03:27PM104:40
The WhalesThe MermenKrill Slippin'04:5001/10/18, 03:22PM104:50
Krill Slippin'The MermenKrill Slippin'02:5301/10/18, 03:17PM102:53
LizardsThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria03:5701/10/18, 03:15PM103:57
Pulpin' LineThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria03:5801/10/18, 03:11PM311:54
Between I & ThouThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria09:1701/10/18, 03:07PM109:17
Big Day At The BayThe MermenKrill Slippin'02:5801/10/18, 02:57PM205:56
Ocean BeachThe MermenUnknown03:0701/10/18, 02:46PM206:14
Over The FallsThe MermenKrill Slippin'04:0301/10/18, 02:37PM104:03
With No Definite Future & No Purpose Other Than To Prevail Somehow...The MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria04:2701/10/18, 02:33PM208:54
KaenaThe MermenKrill Slippin'04:0401/10/18, 02:28PM208:08
Brahms 3rd Movement 3rd SymphonyThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria02:3901/10/18, 02:17PM205:18
Into The WestThe MermenUnknown02:3101/10/18, 02:15PM102:31
To Be Naked And French Is Always HardThe MermenUnknown04:4701/10/18, 02:12PM104:47
Pull Of The MoonThe MermenUnknown08:3101/10/18, 02:08PM108:31
Every Step Of The WaySantanaUnknown09:0101/05/18, 10:52AM109:01
Se a CabóSantanaLotus 05:3901/05/18, 10:43AM211:18
Just In Time To See The SunSantanaUnknown02:1301/05/18, 10:37AM102:13
Black Magic WomanSantanaLotus 03:3801/05/18, 10:35AM103:38
Song Of The WindSantanaUnknown06:0801/05/18, 10:31AM106:08
Toussaint l'OvertureSantanaLotus 07:4001/05/18, 10:25AM215:20
Free AngelaSantanaLotus 04:2601/05/18, 10:17AM104:26
Every Step of the WaySantanaLotus 11:3001/05/18, 10:09AM111:30
Stone FlowerSantanaUnknown06:1301/05/18, 09:58AM106:13
La Fuente Del RitmoSantanaUnknown04:3401/05/18, 09:51AM104:34
Xibaba (She-Ba-Ba)SantanaLotus 04:1301/05/18, 09:47AM104:13
Gypsy QueenSantanaLotus 03:5801/05/18, 09:43AM103:58
Mr. UdoSantanaLotus 03:0701/05/18, 09:39AM103:07
Oye Como VaSantanaPutumayo Presents World Hits04:1801/05/18, 09:36AM104:18
Sgt. Pepper's Paradise (Beatles vs. Guns N' Roses)Jimmi JammesBest of Bootie 200502:2701/05/18, 09:18AM102:27
Everything Right Is Wrong AgainThey Might Be GiantsGiants Jubilee02:2001/05/18, 09:16AM204:40
Theme From The Black HoleParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 04:3701/05/18, 09:13AM209:14
Yours Is the LightSantanaLotus 05:3001/05/18, 09:09AM211:00
Like Anyone ElseDerek Trucks Band Feat. Solomon BurkeJoyful Noise06:3101/05/18, 09:03AM106:31
Mister PresidentLotionThe Telephone Album03:4812/27/17, 12:22PM207:36
Track 01EricSpring 200904:4712/27/17, 12:18PM209:34
Track 12GeorgeDecember 2001-103:4712/27/17, 12:14PM103:47
Buggin' OutA Tribe Called QuestUnknown03:3712/27/17, 12:10PM103:37
Fyodor And AnnabelJohn ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner05:1012/27/17, 12:06PM105:10
Worm BuffetZoogz RiftWith No Apparent Reason10:2512/27/17, 12:01PM220:50
A Circus of Heartbreakin' Divas (Pat Benatar vs. Beyoncé vs. 3OH!3 vs. Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera vs. M.I.A.)Titus JonesBest of Bootie 200902:5612/27/17, 11:51AM102:56
Mark On The BusBeastie BoysCheck Your Head01:0612/27/17, 11:48AM303:18
Lil' MoneyEric RobersonBaadasssss! Soundtrack04:2312/27/17, 11:47AM313:09
Smells Like Ke$ha's G6 (Ke$ha vs. Nirvana vs. Far East Movement vs. Britney Spears)Titus JonesBest of Bootie 2010 (Bonus Tracks)04:3912/27/17, 11:32AM209:18
Candles And StonesPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown07:2812/27/17, 11:28AM107:28
Track 14EricSpring 200702:4212/27/17, 11:20AM102:42
Poem in G MinorJessica WilliamsWilliams, Jessica: Live at Yoshi's, Vol. 108:3412/27/17, 11:17AM217:08
Berkshire BluesRahsaan Roland KirkBil02:4612/27/17, 11:09AM411:04
Teddy's BreadStemage, ChunkstyleDwelling of Duels Jan/Feb 2006 Competition03:5512/27/17, 11:06AM207:50
Sqad CarLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown01:5912/27/17, 11:02AM101:59
Music For A Found HarmoniumPenguin Cafe OrchestraUnknown02:5912/27/17, 11:00AM102:59
This Must Be The PlaceTalking HeadsSpeaking In Tongues04:5712/27/17, 10:57AM209:54
Something To Believe InShawn ColvinSteady On04:1212/27/17, 10:52AM104:12
19-You Can't Hurry LiesCrystal MethIt Is To Laff01:4112/27/17, 10:48AM101:41
LevitationThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men04:4312/27/17, 10:46AM104:43
It's Easy To Remember (But So Hard To Forget)John ColtraneBallads02:4912/27/17, 10:42AM102:49
Li'l Red Riding HoodThe Royal GuardsmenSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:4112/27/17, 10:39AM102:41
Sweet Child O' Brightside (The Killers vs. Guns N' Roses)DJs From MarsBest of Bootie 201205:2712/27/17, 10:36AM105:27
Track 08EricSpring 200702:1812/27/17, 10:31AM204:36
Taboehgan-Gamelan Semar PegulinganMusic For The GodsUnknown04:2412/27/17, 10:23AM104:24
You Don't Know My MindGuy DavisMali To Memphis02:4512/27/17, 10:07AM102:45
Track 11George2010-704:2912/27/17, 10:04AM208:58
Long Time No SeePat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X07:3612/27/17, 10:00AM215:12
IguazuSantaollala, Gustavo1998-August #204:5012/27/17, 09:52AM104:50
LiarSex PistolsNever Mind The Bullocks Heres02:4212/27/17, 09:47AM102:42
Inch WormJohn ColtraneUnknown06:1912/19/17, 01:06PM106:19
Soul KitchenXLos Angeles02:2512/19/17, 12:59PM204:50
The VisitorsHamza El DinUnknown10:0212/19/17, 12:57PM330:06
Just for a Thrill - Geri AllenClark TerryOne on One04:3012/15/17, 10:50AM104:30
GazzelloniEric DolphyOut to Lunch07:2512/15/17, 10:45AM322:15
StablematesMiles Davis QuintetThe New Miles Davis Quintet05:2112/15/17, 10:38AM210:42
Vein MelterHerbie HancockHead Hunters09:1312/15/17, 10:33AM218:26
Search for PeaceMcCoy TynerThe Real McCoy06:3212/15/17, 10:23AM213:04
I Thought About YouMiles DavisThe Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More" 11:1412/15/17, 10:17AM111:14
Carry Me OutThe Lounge LizardsNo Pain for Cakes01:5412/15/17, 10:01AM101:54
ComputePat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X02:0312/15/17, 09:59AM102:03
Four on OneJohn Abercrombie/Marc Johnson/Peter ErskineJohn Abercrombie, Marc Johnson & Peter Erskine06:0312/15/17, 09:53AM212:06
7-03 Mother Of EarlBill EvansThe Last Waltz05:0412/15/17, 09:47AM105:04
HeartlandKeith JarrettConcerts06:0412/15/17, 09:42AM106:04
IrisMiles DavisE.S.P.08:3412/13/17, 09:38AM108:34
HeatherJessica WilliamsWilliams, Jessica: Live at Yoshi's, Vol. 106:3012/13/17, 09:30AM319:30
Peri's ScopeBill Evans TrioPortrait in Jazz03:1512/12/17, 03:30PM206:30
Passion DanceMcCoy TynerThe Real McCoy08:4712/12/17, 03:18PM108:47
InnerplayJohn Abercrombie/Marc Johnson/Peter ErskineJohn Abercrombie, Marc Johnson & Peter Erskine05:3512/12/17, 03:03PM105:35
S'posin'Miles Davis QuintetThe New Miles Davis Quintet05:1712/06/17, 03:50PM105:17
L.O.V.E - Monty AlexanderClark TerryOne on One05:1012/06/17, 03:45PM420:40
The Market PlaceWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields06:0212/06/17, 03:24PM106:02
Memories of You - Sir Roland HannaClark TerryOne on One04:5212/06/17, 03:18PM419:28
Police PeoplePat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X04:5812/06/17, 03:13PM209:56
R.J.Miles DavisE.S.P.03:5912/06/17, 03:03PM207:58
Four By FiveMcCoy TynerThe Real McCoy06:3712/06/17, 02:51PM426:28
Portrait Of JennieOscar Peterson And Freddie HubbardUnknown06:5412/06/17, 02:45PM320:42
Hey Now BabyProfessor LonghairNew Orleans Piano02:5712/05/17, 03:19PM308:51
After the Love Has GoneEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live04:4112/05/17, 03:16PM209:22
Do I DoStevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium I 10:2812/05/17, 03:11PM552:20
My BloodNeville BrothersUnknown04:1212/05/17, 03:01PM312:36
Clocked Out DuoEvery Night The Same DreamKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 409:5812/05/17, 02:56PM219:56
Poisoning Pidgeons In The ParkTom LehrerUnknown02:0912/05/17, 12:27PM102:09
One For HelenBill EvansAt The Montreaux At The Jazz Festival05:2212/05/17, 12:25PM105:22
CountessNikki SuddenKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 303:5312/05/17, 12:19PM207:46
Bootie Intro 2012LobsterdustBest of Bootie 201200:4912/05/17, 12:15PM100:49
And The Flowers They'll BloomThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria09:4912/05/17, 12:14PM109:49
LambadaKaomaPutumayo Presents World Hits03:2712/05/17, 12:02PM103:27
Quiet VillageMartin DennyUnknown03:5012/05/17, 11:43AM207:40
DominoRahsaan Roland KirkBil04:0512/05/17, 11:34AM104:05
Double FeatureLunaPenthouse04:2912/05/17, 11:27AM104:29
S.O.SWes MontgomeryFull House [Keepnews Collection]04:5012/05/17, 11:23AM209:40
Southern ManNeil YoungDecade05:3012/05/17, 11:10AM105:30
Lady Day And John ColtraneGil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man03:3612/05/17, 11:05AM414:24
RumpofsteelskinParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 05:3712/05/17, 10:56AM316:51
Alice in WonderlandJohn Abercrombie/Marc Johnson/Peter ErskineJohn Abercrombie, Marc Johnson & Peter Erskine07:2312/05/17, 10:39AM107:23
Bird SongGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]07:4112/05/17, 10:32AM215:22
Love Letters In The SandMac Wiseman & The Country BoysBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:0412/05/17, 10:24AM102:04
Good Night Children, EverywhereThe PrisonerUnknown01:3212/05/17, 10:18AM203:04
On EbayChumbawambaUn03:4812/05/17, 10:06AM103:48
Looking For AnswersSusan TedeschiJust Won't Burn05:1412/05/17, 10:03AM315:42
A Run For LifeLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:1112/05/17, 09:48AM204:22
Weaving DayMichelle ShockedArkansas Traveler02:5812/04/17, 10:29AM308:54
theme_originalXOCSuper Mario World01:2612/04/17, 10:26AM304:18
The Breeze And IWes MontgomeryBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]04:1112/04/17, 10:18AM208:22
This SkyThe Derek Trucks BandSonglines06:3212/04/17, 10:14AM213:04
Lee Highway BluesClarence "Tom" Ashley, Doc Watson, Clint Howard, & Fred PriceBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6301:5312/04/17, 10:07AM101:53
La BoostLotionUnknown05:1512/04/17, 10:05AM210:30
While You Were OutFrank ZappaUnknown06:1012/04/17, 10:00AM318:30
All BluesMiles DavisThe Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More" 08:5112/04/17, 09:54AM108:51
Tambura - Manama, BahrainMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown02:2912/04/17, 09:45AM204:58
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Give It AwayUnknownUnknown04:4112/04/17, 09:43AM314:03
All Or Nothing At AllJohn ColtraneBallads03:3912/01/17, 04:55PM103:39
Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)Django ReinhardtUnknown02:5412/01/17, 04:47PM205:48
ToumarankeOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 07:0312/01/17, 04:44PM214:06
Healing The FeelingOrnette Coleman And Prime TimeVirgin Beauty05:2112/01/17, 04:31PM105:21
RunawaysXTCEnglish Settlement04:3412/01/17, 04:26PM209:08
Lie Still, Little BottleThey Might Be GiantsLincoln02:0612/01/17, 04:17PM306:18
Fade To Pretty Vacant (Visage vs. Sex Pistols vs. The Charlatans vs. Fun Lovin' Criminals vs. Nouvelle Vague)CopycatBest of Bootie 200705:1812/01/17, 04:09PM105:18
Luminous CharmsPeter ApfelbaumUnknown08:5712/01/17, 04:03PM217:54
Day In, Day OutXTCDrums And Wires03:0812/01/17, 03:54PM412:32
Thank You For Sending Me An AngelTalking HeadsUnknown02:1212/01/17, 03:45PM102:12
Joachim WestJohn ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner05:0212/01/17, 03:43PM105:02
Hangin' OutBetty DavisThe Columbia Years 1968-196904:5712/01/17, 03:33PM209:54
Woman Made The DevilBongos IkwueNigeria 70 04:1012/01/17, 03:28PM104:10
Metroid Metal Prime - Space PiratesStemageUnknown04:4812/01/17, 03:24PM209:36
TrigonometryPat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X05:0612/01/17, 03:19PM105:06
Alice in BlunderlandHenry KaiserThose Who Know History Are Doomed to Repeat It02:1612/01/17, 03:14PM204:32
My TripOverwhelming ColorfastOverwhelming Colorfast02:3912/01/17, 03:12PM102:39
Rell Sunn AlohaSlacktone1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West03:1212/01/17, 02:57PM206:24
Matadjem YinmixanTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life05:4511/21/17, 11:47AM105:45
VillagersZoogz RiftVillagers03:5111/21/17, 11:41AM103:51
Partical ManThey Might Be GiantsUnknown01:5911/21/17, 11:37AM101:59
XXX (X vs. the xx)HawkinsBest of Bootie 2010 (Bonus Tracks)02:4311/21/17, 11:35AM308:09
Nocturne No. 1Frederic ChopinUnknown06:1611/20/17, 11:07AM212:32
Alley-OopThe Royal GuardsmenSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:3411/20/17, 11:01AM102:34
Be Ever WonderfulEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live03:4511/20/17, 10:56AM311:15
All I DoThe Derek Trucks BandSonglines06:3211/20/17, 10:52AM319:36
Track 12EricSpring 200703:2311/20/17, 10:45AM103:23
I Want You (She's So Heavy)The BeatlesAbbey Road07:4711/20/17, 10:42AM107:47
LlamaPhishA Picture of Nectar03:3211/20/17, 10:34AM103:32
Ohkami No JikanKokoniKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 217:4111/20/17, 10:31AM117:41
Utrus HorasOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 08:4311/20/17, 09:53AM108:43
Johnny G. Is BackJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:1511/20/17, 09:45AM210:30
Real Back Poppin' (Cheryl Lynn vs. Fat Joe & Nelly)DJ AxelBest of Bootie 200603:1011/20/17, 09:39AM103:10
SubmissionSex PistolsNever Mind The Bullocks Heres04:1311/20/17, 09:36AM208:26
Jack-A-RoeGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]04:1411/20/17, 09:32AM312:42
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - 1. LargoNeville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107904:5611/20/17, 09:28AM104:56
Telephone And Rubber BandPenguin Cafe OrchestraUnknown02:3011/20/17, 09:23AM102:30
Warm ValleyDuke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles MingusMoney Jungle03:3411/20/17, 09:20AM103:34
Let's Dance N Stuff (David Bowie vs. Deadmau5)MadMixMustangBest of Bootie 2011 (Bonus Tracks)04:3411/20/17, 09:17AM104:34
Rafiki (Original Mix)Zap MamaA Ma Zone04:0311/20/17, 09:12AM208:06
M'totoZap MamaA Ma Zone02:4811/16/17, 04:11PM102:48
Days Of Wine And RosesWes MontgomeryBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]03:4911/16/17, 04:08PM207:38
Track 10George2004-704:3911/16/17, 04:04PM104:39
Until It Talks (Metallica vs. Coldplay)Divide & KreateBest of Bootie 200804:3311/16/17, 03:48PM104:33
Born To Be BlueWes MontgomeryFull House [Keepnews Collection]07:3611/16/17, 03:32PM107:36
Stand By Last Friday Night (Katy Perry vs. Ben E. King)G3RStBest of Bootie 2011 (Bonus Tracks)03:5811/16/17, 03:11PM207:56
Red River ValleyBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:3711/16/17, 03:07PM307:51
Decasia: Part IIBasel SinfoniettaDecasia09:0411/16/17, 12:29PM218:08
AlienationZoogz RiftMurdering Hell's Happy Cretins03:4011/16/17, 12:20PM207:20
You Spin Me Upside Down (Diana Ross vs. Dead Or Alive)DJ ShyboyBest of Bootie 200804:0311/16/17, 12:16PM208:06
God Save The QueenSex PistolsNever Mind The Bullocks Heres03:2011/16/17, 12:12PM103:20
Dance Music - Foum El Ancur, MoroccoMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown03:2911/16/17, 12:06PM103:29
HedgehogLunaPenthouse03:0511/16/17, 12:01PM103:05
Track 12EricSpring 200904:0211/16/17, 11:45AM208:04
SummertimeBilly StewartSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 102:4211/16/17, 11:41AM205:24
Uhiki (Pinye's Remix)HardstoneAfrican Groove04:2611/16/17, 11:39AM104:26
CrackopensteinBlectum From BlechdomKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 403:5711/16/17, 11:34AM207:54
Road Movie to BerlinThey Might Be GiantsFlood02:2211/16/17, 11:30AM102:22
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - Canon PerpetuusNeville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107901:1211/16/17, 11:28AM202:24
Nay - Istanbul, TurkeyMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown02:1011/16/17, 11:27AM306:30
Flute ThingZoogz RiftWith No Apparent Reason02:5411/16/17, 11:24AM205:48
Run ComeBilDeejay's Choice02:3211/16/17, 11:18AM205:04
Reich: Desert Music - 3c. SlowMichael Tilson Thomas: Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra & ChorusReich: Desert Music05:5511/16/17, 11:16AM105:55
Another Day, Another DollarAlison Krauss & Union StationUnknown02:3211/16/17, 11:10AM205:04
You Haven't Done Nothin'Stevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium I 03:2911/16/17, 11:07AM413:56
What Is Gravity?Tom Glazer & Dottie EvansSpace Songs02:3311/16/17, 11:04AM102:33
Track 09GeorgeDecember 2001-103:5411/16/17, 11:01AM311:42
Sat Bhayan Ki Ek Behanadli IITalab Khan BarnaLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)02:3611/16/17, 10:49AM205:12
High Plains DrifterBeastie BoysPaul's Boutique04:1311/16/17, 10:46AM104:13
Sonata #3John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano02:3211/16/17, 10:42AM205:04
The LandladyPhishA Picture of Nectar02:5611/16/17, 10:39AM205:52
Track 09Zoogz RiftEurope 199002:1711/16/17, 10:36AM102:17
Dickie's DreamVarious ArtistsThe Sound of Jazz [Columbia/Sony]05:5511/16/17, 10:34AM105:55
No RainBanco de Gaia1999-July #208:1511/16/17, 10:28AM108:15
Why Johnny Can't ReadFrank ZappaUnknown04:4011/13/17, 03:15PM314:00
Another NightAlison Krauss & Union StationUnknown02:5911/13/17, 03:10PM102:59
Louisana AnnaScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry03:2611/13/17, 03:07PM206:52
Sister RosaNeville BrothersUnknown03:3411/13/17, 03:04PM310:42
I'm Gonna Get You BabyJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 04:0511/13/17, 03:00PM104:05
Metroid Metal Prime - Intro/Menu ThemeStemageUnknown04:2311/13/17, 02:56PM417:32
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 13 A 2 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations02:1111/13/17, 02:47PM102:11
Track 05EricSpring 200704:0111/13/17, 02:45PM104:01
Color of MindDave Holland QuartetExtensions10:1211/13/17, 02:41PM110:12
It's TomorrowOverwhelming ColorfastOverwhelming Colorfast02:1311/07/17, 02:32PM204:26
Shield Of FaithAlison Krauss & Union StationUnknown02:3711/07/17, 02:28PM102:37
Track 03Zoogz RiftEurope 199002:0611/07/17, 02:16PM204:12
White SandsGet Wet1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West05:2811/07/17, 02:14PM105:28
The "In" CrowdRamsey Lewis TrioSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 103:2311/07/17, 02:03PM310:09
Sure Got Cold After the Rain FellZZ TopRio Grande Mud06:4911/07/17, 02:00PM106:49
Paperback WriterThe Beatles102:1811/07/17, 01:49PM204:36
Animal TalkTwinkThe Broken Record01:5111/07/17, 01:42PM101:51
Hello Girl, Let’s Party Til The End (Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette vs. Britney Spears vs. LMFAO vs. No Doubt vs. Sum 41 vs. Vanilla Ice)Titus JonesBest of Bootie 201105:1711/06/17, 02:37PM105:17
LiveAngel'in Heavy SyrupKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 107:4711/06/17, 02:31PM107:47
Mutatis MutandisZoogz RiftInterim Resurgence06:4811/06/17, 02:24PM106:48
Mr. MeThey Might Be GiantsLincoln01:5211/06/17, 02:17PM101:52
The StoryShawn ColvinSteady On03:5911/06/17, 02:15PM103:59
Cloudy DaysAlison Krauss & Union StationUnknown03:2011/06/17, 02:11PM103:20
StashPhishA Picture of Nectar07:1111/06/17, 02:08PM107:11
Mass Projection NelsNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free02:2711/06/17, 01:57PM204:54
GlorifiedLotionThe Telephone Album05:4411/06/17, 01:55PM105:44
Beautiful LoveJohn Abercrombie/Marc Johnson/Peter ErskineJohn Abercrombie, Marc Johnson & Peter Erskine07:5511/06/17, 01:47PM215:50
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 27 Canone Alla Nona. A 2 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:5011/06/17, 01:39PM100:50
Track 11GeorgeDecember 2001-106:2911/06/17, 01:39PM212:58
California Skank (Tupac vs. Fatboy Slim)BootOXBest of Bootie 2010 (Bonus Tracks)04:3811/06/17, 01:30PM209:16
Happy HourOrnette Coleman And Prime TimeVirgin Beauty04:4911/06/17, 01:25PM104:49
Thela Hun GinjeetKing CrimsonDiscipline06:2711/06/17, 01:21PM106:27
Deep Dream Control (Missy Elliott vs. Adele vs. Britney Spears vs. Fleetwood Mac vs. Tchaikovsky)Maya Jakobson vs. LobsterdustBest of Bootie 201105:1611/06/17, 01:14PM105:16
Stand TogetherBeastie BoysCheck Your Head02:4711/06/17, 01:06PM308:21
It Must Have Been The RosesGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]06:5911/06/17, 01:03PM213:58
For FreeJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)04:3211/06/17, 12:56PM104:32
Blue BoyJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)02:5511/06/17, 12:52PM205:50
Smells Like Compton (N.W.A. vs. Nirvana)CheekyboyBest of Bootie 200504:4911/03/17, 04:08PM209:38
Bach: Fugue In F Sharp Minor, BWV 883Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations03:1811/03/17, 03:56PM103:18
VeilOverwhelming ColorfastOverwhelming Colorfast01:2311/03/17, 03:53PM304:09
Various Cues From Bugs Bunny Films (1943-1956)The Carl Stalling ProjectUnknown02:4311/03/17, 03:52PM102:43
Breath??????00:1111/03/17, 03:46PM100:11
Bootie IntroA plus DBest of Bootie 200600:3311/03/17, 03:44PM100:33
Wah Wah Zoo MarsAudio ActiveHappy Happer05:1811/03/17, 03:43PM105:18
Complicated Sex On FireDJ SchmolliUnknown03:3711/03/17, 03:38PM207:14
Every Humble Knee Must Bow - Nashville Bluegrass BandHand-PickedUnknown02:3311/03/17, 03:34PM102:33
Tally Ho!Legends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:1011/03/17, 03:27PM102:10
SevillanasThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown02:0911/03/17, 03:25PM204:18
Frelon Brun (Brown Hornet)Miles DavisFilles de Kilimanjaro05:4011/03/17, 03:23PM211:20
Sat Bhayan Ki Ek Behanadli ITalab Khan BarnaLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)01:1911/03/17, 03:15PM101:19
NemesisDave Holland QuartetExtensions11:3611/03/17, 03:14PM111:36
If I Could Be ThereEmmylou HarrisUnknown03:3011/03/17, 02:59PM207:00
Know HowYoung MCStone Cold Rhymin'04:0211/03/17, 02:55PM208:04
A Good Man Is Hard To FindBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:0911/03/17, 02:51PM306:27
Pere Et Garçon Zydeco - John Delafose And The Eunice PlayboysLouisiana SpiceUnknown04:5911/03/17, 02:49PM104:59
Track 08George2004-705:2911/03/17, 02:44PM210:58
Just Do ItPete Rock Featuring Pharoahe MonchBaadasssss! Soundtrack04:2711/03/17, 02:39PM208:54
TelefonUz Jsme DomaKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 103:0511/03/17, 02:34PM103:05
I'm OneThe WhoQuadrophenia 02:4011/02/17, 04:27PM102:40
23 Minutes In BrusselsLunaPenthouse06:4111/02/17, 04:25PM213:22
20-MeneatersDJ Edgar HooverIt Is To Laff03:3511/02/17, 04:18PM103:35
Track 01GeorgeAugust 1998-103:0211/02/17, 04:07PM103:02
Sea of Tranquility3 Balls Of FireKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead04:4911/02/17, 04:00PM104:49
SeguriyaThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown02:4211/02/17, 03:55PM102:42
Track 10Zoogz RiftEurope 199003:4611/02/17, 03:53PM103:46
My Soul Is TiredBetty DavisThe Columbia Years 1968-196902:0711/02/17, 03:49PM102:07
Lone RangerJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 06:0711/02/17, 03:43PM318:21
Texarkana Baby [Take 1]Bob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:5511/02/17, 03:37PM205:50
J'ai Vu Le Loup, Le Renard Et La Belette - The Balfa BrothersLouisiana SpiceUnknown03:2311/02/17, 03:34PM310:09
Ikyadarh DimTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life03:3811/02/17, 03:30PM103:38
Found Someone NewSusan TedeschiJust Won't Burn02:2111/02/17, 03:19PM204:42
Live at P.J.'sBeastie BoysCheck Your Head03:1811/02/17, 03:16PM103:18
No. 6 Tree Chopping And Raft BuildingThe PrisonerUnknown02:3611/02/17, 03:13PM102:36
Dub In An AbyssAudio ActiveHappy Happer04:3311/01/17, 04:51PM104:33
32 FootstepsThey Might Be GiantsThey Might Be Giants01:3611/01/17, 04:46PM406:24
MahjounThe Derek Trucks BandSonglines02:2811/01/17, 04:44PM204:56
Dear SirLotionUnknown02:3711/01/17, 04:42PM102:37
Blow Torch (Live)Lava RatsLive From The Kfjc Surf Battle02:5811/01/17, 04:39PM205:56
Better Change Your MindWilliam OnyeaborNigeria 70 08:2411/01/17, 04:36PM216:48
Dinkle DanceZoogz RiftIdiots on the Miniature Golf Course04:3211/01/17, 04:28PM209:04
'Allo 'Allo (Original Mix)Zap MamaA Ma Zone05:0911/01/17, 04:23PM210:18
The Big Bang TheoryParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 07:1111/01/17, 03:57PM107:11
6-05 Up With the LarkBill EvansThe Last Waltz05:2011/01/17, 03:50PM210:40
El Manicero Se VaAfro Festival led by Fantastic Tchico TchicayaSofrito: International Soundclash07:5811/01/17, 03:45PM215:56
Coconut Milk - Bo Dollis & Wild MagnoliasLouisiana SpiceUnknown03:1111/01/17, 03:27PM206:22
Zarb And Santur - Teheran, IranMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown03:1511/01/17, 03:21PM206:30
MupepeZap MamaAdventures In Afropea 103:5111/01/17, 03:18PM207:42
BlackjackLotionThe Telephone Album02:4211/01/17, 03:06PM205:24
DIRTY POOLStevie Ray VaughnTEXAS FLOOD05:0310/30/17, 11:55AM105:03
Sahib Teri Bandi / Maki MadniThe Derek Trucks BandSonglines09:5510/30/17, 11:50AM109:55
Monkey CardScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry04:1510/30/17, 11:40AM208:30
Baby, You're RightDerek Trucks Band Feat. Susan TedeschiJoyful Noise04:1510/30/17, 11:35AM208:30
When Two People In LoveJimmy ReedHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry03:0610/30/17, 10:51AM309:18
Texas FloodStevie Ray VaughnUnknown05:2210/30/17, 10:48AM105:22
BluesVarious ArtistsThe Sound of Jazz [Columbia/Sony]06:5510/30/17, 10:43AM106:55
Johnny Too BadTaj MahalMo' Roots03:1710/30/17, 10:36AM206:34
Sliding DeltaMississippi John HurtWorried Blues 196305:1210/30/17, 10:23AM105:12
Angel From MontgomerySusan TedeschiJust Won't Burn05:2410/30/17, 10:14AM316:12
The Other SideScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry03:0910/30/17, 10:06AM103:09
Maki MadniDerek Trucks Band Feat. Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali KhanJoyful Noise08:1110/30/17, 10:03AM108:11
The Good LifePat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X03:2510/09/17, 09:43AM103:25
FourMiles DavisThe Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More" 06:2810/09/17, 09:40AM106:28
BellevilleDjango ReinhardtUnknown03:0010/09/17, 09:28AM103:00
You Can Depend on Me! - John LewisClark TerryOne on One03:2110/09/17, 09:25AM103:21
Blues on the CornerMcCoy TynerThe Real McCoy06:0010/04/17, 09:44AM212:00
Black HoleDave Holland QuartetExtensions10:1510/04/17, 09:29AM220:30
Swingin' the Blues - Junior ManceClark TerryOne on One03:4810/04/17, 09:15AM103:48
RiotMiles DavisNefertiti03:0510/04/17, 09:11AM103:05
My Soul Fell DownWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields02:1810/04/17, 09:08AM204:36
DepkDuke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]02:4010/04/17, 09:06AM102:40
From EgyptPhilip GlassUnknown03:2310/02/17, 05:09PM827:04
KoyaanisqatsiPhilip GlassKoyaanisqatsi (Original Versio03:3010/02/17, 05:06PM621:00
SadhanipaRavi Shankar, Philip GlassPassages08:3710/02/17, 05:02PM434:28
RazooliDiga Rhythm BandDiga02:5210/02/17, 04:45PM617:12
Video DreamPhilip GlassUnknown02:1509/20/17, 03:34PM204:30
ZoolookologieJean-Michel JarreZoolook03:5109/20/17, 03:32PM623:06
PlasmoidOzric TentaclesSpirals In Hyperspace05:1809/20/17, 02:06PM631:48
That PlacePhilip GlassUnknown04:4209/20/17, 02:01PM523:30
AkashaOzric TentaclesSpirals In Hyperspace07:2709/20/17, 01:43PM322:21
SunscapeOzric TentaclesErpland04:0209/18/17, 04:39PM624:12
FunkentelechyParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 10:5609/13/17, 04:57PM110:56
S.O.SWes MontgomeryFull House [Keepnews Collection]05:0409/13/17, 04:46PM315:12
Sleepwalkers (Live)Linda DraperKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Volume 1202:5709/08/17, 04:28PM102:57
Art DecoDon CherryArt Deco08:4509/08/17, 04:25PM108:45
Balada ConducatoroluiTaraf De HaïdouksLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)04:0409/08/17, 03:06PM104:04
Metroid Metal - Tourian BrainStemageUnknown03:1209/08/17, 03:02PM309:36
3 WishesOrnette Coleman And Prime Time with Jerry GarciaVirgin Beauty04:2309/08/17, 02:59PM104:23
My Funny ValentineMiles DavisThe Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More" 14:5509/08/17, 02:54PM114:55
I Got More Than A Feeling (Boston vs. Black Eyed Peas)Mad Mix MustangBest of Bootie 200905:0409/08/17, 02:39PM105:04
Cold CanyonViolent FemmesBlind Leading the Naked03:2309/08/17, 02:34PM310:09
Toka TolaOzric TentaclesSpirals In Hyperspace07:4709/08/17, 01:51PM323:21
X&YColdplayX&Y04:3408/16/17, 04:10PM313:42
The Great PretenderOld And In The WayUnknown03:3908/16/17, 04:05PM207:18
Laisse Tomber les FillesDel Sol, Fabienne2007-402:1508/16/17, 04:01PM102:15
Walk The Proud LandBob Marley & The WailersUnknown03:3108/16/17, 03:48PM103:31
Do That StuffParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 04:5108/16/17, 03:44PM314:33
This City Is Very Exciting!3 Mustaphas 3Soup Of The Century04:3308/16/17, 03:40PM104:33
Part TwoLeo KottkeUnknown01:4308/16/17, 03:35PM203:26
The Safety Booty (Bubba Sparxxx vs. Men Without Hats)DJ TopcatBest of Bootie 200604:5508/16/17, 03:33PM209:50
Metroid Metal - IntroStemageUnknown00:2708/16/17, 03:28PM200:54
The Circle GameJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)04:5208/16/17, 03:13PM104:52
LetterboxThey Might Be GiantsFlood01:2508/16/17, 03:08PM101:25
Midnight Ride (Live)NeighborsLive From The Kfjc Surf Battle05:5008/16/17, 03:07PM211:40
Lighten UpBeastie BoysCheck Your Head02:4208/16/17, 02:57PM205:24
Sadilo Mome - Tropnalo Oro3 Mustaphas 3Unknown02:4908/16/17, 02:54PM308:27
Depth ChargeAfrican Head ChargeAdrian Sherwood Presents The04:0708/15/17, 02:58PM728:49
Wasted WordsThe Allman Brothers BandBrothers and Sisters04:2108/09/17, 05:26PM104:21
House Burning DownThe Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric Ladyland Part 204:3308/09/17, 05:15PM104:33
WouyoumaPositive Black SoulAfrican Groove03:5808/04/17, 09:51AM103:58
Kar Kar MadisonBoubacar TraoréMali To Memphis04:3208/04/17, 09:47AM313:36
Loyin, LoyinBabatunde OlatunjiUnknown07:3108/04/17, 09:42AM107:31
Alo Mi Alo (Parts 1 And 2)Orlando Julius EkemodeNigeria 70 08:0408/04/17, 09:27AM216:08
Jeun Ko Ku (Chop 'N' Quench)Fela Kuti & The Africa 70Nigeria 70 07:1408/04/17, 09:19AM107:14
Battle of the SpeciesAntibalasLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 106:2908/04/17, 09:12AM212:58
SekebeAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali04:3108/04/17, 09:03AM104:31
New Cities In Ancient Lands, IndiaPhilip GlassUnknown04:4306/28/17, 11:50AM628:18
The Desert Music (Freq Nasty & B.L.I.M. Remix)Reich RemixedUnknown07:2306/28/17, 11:32AM429:32
EpiloguePhilip GlassUnknown04:2306/28/17, 11:25AM417:32
Soul MakossaManu DibangoPutumayo Presents World Hits04:1206/14/17, 03:11PM104:12
NgalamOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 09:3406/14/17, 03:07PM109:34
Tamatant TilayTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life03:2106/14/17, 02:56PM103:21
Les Temps Ont ChangeAmadou & MariamWati04:4606/14/17, 02:53PM104:46
IfaTunji Oyelana & The BendersNigeria 70 05:0006/14/17, 02:40PM105:00
Saye Mogo BanaIssa BagayogoAfrican Groove05:1506/14/17, 02:35PM105:15
SirataHabib Koité & BamadaMali To Memphis05:2606/14/17, 02:21PM105:26
AkiwowoBabatunde OlatunjiUnknown08:5706/14/17, 02:16PM217:54
Ce N'est Pas BonAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali03:5006/14/17, 02:07PM103:50
RippleGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]04:2906/12/17, 11:32AM104:29
On The Road AgainGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]03:1006/12/17, 11:20AM103:10
Rosa Lee McFallGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]02:5506/12/17, 11:17AM102:55
Deep Elem BluesGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]04:5606/12/17, 11:00AM104:56
Been All Around The WorldGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]04:1706/12/17, 10:48AM104:17
China DollGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]05:2306/12/17, 10:44AM105:23
Dire WolfGrateful DeadReckoning [Live]03:2106/12/17, 10:25AM206:42
PreludeGrateful DeadEurope '72 07:3805/26/17, 02:25PM215:16
Eyes Of The World/DrumsGrateful DeadOne From The Vault (Disc 1) [Live]14:3205/26/17, 02:17PM229:04
Here Comes SunshineGrateful DeadDick's Picks, Vol. 1 [Live] 14:1305/26/17, 02:03PM342:39
Truckin'Grateful DeadDick's Picks, Vol. 1 [Live] 09:1805/26/17, 01:49PM109:18
Brown-Eyed WomenGrateful DeadEurope '72 04:3805/26/17, 01:39PM209:16
Morning DewGrateful DeadEurope '72 11:2605/26/17, 01:18PM222:52
The Depraved CityJohn ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner05:1005/23/17, 10:17AM105:10
Weaver Of DreamsOscar Peterson And Freddie HubbardUnknown08:3105/23/17, 10:12AM108:31
Freedom Is In The TryingWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields02:4705/23/17, 09:46AM102:47
Stella by StarlightMiles DavisThe Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More" 13:0305/23/17, 09:43AM113:03
Octopus's GardenThe BeatlesAbbey Road02:5105/16/17, 02:53PM205:42
SwampTalking HeadsSpeaking In Tongues05:1605/16/17, 02:50PM315:48
Tribe VibesJungle BrothersUnknown03:5405/09/17, 03:46PM103:54
Super Holla Tricka (Beastie Boys vs. Gwen Stefani vs. A. Skillz & Krafty Kutz)TrippBest of Bootie 200504:3605/09/17, 03:39PM104:36
Carnuba Wax: Son of GarStay FuckedKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Vol. 1102:3005/09/17, 03:27PM102:30
SouvenirsDjango ReinhardtUnknown02:4505/09/17, 03:21PM205:30
You Need To Be With MeSusan TedeschiJust Won't Burn03:0505/09/17, 03:18PM206:10
A Sleeping BeeBill EvansAt The Montreaux At The Jazz Festival06:0605/09/17, 03:12PM106:06
SolearesManitas De PlataUnknown03:5705/09/17, 03:01PM103:57
EpisodeLunchboxKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 302:1305/09/17, 02:57PM204:26
Ich Fumbus GrossenChicago Afrobeat ProjectOff the Grid04:2105/09/17, 02:55PM208:42
Sketches Of Drunken MaryHorace TapscottThe Dark Tree 11:3205/09/17, 02:42PM111:32
Miss Q'nZap MamaAncestry In Progress04:2405/09/17, 02:30PM104:24
Ted Lundy - The Old Swinging BridgeHand-PickedUnknown02:2105/09/17, 02:26PM102:21
Where Your Eyes Dont GoThey Might Be GiantsLincoln03:0605/09/17, 02:14PM103:06
BlackbirdThe BeatlesUnknown02:1805/09/17, 02:11PM102:18
One For LatelyHorace TapscottThe Dark Tree 10:2405/09/17, 02:09PM110:24
Tidal WaveLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:1805/09/17, 01:46PM102:18
Ride OnParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 03:3705/09/17, 11:18AM310:51
Knuckle DownXTCEnglish Settlement04:2905/09/17, 11:14AM104:29
Rude Boy Resort (Rihanna vs. Papa Roach)DJ SchmolliBest of Bootie 2010 (Bonus Tracks)03:2805/09/17, 11:09AM103:28
SerapisCannavacciuolo, Lino2004-203:4505/09/17, 11:06AM207:30
Dirt and BloodAntibalasLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 108:5605/09/17, 10:57AM108:56
VadzimuPeace Of EbonyAfrican Groove03:3305/09/17, 10:43AM103:33
Lagu Kodok (Frog Song)BaliUnknown04:1305/09/17, 10:40AM104:13
Funkin' For FunParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 05:5605/09/17, 10:36AM211:52
The WaitPretendersPretenders03:3705/01/17, 11:56AM207:14
You Win AgainGrateful DeadEurope '72 04:0205/01/17, 11:51AM104:02
Informal DialecticLowDownKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 402:5305/01/17, 11:47AM205:46
The SleeperCannonball & ColtraneUnknown07:1305/01/17, 11:31AM214:26
Ledi Ndieme M'bodjOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 08:5905/01/17, 11:24AM108:59
Gween-Kong-GeeeX-GirlKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 204:5505/01/17, 11:10AM104:55
Les Flammes D'enfer - BeausoieilLouisiana SpiceUnknown04:3605/01/17, 11:02AM104:36
My StyleBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business04:2905/01/17, 10:58AM417:56
Six Gun SurferMighty Surf LordsKFJC Presents Combo Swell03:1905/01/17, 10:53AM103:19
MedleyScarabHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry05:1605/01/17, 10:49AM210:32
DakarJohn ColtraneUnknown07:1005/01/17, 10:43AM107:10
Track 18George2010-710:2005/01/17, 10:36AM110:20
A Sign Of The AgesGil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man04:0305/01/17, 10:16AM208:06
Noche GranadinaThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown04:1205/01/17, 10:12AM104:12
Higher GroundStevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium I 03:4705/01/17, 10:05AM311:21
Tin Tin DeoSanchez, PonchoDo It!05:5705/01/17, 10:01AM105:57
KidPretendersPretenders03:0704/21/17, 10:55AM103:07
Stars Fell On AlabamaCannonball & ColtraneUnknown06:1504/21/17, 10:34AM212:30
Prodigal Daughter (Cotton Eyed Joe)Michelle ShockedArkansas Traveler06:4404/21/17, 10:20AM213:28
J-BayThe Surf KingsKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:5204/20/17, 04:58PM102:52
Fumms Bo VoChristian BökUnknown00:0504/20/17, 04:55PM300:15
Polythene PamThe BeatlesAbbey Road01:1304/20/17, 04:50PM101:13
Chant To Call The Indians OutWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields03:5704/20/17, 04:49PM207:54
Chant To Mother EarthBLONigeria 70 06:0704/20/17, 04:38PM212:14
Earl's BreakdownHylo Brown and The Timberliners With Earl ScruggsBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6301:5504/20/17, 04:32PM203:50
(Every Time I Hear) That Mellow SousaphoneDixie Power TrioUnknown02:5504/20/17, 04:26PM102:55
death_gameoverXOCSuper Mario World00:2004/20/17, 04:20PM100:20
Queen BeeTaj MahalMali To Memphis04:3604/20/17, 04:19PM104:36
Information Par Le MistralSartana et Son Groupe MistralSofrito: International Soundclash05:1804/20/17, 04:03PM421:12
Used ??????00:1404/20/17, 03:57PM200:28
Full HouseWes MontgomeryFull House [Keepnews Collection]09:1604/20/17, 03:57PM546:20
Bird SongJerry GarciaGarcia04:2704/20/17, 03:39PM208:54
Hadra - Metilli Des Chambra, AlgeriaMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown02:3404/20/17, 03:34PM205:08
Two FingersYetiKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 409:1004/20/17, 03:32PM218:20
Tasty Licks - Blue Days, Black NightsHand-PickedUnknown02:2304/20/17, 03:23PM307:09
New Underwear DanceRumah SakitKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 306:0804/20/17, 03:20PM106:08
5-01 Re_ Person I KnewBill EvansThe Last Waltz04:0304/20/17, 03:14PM104:03
Track 02George2010-708:2704/20/17, 03:10PM108:27
Train To Sao PauloPhilip GlassUnknown03:0404/10/17, 10:55AM412:16
Pruit IgoePhilip GlassKoyaanisqatsi (Original Version)07:0403/30/17, 05:15PM428:16
Reich: Drumming - Part 4Steve Reich & MusiciansDrumming09:5003/30/17, 04:57PM439:20
Super Metroid Metal - Boss MedleyStemageUnknown07:0003/30/17, 04:07PM214:00
Down By The RiverNeil YoungDecade09:0003/30/17, 04:00PM109:00
Ordinary VersionBilDeejay's Choice02:4903/30/17, 03:51PM205:38
Son Of Mr. Green GenesFrank ZappaUnknown09:0003/30/17, 03:48PM218:00
Grand Coulee DamTom Glazer & Dottie EvansEnergy & Motion Songs01:4703/30/17, 03:39PM101:47
Thick As A Brick - Part 1Jethro TullUnknown22:2603/28/17, 02:29PM122:26
Hound DogThe ResidentsThe King And Eye02:1903/23/17, 03:34PM102:19
Stopover BombayAlice ColtraneJourney in Satchidananda02:5403/23/17, 03:32PM102:54
St. ElsewhereGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere02:3003/23/17, 11:08AM205:00
Ilere, Ilere, IlereBabatunde OlatunjiUnknown09:3203/23/17, 11:06AM219:04
I'm So TiredThe BeatlesUnknown02:0303/23/17, 10:56AM204:06
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 22 Alla Breve A 1 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:4203/23/17, 10:54AM201:24
An Honest M.I.A. (The Bravery vs. M.I.A.)A plus DBest of Bootie 200503:0003/23/17, 10:54AM206:00
Walking With A Ghost In Paris (Tegan & Sara vs. Mylo)Party BenBest of Bootie 200504:0003/23/17, 10:51AM104:00
Foire InternationaleOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 07:4503/23/17, 10:47AM107:45
Diamond In The RoughShawn ColvinSteady On05:0303/23/17, 10:33AM315:09
Track 14George2007-612:5003/23/17, 10:25AM225:40
Listening WindTalking HeadsRemain In Light04:4303/23/17, 09:58AM209:26
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - Canon 3 A 2 Per Motum ContrariumNeville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107900:3403/23/17, 09:51AM201:08
Moon SaunaKing Of HawaiiKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:5603/23/17, 09:45AM205:52
Just Like Tom Thumb's BluesBob DylanHighway 61 Revisited05:3203/23/17, 09:42AM105:32
Track 12George2007-605:3203/23/17, 09:37AM105:32
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 24 Canone All'Ottava. A 1 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:5803/23/17, 09:31AM201:56
ContradictionsZoogz RiftFive Billion Pinheads Can't Be Wrong10:3503/23/17, 09:30AM110:35
A Jump AheadHerbie HancockUnknown06:3603/23/17, 09:20AM106:36
Track 15George2004-703:5103/23/17, 09:13AM103:51
High On A Mountain - Del MccouryHand-PickedUnknown02:5303/23/17, 09:07AM205:46
His Master's VoicesCabinet MagazineUnknown03:2303/23/17, 09:04AM310:09
Pain And PovertyPhilip HamiltonUnknown04:0003/23/17, 09:00AM104:00
Look What Your're Doing To MeThe PaladinsKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 303:0303/23/17, 08:54AM103:03
Track 13GeorgeAugust 1998-102:3903/23/17, 08:51AM102:39
Pedat-TongtongMusic For The GodsUnknown03:1103/23/17, 08:43AM103:11
Peaches En RegaliaFrank ZappaUnknown03:3703/22/17, 11:08AM103:37
It Must Be A CamelFrank ZappaUnknown05:1703/22/17, 10:56AM105:17
Pinnocchio's FurnitureFrank ZappaUnknown02:0503/22/17, 10:48AM204:10
Treacherous CretinsFrank ZappaUnknown05:3003/22/17, 10:41AM211:00
Shut Up 'n' Play Yer Guitar Some MoreFrank ZappaUnknown06:5203/22/17, 10:35AM320:36
Hog HeavenFrank ZappaUnknown02:4703/22/17, 10:10AM308:21
Deathless HorsieFrank ZappaUnknown06:1903/22/17, 09:58AM106:19
Reich: Desert Music - 3b. ModerateMichael Tilson Thomas: Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra & ChorusReich: Desert Music05:5403/21/17, 05:15PM211:48
Four TeachersLake Of DraculaKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 303:2703/21/17, 05:09PM206:54
Lonesome Fiddler BluesOld And In The WayUnknown03:0603/21/17, 04:55PM309:18
Franklin's TowerGrateful DeadOne From The Vault (Disc 1) [Live]06:5803/21/17, 04:42PM106:58
Just Got PaidZZ TopRio Grande Mud03:4903/21/17, 04:35PM207:38
Matthew, Mark, Luke & JohnPriscilla HerdmanUnknown02:4803/21/17, 04:31PM102:48
No. 6 Arrives At Dreamy PartyThe PrisonerUnknown02:0703/21/17, 04:28PM102:07
Tennessee JedGrateful DeadEurope '72 07:1003/21/17, 04:26PM214:20
Track 04GeorgeDecember 2001-103:0203/21/17, 04:19PM206:04
Ode to Billie JoeHenry KaiserThose Who Know History Are Doomed to Repeat It09:3803/21/17, 04:16PM109:38
Bukë E Kripë Në Vater Tonë - Kalaxhojnë3 Mustaphas 3Unknown04:0603/21/17, 04:06PM104:06
FantasyEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live05:2303/21/17, 03:59PM105:23
Top of the Pops 2011 (What The Fuck)Mashup-GermanyBest of Bootie 2011 (Bonus Tracks)04:0403/21/17, 03:54PM208:08
ProblemsSex PistolsNever Mind The Bullocks Heres04:1103/21/17, 03:50PM104:11
Route 4John ColtraneUnknown06:5503/21/17, 03:45PM106:55
ContemplationMcCoy TynerThe Real McCoy09:1303/21/17, 03:24PM218:26
Help!The Beatles102:1903/21/17, 03:15PM102:19
Could You Be Love Gamed? (Lady Gaga vs. Bob Marley)DJ BCBest of Bootie 201003:2803/21/17, 03:08PM103:28
Isn't She LovelyStevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium I 06:3303/21/17, 03:05PM213:06
Blah-Blah CafeJean-Michel JarreZoolook03:2103/15/17, 04:38PM206:42
The UnutterablePhilip GlassUnknown07:0303/15/17, 03:53PM321:09
Blue 'n' BoogieWes MontgomeryFull House [Keepnews Collection]09:3903/15/17, 09:35AM328:57
Chocolate CityParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 05:3703/15/17, 09:25AM316:51
Groove MeKing FloydBaadasssss! Soundtrack02:5803/15/17, 09:08AM205:56
Rescue MeFontella BassSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 102:5803/15/17, 08:54AM205:56
Can't Hide LoveEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live03:2603/15/17, 08:51AM206:52
Up For The Down StrokeParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 05:1003/15/17, 08:48AM315:30
I WishStevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium I 04:1403/15/17, 08:36AM208:28
The Things (That) I Used To DoStevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleCouldn't Stand The Weather04:5503/13/17, 10:12AM104:55
Kam-Ma-LayDerek Trucks Band Feat. Ruben BladesJoyful Noise07:0903/13/17, 10:04AM107:09
Feel ItBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business04:1903/13/17, 09:55AM312:57
Boogie WoogieProfessor LonghairNew Orleans Piano02:4203/08/17, 05:10PM102:42
Gangster Of LoveJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 03:4703/08/17, 05:04PM207:34
Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker)ParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 05:4803/08/17, 04:56PM211:36
I Think I'll Call It MorningGil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man03:3103/08/17, 04:45PM310:33
SuperstitionStevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium I 04:2603/08/17, 04:41PM313:18
But It's AlrightJ.J. JacksonSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 102:4903/08/17, 04:37PM102:49
Fried PiesWes MontgomeryBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]06:4703/08/17, 04:27PM106:47
Crazy DaySly & Robbie / Amp FiddlerInspiration Information04:2603/08/17, 04:20PM208:52
Dr. FunkensteinParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 05:4703/08/17, 04:15PM105:47
A Real Mother For YaJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:0403/08/17, 04:06PM210:08
Come Rain Or Come ShineWes MontgomeryFull House [Keepnews Collection]06:5803/08/17, 03:50PM106:58
Soul SerenadeKing CurtisSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 103:0103/08/17, 03:37PM103:01
Booty OotyJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:2403/08/17, 03:30PM316:12
They Don't Want MusicBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business06:4703/08/17, 03:24PM320:21
System of SurvivalEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live05:4803/08/17, 03:17PM211:36
Hey Little GirlProfessor LonghairNew Orleans Piano03:0303/08/17, 02:58PM309:09
Green and GoldRoy AyersBaadasssss! Soundtrack04:4903/08/17, 02:55PM314:27
You Are the Sunshine of My LifeStevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium I 02:5103/08/17, 02:50PM205:42
Voo DooNeville BrothersUnknown04:2703/08/17, 02:47PM208:54
TarzanJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 04:5903/08/17, 02:30PM104:59
Like ThatBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business04:3503/08/17, 02:13PM209:10
Let Your Feelings ShowEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live01:3803/07/17, 04:23PM101:38
Fire And BrimstoneNeville BrothersUnknown03:5903/07/17, 03:54PM103:59
La-La Means I Love YouThe DelfonicsSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 103:2103/07/17, 03:50PM310:03
I Want To Ta-Ta You BabyJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:4703/07/17, 03:43PM211:34
Pieces Of A ManGil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man04:5403/07/17, 03:30PM209:48
Sun GoddessEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live05:3703/07/17, 03:23PM211:14
UnionBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business05:0403/06/17, 10:52AM105:04
Master Blaster (Jammin')Stevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium I 05:0803/06/17, 10:47AM210:16
Night TrainJames Brown & The Famous FlamesSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 103:3303/06/17, 10:39AM207:06
Dearly BelovedWes MontgomeryBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]04:5203/06/17, 10:35AM209:44
CaribaWes MontgomeryFull House [Keepnews Collection]09:4103/06/17, 10:30AM109:41
Dum DiddlyBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business04:2003/06/17, 10:11AM104:20
I Need ItJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 04:4203/06/17, 09:57AM104:42
She Walks Right In (Bonus Track)Professor LonghairNew Orleans Piano03:1003/06/17, 09:44AM206:20
Flash LightParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 10:4503/06/17, 09:16AM110:45
Funky Broadway, Pt. 1Dyke & The BlazersSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 102:4203/06/17, 08:56AM102:42
Save The ChildrenGil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man04:2703/06/17, 08:53AM313:21
AfricanoEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live05:5403/03/17, 05:02PM211:48
Bop Gun (Endangered Species)ParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 08:3303/03/17, 04:51PM108:33
Mardi Gras In New Orleans (Bonus Track)Professor LonghairNew Orleans Piano02:5603/03/17, 03:38PM102:56
Sweetback's ThemeMelvin Van PeeblesBaadasssss! Soundtrack02:5003/03/17, 03:21PM102:50
Agony Of DefeetParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 06:2703/03/17, 01:55PM106:27
P. Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)ParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 07:4303/03/17, 01:14PM323:09
HihacheThe Lafayette Afro Rock BandDarkest Light/The Best of the Lafayette Afro-Rock Band07:0203/03/17, 01:02PM107:02
Cowboys To GirlsThe IntrudersSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 102:3803/03/17, 12:55PM205:16
Boogie on Reggae WomanStevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium I 04:5603/03/17, 12:52PM104:56
The Revolution Will Not Be TelevisedGil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man03:0703/03/17, 12:32PM206:14
Missing LinkAvie Allen And The Arrows1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West09:0403/03/17, 09:54AM218:08
In The Magnum Record ShopThe PrisonerUnknown02:0403/03/17, 09:45AM204:08
Ocean BeachPollo Del Mar V.931999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West02:5502/24/17, 01:56PM102:55
Comprachico BoogieZoogz RiftFive Billion Pinheads Can't Be Wrong04:4502/24/17, 01:53PM104:45
U Make Me SweatJungle BrothersUnknown04:0102/24/17, 01:48PM104:01
Shooting Scars??????00:5302/15/17, 03:56PM100:53
Five-Five-FiveFrank ZappaUnknown02:3602/15/17, 03:55PM102:36
Feet MusicOrnette ColemanUnknown03:3302/15/17, 03:53PM207:06
Run Don't WalkThe MermenKrill Slippin'02:3602/15/17, 03:49PM102:36
Shoehorn With TeethThey Might Be GiantsLincoln01:1302/15/17, 03:43PM101:13
J Griff's BluesRahsaan Roland KirkBil07:3102/15/17, 03:36PM107:31
KirstenSortenmuld1999-September #209:0802/15/17, 03:28PM327:24
La La LaSegun Bucknor & His RevolutionNigeria 70 03:2902/15/17, 02:58PM103:29
Abadou (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 104:0602/14/17, 05:37PM104:06
Werente SerigneOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 06:4802/14/17, 05:33PM213:36
10 SissyneckBeckUnknown03:5302/14/17, 05:26PM207:46
ChinatownLunaPenthouse04:4002/14/17, 05:22PM209:20
Track 01GeorgeDecember 2001-103:5802/14/17, 05:13PM103:58
Across The Alley From The AlamoBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:5302/14/17, 05:09PM102:53
Love Please Come HomeOld And In The WayUnknown03:2402/14/17, 05:04PM103:24
Lipovacko Kolo3 Mustaphas 3Unknown02:5802/14/17, 05:00PM205:56
Track 10EricSpring 200702:2902/14/17, 04:57PM204:58
FearlessOverwhelming ColorfastOverwhelming Colorfast03:2502/14/17, 04:53PM310:15
The RockThe WhoQuadrophenia 06:3802/14/17, 04:40PM106:38
Don't Phunk With My HeartBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business04:0002/14/17, 04:34PM104:00
Jade Vincent ExperimentThe Girl Of My DreamsKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 205:4502/14/17, 03:38PM211:30
The Sheltering SkyKing CrimsonDiscipline08:2402/14/17, 03:33PM216:48
Crazy Logic (Gnarls Barkley vs. Supertramp vs. Rockwell)Arty FufkinBest of Bootie 200604:2802/14/17, 03:24PM104:28
Super Metroid Metal - BrinstarStemageUnknown05:2002/14/17, 03:15PM105:20
Route 666Pollo Del MarKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead03:5002/14/17, 03:06PM103:50
Standing In My Doorway CryingJessie Mae HemphillMali To Memphis04:4302/13/17, 04:44PM104:43
My Favorite ThingsJohn ColtraneUnknown13:4402/13/17, 04:39PM227:28
Sing a SongEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live01:3102/13/17, 03:28PM203:02
Sonata #8John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano02:4302/13/17, 03:27PM102:43
EqueDuke EllingtonUnknown03:3302/13/17, 03:17PM103:33
Shut Up And Take Me Out (The Ting Tings vs. Franz Ferdinand vs. Aretha Franklin vs. M/A/R/R/S)DJ Y Alias JYBest of Bootie 200904:4602/13/17, 03:13PM104:46
Close To Blowing In The Deep (Ke$ha vs. Adele vs. Madonna vs. Rihanna vs. Alex Clare vs. 3OH!3)Titus JonesBest of Bootie 201204:3302/13/17, 03:08PM104:33
Happy As A ClamKelp!1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West03:5302/13/17, 11:24AM103:53
Je Te KiffeAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali04:1802/13/17, 11:20AM104:18
Who's That Knocking At My Door - Dreadful SnakesHand-PickedUnknown03:5402/13/17, 10:47AM103:54
My Clown's on FireThe Lounge LizardsNo Pain for Cakes04:2102/13/17, 10:43AM104:21
Connie And Babe & The Backwoods Boys - Home Is Where The Heart IsHand-PickedUnknown02:0202/13/17, 10:39AM204:04
Ça Varie VarieZap MamaAncestry In Progress03:1102/13/17, 10:37AM103:11
Crow JaneThe Derek Trucks BandSonglines03:5402/13/17, 10:34AM103:54
(Find Myself) A Heap Of Love (Florence & the Machine vs. Depeche Mode vs. Imogen Heap)LeeDM101Best of Bootie 201004:1302/13/17, 10:26AM104:13
Am-A-DoBob Marley & The WailersUnknown03:0702/13/17, 10:22AM103:07
Graveyard BluesScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry03:2102/13/17, 10:11AM310:03
Mushmouth Shoutin'ZZ TopRio Grande Mud03:4502/08/17, 11:49AM415:00
Rind De HoreTaraf De HaïdouksLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)08:1602/08/17, 11:38AM216:32
Car HopLos Straightjackets1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West02:1602/08/17, 11:30AM102:16
DunnoBilDeejay's Choice03:0702/08/17, 11:28AM103:07
I'm Cryin'Stevie Ray VaughnUnknown03:4302/08/17, 11:25AM414:52
JessicaThe Allman Brothers BandBrothers and Sisters07:0702/08/17, 11:21AM214:14
Your Phone's Off The Hook, ButXLos Angeles02:2602/08/17, 11:05AM102:26
11 ReadymadeBeckUnknown02:3702/08/17, 11:02AM102:37
Dice Of Life (The Battle) [Explicit]Andre Nickatina aka Dre DogConversation With A Devil [Explicit]03:4302/08/17, 11:00AM207:26
Nabed Nade El Piny KaOwiny Sigoma BandSofrito: International Soundclash06:5202/08/17, 10:56AM106:52
The Great CurveTalking HeadsUnknown06:2302/08/17, 10:49AM212:46
25 O'clockThe Dukes Of StratophearUnknown05:0302/08/17, 10:40AM105:03
OctopunchOrestes PrezzaKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:3002/08/17, 10:28AM102:30
Metroid Metal Prime - Phendrana DriftsStemageUnknown04:5402/08/17, 10:20AM314:42
BatomaAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali04:1402/08/17, 10:10AM104:14
Along The Navajo TrailBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown03:0902/08/17, 09:51AM206:18
SabaliAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali03:1602/08/17, 09:43AM309:48
Track 08EricSpring 200906:4202/08/17, 09:34AM213:24
Bulletproof Radar (La Roux vs. Britney Spears)DJ SchmolliBest of Bootie 200903:1702/01/17, 04:36PM103:17
Crime WavePlanet Seven1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West02:2102/01/17, 04:33PM102:21
Virgin BeautyOrnette Coleman And Prime TimeVirgin Beauty03:3402/01/17, 04:31PM207:08
Old And In The WayOld And In The WayUnknown03:1202/01/17, 04:27PM103:12
My Name Is PrinceLotionThe Telephone Album03:3102/01/17, 04:24PM207:02
Flyng HighWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields02:0502/01/17, 04:20PM102:05
The Train and the RiverVarious ArtistsThe Sound of Jazz [Columbia/Sony]04:4602/01/17, 04:15PM104:46
Frogs On IceDarol Anger & Mike MarshallPsycho Grass06:4602/01/17, 04:06PM106:46
Before I Let You GoJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:2702/01/17, 03:54PM105:27
CollideascopeThe Dukes Of StratophearUnknown03:2302/01/17, 03:36PM103:23
TogetherSanchez, PonchoDo It!05:1301/31/17, 05:11PM105:13
TestifyParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 03:5701/31/17, 05:00PM103:57
Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet HeadThey Might Be GiantsGiants Jubilee02:1301/31/17, 04:56PM102:13
Haunted HeartJohn Abercrombie/Marc Johnson/Peter ErskineJohn Abercrombie, Marc Johnson & Peter Erskine05:2701/31/17, 04:49PM210:54
Dec. 4th, Oh What A Night (Jay-Z vs. Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons)DJ TopcatBest of Bootie 200603:2301/31/17, 04:44PM103:23
Abimenijoe-Gender WayangMusic For The GodsUnknown03:3001/31/17, 04:40PM103:30
When Fine Society Sits Down To DineChumbawambaUn05:3201/31/17, 04:37PM316:36
Shaking Hands (Soldier's Joy)Michelle ShockedArkansas Traveler03:2601/31/17, 04:31PM103:26
Just DessertsChumbawambaUn04:0101/31/17, 04:17PM104:01
Rude MoodStevie Ray VaughnSyeve Ray Vaughn-Texas Flood04:4001/31/17, 04:13PM104:40
Fingertips (8)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:0701/31/17, 04:09PM100:07
It's Getting Dark In HereZoogz RiftSchool Of The Criminally Insane06:1101/31/17, 04:04PM212:22
Nezasa No ShirabeThe Art Of The Japanese Bamboo FluteUnknown02:5301/31/17, 03:58PM102:53
Solaris StompSpace CossacksKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead03:1001/31/17, 03:46PM309:30
Samurai Hee-HawJohn Abercrombie/Marc Johnson/Peter ErskineJohn Abercrombie, Marc Johnson & Peter Erskine08:2301/31/17, 03:18PM108:23
ProcessionalDave Holland QuartetExtensions07:2201/31/17, 03:10PM214:44
Say It (Over And Over Again)John ColtraneBallads04:1801/31/17, 03:02PM104:18
She Came In Through The Bathroom WindowThe BeatlesAbbey Road01:5801/31/17, 02:58PM101:58
IntroZap MamaAncestry In Progress01:3801/31/17, 02:28PM101:38
Cousin MaryJohn ColtraneUnknown05:5001/31/17, 02:26PM105:50
Pictures on the WallBilDeejay's Choice02:5101/19/17, 04:51PM102:51
Song X DuoPat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X03:0801/19/17, 03:55PM103:08
OclupacaDuke EllingtonUnknown04:2301/19/17, 03:44PM104:23
Madre3 Mustaphas 3Soup Of The Century05:2801/19/17, 03:35PM105:28
Giant StepsJohn ColtraneUnknown04:4701/19/17, 03:29PM209:34
Track 05George2004-704:4501/19/17, 03:20PM104:45
Land Of The NavajoOld And In The WayUnknown06:2201/19/17, 03:15PM212:44
Don’t Stop Believin’ In This Love On Earth (Lady Gaga vs. Belinda Carlisle vs. Journey vs. Madonna vs. Ke$ha vs. Bruno Mars vs. Leona Lewis vs. New York Outlaw)Titus JonesBest of Bootie 201104:2801/19/17, 03:09PM208:56
You've Had Your ChancesThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men01:5501/10/17, 04:06PM101:55
Gypsy SurferLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:2101/10/17, 09:31AM102:21
Jump You Fucker (Cee Lo Green vs. Van Halen)The KleptonesBest of Bootie 201003:5301/10/17, 09:29AM103:53
Sulu as Kono (Live)NeighborsLive From The Kfjc Surf Battle04:0001/10/17, 09:22AM104:00
Someone Keeps Moving My ChairThey Might Be GiantsFlood02:2501/10/17, 09:19AM204:50
The Biz Vs. The NugeBeastie BoysCheck Your Head00:3401/10/17, 09:03AM100:34
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-IX)Pink FloydWish You Were Here12:3201/10/17, 09:02AM112:32
The Old Home Place - J.D. Crowe & The New SouthHand-PickedUnknown02:4901/10/17, 08:50AM102:49
Medley: Gajal Theka/Jogi Lahra/Melody from the Film Nagin/Melody from TVarious ArtistsSapera: Snake Charmers of North India14:2101/05/17, 11:50AM228:42
Tentative DecisionsTalking HeadsUnknown03:0801/03/17, 03:08PM206:16
Heart AttackZoogz RiftMurdering Hell's Happy Cretins02:1201/03/17, 02:56PM102:12
Planetary Firework (Go!) (Katy Perry vs. My Chemical Romance)A Plus DBest of Bootie 201104:0201/03/17, 02:54PM104:02
After The Gold RushNeil YoungDecade03:4612/29/16, 10:35AM103:46
SpaceMerl Saunders, Jerry Garcia, John Kahn & Bill VittLive At Keystone, Vol. 103:5112/29/16, 10:28AM207:42
EtJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 04:3012/29/16, 10:21AM104:30
Crazy RhythmBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown01:5612/29/16, 10:17AM101:56
Mon Amour, Ma CherieAmadou & MariamMali To Memphis05:2112/29/16, 10:15AM105:21
Space ZydecoBuckwheat ZydecoUnknown03:1812/29/16, 10:00AM206:36
Unjust DessertsZoogz RiftVillagers04:4812/29/16, 09:57AM104:48
Number ThreeThey Might Be GiantsThey Might Be Giants01:2812/29/16, 09:52AM101:28
Shout My Name (Ting Tings vs. Lulu vs. Green Day)The KleptonesBest of Bootie 201204:0612/19/16, 04:02PM104:06
Fingertips (15)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:2712/19/16, 03:58PM100:27
Bell BoyThe WhoQuadrophenia 04:5612/19/16, 03:55PM104:56
Plight Of The MatadorKing Of Hawaii1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West04:1312/19/16, 03:50PM208:26
Track 16EricSpring 200703:5212/09/16, 10:08AM103:52
Walk To The Mountain (And Tell The Story Of Love's Thunderclapping Eyes)Peter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown03:1712/09/16, 09:57AM103:17
Frame By FrameKing CrimsonDiscipline05:1012/09/16, 09:53AM105:10
Undertow (Live)The CoppertonesLive From The Kfjc Surf Battle02:0312/07/16, 11:02AM102:03
PreludeParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 01:4012/07/16, 11:00AM203:20
Beach BoundThe Mach IVKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:0712/07/16, 10:52AM102:07
Gucci Gucci Girl Power (Kreayshawn vs. Toni Basil vs. Le Tigre vs. The Ting Tings vs. The Trashwomen vs. The Go-Go’s) A Plus DBest of Bootie 201103:4412/07/16, 10:50AM103:44
Track 02George2004-704:0312/07/16, 10:46AM104:03
Qanum Solo In Maqam Kurd - Baghdad, IraqMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown03:3112/07/16, 10:35AM103:31
Track 19EricSpring 200702:0312/07/16, 10:27AM102:03
A Little Bit Of SoapDe La Soul3 Feet High And Rising00:5712/07/16, 10:18AM100:57
Salty Dog BluesFlatt & ScruggsBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:0712/07/16, 10:17AM204:14
Suicidal TendancyJohn ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner01:5712/07/16, 10:15AM101:57
Track 15GeorgeAugust 1998-103:3912/07/16, 10:10AM207:18
It's No UseMerl Saunders, Jerry Garcia, John Kahn & Bill VittLive At Keystone, Vol. 109:3712/07/16, 10:06AM219:14
You Never Give Me Your MoneyThe BeatlesAbbey Road04:0212/07/16, 09:57AM104:02
The More You LiveDesmond DekkerUnknown03:2212/07/16, 09:53AM103:22
Feel Good Roboto 2Gorillaz vs Styx146 BPM03:3012/07/16, 09:49AM103:30
Heart Of GoldNeil YoungDecade03:0712/07/16, 09:46AM103:07
Greece - A. Kostis - Kaike Ena SholioThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown04:1012/07/16, 09:43AM104:10
Ed McMahonZoogz RiftWith No Apparent Reason02:3612/07/16, 09:39AM102:36
Another Man Done GoneOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)02:1012/07/16, 09:34AM102:10
Merakngila-Gamelan Semar PegulinganMusic For The GodsUnknown04:1211/30/16, 10:18AM312:36
On A Night Like ThisBuckwheat ZydecoUnknown02:3311/30/16, 09:36AM102:33
Flanders RockDarol Anger & Mike MarshallPsycho Grass05:1111/28/16, 01:54PM210:22
I Can't Quit You BabyLed ZeppelinUnknown04:4211/28/16, 01:48PM209:24
Hatchet JagGajiKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 308:5411/28/16, 01:44PM108:54
Come On (Part III)Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleCouldn't Stand The Weather04:3411/28/16, 01:35PM104:34
Abstract ImprovisationRahsaan Roland KirkBil01:5811/28/16, 01:30PM203:56
Nancy (With The Laughing Face)John ColtraneBallads03:1111/28/16, 01:28PM103:11
Zapateado De Las CampanasThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown03:3611/28/16, 01:25PM103:36
A Toast To The PeopleBlack & BluesPieces Of A Man03:2611/28/16, 01:22PM206:52
Sonata #5John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano01:2411/28/16, 01:18PM101:24
Superman LoverJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:4311/28/16, 01:15PM105:43
Track 11George2004-704:4511/22/16, 11:40AM104:45
Samba Pa TiSantanaLotus 08:5611/22/16, 11:29AM108:56
Levels That I Used To Know (Gotye vs. Avicii)A Plus DBest of Bootie 201204:3911/22/16, 11:12AM104:39
ArrowsOverwhelming ColorfastOverwhelming Colorfast03:5111/22/16, 09:59AM103:51
SongeZap MamaA Ma Zone03:3011/22/16, 09:44AM103:30
My Name Is YoungYoung MCStone Cold Rhymin'04:5111/22/16, 09:35AM104:51
Goin' Down The Road Feeling BadGrateful DeadHundred Year Hall (Disc 1) [Live]07:3211/22/16, 09:27AM107:32
That's the Way of the WorldEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live05:2511/22/16, 09:12AM105:25
Fiberglass JungleLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:1311/22/16, 09:07AM204:26
Just a GirlNo DoubtThe Singles 1992-200303:2611/22/16, 09:05AM103:26
Late For SupperJerry GarciaGarcia01:3811/22/16, 09:01AM101:38
She Divines WaterCamper Van BeethovenUnknown03:5211/21/16, 03:29PM103:52
Love Will Tear You Apart (She Wants Revenge vs. Joy Division vs. Bauhaus)A plus DBest of Bootie 200604:4911/21/16, 03:25PM104:49
Donovan's Reef JamCountry Joe & The FishLive! Fillmore West 196938:1711/21/16, 03:16PM138:17
Fourth InterludeJohn CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano02:4111/21/16, 02:33PM102:41
Vanishing GirlThe Dukes Of StratophearUnknown03:0011/21/16, 02:26PM103:00
Three Little BirdsBob Marley & The WailersExodus03:0011/21/16, 02:23PM103:00
The Biggest HitThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men02:4811/21/16, 02:20PM102:48
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - Fuga Canonica In EpidiapenteNeville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107902:1111/21/16, 02:01PM204:22
Buy Nothing DayChumbawambaUn03:4811/21/16, 01:58PM103:48
Texas PlainsBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:2511/21/16, 01:41PM102:25
Word For BirdOrnette ColemanUnknown03:1611/21/16, 01:39PM103:16
Take Me To The RiverTalking HeadsUnknown05:0411/21/16, 01:29PM105:04
Freedom Of ChoiceDevoGreatest Hits03:2711/16/16, 05:01PM206:54
Stop Your SobbingPretendersPretenders02:3911/16/16, 04:58PM102:39
Abballabba'Cannavacciuolo, Lino2004-204:2411/16/16, 04:55PM104:24
Take The -A- TrainBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown03:0911/16/16, 04:51PM103:09
What-A Tribe Called QuestUnknown02:2911/16/16, 04:30PM102:29
Fingertips (17)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:2811/16/16, 04:27PM100:28
6-04 Days of Wine and RosesBill EvansThe Last Waltz07:4711/16/16, 04:24PM107:47
The Harder They ComeMerl Saunders, Jerry Garcia, John Kahn & Bill VittLive At Keystone, Vol. 106:2311/15/16, 10:34AM319:09
Merl's TuneMerl Saunders, Jerry Garcia, John Kahn & Bill VittLive At Keystone, Vol. 113:3711/15/16, 10:28AM113:37
KeepersMerl Saunders, Jerry Garcia, John Kahn & Bill VittLive At Keystone, Vol. 106:3811/15/16, 10:14AM106:38
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To CryMerl Saunders, Jerry Garcia, John Kahn & Bill VittLive At Keystone, Vol. 107:0811/15/16, 10:04AM107:08
Positively 4th StreetMerl Saunders, Jerry Garcia, John Kahn & Bill VittLive At Keystone, Vol. 107:4711/15/16, 09:56AM107:47
Tonight's The Night (part 1)Neil YoungDecade04:4210/31/16, 04:07PM209:24
Track 23EricSpring 200703:2110/28/16, 12:18PM206:42
Track 17GeorgeDecember 2001-109:4410/28/16, 12:04PM219:28
Hey BabyNo DoubtThe Singles 1992-200303:2710/28/16, 11:54AM103:27
Without YouPhilip HamiltonUnknown05:3710/28/16, 11:35AM105:37
Track 03EricSpring 200703:1710/28/16, 11:27AM103:17
Brrrlak! (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 103:3010/28/16, 11:22AM207:00
Backward Country Boy BluesDuke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles MingusMoney Jungle06:2010/28/16, 11:02AM106:20
With Our LoveTalking HeadsUnknown03:3110/28/16, 10:56AM103:31
Eternal Caravan Of ReincarnationSantanaUnknown04:3110/28/16, 10:52AM313:33
Sleepy Eyed John And Tom And Jerry - Laurie Lewis And Tom RozumHand-PickedUnknown03:5110/28/16, 10:48AM103:51
Time To ThinkZoogz RiftVillagers03:1010/28/16, 10:44AM103:10
Who Is It-Talking HeadsTalking Heads- 7701:4410/28/16, 10:37AM101:44
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm GoneBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:3710/28/16, 10:35AM102:37
Love Struck BabyStevie Ray VaughnUnknown02:2310/28/16, 10:33AM204:46
FreedomJimi HendrixUnknown03:2910/27/16, 11:12AM103:29
Abalone DazeThe MermenKrill Slippin'03:0110/27/16, 11:09AM103:01
MagosaAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali03:4310/27/16, 11:06AM103:43
Sardinia - Effisio Melis - FiorassioThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown03:1110/27/16, 11:02AM103:11
Long May You RunNeil YoungDecade03:4810/27/16, 10:50AM103:48
Our Favorite MartianLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:5310/27/16, 10:44AM102:53
Carrion CrowEarthKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Vol. 1112:3210/27/16, 10:41AM225:04
SpidergawdJerry GarciaGarcia03:2610/27/16, 10:24AM103:26
Bootie IntröDJ SchmolliBest of Bootie 201000:4910/27/16, 10:20AM100:49
West GanjiChicago Afrobeat ProjectChicago Afrobeat Project10:0610/27/16, 10:19AM220:12
Memories of Flight 19Voice of Eye & Nux VomicaKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Volume 1210:4110/27/16, 10:08AM110:41
High Lonesome SoundOld And In The WayUnknown03:4010/27/16, 09:58AM103:40
Let's GrooveEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live03:1010/27/16, 09:54AM103:10
MoodMiles DavisE.S.P.08:4910/27/16, 09:41AM108:49
PipelineThe VenturesUnknown02:2110/27/16, 09:33AM102:21
Not Enough Crayons For EveryoneTwinkWelcome To The Jingle02:3510/27/16, 09:23AM102:35
The Needle And The Damage DoneNeil YoungDecade02:0610/27/16, 09:21AM102:06
Chang Solo - Quetta, PakistanMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown03:1910/27/16, 09:19AM103:19
Ponta De Lanca AfricanoJorge BenUnknown03:5210/27/16, 09:09AM103:52
Hicaz Dolap RomHasam Yarim Dunya et son ensembleLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)03:4710/27/16, 09:05AM103:47
Artists OnlyTalking HeadsUnknown03:3610/24/16, 01:51PM207:12
Star Wars ClipGeorge LucasHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry00:3810/24/16, 01:47PM100:38
An Odd Little PlaceJerry GarciaGarcia01:3910/24/16, 01:47PM203:18
Over The WaterfallMichelle ShockedArkansas Traveler04:4010/24/16, 01:39PM314:00
Time For Livin'Beastie BoysCheck Your Head01:4910/21/16, 01:39PM101:49
No FeelingsSex PistolsNever Mind The Bullocks Heres02:5110/21/16, 01:14PM102:51
Never Go BackCamper Van BeethovenUnknown03:2510/21/16, 12:56PM103:25
7-07 Waltz For DebbyBill EvansThe Last Waltz06:2110/21/16, 12:52PM212:42
BreathePink FloydDark Side Of The Moon03:3510/21/16, 12:38PM207:10
MillionsXTCDrums And Wires05:3510/21/16, 11:48AM105:35
Krazy Day N Nite (Pitbull vs. Lil Jon vs. Kid Cudi vs. Crookers)A Plus DBest of Bootie 200902:4010/21/16, 11:38AM102:40
O DeathCamper Van BeethovenUnknown03:0710/21/16, 11:32AM103:07
Bluebird of Delhi (Mynah) [Alternate Take]Duke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]03:1010/21/16, 11:29AM309:30
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 19 A 1 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:4310/21/16, 11:23AM100:43
Now I Will Dance For ButterballZoogz RiftVillagers02:4910/21/16, 11:22AM102:49
BusinessDr. ZeusUnknown15:4710/04/16, 03:56PM115:47
JekajoChicago Afrobeat ProjectChicago Afrobeat Project07:4410/04/16, 03:40PM107:44
Call Me Uprising (Blondie vs. Muse)CjRBest of Bootie 200903:2910/04/16, 03:32PM206:58
SubdomainsDr. ZeusUnknown02:0810/04/16, 03:11PM102:08
Miles' ModeJohn ColtraneUnknown07:3210/04/16, 03:09PM107:32
My Trip to IrelandThe Lounge LizardsNo Pain for Cakes05:5210/04/16, 03:01PM211:44
Cyrano De Berger's Back (reheaXLos Angeles03:0210/04/16, 02:49PM103:02
My Black BagThe MermenUnknown05:2110/04/16, 02:44PM105:21
Track 02George2007-605:5110/04/16, 02:33PM211:42
I Don't Want To Be PresidentJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 03:4310/04/16, 02:13PM103:43
Principal's OfficeYoung MCStone Cold Rhymin'04:1509/01/16, 04:40PM104:15
Yacht DanceXTCEnglish Settlement03:5809/01/16, 04:23PM103:58
Kasaba KabezaZoogz RiftDie, You Cretinous Bastards!10:2409/01/16, 04:19PM331:12
Track 08George2010-703:1709/01/16, 04:09PM103:17
Ghost Of A Guilty ConscienceJohn ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner04:4109/01/16, 04:02PM104:41
The Dead Of The NightShawn ColvinSteady On05:0309/01/16, 03:56PM105:03
Solitude - Tommy FlanaganClark TerryOne on One05:3309/01/16, 03:51PM211:06
Track 15Zoogz RiftEurope 199003:1809/01/16, 03:45PM103:18
Tire Loma Da NigbehinMonomonoNigeria 70 04:4609/01/16, 03:29PM209:32
Born On The BayouBetty DavisThe Columbia Years 1968-196903:2209/01/16, 03:16PM103:22
Sekarinotan-Gamelan Semar PegulinganMusic For The GodsUnknown04:3209/01/16, 03:06PM104:32
Bar-B-QZZ TopRio Grande Mud03:2309/01/16, 02:52PM103:23
Cop & BlowJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:1209/01/16, 02:46PM105:12
Womanizer On Fire (Kings of Leon vs. Britney Spears vs. Jason Nevins)LeeDM101Best of Bootie 200904:3309/01/16, 02:41PM104:33
FolksongPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown03:2209/01/16, 02:37PM103:22
Black SeaThe Insect SurfersKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead04:1508/25/16, 02:04PM208:30
I Don't Know WhyAlison Krauss & Union StationUnknown02:4608/25/16, 01:37PM102:46
The Allen Brothers - When Someone Wants To LeaveHand-PickedUnknown02:2408/25/16, 01:30PM102:24
5-08 My RomanceBill EvansThe Last Waltz09:1508/25/16, 01:28PM218:30
High RiseIkonKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 209:1908/23/16, 05:25PM327:57
Good Newz Comin'Jungle BrothersUnknown04:3908/23/16, 05:16PM209:18
Club Can't Use Somebody (Kings of Leon vs. Flo Rida ft. David Guetta)DJ FoxBest of Bootie 201004:3008/23/16, 05:03PM104:30
Bustin' SurfboardsLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:3208/17/16, 03:30PM102:32
Ana NgThey Might Be GiantsUnknown03:1408/17/16, 03:27PM103:14
The SearchJohn ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner01:5608/17/16, 03:00PM203:52
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 25 A 2 Clav. AdagioGlenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations06:3008/17/16, 02:49PM106:30
BrasillianceDuke EllingtonUnknown05:0408/17/16, 02:32PM105:04
Good Girls Burn Miami (Sean Kingston vs. Cobra Starship vs. Lady Gaga vs. Shakira vs. LMFAO)Titus JonesBest of Bootie 200903:3208/17/16, 02:27PM207:04
Rem BluesDuke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles MingusMoney Jungle04:1808/16/16, 04:40PM104:18
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Qawwal And Party- Khena Ghalat Ghalat To Chhupana Sahi SahiThe Compact Real WorldUnknown13:5808/16/16, 04:33PM113:58
You're Killing MeZoogz RiftIsland of Living Puke02:0308/16/16, 04:19PM204:06
Four CornersZoogz RiftBohemian Buddha03:5608/16/16, 04:12PM103:56
Lonesome WhistleDeep BlueUnknown03:4608/16/16, 04:08PM103:46
Along About Daybreak - Joe ValHand-PickedUnknown03:2008/16/16, 03:55PM103:20
MindTalking HeadsFear Of Music04:1308/16/16, 03:39PM104:13
Everybody Needs LoveSlim SmithLiftoff From Launch Pad02:1708/16/16, 03:35PM102:17
Dust to DustKhan, Shafqat Ali2000-May #105:1708/16/16, 03:05PM105:17
Saroz Solo & Sher - Quetta, PakistanMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown05:4908/16/16, 02:59PM211:38
2:25Touched By A JanitorKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 402:2808/16/16, 02:41PM204:56
Eye Of Fatima (Pt. 2)Camper Van BeethovenUnknown02:1708/16/16, 02:34PM102:17
WabashCannonball & ColtraneUnknown05:4508/16/16, 02:31PM105:45
KecakBaliUnknown08:1208/16/16, 02:20PM108:12
Root Down Reprisedj BC and The BeastlesThe Beastles02:4408/16/16, 02:11PM205:28
Cumberland BluesGrateful DeadEurope '72 05:4308/16/16, 02:09PM211:26
Blue Eyed Boston Boy - Bluegrass CardinalsHand-PickedUnknown03:0508/16/16, 09:56AM103:05
Nay - Massaad, AlgeriaMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown03:3908/16/16, 09:50AM103:39
Blues For C & TRahsaan Roland KirkBil03:0608/16/16, 09:35AM103:06
SnowballDevoUnknown02:2908/16/16, 09:32AM204:58
Come Back JesusAlpha BlondyUnknown05:2808/16/16, 09:21AM105:28
Izarharh TenereTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life05:0308/16/16, 09:15AM105:03
7-06 Who Can I Turn to (When NobodyBill EvansThe Last Waltz06:0608/16/16, 09:10AM106:06
03 - She's Actual Size, trimmedUnknownUnknown01:1008/16/16, 09:04AM101:10
The Real MeThe WhoQuadrophenia 03:2208/16/16, 09:03AM103:22
Tunji (Toon-Gee)John ColtraneUnknown06:3808/16/16, 08:59AM106:38
Square OneColdplayX&Y04:4708/16/16, 08:53AM104:47
The Boogie MonsterGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere02:5107/12/16, 03:42PM102:51
Post-Modern Highrise, Table Top StompGrateful DeadInfrared Roses [Live]04:2307/12/16, 03:19PM104:23
Little Stinky KittyThe MermenUnknown03:5007/12/16, 03:15PM103:50
The SavageThe ManateesKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:2607/12/16, 02:59PM102:26
01 Devil's HaircutBeckUnknown03:1407/12/16, 02:57PM103:14
Hung Up On Soul (Death Cab For Cutie vs. Madonna)Party BenBest of Bootie 200604:3107/12/16, 02:54PM104:31
Me Myself And IDe La Soul3 Feet High And Rising03:5007/12/16, 02:49PM207:40
Groove Is In The Girls (Deee-Lite vs. The Prodigy)Dunproofin'Best of Bootie 200903:3607/12/16, 02:45PM103:36
Take The "A" TrainZoogz Rift & Mark MylarNutritionally Sound00:2807/11/16, 03:41PM200:56
Smith's ReelBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown01:5707/11/16, 03:31PM203:54
RainMakerTrafficThe Low Spark of High Heeled Boys07:3907/11/16, 03:18PM107:39
underwaterthemeXOCSuper Mario World01:5707/11/16, 03:11PM305:51
Outside People - Nathan And The Zydeco Cha ChasLouisiana SpiceUnknown03:4607/11/16, 03:09PM207:32
Tiptina - Professor LonghairLouisiana SpiceUnknown04:2507/11/16, 03:02PM208:50
Lookout 31The Derek Trucks BandJoyful Noise04:2207/11/16, 02:45PM104:22
Weather ReportBilDeejay's Choice02:2207/08/16, 12:24PM102:22
WaitingSantanaLotus 04:1407/08/16, 12:17PM104:14
Asleep In A Snake BasketTwinkSmall Sound All Around02:3207/08/16, 12:13PM102:32
08 Where It's AtBeckUnknown05:3107/08/16, 12:10PM105:31
WillyJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)03:0107/08/16, 12:05PM103:01
GoRuinsKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 305:0507/08/16, 12:02PM105:05
Noah's Dork??????01:2307/08/16, 11:50AM101:23
All Your WayMorphineYes03:0407/08/16, 11:42AM206:08
Don't Hold Back, Sweet Jane (Chemical Brothers vs. Velvet Underground vs. U2 vs. Sugababes vs. MARRS)Go Home ProductionsBest of Bootie 200604:1407/08/16, 11:39AM208:28
Ha Lese Le Di KhannaSanchez, PonchoDo It!05:3307/08/16, 11:22AM105:33
No. 6's SpeechThe PrisonerUnknown02:1707/08/16, 11:14AM102:17
The Punk Meets The GodfatherThe WhoQuadrophenia 05:1207/08/16, 11:01AM105:12
Mr. WigglesParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 06:4407/07/16, 03:49PM106:44
Another Long OneShawn ColvinSteady On03:4607/07/16, 03:21PM103:46
Track 08GeorgeDecember 2001-105:2307/07/16, 03:17PM105:23
Ladies Of The CanyonJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)03:3307/07/16, 03:04PM207:06
Track 06George2004-706:0207/07/16, 02:23PM106:02
Snap Bean - Li'l Brian And The Zydeco TravelersLouisiana SpiceUnknown02:3707/07/16, 02:07PM102:37
Scuttlebuttin'Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleCouldn't Stand The Weather01:5207/07/16, 02:00PM101:52
I'm Coming Over (demo)XLos Angeles01:2507/01/16, 04:25PM202:50
Point PanicLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:1807/01/16, 04:24PM102:18
Track 18George2004-702:2807/01/16, 04:16PM102:28
Detox (Amy Winehouse vs. Britney Spears)King Of PantsBest of Bootie 200703:2107/01/16, 04:13PM206:42
Track 06Zoogz RiftEurope 199005:1607/01/16, 04:10PM210:32
Track 14GeorgeAugust 1998-102:4307/01/16, 04:05PM102:43
BearsThe Royal GuardsmenSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:0807/01/16, 03:51PM102:08
Mirror Man/Alice in BlunderlandHenry KaiserThose Who Know History Are Doomed to Repeat It05:2807/01/16, 03:41PM105:28
It's My Life Confessions, Pt. II (A+D Bootie Edit) (Bon Jovi vs. Usher cover)Glee CastBest of Bootie 200902:1807/01/16, 03:33PM102:18
DreamsThe Allman Brothers BandUnknown10:1806/30/16, 04:55PM110:18
Low Spark Of The High-Heeled BoysTrafficUnknown11:4006/30/16, 04:34PM111:40
Track 13EricSpring 200907:0006/30/16, 04:22PM107:00
Imagine A Jump (Van Halen vs. John Lennon)Mighty MikeBest of Bootie 201001:2406/30/16, 04:12PM101:24
I Feel The Blues Moving In - Del MccouryHand-PickedUnknown03:4006/30/16, 03:59PM103:40
Suffering And SmilingFela Anikulapo KutiUnknown09:5506/30/16, 03:55PM219:50
Britney - Dead Or Alive? (Britney Spears vs. Dead Or Alive vs. Daft Punk)team9Best of Bootie 200703:1706/30/16, 03:42PM206:34
Don't Let GoJerry Garcia BandLive 17:1606/30/16, 03:15PM117:16
Walk, Don't RunThe VenturesUnknown02:0706/30/16, 02:58PM306:21
Masochism TangoTom LehrerUnknown02:5606/30/16, 02:45PM102:56
All You Need Is LoveThe Beatles103:4806/30/16, 02:42PM103:48
Termini's CornerRahsaan Roland KirkBil02:1906/30/16, 02:38PM204:38
Pleasant PheasantDarol Anger & Mike MarshallPsycho Grass05:5706/30/16, 02:26PM105:57
Wildwood Flower - D.L. MenardLouisiana SpiceUnknown02:4006/13/16, 05:15PM102:40
On The RunPink FloydDark Side Of The Moon07:0506/13/16, 05:01PM107:05
Straight AheadJimi HendrixUnknown04:4406/13/16, 04:45PM104:44
CastagnaManitas De PlataUnknown02:1206/06/16, 04:07PM102:12
Track 16GeorgeDecember 2001-104:1106/06/16, 04:05PM104:11
Fe'm Confiance (Tropical Treats Edit)Les Difficiles de Pétion-VilleSofrito: International Soundclash04:0306/06/16, 03:59PM104:03
Slippery PeopleTalking HeadsUnknown05:0706/06/16, 03:43PM105:07
Guitar TrioBand Of SusansLiftoff From Launch Pad13:2006/06/16, 03:38PM226:40
Chalk Dust TorturePhishA Picture of Nectar04:3606/06/16, 03:25PM104:36
Mary's BluesJohn ColtraneDakar06:4806/06/16, 03:20PM106:48
Flying Colors: Alone TogetherJessica WilliamsWilliams, Jessica: Live at Yoshi's, Vol. 111:2505/27/16, 03:29PM222:50
Licking StickDesmond DekkerUnknown02:1305/27/16, 12:48PM102:13
Up TempoLeo KottkeUnknown01:4005/11/16, 09:37AM101:40
Funky Cold MedinaTone LocUnknown04:0805/11/16, 09:35AM104:08
Baby Don't You Do ItThe WhoWho's Next05:1505/11/16, 09:26AM105:15
Reality IslandThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men02:4705/11/16, 09:17AM102:47
Phantom On The Bottom (The Lady Tigra vs. Justice)DJ Paul V.Best of Bootie 200703:2405/11/16, 09:09AM103:24
Belly Button WindowJimi HendrixThe Cry Of Love03:3505/05/16, 11:29AM207:10
Ya SoloZap MamaA Ma Zone04:1005/05/16, 11:26AM104:10
Go-Go Gadget GospelGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere02:1905/05/16, 11:19AM102:19
09 MinusBeckUnknown02:3205/05/16, 11:17AM205:04
Before I Met YouFlatt & ScruggsBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:3305/04/16, 04:51PM102:33
FrisellThe Derek Trucks BandJoyful Noise06:5305/04/16, 04:48PM106:53
Focus On FifthsNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free04:0105/04/16, 04:20PM208:02
Dense Rain, Black ForestZoogz RiftVillagers06:0505/04/16, 04:13PM106:05
Very SpecialDuke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles MingusMoney Jungle04:2805/04/16, 03:56PM104:28
Adult Books (dangerhouse RoughXLos Angeles03:2105/04/16, 03:49PM206:42
The LonerNeil YoungDecade03:5005/03/16, 11:10AM103:50
All Along The WatchtowerJimi HendrixUnknown04:0205/02/16, 04:02PM208:04
Baja CactusThe Chris Shahin Band1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West01:5305/02/16, 03:51PM101:53
LovePharoah SandersThembi05:1305/02/16, 03:49PM210:26
Gambangan-Gamelan Semar PegulinganMusic For The GodsUnknown03:1705/02/16, 03:44PM103:17
Scooter PieTwinkIce Cream Truckin'01:3905/02/16, 03:33PM101:39
Track 11George2007-605:3105/02/16, 03:27PM105:31
Waltzing With BearsPriscilla HerdmanUnknown04:0004/29/16, 12:49PM104:00
Lovely NYCdj BC and The BeastlesLet It Beast03:1204/29/16, 12:20PM206:24
I'm In The MoodJohn Lee HookerMali To Memphis02:4404/29/16, 12:17PM102:44
Where Them Levels At (Avicii vs. David Guetta)DJs From MarsBest of Bootie 2011 (Bonus Tracks)04:4204/29/16, 10:30AM209:24
SnowcatKinskiKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 406:4704/27/16, 02:54PM106:47
UntitledKoonda Holaa + The BeetcheesKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 403:0704/27/16, 02:47PM103:07
Dear SomeoneGillian WelchKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 403:1304/27/16, 02:30PM103:13
RACGianni GebbiaKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 411:0504/27/16, 02:27PM111:05
DedofikitionCircleKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 408:0604/22/16, 01:59PM108:06
Trouble AheadBodies In The BasementKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 402:3304/22/16, 01:48PM102:33
Rapana's StoryMagic CarpathiansKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 404:3604/22/16, 01:42PM104:36
Fonk SambaGrind OrchestraKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 404:5204/19/16, 03:44PM104:52
Orange DubSub OsloKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 416:4104/19/16, 03:39PM116:41
Low BeamsContinentalKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 412:3904/19/16, 02:52PM112:39
Pink ElephantsCapsule QueenKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 403:5704/19/16, 02:37PM103:57
The Last Train Out Of TexasThe Hatemail ExpressKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 401:3304/19/16, 02:33PM101:33
Hot Knives And HornetsThe Phantom LimbsKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 403:2504/19/16, 02:32PM103:25
TearLotionUnknown04:1604/12/16, 03:03PM104:16
Have You Ever BeenJimi HendrixUnknown02:1203/28/16, 12:28PM102:12
Down BrownieZZ TopRio Grande Mud02:2603/28/16, 12:04PM102:26
33 RPM SoulMichelle ShockedArkansas Traveler04:1003/28/16, 11:48AM104:10
Domino Feels So Close (Jessie J vs. Calvin Harris)DJ Em-TeeBest of Bootie 201203:4903/28/16, 11:44AM103:49
Johny Hit And Run PauleneXLos Angeles02:5103/28/16, 11:35AM205:42
Cut My HairThe WhoQuadrophenia 03:4903/28/16, 11:24AM103:49
The MaestroBeastie BoysCheck Your Head02:5203/28/16, 11:21AM102:52
Track 01George2010-703:2303/28/16, 11:18AM103:23
Transmitting Live From MarsDe La Soul3 Feet High And Rising01:1203/28/16, 11:14AM101:12
Life During WartimeTalking HeadsUnknown03:4103/28/16, 11:13AM103:41
Alabama BoundOdettaSings Ballads & Blues (Digitally Remastered)01:4103/28/16, 11:09AM101:41
Big MamaTaj MahalMo' Roots04:4203/21/16, 10:24AM104:42
Escape From MayberryThe Palace Of LoveKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 209:4803/21/16, 10:16AM109:48
Girlfriend Is BetterTalking HeadsUnknown05:4703/21/16, 10:06AM105:47
Moral And Immoral (Take 1)John ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner03:0803/21/16, 09:53AM103:08
Blues With A FeelingDeep BlueUnknown03:3003/21/16, 09:46AM103:30
DeadThey Might Be GiantsFlood02:5903/15/16, 03:59PM102:59
Brigadier SabariAlpha BlondyUnknown04:4403/15/16, 03:56PM104:44
BurnedNeil YoungDecade02:1603/15/16, 03:51PM204:32
Phase 4-2 ArpeggioCabinet MagazineUnknown04:5203/15/16, 03:31PM104:52
Knock Out Eileen (LL Cool J vs. Dexy's Midnight Runners)DJ LobsterdustBest of Bootie 201003:2003/15/16, 03:26PM103:20
Psycho KillerTalking Heads7704:2103/15/16, 03:19PM104:21
Return Of The Son Of Shut Up 'n' Play Yer GuitarFrank ZappaUnknown08:4603/15/16, 03:10PM108:46
Border RideJim & Jesse And The Virginia BoysBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:0103/15/16, 02:53PM102:01
Death And All His Friends [Live]ColdplayLeftRightLeftRightLeft [Live]04:2403/15/16, 02:51PM104:24
Oh YeahCanHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry07:2003/15/16, 02:47PM107:20
Grace KellyMikaLife In Cartoon Motion03:0803/15/16, 11:56AM103:08
Mount HarissaDuke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]07:4103/15/16, 11:26AM107:41
Oh Those Secret Marines!Zoogz RiftWater03:2803/15/16, 11:15AM103:28
Pride And JoyStevie Ray VaughnUnknown03:4003/15/16, 11:12AM103:40
I Love You, You Big DummyHenry KaiserThose Who Know History Are Doomed to Repeat It03:0703/15/16, 11:08AM103:07
Conquering LionBilDeejay's Choice03:2303/15/16, 10:57AM103:23
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - 2. Allegro ModeratoNeville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107906:3703/15/16, 10:54AM106:37
Maxwell's Silver HammerThe BeatlesAbbey Road03:2703/15/16, 10:47AM103:27
Fite Dem BackLinton Kwesi JohnsonUnknown04:2803/15/16, 10:44AM104:28
Morning MorgantownJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)03:1403/15/16, 10:36AM103:14
Go-Go GirlThe PyronautsKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead03:2903/15/16, 10:20AM103:29
Dance Dreams (Lady Gaga vs. Eurythmics)Divide & KreateBest of Bootie 200803:4903/15/16, 10:17AM103:49
Son Subano (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 102:3403/04/16, 01:20PM102:34
La PunaladaEnrique CoriaUnknown02:3103/02/16, 03:51PM102:31
Straight Up and DownEric DolphyOut to Lunch08:2203/02/16, 03:48PM108:22
LiveZeni GevaKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 105:4803/02/16, 02:47PM105:48
Me & You & Yazoo (Cassie vs. Yazoo)Matt HiteBest of Bootie 200703:5803/02/16, 02:38PM103:58
Locomotive BreathJethro TullUnknown04:3603/02/16, 02:30PM104:36
Musashi No ShirabeThe Art Of The Japanese Bamboo FluteUnknown07:3703/02/16, 12:04PM215:14
World War IVAntibalasLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 106:5803/02/16, 11:56AM106:58
What The Hell Is This?Johnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 06:1003/02/16, 11:49AM106:10
Let Us Go Into The House Of The LordPharoah SandersSummun, Bukmun, Umyun17:4703/02/16, 10:20AM117:47
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - Canon 5 A 2 (Canon Circularis Per Tonos)Neville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107903:1103/02/16, 09:58AM103:11
Track 13George2010-702:2503/02/16, 09:55AM102:25
Sweet MelodyZap MamaAncestry In Progress03:3403/02/16, 09:45AM103:34
The Girls Want To Be With The GirlsTalking HeadsUnknown02:3803/02/16, 09:33AM102:38
Solitude [Alternate Take]Duke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles MingusMoney Jungle04:4403/02/16, 09:25AM104:44
I'm Gonna Make You MineThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men02:4803/02/16, 09:15AM102:48
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Aria Da CapoGlenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations02:1503/02/16, 09:06AM102:15
Double OverheadBrazil 2001KFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead03:4402/24/16, 03:53PM103:44
Ray M'beleOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 07:0102/24/16, 03:49PM107:01
The World's A Mess; It's In MyXLos Angeles04:4302/24/16, 03:20PM314:09
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 9 Canone Alla Terza. A 1 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:3802/24/16, 03:02PM100:38
Cow Hooking Blues No.2Mississippi John HurtWorried Blues 196303:4902/24/16, 03:02PM103:49
PeaceBlack & BluesPieces Of A Man06:0902/23/16, 12:30PM106:09
The Needle's EyeGil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man04:5002/23/16, 12:14PM104:50
ChainsBlack & BluesPieces Of A Man03:2602/23/16, 11:40AM103:26
The PrisonerGil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man09:2602/23/16, 11:22AM109:26
The GridPhilip GlassKoyaanisqatsi (Original Versio14:5602/11/16, 11:25AM229:52
SlinkyOzric TentaclesSpirals In Hyperspace08:3902/11/16, 11:10AM108:39
NauseaXLos Angeles03:4002/10/16, 04:33PM103:40
TryOverwhelming ColorfastOverwhelming Colorfast02:3702/10/16, 04:29PM102:37
I Love Me (Vol. I)LotionThe Telephone Album04:0802/10/16, 04:27PM208:16
Super Metroid Metal - MaridiaStemageUnknown03:5102/10/16, 04:20PM207:42
Super Metroid Metal - Prelude/ThemeStemageSuper Metroid Metal05:4202/10/16, 04:16PM105:42
5th Fret, Distant CousinLotionThe Telephone Album04:4702/10/16, 04:08PM104:47
Rich Cop, Poor CopLotionThe Telephone Album03:4102/10/16, 03:51PM103:41
Los Angeles (dangerhouse VersiXLos Angeles02:1402/10/16, 03:42PM204:28
PaasLotionUnknown02:4602/10/16, 03:36PM102:46
Metroid Metal - Item CollectStemageUnknown00:5702/10/16, 03:33PM201:54
No. 99LotionThe Telephone Album04:2702/10/16, 03:26PM208:54
Feedback QueenLotionThe Telephone Album03:2802/10/16, 03:17PM206:56
PajamasLotionUnknown05:0102/10/16, 03:10PM105:01
Mr. MosquitoLotionThe Telephone Album03:5002/10/16, 03:05PM103:50
The New TimmyLotionUnknown02:1902/10/16, 03:01PM204:38
ForestOverwhelming ColorfastOverwhelming Colorfast02:2902/10/16, 02:59PM102:29
Blind For NowLotionUnknown03:1102/10/16, 02:56PM103:11
AroundLotionUnknown06:0102/10/16, 02:44PM212:02
Metroid Metal - Kraid's ThemeStemageUnknown02:5902/10/16, 02:38PM205:58
SandraLotionUnknown03:4302/10/16, 02:35PM103:43
Coming DownOverwhelming ColorfastOverwhelming Colorfast06:0302/10/16, 02:31PM106:03
Dr. LinkLotionUnknown03:5902/10/16, 02:25PM103:59
Totally Gorgeous Foreign ChickOverwhelming ColorfastOverwhelming Colorfast02:5602/10/16, 02:21PM205:52
Los AngelesXLos Angeles02:2502/10/16, 02:08PM102:25
Ptah, The El DaoudAlice ColtranePtah, The El Daoud14:0302/01/16, 03:35PM228:06
A Little MaxDuke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles MingusMoney Jungle02:5802/01/16, 03:14PM102:58
AnnabelJohn ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner03:3102/01/16, 03:11PM103:31
Ko Ko BlueZZ TopRio Grande Mud04:2302/01/16, 02:57PM104:23
Stop HaltLora LogicHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry04:0502/01/16, 02:53PM104:05
The Drowning Man Knows His GodThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria03:3302/01/16, 02:49PM207:06
Bonnie & ClydeLunaPenthouse05:2802/01/16, 02:45PM105:28
Boogie WonderlandEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live03:2202/01/16, 02:33PM103:22
Peanut ButterThe Royal GuardsmenSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:0402/01/16, 02:27PM102:04
We Can Work It OutThe Beatles102:1502/01/16, 02:25PM204:30
OhioNeil YoungDecade02:5801/28/16, 11:04AM102:58
Little OneMiles DavisE.S.P.07:2401/28/16, 10:50AM107:24
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 29 A 1 Ovvero 2 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations01:0001/28/16, 10:20AM101:00
Take Me CocoZap MamaAdventures In Afropea 104:1401/22/16, 11:35AM104:14
Autumn To MayPriscilla HerdmanUnknown03:3501/22/16, 11:31AM103:35
Lilly of BombayKing Of HawaiiKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:5901/22/16, 11:27AM102:59
Senses Working OvertimeXTCEnglish Settlement04:5101/22/16, 10:54AM104:51
I Get Wild - Wild GravityTalking HeadsSpeaking In Tongues05:1701/22/16, 10:49AM105:17
The OracleDave Holland QuartetExtensions14:3801/22/16, 10:44AM114:38
Who CaresGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere02:2801/22/16, 10:13AM102:28
Confessin' (That I Love You)Jessica WilliamsWilliams, Jessica: Live at Yoshi's, Vol. 107:1801/22/16, 09:47AM107:18
Titanium 500 (No Oil Edit) (The Proclaimers vs. David Guetta feat. Sia)DJ SchmolliBest of Bootie 201204:1401/20/16, 03:14PM104:14
AgraDuke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]02:3601/20/16, 03:09PM102:36
Express This Way (Madonna vs Lady Gaga)DJ TrippBest of Bootie 2011 (Bonus Tracks)04:4701/20/16, 03:07PM104:47
Solo In Dastgah Af-Shari - Teheran, IranMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown04:2001/20/16, 02:48PM104:20
Stardust Kids (David Bowie vs. MGMT)A Plus DBest of Bootie 200904:0601/20/16, 02:17PM104:06
Fleurette AfricaineDuke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles MingusMoney Jungle03:3701/20/16, 02:11PM103:37
The Adventure Is Stilll Going On (Adventure In Time & Space Pt. 2)Audio ActiveHappy Happer03:5101/20/16, 01:47PM103:51
Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit DownEric BibbMali To Memphis06:5101/20/16, 01:43PM213:42
Indian NationGeorge Tomsco and 3 Balls of FireKFJC 2003 Surf Compilation: Double Overhead02:4601/20/16, 01:33PM102:46
Quo Me Cunque Rapit Tempestas Deforor HospesThe MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria05:1501/20/16, 01:23PM105:15
Soul For SaleWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields06:0801/20/16, 01:13PM106:08
Miki's Lush BeehiveThe MermenUnknown04:3601/20/16, 01:05PM104:36
Welcome to the MachinePink FloydWish You Were Here07:3101/20/16, 12:57PM107:31
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 28 A 2 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations01:1101/13/16, 04:04PM101:11
Born Under PunchesTalking HeadsRemain In Light05:4901/13/16, 04:03PM105:49
Soul EyesJohn ColtraneColtrane05:2901/13/16, 03:55PM105:29
Breakin' HeartsViolent FemmesBlind Leading the Naked02:1601/13/16, 03:29PM102:16
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 14 A 2 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:5901/13/16, 03:26PM100:59
AmadDuke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]04:2701/13/16, 03:19PM208:54
Jamaica - Lord Composer - Hill And Gully Ride; Mandeville RoadThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown03:0401/13/16, 02:53PM103:04
Cecilia AnnChachi, Boba Fett, and the Wookiee1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West02:5401/13/16, 02:50PM102:54
SaramaAmadou & MariamWati04:4501/07/16, 05:15PM104:45
So WhatMiles DavisThe Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More" 09:1201/07/16, 05:06PM109:12
Cruel SeaThe VenturesUnknown02:2201/07/16, 04:57PM102:22
Golden SlumbersThe BeatlesAbbey Road01:3201/07/16, 03:27PM101:32
Highway 61 RevisitedBob DylanHighway 61 Revisited03:3001/07/16, 03:26PM103:30
I Am The SeaThe WhoQuadrophenia 02:1001/07/16, 03:22PM102:10
All Of A Sudden (it's Too LateXTCEnglish Settlement05:2201/07/16, 03:20PM105:22
Going Back To Dani (Notorious B.I.G. vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers)Victor MenegauxBest of Bootie 200603:1501/07/16, 02:48PM103:15
04 The New PollutionBeckUnknown03:4001/07/16, 02:45PM103:40
Cry Like An AngelShawn ColvinSteady On04:5201/06/16, 11:45AM104:52
Hella GoodNo DoubtThe Singles 1992-200304:0201/06/16, 11:40AM104:02
The VeilPat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X03:4201/06/16, 11:36AM103:42
You're So PerfectThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men03:3601/06/16, 11:32AM103:36
Vibrations GrooveLord Shorty & Vibrations InternationalSofrito: International Soundclash04:0301/06/16, 11:28AM104:03
Surf Before SunriseLos Mel-Tones1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West02:0601/06/16, 11:12AM102:06
Reggae Fi RadniLinton Kwesi JohnsonReggae Greats04:2101/06/16, 10:44AM104:21
Society Islands - Les Tamaru - 'upa-'upaThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown02:4301/06/16, 10:39AM102:43
Star Wars ClipGeorge LucasHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry00:3101/06/16, 10:26AM100:31
Kinetic And Potential EnergyTom Glazer & Dottie EvansEnergy & Motion Songs01:5701/06/16, 10:26AM101:57
I Never KnewBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:2212/30/15, 10:06AM102:22
Playboy ChimesBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:5012/30/15, 10:03AM102:50
I'll Get Mine Bye And ByeBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown03:1912/30/15, 09:55AM103:19
Church Key (Live)Lava RatsLive From The Kfjc Surf Battle01:4612/29/15, 04:27PM101:46
Heart AttackZoogz RiftAmputees In Limbo02:0912/29/15, 04:26PM102:09
5-06 Someday My Prince Will ComeBill EvansThe Last Waltz07:0512/29/15, 04:23PM107:05
Sexy Peek-A-Boo (Justin Timberlake vs. Siouxsie & the Banshees)A plus DBest of Bootie 200604:2212/29/15, 04:16PM104:22
It Won't Work This TimeAlison Krauss & Union StationUnknown03:0112/29/15, 04:01PM103:01
Ikon AllahBala Miller & The Great Music Pirameeds Of AfrikaNigeria 70 05:4612/29/15, 03:58PM105:46
Feel The Spirit Of My GuitarJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 03:1612/29/15, 03:52PM103:16
Track 07GeorgeAugust 1998-106:3512/29/15, 03:28PM106:35
First InterludeJohn CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano02:5812/29/15, 03:22PM102:58
Sweet Sovereign (Lady Sovereign vs. Eurythmics vs. Shiny Grey)DJ Jay-RBest of Bootie 200604:1912/29/15, 03:15PM208:38
Track 18EricSpring 200702:5012/29/15, 03:03PM102:50
Balla DaffeOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 07:1912/29/15, 03:00PM107:19
Burning Of The Midnight LampThe Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric Ladyland 03:3912/29/15, 11:58AM103:39
Incident at NeshaburSantanaLotus 15:5712/29/15, 11:43AM115:57
ZoemetraOzric TentaclesSpirals In Hyperspace07:2312/29/15, 11:22AM214:46
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - Canon 2 A 2 Violini In UnisonoNeville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107901:0112/29/15, 11:06AM101:01
We Found Love And You Came (The Wanted vs. Rihanna)Daw-GunBest of Bootie 201203:4712/29/15, 11:05AM207:34
ConjuntoArturo SandovalDanzon (Dance On)06:0212/29/15, 11:01AM106:02
Hello Black Or White (Michael Jackson vs. Martin Solveig)John MarrBest of Bootie 201102:4012/29/15, 10:55AM102:40
IsraelitesDesmond DekkerUnknown02:4012/29/15, 10:52AM102:40
Children of the RevolutionViolent FemmesBlind Leading the Naked04:1912/29/15, 10:37AM104:19
Unreleased BackgroundsThe Beach BoysPet Sounds [Bonus Tracks]00:5112/29/15, 10:32AM100:51
Tattooed Love BoysPretendersPretenders03:0012/29/15, 10:15AM103:00
Nocturne No. 20Frederic ChopinUnknown03:5112/29/15, 10:12AM103:51
Track 13George2007-606:4612/29/15, 10:06AM106:46
(Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your TreeZZ TopUnknown02:2912/21/15, 04:42PM102:29
Canard Du JourFrank ZappaUnknown10:1112/21/15, 04:33PM110:11
Bo DiddleyThe Royal GuardsmenSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:0012/21/15, 04:19PM204:00
Lazy BluesMississippi John HurtWorried Blues 196303:2312/21/15, 04:14PM103:23
SuccotashHerbie HancockUnknown07:4312/21/15, 04:09PM107:43
Orere ElejigboThe Lijadu SistersNigeria 70 04:1412/21/15, 03:40PM104:14
Fingertips (10)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:0612/21/15, 03:26PM100:06
Contest Coming (Cripple Creek)Michelle ShockedArkansas Traveler03:3612/21/15, 03:26PM103:36
Love Comes Running Up That Hill Quickly (Placebo vs. Pet Shop Boys vs. Kate Bush)DJ MagnetBest of Bootie 200703:4712/21/15, 03:19PM103:47
Track 09GeorgeAugust 1998-105:2611/23/15, 05:16PM105:26
Jason And The ArgonautsXTCEnglish Settlement06:0911/23/15, 04:57PM106:09
Sonata #4John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano02:2311/23/15, 04:51PM102:23
Iranbow??????02:0711/23/15, 04:40PM102:07
Super BirdCountry Joe & The FishElectric Music For The Mind And Body02:0711/23/15, 04:14PM306:21
What Is A Shooting Star?Tom Glazer & Dottie EvansSpace Songs01:1411/09/15, 04:59PM101:14
Mr. FoneboneLeo KottkeUnknown02:0411/09/15, 04:51PM102:04
Isis and OsirisAlice ColtraneJourney in Satchidananda11:3211/09/15, 04:49PM111:32
It's So Nice To Have Your LoveCountry Joe & The FishLive! Fillmore West 196906:3111/09/15, 04:19PM106:31
No CompassionTalking Heads7704:5011/06/15, 05:07PM104:50
Bailophone DancePharoah SandersThembi05:4411/06/15, 05:02PM105:44
Jesse PolkaBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:3611/06/15, 04:51PM102:36
The Great Apes Ate GrapesZoogz RiftIdiots on the Miniature Golf Course02:3111/06/15, 04:39PM205:02
I Wanna Bulletproof Dancer (La Roux vs. Robyn vs. Whitney Houston vs. Taylor Swift)Titus JonesBest of Bootie 201004:4011/06/15, 04:33PM104:40
SlyHerbie HancockUnknown10:2111/06/15, 04:29PM110:21
Pata PataMiriam MakebaPutumayo Presents World Hits03:5311/06/15, 04:09PM103:53
My InterpretationMikaLife In Cartoon Motion03:3511/06/15, 04:05PM103:35
BecauseThe BeatlesAbbey Road02:4611/06/15, 04:02PM102:46
We Got More SoulDyke & The BlazersSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 102:5111/06/15, 03:59PM102:51
CowtownThey Might Be GiantsLincoln02:2111/06/15, 03:47PM102:21
NirGaga (Nirvana vs. Lady Gaga)DJ LobsterdustBest of Bootie 200904:0811/06/15, 11:46AM104:08
Big Booty Bitches In Miami (Bombs Away vs. LMFAO vs. Busta Rhymes vs. Sir Mix-A-Lot)DJ SchmolliBest of Bootie 201003:4411/06/15, 11:42AM103:44
DenouementJohn ZornFilmworks XXIV - The Nobel Prizewinner03:2511/06/15, 11:11AM103:25
Track 01George2004-704:4611/06/15, 11:08AM104:46
EpilogueGrateful DeadEurope '72 05:0511/06/15, 10:54AM105:05
You Can't Blame The YouthBob Marley & The WailersUnknown04:0711/06/15, 10:40AM104:07
SuavitoArturo SandovalDanzon (Dance On)05:4611/06/15, 10:29AM105:46
Guess Things Happen That WayEmmylou HarrisUnknown02:2611/06/15, 10:23AM102:26
The Whales >The Mermen2003-01-03 - Great American Music Hall18:5811/06/15, 10:05AM118:58
So Much Things to SayBob Marley & The WailersExodus03:0811/06/15, 09:46AM103:08
ExodusBob Marley & The WailersExodus07:3511/06/15, 09:43AM107:35
TorremolinosThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown02:3511/06/15, 09:35AM102:35
Another One From The ColoniesPenguin Cafe OrchestraBroadcasting From Home03:0711/06/15, 09:32AM103:07
Got More RhymesYoung MCStone Cold Rhymin'04:5110/30/15, 03:10PM104:51
I Wanna Believe In Fire Love (The Darkness vs. Cher vs. Adele vs. Britney Spears vs. Death Cab For Cutie)Titus JonesBest of Bootie 201204:2110/30/15, 03:05PM104:21
Gypsy EyesThe Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric Ladyland 03:4510/30/15, 03:00PM103:45
Track 13EricSpring 200702:5710/30/15, 02:54PM102:57
Weeping And WailingMississippi John HurtWorried Blues 196304:1510/30/15, 02:46PM104:15
Will A G6 Roll (Far East Movement ft. Dev & The Cataracs vs. Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs. A-Trak)The MashMaticiansBest of Bootie 201003:2910/30/15, 02:42PM206:58
A TuneBardo Pond With Roy MontgomeryKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 207:0010/30/15, 02:25PM107:00
Track 05EricSpring 200904:1410/30/15, 02:11PM104:14
Fingertips (5)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:0610/30/15, 02:07PM100:06
Gunbri - Foum El Ancur, MoroccoMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown02:5310/30/15, 02:06PM102:53
I've Grown Accustomed To Her FaceWes MontgomeryFull House [Keepnews Collection]03:2910/30/15, 02:04PM103:29
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Variatio 26 A 2 Clav.Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations00:5310/30/15, 01:45PM100:53
It's Your Red WagonBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown01:5510/30/15, 01:40PM101:55
Private LifePretendersPretenders06:2710/30/15, 01:38PM106:27
Help On The Way/Slipknot!Grateful DeadOne From The Vault (Disc 1) [Live]07:5210/30/15, 01:12PM107:52
A Real DragonDarol Anger & Mike MarshallPsycho Grass05:4310/30/15, 01:04PM105:43
Nabombeli Yo (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 104:0310/30/15, 12:59PM104:03
Dawn ChorusDarol Anger & Mike MarshallPsycho Grass07:0110/29/15, 02:04PM107:01
Is The Blue Moon Still Shining - Laurie Lewis And Kathy KallickHand-PickedUnknown04:0710/29/15, 01:57PM104:07
ThermoOscar Peterson And Freddie HubbardUnknown08:2210/29/15, 01:53PM108:22
Delinquent PaymentsZoogz RiftNonentity (Water III: Fan Black Dada)08:4110/27/15, 04:35PM108:41
Diver Dan vs. the Worm GobblersZoogz RiftWater01:0210/27/15, 04:14PM101:02
Somebody Ate RenfieldZoogz RiftBorn In The Wrong Universe04:4710/27/15, 04:13PM104:47
Night TrafficZoogz RiftInterim Resurgence03:0610/27/15, 04:09PM103:06
The Devil's HeavenHelena Espvall & Ernesto Diaz-InfanteKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Volume 1208:0510/21/15, 04:24PM108:05
Tired EyesNeil YoungDecade04:3310/21/15, 04:16PM104:33
500 YearsPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown05:4510/21/15, 03:58PM105:45
Ice Ice Tik Tok (Ke$ha vs. Vanilla Ice)The Face MeltersBest of Bootie 201003:2810/21/15, 03:48PM103:28
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - Canon A 4Neville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107904:0310/21/15, 03:41PM104:03
It's Nearly AfricaXTCEnglish Settlement03:5610/21/15, 03:23PM103:56
On Fire (Remix)Tone LocUnknown04:5110/21/15, 01:59PM104:51
Day TripperThe Beatles102:4810/21/15, 01:50PM102:48
Mathew 24:14??????14:5110/21/15, 11:20AM114:51
Sons Di CarriloesEnrique CoriaUnknown03:0210/21/15, 11:05AM103:02
The Blue NunBeastie BoysCheck Your Head00:3210/21/15, 11:02AM100:32
Child Of The EarthSanchez, PonchoDo It!06:3310/21/15, 10:41AM106:33
Fingertips (7)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:1210/21/15, 09:54AM100:12
Ngwino RukundoSamite1998-December #203:3710/21/15, 09:21AM103:37
E-lec-tri-cityTom Glazer & Dottie EvansEnergy & Motion Songs03:1310/21/15, 09:18AM103:13
Recover VersionGirl Boy GirlKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 305:2610/21/15, 09:15AM105:26
Once In A LifetimeTalking HeadsUnknown04:1910/21/15, 09:09AM104:19
Funky Goes To Hollywood (Wild Cherry vs. Frankie Goes To Hollywood)EarwormBest of Bootie 200704:2010/21/15, 09:02AM104:20
Filles de KilimanjaroMiles DavisFilles de Kilimanjaro12:0310/20/15, 06:04PM112:03
AnthemPhilip HamiltonUnknown07:4510/20/15, 05:47PM107:45
Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)MikaLife In Cartoon Motion04:0810/20/15, 05:35PM104:08
Money JungleDuke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles MingusMoney Jungle05:3010/20/15, 11:49AM105:30
Zydeco Honky TonkBuckwheat ZydecoUnknown03:1810/20/15, 11:44AM103:18
TweezerPhishA Picture of Nectar08:4210/20/15, 11:40AM108:42
Tanguillo RumbeaoThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown03:3010/20/15, 11:16AM103:30
Mar GayaLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:2910/20/15, 11:09AM102:29
Pass The MicBeastie BoysCheck Your Head04:1710/20/15, 10:47AM104:17
Bottom (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 101:3110/19/15, 09:54AM101:31
Din Din (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 101:0410/19/15, 09:45AM101:04
Metroid Metal - The ThemeStemageUnknown02:3310/06/15, 03:02PM102:33
Sad And Lonely TimesCountry Joe & The FishElectric Music For The Mind And Body02:2610/02/15, 01:47PM102:26
Silver CoastInsect SurfersUnknown Title04:2410/02/15, 01:26PM104:24
Track 02EricSpring 200904:2710/02/15, 11:12AM104:27
Track 06GeorgeAugust 1998-105:5210/01/15, 05:05PM105:52
Every Kind Of Creep (Zebra remix) (Radiohead vs. Robert Palmer)TotomBest of Bootie 200804:0310/01/15, 04:54PM104:03
TimePink FloydDark Side Of The Moon04:4710/01/15, 04:50PM104:47
Love & Me Make ThreeViolent FemmesBlind Leading the Naked02:5310/01/15, 04:45PM102:53
Tippin'Oscar Peterson And Freddie HubbardUnknown07:0010/01/15, 04:39PM107:00
LiveStinking LizavetaKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 102:4810/01/15, 04:32PM102:48
Kali SaraTchavolo Et DoradoLatcho Drom (Film Soundtrack)03:0210/01/15, 04:27PM103:02
MimosaHerbie HancockUnknown08:4110/01/15, 04:24PM108:41
Love Is A Hurtin' ThingLou RawlsSoul Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics, Vol. 102:1410/01/15, 04:12PM102:14
03 Lord Only KnowsBeckUnknown04:1510/01/15, 11:55AM104:15
Call WaitingZap MamaA Ma Zone03:5510/01/15, 11:38AM103:55
TormentZoogz RiftTorment02:3310/01/15, 11:34AM102:33
HeadLotionUnknown03:4310/01/15, 11:32AM103:43
Cou CouZap MamaBaadasssss! Soundtrack04:1109/30/15, 03:48PM104:11
Wish You Were HerePink FloydWish You Were Here05:3409/30/15, 03:44PM105:34
Rafiki (DNA Remix)Zap MamaA Ma Zone03:4309/30/15, 01:58PM103:43
Women & MenThey Might Be GiantsFlood01:4709/30/15, 01:55PM101:47
Golden Clarinet3 Mustaphas 3Unknown06:1409/30/15, 10:42AM106:14
Fassous TarahnetTamikrest 2011-1004:5709/30/15, 10:30AM104:57
KyotoSantanaLotus 09:5809/30/15, 10:12AM109:58
Speed of SoundColdplayX&Y04:4809/30/15, 09:33AM104:48
Track 11EricSpring 200703:1309/30/15, 09:22AM103:13
Track 17George2004-704:04--000:00
Track 14George2004-704:14--000:00
Track 13George2004-705:32--000:00
Track 12George2004-705:03--000:00
Track 07George2004-704:16--000:00
Track 09George2004-703:42--000:00
Track 03George2004-705:10--000:00
China Cat SunflowerGrateful DeadHundred Year Hall (Disc 1) [Live]05:14--000:00
Playing In The BandGrateful DeadHundred Year Hall (Disc 1) [Live]09:20--000:00
BerthaGrateful DeadHundred Year Hall (Disc 1) [Live]05:41--000:00
O Ti YoMidnight GrooversSofrito: International Soundclash04:43--000:00
Lésé Yo PaléMas Ka KléSofrito: International Soundclash03:42--000:00
EboloBell'a NjohSofrito: International Soundclash04:13--000:00
The Path (Sofrito Edit)Concept NeufSofrito: International Soundclash04:19--000:00
That's Enough Of That Stuff - Marcia BallLouisiana SpiceUnknown04:31--000:00
The Mistake I Made - Eddie LejeuneLouisiana SpiceUnknown03:22--000:00
RinmonThe Art Of The Japanese Bamboo FluteUnknown06:02--000:00
Basin Street BluesBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown03:38--000:00
Swing 48Django ReinhardtUnknown02:47--000:00
Sweet Georgia BrownDjango ReinhardtUnknown03:08--000:00
Pemoengkah-Gender WayangMusic For The GodsUnknown03:47--000:00
03 Ife L'oju L'aiye (Love Is The GreBabatunde OlatunjiUnknown06:50--000:00
Bike Ride To The MoonThe Dukes Of StratophearUnknown02:23--000:00
Apache '65The VenturesUnknown03:13--000:00
Faces And PlacesOrnette ColemanUnknown11:37--000:00
My Evil TwinThey Might Be GiantsUnknown02:38--000:00
MammalThey Might Be GiantsUnknown02:14--000:00
Hypnotist Of LadiesThey Might Be GiantsUnknown01:42--000:00
West Virginia, My Home - Hazel DickensHand-PickedUnknown04:33--000:00
When God Dips His Pen Of Love In My Heart - Cox FamilyHand-PickedUnknown04:29--000:00
HoneybombThe MermenUnknown05:58--000:00
Barrel Of Fun - Country CookingHand-PickedUnknown02:53--000:00
TestifyStevie Ray VaughnUnknown03:21--000:00
BurnThe MermenUnknown13:43--000:00
Hausi In Makam Iraq - Tlemcen, AlgeriaMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown05:03--000:00
It's A Hard Life Wherever You Go-Abraham MartinEmmylou HarrisUnknown07:03--000:00
LodiEmmylou HarrisUnknown03:08--000:00
The Ecstasy Of Dancing FleasPenguin Cafe OrchestraUnknown04:01--000:00
AnimalsTalking HeadsUnknown03:30--000:00
AirTalking HeadsUnknown03:34--000:00
The ElementsTom LehrerUnknown01:26--000:00
Sponge CookieThe MermenUnknown06:08--000:00
Dehi Sher - Quetta, PakistanMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown01:56--000:00
Can I Take You Higher?UnknownUnknown03:30--000:00
CountdownJohn ColtraneUnknown02:26--000:00
Esketa DanceMulatu Astatke / The HeliocentricsUnknown05:47--000:00
Dance Music - Jaipur, IndiaMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown05:19--000:00
Bendir - Ouzad, Middle Atlas, MoroccoMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown02:07--000:00
Cat WalkJohn ColtraneUnknown07:11--000:00
Who Can Blame YouAlison Krauss & Union StationUnknown03:19--000:00
Cocody RockAlpha BlondyUnknown04:58--000:00
The Good Egg (1939)The Carl Stalling ProjectUnknown04:24--000:00
Chant # 11Peter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown05:17--000:00
Ursonate SelectionChristian BökUnknown03:20--000:00
Trinidad - Lord Invader - Old Time Cat-O'-NineThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown03:14--000:00
Jack RabbitHerbie HancockUnknown06:01--000:00
ChameleonHerbie HancockUnknown15:44--000:00
The Basque - -Triki-Triki- - Te Quiero BilbainaThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown02:52--000:00
South Africa - Zwabesho Sibisi - AngihambeThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown02:17--000:00
Old ManZZ TopUnknown03:32--000:00
Dazed And ConfusedLed ZeppelinUnknown06:28--000:00
Your Gold DressThe Dukes Of StratophearUnknown04:42--000:00
Babe I'm Gonna Leave YouLed ZeppelinUnknown06:43--000:00
Communication BreakdownLed ZeppelinUnknown02:32--000:00
Latin GeneticsOrnette ColemanUnknown03:41--000:00
Pink NapkinsFrank ZappaUnknown04:41--000:00
Be My NoirThe MermenUnknown07:38--000:00
GranadaThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown04:35--000:00
LevanteThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown05:32--000:00
Los Ojos MiosThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown03:37--000:00
Rastaman ChantBob Marley & The WailersUnknown06:23--000:00
Burnin' & Lootin'Bob Marley & The WailersUnknown06:37--000:00
Get Up Stand UpBob Marley & The WailersUnknown04:44--000:00
I Shot The SheriffBob Marley & The WailersUnknown07:13--000:00
Kinky ReggaeBob Marley & The WailersUnknown05:08--000:00
Dock EllisLotionUnknown03:14--000:00
Half As MuchEmmylou HarrisUnknown03:01--000:00
Get Up JohnEmmylou HarrisUnknown04:26--000:00
Cattle CallEmmylou HarrisUnknown03:12--000:00
While My Guitar Gently WeepsThe BeatlesUnknown04:45--000:00
Hot Tamale BabyBuckwheat ZydecoUnknown04:08--000:00
You Just Take HerBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:32--000:00
Buckwheat's SpecialBuckwheat ZydecoUnknown05:17--000:00
ArachneDr. ZeusUnknown00:18--000:00
CitiesTalking HeadsUnknown04:10--000:00
Wild ThingTone Loc Unknown04:11--000:00
Vatican RagTom LehrerUnknown02:14--000:00
Birdhouse In Your SoulThey Might Be GiantsUnknown03:21--000:00
JerusalemAlpha BlondyUnknown07:52--000:00
Rasta PoueAlpha BlondyUnknown05:21--000:00
Long Road - Motherless ChildPeter ApfelbaumUnknown05:15--000:00
I ZimbraTalking HeadsUnknown03:09--000:00
Horace Tapscott - Chicago 1993 - 06. Sandy and NilesUnknownUnknown08:24--000:00
Horace Tapscott - Chicago 1993 - 04. The Black ApostlesUnknownUnknown12:25--000:00
Goin' Down To MexicoZZ TopUnknown03:23--000:00
Little LighthouseThe Dukes Of StratophearUnknown04:31--000:00
Fingertips (20)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:11--000:00
SaetaThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown03:49--000:00
Petenera Para GuitarraThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown03:55--000:00
Fingertips (21)They Might Be GiantsUnknown01:01--000:00
Slave DriverBob Marley & The WailersUnknown03:47--000:00
Fingertips (3)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:10--000:00
Texas Playboy Theme [Opening]Bob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown00:45--000:00
Texas Playboy Theme [Closing]Bob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown00:43--000:00
All BluesOscar Peterson And Freddie HubbardUnknown13:59--000:00
Ballade No. 1Frederic ChopinUnknown08:53--000:00
I'm Not In LoveTalking HeadsUnknown04:35--000:00
Found A JobTalking HeadsUnknown04:59--000:00
Brown SugarZZ TopUnknown05:23--000:00
Check The RhimeA Tribe Called QuestUnknown03:37--000:00
ExcursionsA Tribe Called QuestUnknown03:55--000:00
Rap PromoterA Tribe Called QuestUnknown02:13--000:00
Taskim In Makam Nishaburek - Ankara, TurkeyMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown03:30--000:00
SpiralJohn ColtraneUnknown06:01--000:00
The Statue Got Me HighThey Might Be GiantsUnknown03:06--000:00
SpiderThey Might Be GiantsUnknown00:51--000:00
Space SuitThey Might Be GiantsUnknown01:36--000:00
Crazy Creek - Bill KeithHand-PickedUnknown02:56--000:00
Butch Robins - I'll Be On That Good Road SomedayHand-PickedUnknown02:57--000:00
LauraScissor SistersUnknown03:35--000:00
Hard Times - Eddie BoLouisiana SpiceUnknown02:38--000:00
BomboraLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:08--000:00
BeyondLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:07--000:00
BajaLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:31--000:00
Ollin AzageedHamza El DinUnknown08:31--000:00
Eyuphuro- SamukhelaThe Compact Real WorldUnknown05:50--000:00
Remmy Ongala & Orchestre Super Matimila- Kipenda RohoThe Compact Real WorldUnknown06:30--000:00
Feelin' AlrightJungle BrothersUnknown03:36--000:00
Eye Of Fatima (Pt. 1)Camper Van BeethovenUnknown02:37--000:00
Life Is GrandCamper Van BeethovenUnknown03:22--000:00
FlowersCamper Van BeethovenUnknown03:00--000:00
Piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 35 - Iv- FinaleFrederic ChopinUnknown01:12--000:00
Piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 35 - Ii- ScherzoFrederic ChopinUnknown06:25--000:00
Angel BandOld And In The WayUnknown04:37--000:00
Catfish JohnOld And In The WayUnknown04:05--000:00
Hard HeartedOld And In The WayUnknown02:46--000:00
Your Racist FriendThey Might Be GiantsUnknown02:55--000:00
Youth Culture Killed My DogThey Might Be GiantsUnknown02:51--000:00
Yogurt Koydum Dolaba - Televizyon3 Mustaphas 3Unknown04:27--000:00
Ti Citron3 Mustaphas 3Unknown04:24--000:00
Tambur Solo - Daulatabad, AfghanistanMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown04:44--000:00
Taqsim In Maqam Hejaz - Muharraq, BahrainMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown06:04--000:00
The AnkhPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown12:48--000:00
Making Flippy FloppyTalking HeadsUnknown05:55--000:00
Your Love Is Ever YoungHamza El DinUnknown18:30--000:00
Hillbilly Hare (1950)The Carl Stalling ProjectUnknown04:22--000:00
Coulden't Keep It TogetherPhilip HamiltonUnknown05:35--000:00
Good Times Bad TimesLed ZeppelinUnknown02:46--000:00
You Shook MeLed ZeppelinUnknown06:28--000:00
Wild Honey PieThe BeatlesUnknown01:01--000:00
SpidermanDixie Power TrioUnknown05:21--000:00
Big ChiefDixie Power TrioUnknown04:12--000:00
Out Of This WorldJohn ColtraneUnknown14:07--000:00
Syeeda's Song FluteJohn ColtraneUnknown07:05--000:00
BorderlineCamper Van BeethovenUnknown03:53--000:00
2 Live Supertramp Discodj BCUnknown05:53--000:00
Bend Down LowBob Marley & The WailersUnknown02:41--000:00
Rumbas GitanasManitas De PlataUnknown04:54--000:00
I'm On My Way Back To The Old HomeOld And In The WayUnknown02:54--000:00
Kissimmee KidOld And In The WayUnknown03:30--000:00
I Ain't Broke But I'm Badly BentOld And In The WayUnknown02:51--000:00
Unto The ResplendentThe MermenUnknown05:41--000:00
Song At The Feast After Ramadan - Nagfa, EthiopiaMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown01:51--000:00
07 Jack-AssBeckUnknown04:12--000:00
06 NovacaneBeckUnknown04:38--000:00
Samantha SmithPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown08:01--000:00
GypsiesPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown04:11--000:00
Chassidic Medley- Adir Hu - Moshe EmesAndy Statman & David GrismanUnknown04:14--000:00
Bashie's BounceAndy Statman & David GrismanUnknown02:57--000:00
Warning SignTalking HeadsUnknown03:55--000:00
TwistingThey Might Be GiantsUnknown01:53--000:00
Dear PrudenceThe BeatlesUnknown03:50--000:00
Glass OnionThe BeatlesUnknown02:18--000:00
Surf RiderLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown03:21--000:00
Soul SurferLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:31--000:00
T'en As Eu - David DoucetLouisiana SpiceUnknown03:07--000:00
Dalmacia 007LotionUnknown03:41--000:00
Whip ItDevoUnknown02:40--000:00
Mr. P.C.John ColtraneUnknown07:02--000:00
SweetheartsCamper Van BeethovenUnknown04:46--000:00
The FoolCamper Van BeethovenUnknown02:37--000:00
WakaCamper Van BeethovenUnknown02:46--000:00
Grand CentralCannonball & ColtraneUnknown04:34--000:00
Anxiety Montage (1952-1955)The Carl Stalling ProjectUnknown06:11--000:00
Metroid Metal - Item RoomStemageUnknown02:13--000:00
The Sad PartLotionUnknown03:21--000:00
New FeelingTalking HeadsUnknown03:09--000:00
Por AlegriasManitas De PlataUnknown02:51--000:00
El No-NoManitas De PlataUnknown03:21--000:00
What Will You Gain-Desmond DekkerUnknown01:57--000:00
Minimum WageThey Might Be GiantsUnknown00:48--000:00
Recitation Of Verses Of Rhe Qu'ran - Al-Ateuf, AlgeriaMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown02:26--000:00
Rabab & Goque Solo - Near Wadi Musa, Jordan & Dosso, NigerMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown04:28--000:00
Rababa Solo - Near Agordat, EritreaMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown02:22--000:00
13 RamshackleBeckUnknown07:30--000:00
Burn (Intro)The MermenUnknown03:01--000:00
Certified BluesZZ TopUnknown03:28--000:00
Shalom AleichemAndy Statman & David GrismanUnknown01:45--000:00
ToskaAndy Statman & David GrismanUnknown03:44--000:00
Just Got Back From Baby'sZZ TopUnknown04:15--000:00
Reggae SoundsLinton Kwesi JohnsonUnknown03:10--000:00
UkigomoThe Art Of The Japanese Bamboo FluteUnknown05:34--000:00
Latin'iaLegends Of Guitar - Surf Vol. 1Unknown02:35--000:00
Hearing AidThey Might Be GiantsUnknown03:27--000:00
Making HistoryLinton Kwesi JohnsonUnknown04:26--000:00
Opening ThemeCamper Van BeethovenUnknown02:22--000:00
Metroid Metal - BrinstarStemageUnknown02:45--000:00
Metroid Metal - The EscapeStemageUnknown03:38--000:00
Pulled UpTalking HeadsUnknown04:29--000:00
Seen And Not SeenTalking HeadsUnknown03:25--000:00
007 (Shanty Town)Desmond DekkerUnknown02:34--000:00
You Got What It TakesDeep BlueUnknown04:28--000:00
Archie Wah WahDesmond DekkerUnknown02:31--000:00
IstanbulThey Might Be GiantsUnknown02:33--000:00
Nay - Teheran, IranMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown03:07--000:00
Music To Call The Spirits - Brastigi, IndonesiaMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown02:25--000:00
Backdoor Love AffairZZ TopUnknown02:42--000:00
Sound ManualOrnette ColemanUnknown03:09--000:00
Ny Chimes - Tony TrishkaHand-PickedUnknown03:04--000:00
Mr. Engineer - Jd CroweHand-PickedUnknown04:20--000:00
My Better Years - The Johnson Mountain BoysHand-PickedUnknown03:26--000:00
Mama's Hand - Hazel DickensHand-PickedUnknown04:32--000:00
NetoriThe Art Of The Japanese Bamboo FluteUnknown01:56--000:00
KyoreiThe Art Of The Japanese Bamboo FluteUnknown03:18--000:00
Dai-BosatsuThe Art Of The Japanese Bamboo FluteUnknown07:15--000:00
Akebono-JishiThe Art Of The Japanese Bamboo FluteUnknown02:36--000:00
India - Master Manahar Barve - Gungru TarangThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown03:20--000:00
Chico CuadradinoDuke EllingtonUnknown05:04--000:00
Wax_Audio__Sad_But_SuperstitiousGluntini ProjectUnknown04:38--000:00
shut up your delightmash2mixUnknown04:10--000:00
Muse vs Klaxons - Supermassive RainbowElectroSoundUnknown05:25--000:00
Thick As A Brick - Part 2Jethro TullUnknown20:55--000:00
Since You Been GoneDeep BlueUnknown02:21--000:00
Sometimes I SlipDeep BlueUnknown06:34--000:00
Red BeansDeep BlueUnknown04:09--000:00
Langaga Patanchanada - Lahore, PakistanMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown06:54--000:00
River Of Jordan - Ricky SkaggsHand-PickedUnknown02:33--000:00
Ragtime Annie - Byron BerlineHand-PickedUnknown03:26--000:00
Phyllis Boyens - The Last Old ShovelHand-PickedUnknown02:24--000:00
Variacones Por TangoThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown03:44--000:00
Here Today - Lonesome RiverHand-PickedUnknown04:08--000:00
Drifting Too Far From The Shore - Boone CreekHand-PickedUnknown04:00--000:00
Cold On The Shoulder - Tony RiceHand-PickedUnknown02:35--000:00
Cante MineroThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown05:13--000:00
Trouble No MoreThe Allman Brothers BandUnknown04:01--000:00
Bulerias De La SamaritanaThe Art Of FlamencoUnknown05:49--000:00
Shin-GetsuThe Art Of The Japanese Bamboo FluteUnknown05:17--000:00
Army ArrangementFela Anikulapo KutiUnknown04:11--000:00
The Good ThingTalking HeadsUnknown03:04--000:00
The Book I ReadTalking HeadsUnknown04:10--000:00
Jealous Hearted WomanDeep BlueUnknown05:55--000:00
My Jug And IDeep BlueUnknown03:53--000:00
Every Time You Say GoodbyeAlison Krauss & Union StationUnknown03:18--000:00
Dhikr - Fayoum Oasis, EgyptMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown02:18--000:00
Dancing In Her SleepThe MermenUnknown08:07--000:00
Gurdum Gurdum - Daulatabad, AfhganistanMusic In The World Of IslamUnknown03:17--000:00
ChristiansenDr. ZeusUnknown01:35--000:00
HewlettDr. ZeusUnknown01:54--000:00
Yiddish - Raderman-Beckerman Orchestra - A Europaische KolomykaThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown02:53--000:00
Wake UpNeville BrothersUnknown03:22--000:00
Fall And SplatThe Carl Stalling ProjectUnknown00:04--000:00
Hazel And Alice - Montana CowboyHand-PickedUnknown02:20--000:00
Dry Branch Fire Squad - Golden RingHand-PickedUnknown04:21--000:00
Hard Hearted - Jim And JesseHand-PickedUnknown01:52--000:00
Latin American SunshineDuke EllingtonUnknown06:56--000:00
Ezy RiderJimi HendrixUnknown04:10--000:00
Beat It With Your FistFrank ZappaUnknown01:41--000:00
Tee Nah Nah -Tuts WashingtonLouisiana SpiceUnknown01:57--000:00
BoogieDeep BlueUnknown02:16--000:00
Gimmie A BreakDeep BlueUnknown04:52--000:00
Witches PitJohn ColtraneUnknown06:43--000:00
Helter SkelterThe BeatlesUnknown04:30--000:00
MalefactorsDr. ZeusUnknown01:11--000:00
MajoringDr. ZeusUnknown00:39--000:00
LasciviousDr. ZeusUnknown01:40--000:00
Bulgaria - Mita Stoycheva - Storise Khoro GoliamoThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown03:12--000:00
Theme (Full Version)The PrisonerUnknown03:37--000:00
Fingertips (4)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:05--000:00
Fingertips (12)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:06--000:00
Fingertips (11)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:04--000:00
Fingertips (14)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:12--000:00
Fingertips (13)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:09--000:00
Savoy TruffleThe BeatlesUnknown02:55--000:00
The Sleeping Lady And The Giant Who Watches Over HerDuke EllingtonUnknown07:28--000:00
Music For 18 MusiciansSteve ReichUnknown56:31--000:00
La CuarteleraEnrique CoriaUnknown03:00--000:00
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)Jimi HendrixUnknown05:12--000:00
Smoke Along The TrackEmmylou HarrisUnknown04:17--000:00
On The Prowl - Walter -Wolfman- WashingtonLouisiana SpiceUnknown04:05--000:00
The Big CountryTalking HeadsUnknown05:32--000:00
Gambang-Gamelan GongMusic For The GodsUnknown04:17--000:00
She Is Weird CityLotionUnknown04:57--000:00
StrengthsDr. ZeusUnknown02:18--000:00
YawningDr. ZeusUnknown01:11--000:00
VisitDr. ZeusUnknown04:55--000:00
New Caledonia - Men's Group (Anonymous) - -Wishes Of Welcome-The Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown01:54--000:00
Opening Parade, Bali Arts FestivalBaliUnknown12:23--000:00
You Tried To Ruin My Name - Wilma Lee CooperHand-PickedUnknown02:29--000:00
Fingertips (1)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:13--000:00
Still Raining, Still DreamingJimi HendrixUnknown04:27--000:00
Little Miss StrangeJimi HendrixUnknown15:01--000:00
Mardis Gras In New Orleans - Dirty Dozen Brass BandLouisiana SpiceUnknown05:27--000:00
Lula Lula Don't You Go To Bingo - Boozoo ChavisLouisiana SpiceUnknown03:44--000:00
La Danse De Mardi Gras - Steve Riley And The Mamou PlayboysLouisiana SpiceUnknown03:55--000:00
PenetrationThe VenturesUnknown02:09--000:00
Diamond HeadThe VenturesUnknown02:06--000:00
Pico BlancoEnrique CoriaUnknown02:27--000:00
Quien Te Amaba Ya Se VaEnrique CoriaUnknown02:33--000:00
Nevando EstaEnrique CoriaUnknown03:45--000:00
Oklahoma RagBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:26--000:00
Oh MonahBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown03:33--000:00
I Had A Little MuleBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:52--000:00
Kerejing(Jew's Harp)Music For The GodsUnknown01:35--000:00
I'm A Ding Dong DaddyBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown03:12--000:00
I'm Putting All My Eggs In One BasketBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:26--000:00
Castlevania 3MinibossesUnknown08:13--000:00
White DoveOld And In The WayUnknown04:47--000:00
LennyStevie Ray VaughnUnknown04:57--000:00
The Hobo SongOld And In The WayUnknown05:11--000:00
SwayThe MermenUnknown04:43--000:00
The Silly Elephant Who Stomped To TeaThe MermenUnknown07:15--000:00
Geneging Sekar GadungBaliUnknown07:54--000:00
Gending Kebyar Kosalya AriniBaliUnknown10:44--000:00
Rumania - Anon. Group - Dance SongThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown03:15--000:00
Wild HorsesOld And In The WayUnknown04:21--000:00
What In The World-The Dukes Of StratophearUnknown05:01--000:00
Puerto Rico - Canario Y Su Grupo - Aguinaldo De NavidadThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown02:59--000:00
Fingertips (19)They Might Be GiantsUnknown00:22--000:00
The Musicians Of The Nile- Zahrafat Al Sa'idThe Compact Real WorldUnknown02:17--000:00
Give Him Cornbread - Beau Jocque And The Zydeco Hi-RollersLouisiana SpiceUnknown04:57--000:00
Sally GoodinBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:14--000:00
Sally Goodin [Instr.]Bob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown01:48--000:00
Milk Cow BluesBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:54--000:00
New Spanish Two-StepBob Wills And His Texas PlayboysUnknown02:50--000:00
Embryonic JourneyLeo KottkeUnknown03:18--000:00
Tumbling TumbleweedsLeo KottkeUnknown02:44--000:00
Zydeco BoogalooDixie Power TrioUnknown03:06--000:00
DaphnéDjango ReinhardtUnknown03:11--000:00
Whistling In The DarkThey Might Be GiantsUnknown03:25--000:00
Cuba - Septeto Matamoros - Oye Mi CoroThe Secret Museum Of MankindUnknown03:05--000:00
The Beat Of My DrumBabatunde OlatunjiUnknown07:43--000:00
Wicked Path Of SinOld And In The WayUnknown02:19--000:00
The Hand That Signed The PaperPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown08:11--000:00
Tony Rice - Old TrainHand-PickedUnknown02:11--000:00
The GatesPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown05:32--000:00
The GlowPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown05:35--000:00
The World Is GiftedPeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics EnsembleUnknown07:46--000:00
1983....(A Merman I Should Turn To Be)Jimi HendrixUnknown13:37--000:00
Track 03George2007-602:16--000:00
Track 15George2007-602:28--000:00
Track 10George2007-604:13--000:00
Track 09George2007-604:28--000:00
Track 04George2007-603:58--000:00
Track 05George2007-603:07--000:00
Track 06George2007-604:14--000:00
Track 07George2007-604:26--000:00
Won't Get Fooled AgainThe WhoWho's Next08:33--000:00
My WifeThe WhoWho's Next03:42--000:00
BargainThe WhoWho's Next05:34--000:00
Love Ain't For KeepingThe WhoWho's Next02:10--000:00
Pure And EasyThe WhoWho's Next04:22--000:00
Behind Blue EyesThe WhoWho's Next03:43--000:00
Going MobileThe WhoWho's Next03:43--000:00
Baba O'RileyThe WhoWho's Next05:09--000:00
Pink Lady LemonadeAcid Mothers TempleKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 110:41--000:00
House MountainBevis FrondKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 112:03--000:00
St37Nicht JetztKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 213:50--000:00
Amber AsylumSong Of The Spider WarKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 204:23--000:00
Cul De SacDeath Kit TrainKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 206:41--000:00
Overhang PartyLa Fie'vreKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 209:26--000:00
The Machine Gun TVTell MeKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 202:38--000:00
untitledSpaceheadsKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 205:47--000:00
It's A SinThe ExKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 205:09--000:00
Through Alien EmpiresMiss Murgatroid & Petra HadenKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 205:49--000:00
Ride BlueMainlinerKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 208:34--000:00
I Want to Talk About YouJessica WilliamsWilliams, Jessica: Live at Yoshi's, Vol. 106:12--000:00
MysteriosoJessica WilliamsWilliams, Jessica: Live at Yoshi's, Vol. 108:06--000:00
You Say You CareJessica WilliamsWilliams, Jessica: Live at Yoshi's, Vol. 107:02--000:00
AlfieSonny RollinsLiftoff From Launch Pad09:40--000:00
Nyoka MusangoThomas MapfumoLiftoff From Launch Pad05:19--000:00
Teenage KicksUndertonesHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry02:23--000:00
Pauvre LolaIkue MoriHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry02:49--000:00
AjoPeter KingHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry03:55--000:00
Box ElderHolly GolightlyHome Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry02:44--000:00
Come Rain or Come ShineBill Evans TrioPortrait in Jazz03:21--000:00
Autumn Leaves [Take 1]Bill Evans TrioPortrait in Jazz05:59--000:00
Castillos de Arena, Pt. 2 (Sand Castle)SantanaLotus 01:13--000:00
Samba de SausalitoSantanaLotus 04:02--000:00
Oye Como VaSantanaLotus 05:47--000:00
A-1 FunkSantanaLotus 03:13--000:00
Sping Will Be a Little Late This YearRahsaan Roland KirkBil04:06--000:00
Volunteered SlaveryRahsaan Roland KirkBil05:42--000:00
LamentRahsaan Roland KirkBil03:37--000:00
Someone To Watch Over MeRahsaan Roland KirkBil03:43--000:00
When The Sun Comes OutRahsaan Roland KirkBil02:43--000:00
Half A TripleRahsaan Roland KirkBil04:53--000:00
Multihorn VariationsRahsaan Roland KirkBil05:01--000:00
I Loves You PorgyRahsaan Roland KirkBil01:49--000:00
Jive ElephantRahsaan Roland KirkBil02:55--000:00
Sonata #16John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano05:23--000:00
Sonata #13John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano03:26--000:00
Sonata #12John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano02:46--000:00
Sonata #9John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano03:56--000:00
Third InterludeJohn CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano02:49--000:00
Sonata #10John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano02:31--000:00
Sonata #6John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano01:54--000:00
Sonata #2John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano02:04--000:00
Sonata #1John CageJohn Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano02:56--000:00
Island of Living PukeZoogz RiftIsland of Living Puke02:52--000:00
Re-discover Downtown PatersonZoogz RiftIsland of Living Puke03:26--000:00
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - 3. Andante LarghettoNeville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107903:37--000:00
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - Canon 4 A 2 Per Augmentationem, Contrario MotuNeville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107901:56--000:00
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - Ricercar 2 A 6Neville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107907:32--000:00
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - Ricercar 1 A 3Neville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107906:16--000:00
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - Canon Perpetuus Super Thema RegiumNeville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107900:44--000:00
Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 - Canon 1 A 2 (Canon Cancricans)Neville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The FieldsBach: Musical Offering, BWV 107900:53--000:00
She's An AngelThey Might Be GiantsGiants Jubilee02:37--000:00
Coconut GrooveArturo SandovalDanzon (Dance On)06:22--000:00
AfricaArturo SandovalDanzon (Dance On)05:42--000:00
Groovin' HighArturo SandovalDanzon (Dance On)05:05--000:00
A Mis AbuelosArturo SandovalDanzon (Dance On)05:25--000:00
DanzonArturo SandovalDanzon (Dance On)06:18--000:00
Compagnon De LavieAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali03:47--000:00
AfricaAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali03:48--000:00
MasiteladiAmadou & MariamWelcome To Mali03:56--000:00
Blackjack DaveyTaj MahalMo' Roots03:44--000:00
Desperate LoverTaj MahalMo' Roots02:46--000:00
Uncontrollable UrgeDevoQ: Are We Not Men? A: We Are03:11--000:00
Shiva-LokaAlice ColtraneJourney in Satchidananda06:38--000:00
Something About John ColtraneAlice ColtraneJourney in Satchidananda09:44--000:00
Introduction / Rock And Soul Music / LoveCountry Joe & The FishLive! Fillmore West 196906:15--000:00
Here I Go Again (L)Country Joe & The FishLive! Fillmore West 196904:42--000:00
Doctor Of ElectricityCountry Joe & The FishLive! Fillmore West 196909:11--000:00
Sure-Bla-Di Shot-Bla-Dadj BC and the BeastlesThe Beastles03:21--000:00
Tripper Troubledj BC and the BeastlesThe Beastles02:59--000:00
HablameB-Tribe1998-December #204:03--000:00
Speak To MePink FloydDark Side Of The Moon03:58--000:00
MoneyPink FloydDark Side Of The Moon07:50--000:00
The Great Gig In The SkyPink FloydDark Side Of The Moon06:23--000:00
Any Colour You LikePink FloydDark Side Of The Moon03:51--000:00
Us And ThemPink FloydDark Side Of The Moon03:26--000:00
Willie MontanezThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men03:44--000:00
Millions To BlowThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men03:19--000:00
It It Going To Be Alright?The MartinetsNew Stories For Men03:41--000:00
My Limited, Beautiful WorldThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men03:13--000:00
We're GoneThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men02:04--000:00
The Finer ThingsThe MartinetsNew Stories For Men03:03--000:00
8-01 Letter to EvanBill EvansThe Last Waltz08:07--000:00
7-09 FiveBill EvansThe Last Waltz03:53--000:00
EmilyBill Evans TrioThe Last Waltz05:44--000:00
Like Someone in LoveBill Evans TrioThe Last Waltz06:57--000:00
7-02 NardisBill EvansThe Last Waltz17:47--000:00
NardisBill Evans TrioThe Last Waltz17:42--000:00
4-01 Yet Ne'er BrokenBill EvansThe Last Waltz06:06--000:00
4-09 FiveBill EvansThe Last Waltz04:20--000:00
6-02 EmilyBill EvansThe Last Waltz05:00--000:00
3-02 Yet Ne'er BrokenBill EvansThe Last Waltz06:09--000:00
8-07 NardisBill EvansThe Last Waltz19:36--000:00
Track 04Zoogz RiftEurope 199002:21--000:00
Track 05Zoogz RiftEurope 199005:18--000:00
Track 02Zoogz RiftEurope 199005:26--000:00
Freedom FighterBilDeejay's Choice02:34--000:00
Crying in the GhettoBilDeejay's Choice07:07--000:00
It Won't Come EasyBilDeejay's Choice03:21--000:00
Burial Of Long ShotBilDeejay's Choice02:48--000:00
Johnny Too BadBilDeejay's Choice02:59--000:00
Red Red WineBilDeejay's Choice02:51--000:00
We'll MeetBilDeejay's Choice02:23--000:00
The Lion Sleeps TonightBilDeejay's Choice03:01--000:00
DunnoBilDeejay's Choice06:58--000:00
Whiney WhineyBilDeejay's Choice03:40--000:00
Cler AchelTinariwen2007-104:29--000:00
Heart ScarsNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free04:19--000:00
Spit ShineNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free07:57--000:00
Coastal BalladNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free05:43--000:00
Sunshine OnNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free03:33--000:00
Jazz FreeNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Jim Thomas, Weasel Walter, Allen WhitmanJazz Free08:00--000:00
Soweto DaalDiop, Wasis1998-October #204:07--000:00
Saving A LifeDiluteKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 309:56--000:00
UntitledLightning BoltKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 305:00--000:00
What You Call 'Freedom' We Call 'Dryystyn'Yume BitsuKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 308:02--000:00
Journey Through Sankaun PassSix Organs Of AdmittanceKFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 307:47--000:00
El NinoThe Bone Sharks1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West02:56--000:00
(Ghost) RIders In The SkyCadillac Angels1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West03:46--000:00
ExoticAgent Orange1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West02:51--000:00
Strangle Louie/AyoThe Swamis1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West05:39--000:00
Green SunshineThe Auqua Velvets1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West06:06--000:00
Coyote PointThe Reverbs1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West02:50--000:00
AqualungJethro TullAqualung06:34--000:00
Guelah PapyrusPhishA Picture of Nectar05:22--000:00
CavernPhishA Picture of Nectar04:24--000:00
KhululumaAfrican Rhythm TravellersAfrican Groove02:55--000:00
The Lagos CommuniqueThievery CorporationAfrican Groove03:55--000:00
MokoteMadekaAfrican Groove03:49--000:00
KalicomJulien JacobAfrican Groove03:52--000:00
Non StopYoung MCStone Cold Rhymin'03:27--000:00
Pick Up The PaceYoung MCStone Cold Rhymin'02:55--000:00
I Let 'Em KnowYoung MCStone Cold Rhymin'05:23--000:00
Bust A MoveYoung MCStone Cold Rhymin'04:23--000:00
I Wish I KnewJohn ColtraneBallads04:54--000:00
You Don't Know What Love IsJohn ColtraneBallads05:15--000:00
Baila MeGypsy Kings2013-403:45--000:00
You Don't Hear No DrumsWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields11:52--000:00
Look And SeeWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields05:07--000:00
Due NorthWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields05:35--000:00
Juba And A Brown SquawWynton MarsalisBlood On The Fields06:07--000:00
Revolution 9The BeatlesThe Beatles (White Album) 08:13--000:00
Mother Nature's SonThe BeatlesThe Beatles (White Album) 02:48--000:00
Sun KingThe BeatlesAbbey Road02:26--000:00
Mean Mr. MustardThe BeatlesAbbey Road01:06--000:00
Here Comes The SunThe BeatlesAbbey Road03:06--000:00
Oh! DarlingThe BeatlesAbbey Road03:27--000:00
Her MajestyThe BeatlesAbbey Road00:23--000:00
Blue NileAlice ColtranePtah, The El Daoud07:06--000:00
Meteorite ShowerInsect SurfersUnknown Title02:45--000:00
Tiger SharkInsect SurfersUnknown Title03:03--000:00
LumumbaMiriam MakebaBaadasssss! Soundtrack02:44--000:00
Main TitleThe ScoreBaadasssss! Soundtrack04:23--000:00
Inspiration WalkThe ScoreBaadasssss! Soundtrack04:06--000:00
I Came But...Zuco 103Baadasssss! Soundtrack03:46--000:00
LoveDonnBaadasssss! Soundtrack02:49--000:00
Che Che Cole MakossaAntibalas Afrobeat Orchestra Feat. Mayra VegaBaadasssss! Soundtrack04:04--000:00
It's My LifeNo DoubtThe Singles 1992-200303:46--000:00
BMWChicago Afrobeat ProjectChicago Afrobeat Project09:18--000:00
ZambiChicago Afrobeat ProjectChicago Afrobeat Project04:43--000:00
CrunchChicago Afrobeat ProjectChicago Afrobeat Project06:57--000:00
Tibet On ItChicago Afrobeat ProjectChicago Afrobeat Project09:30--000:00
Talking BushChicago Afrobeat ProjectChicago Afrobeat Project06:06--000:00
WoodstockJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)05:30--000:00
The ArrangementJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)03:35--000:00
The PriestJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)03:41--000:00
Rainy Night HouseJoni MitchellLadies Of The Canyon (Remastered)03:25--000:00
Besame MuchoWes MontgomeryBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]06:32--000:00
For Heaven's SakeWes MontgomeryBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]04:41--000:00
Canadian SunsetWes MontgomeryBoss Guitar [Bonus Tracks]05:08--000:00
Lobotomy 3Zoogz RiftIdiots on the Miniature Golf Course00:28--000:00
The Night They All Came OutZoogz RiftIdiots on the Miniature Golf Course03:05--000:00
No Pain for CakesThe Lounge LizardsNo Pain for Cakes06:48--000:00
Tango #3, Determination for Rosa ParksThe Lounge LizardsNo Pain for Cakes04:15--000:00
Bob and NicoThe Lounge LizardsNo Pain for Cakes03:09--000:00
Where Were YouThe Lounge LizardsNo Pain for Cakes03:34--000:00
Cur for PassionThe Lounge LizardsNo Pain for Cakes02:14--000:00
Bow WowJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 04:47--000:00
Come And Dance With MeJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:16--000:00
Miss Frisco (Queen Of The Disco)Johnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 05:01--000:00
You Can Stay But The Noise Must GoJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 06:09--000:00
Love That Will Not DieJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 03:48--000:00
Don't Be What UCJohnny "Guitar" WatsonThe Funk Anthology 04:52--000:00
Whole Lotta Extra Dougie (Cali Swag District vs. Led Zeppelin vs. Katy Perry)LobsterdustBest of Bootie 201104:46--000:00
November Rehab (Amy Winehouse vs. Guns N’ Roses) DJs From MarsBest of Bootie 201104:58--000:00
DJ Got Us Falling In Hot Stuff (Usher vs. Donna Summer) DJs From MarsBest of Bootie 201104:16--000:00
Roll It (Salt-N-Pepa vs. Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs. A-Trak) LobsterdustBest of Bootie 201102:49--000:00
Bad Things Will Roll With The Devil (Marilyn Manson vs. Christina Aguilera vs. Jace Everett vs. Rihanna vs. Lady GaGa vs. Katy Perry vs. Yeah Yeah Yeahs)Titus JonesBest of Bootie 201102:34--000:00
Feel Good Feelings (James Brown vs. Flo Rida vs. Black Eyed Peas) DJ ShyBoyBest of Bootie 201104:04--000:00
Pumped Up Kicks Take Over Control (Foster The People vs. Afrojack)Dave WranglerBest of Bootie 201103:22--000:00
Whip Your Hands Outta My Dream Hell Bottle (Avril Lavigne vs. The Ting Tings vs. Kylie Minogue vs. Katy Perry vs. Willow Smith vs. The Police)Dan Mei & Marc JohnceBest of Bootie 201103:44--000:00
Whip My Hair, Whip It Real Good (Willow Smith vs. Devo) A Plus DBest of Bootie 201103:23--000:00
Moves Like A Deadmau5 (Maroon 5 vs. Deadmau5 vs. Rolling Stones) VoicedudeBest of Bootie 201104:31--000:00
Party Rock Song 2 (LMFAO vs. Blur) A Plus DBest of Bootie 201102:57--000:00
Teenage Gay (Katy Perry vs. O.M.D.)DJs From MarsBest of Bootie 201004:04--000:00
Papa Was A Ghost (The Temptations vs Deadmau5)DJ TrippBest of Bootie 201002:44--000:00
Flex Gym Beat Sauce (Duck Sauce vs. Dizzee Rascal vs. Ray Krebbs vs. Michael Jackson)Marc Johnce vs. Party BenBest of Bootie 201004:28--000:00
California Jump (Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg vs. Van Halen)DJs From MarsBest of Bootie 201003:52--000:00
Everybody & Ray Speak No Americano (Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP vs. Backstreet Boys vs. Ray Charles vs. Phantom of the Opera vs. Benny Benassi)Mashup-Germany vs. FaroffBest of Bootie 201003:59--000:00
Smells Like Rockin' Robin (Nirvana vs. Jackson 5)Go Home ProductionsBest of Bootie 201002:28--000:00
Folsom Prison Gangstaz (Eazy-E vs. Johnny Cash)DJ TopcatBest of Bootie 201003:50--000:00
Run This Firefly (Jay-Z ft. Rihanna & Kanye West vs. Owl City)DJ TrippBest of Bootie 201003:41--000:00
Dynamite Pressure (Taio Cruz vs. Queen & David Bowie)DJ TrippBest of Bootie 201004:04--000:00
Thumping A Tub Of Gasoline (Chumbawamba vs. Britney Spears)Dr. BrixxBest of Bootie 201202:27--000:00
We Are On Fire (Adele vs. Fun.)DJ TrippBest of Bootie 201203:57--000:00
I Want Stacy's Mom (Fountains of Wayne vs. Lena Horne vs. The Wiseguys vs. Karen Young)G3rstBest of Bootie 201203:20--000:00
We Are Never Ever Getting The Sweater (Taylor Swift vs. Weezer)A Plus DBest of Bootie 201203:56--000:00
Stronger Enough (Kelly Clarkson vs. Michael Jackson)LobsterdustBest of Bootie 201203:51--000:00
What Makes You Stop Believing (One Direction vs. Journey)No Saturday Night SurgeryBest of Bootie 201203:54--000:00
Michael83 Down Under (M83 vs. Men At Work vs. INXS)Mighty Mike vs. ViCBest of Bootie 201203:42--000:00
Semi-Charmed Call (Bootie Edit) (Carly Rae Jepsen vs. Third Eye Blind)ChambalandBest of Bootie 201203:33--000:00
Good Time Gangnam Style (Bootie Edit) (Psy vs. Alex Clare vs. Nicki Minaj vs. Ram Jam vs. Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen)Dan MeiBest of Bootie 201203:44--000:00
Die Young In The Cave (Bootie Edit) (Mumford & Sons vs. Ke$ha)DJ MikeABest of Bootie 201203:56--000:00
Internet Friends & Scary Monsters Back In Wonderwall (Oasis vs. AC/DC vs. Knife Party vs. Skrillex)DJs From MarsBest of Bootie 201204:51--000:00
With the Necessary Changes Having Been MadeZoogz RiftInterim Resurgence04:23--000:00
Day TrafficZoogz RiftInterim Resurgence02:15--000:00
Velvet SceneJohn ColtraneDakar04:54--000:00
Come Rain Or Come ShineWes MontgomeryFull House [Keepnews Collection]07:22--000:00
CaribaWes MontgomeryFull House [Keepnews Collection]08:28--000:00
Every Car You Chase (The Snow Police)Party BenParty Ben04:11--000:00
Si Se PuedeAntibalasLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 109:55--000:00
Musicawi SiltAntibalasLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 109:29--000:00
UprisingAntibalasLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 107:25--000:00
N.E.S.T.A (Never Ever Submit to Authority)AntibalasLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 107:17--000:00
Seven Steps to HeavenMiles DavisThe Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More" 07:46--000:00
JoshuaMiles DavisThe Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More" 09:31--000:00
All of YouMiles DavisThe Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More" 14:40--000:00
The Girl I Loved In Sunny TenneseeClarence "Tom" Ashley, Doc Watson, Clint Howard, & Fred PriceBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:50--000:00
Way DowntownClarence "Tom" Ashley, Doc Watson, Clint Howard, & Fred PriceBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6303:00--000:00
Pretty Little MissNew Lost City RamblersBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6303:12--000:00
Train Forty-FiveNew Lost City RamblersBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:24--000:00
Cabin On The HillFlatt & ScruggsBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:43--000:00
Liza JaneNew Lost City RamblersBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:23--000:00
She Left Me Standing On The MountainJim & Jesse And The Virginia BoysBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6302:06--000:00
Salty Dog BluesMorris BrothersBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6301:48--000:00
Flinthill SpecialHylo Brown and The Timberliners With Earl ScruggsBluegrass At Newport: Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 6303:23--000:00
Ya Habibi, Ya Ghaybine3 Mustaphas 3Soup Of The Century07:56--000:00
La RebellionOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 07:58--000:00
Ndiaga NiawOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 07:46--000:00
CoumbaOrchestra BaobabPirates Choice 07:45--000:00
Jerome, ArizonaZoogz RiftWater01:52--000:00
Getting Laid at Grace ParkZoogz RiftWater01:32--000:00
WaterZoogz RiftWater01:05--000:00
Delta 88 (demo)XLos Angeles01:28--000:00
Sex And Dying In High SocietyXLos Angeles02:15--000:00
PlasmaPhil & Friends2007.10.20 10:38--000:00
Making Plans For NigelXTCDrums And Wires04:14--000:00
In The LimelightXTCDrums And Wires02:26--000:00
Scissor ManXTCDrums And Wires04:00--000:00
Complicated GameXTCDrums And Wires04:48--000:00
Chain Of CommandXTCDrums And Wires02:33--000:00
Real By ReelXTCDrums And Wires03:47--000:00
That Is The WayXTCDrums And Wires02:57--000:00
Outside WorldXTCDrums And Wires02:41--000:00
Roads Girdle The GlobeXTCDrums And Wires04:51--000:00
Ten Feet TallXTCDrums And Wires03:12--000:00
Path of LoveAtman2003-105:02--000:00
Guzophela (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 102:31--000:00
Mizike (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 105:47--000:00
Babanzele (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 107:40--000:00
Marie-Josee (Album Version)Zap MamaAdventures In Afropea 103:14--000:00
NDJe MukanieZap MamaAdventures In Afropea 103:07--000:00
SofteeTwinkIce Cream Truckin'02:07--000:00
Slush BunnyTwinkIce Cream Truckin'02:29--000:00
Jhini Jhini Bini ChadariyaAyuthya2002-708:27--000:00
Comment ça vaZap MamaA Ma Zone04:29--000:00
KemakeZap MamaA Ma Zone03:07--000:00
My Own ZeroZap MamaA Ma Zone04:03--000:00
Iko-IkoZap MamaA Ma Zone03:23--000:00
Gbo Mata (StationZap MamaA Ma Zone03:25--000:00
Big FatZoogz RiftSanitized for Your Protection04:37--000:00
Short Skirt, London Bridge (Fergie vs. Cake)Max EntropyBest of Bootie 200603:16--000:00
The Money Song (Hard-Fi vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Flying Lizards vs. Abba vs. Jay-Z)team9Best of Bootie 200603:04--000:00
Careless Or Dead (Bon Jovi vs. George Michael)The KleptonesBest of Bootie 200604:18--000:00
Fox Problems (Jimi Hendrix vs. Jimi Bo Horne vs. Eric B & Rakim)PilchardBest of Bootie 200604:44--000:00
Work It Out (Beyonce vs. Dave Matthews vs. Jurassic 5 vs. Deee-Lite)LenlowBest of Bootie 200604:41--000:00
Tricky Sandman (Run-DMC vs. Metallica)DJ M.I.F.Best of Bootie 200603:42--000:00
More Than On Point (House of Pain vs. Boston)DJ TopcatBest of Bootie 200704:09--000:00
Illiterate City (Jackson 5 vs. Guns N' Roses)Divide & KreateBest of Bootie 200702:07--000:00
Don't Stop Believin' In Planet Rock (Journey vs. Afrika Bambaataa)A plus DBest of Bootie 200703:54--000:00
Say It Right Away (Nelly Furtado vs. The Egg vs. Madonna)EarwormBest of Bootie 200704:50--000:00
Tequila Lip Gloss (Lil Mama vs. The Champs)DJ Paul V.Best of Bootie 200702:16--000:00
Bootie IntroEarwormBest of Bootie 200700:39--000:00
Passenger Fever (Peggy Lee vs. Iggy Pop)Go Home ProductionsBest of Bootie 200703:02--000:00
Pretend We're Alala (L7 vs. CSS)The IlluminoidsBest of Bootie 200703:12--000:00
Liza All the Clouds'll Roll - Eric LewisClark TerryOne on One03:40--000:00
Intimacy of the Blues - Kenny BarronClark TerryOne on One04:06--000:00
Blue Monk - Don FriedmanClark TerryOne on One04:06--000:00
Misty - Billy TaylorClark TerryOne on One06:54--000:00
Every Good BoyThe Derek Trucks BandJoyful Noise04:24--000:00
Home In Your HeartDerek Trucks Band Feat. Solomon BurkeJoyful Noise04:00--000:00
Joyful NoiseThe Derek Trucks BandJoyful Noise05:48--000:00
So Close, So Far AwayThe Derek Trucks BandJoyful Noise04:39--000:00
Part IKeith JarrettConcerts21:54--000:00
Part IIKeith JarrettConcerts12:04--000:00
Paper Rump (Wreckx-N-Effect vs. M.I.A.)DJ TrippBest of Bootie 200803:48--000:00
Bootie IntroParty BenBest of Bootie 200800:23--000:00
I Want You D.A.N.C.E. (Justice vs. Jackson 5)ComaRBest of Bootie 200802:34--000:00
Bonde Do Roll Out (Ludacris vs. Bonde Do Role)ABX / The Hood InternetBest of Bootie 200803:00--000:00
Duffy Train Running (Duffy vs. Doobie Brothers)DJ Y Alias JYBest of Bootie 200803:59--000:00
Chicago Bump (Bootie edit) (Chicago vs. Amanda Blank vs. Spank Rock vs. Bloodhound Gang vs. Greg Kihn Band vs. Detroit Grand Pubahs)DJ MagnetBest of Bootie 200804:05--000:00
Come As The Starlight (Nirvana vs. The Supermen Lovers)OverdubBest of Bootie 200803:53--000:00
It's Fun To Smoke Dust (Queen vs. Pastor Gary Greenwald vs. Midfield General)LobsterdustBest of Bootie 200804:18--000:00
Roxanne Should Be Dancing (The Police vs. The Bee Gees)DJ ZebraBest of Bootie 200804:16--000:00
Shut Up, American Boy (Estelle vs. The Ting Tings)STV SLV / The Hood InternetBest of Bootie 200804:22--000:00
Easy Heaven (The Cure vs. The Commodores)BratBest of Bootie 200803:41--000:00
Believe In Sexual Eruption (Snoop Dogg vs. Cher)A Plus DBest of Bootie 200804:42--000:00
My Life On The Crazy Train Sucks (So What?) (Kelly Clarkson vs. Ozzy Osbourne vs. Pink vs. Daft Punk)Dan Mei & Marc JohnceBest of Bootie 200903:30--000:00
Single Ladies (In Mayberry) (Beyoncé vs. The Andy Griffith Show)Party BenBest of Bootie 200902:47--000:00
Voodoo Sabotage (Beastie Boys vs. The Prodigy vs. Pendulum)The KleptonesBest of Bootie 200904:26--000:00
Just Stop Believin' (Lady Gaga vs. Journey)DJ TrippBest of Bootie 200904:02--000:00
Don't You Want My Bad Romance (Lady Gaga vs. Human League)A Plus DBest of Bootie 200904:48--000:00
Disco ClubBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business03:48--000:00
BebotBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business03:30--000:00
Gone GoingBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business03:14--000:00
My HumpsBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business05:27--000:00
Pump ItBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business03:33--000:00
Don't LieBlack Eyed PeasMonkey Business03:39--000:00
Black UnityPharoah SandersBlack Unity37:22--000:00
VultureGarmarna1999-February #204:03--000:00
Cache CacheZap MamaAncestry In Progress03:34--000:00
Bandy BandyZap MamaAncestry In Progress06:50--000:00
AlrightZap MamaAncestry In Progress03:27--000:00
Yelling AwayZap MamaAncestry In Progress04:26--000:00
Wadidyusay?Zap MamaAncestry In Progress03:22--000:00
LeÇon N° 5Zap MamaAncestry In Progress01:42--000:00
YakuZap MamaAncestry In Progress03:22--000:00
Praying For YouJoi2007-405:22--000:00
East West HighwayShahin & Sepehr2001-Q1 B05:08--000:00
ChevroletThe Derek Trucks BandSonglines02:24--000:00
I'd Rather Be Blind, Crippled & CrazyThe Derek Trucks BandSonglines04:35--000:00
RevolutionThe Derek Trucks BandSonglines03:08--000:00
I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel to be Free)The Derek Trucks BandSonglines04:07--000:00
Wray-ManBradipos IVKFJC Presents Combo Swell02:26--000:00
Universal SpyThe KilaueasKFJC Presents Combo Swell03:21--000:00
Meat SawSurfside IVKFJC Presents Combo Swell02:45--000:00
Ichabob CraneThe DeadbeatsKFJC Presents Combo Swell02:00--000:00
Satsujin TaiyoThe WhysKFJC Presents Combo Swell03:15--000:00
UnsteadyTequila WormsKFJC Presents Combo Swell03:29--000:00
Eating, Drinking and KillingAloha ScrewdriverKFJC Presents Combo Swell02:16--000:00
Return of the Surf GuitarMartin CiliaKFJC Presents Combo Swell03:12--000:00
Jet Set GuitarsThree Balls of FireKFJC Presents Combo Swell03:21--000:00
CurveMermenKFJC Presents Combo Swell05:57--000:00
Pose Of AwarenessPollo Del MarKFJC Presents Combo Swell04:51--000:00
El Condor PasaTomorrowmenKFJC Presents Combo Swell02:55--000:00
DreamsFrankie and the Pool BoysKFJC Presents Combo Swell02:39--000:00
Mung TacoThe BerzerkersKFJC Presents Combo Swell02:56--000:00
Anarchy In The UkSex PistolsNever Mind The Bullocks Heres03:32--000:00
SeventeenSex PistolsNever Mind The Bullocks Heres02:03--000:00
Holiday In The SunSex PistolsNever Mind The Bullocks Heres03:22--000:00
New YorkSex PistolsNever Mind The Bullocks Heres03:06--000:00
EmiSex PistolsNever Mind The Bullocks Heres03:09--000:00
Don't Worry About The GovernmentTalking HeadsTalking Heads- 7703:02--000:00
First Week-Last Week...CarefreeTalking HeadsTalking Heads- 7703:21--000:00
Uh-Oh, Love Comes To TownTalking HeadsTalking Heads- 7702:49--000:00
It's A Scientific FactTom Glazer & Dottie EvansSpace Songs01:44--000:00
Why Does The Sun Shine?Tom Glazer & Dottie EvansSpace Songs02:41--000:00
Beep, BeepTom Glazer & Dottie EvansSpace Songs01:45--000:00
Zoom A Little ZoomTom Glazer & Dottie EvansSpace Songs02:10--000:00
ZombieFela Anikulapo KutiBlack Man's Cry12:33--000:00
River Of Nine SorrowsGrateful DeadInfrared Roses [Live]04:26--000:00
Speaking In SwordsGrateful DeadInfrared Roses [Live]03:29--000:00
Crowd SculptureGrateful DeadInfrared Roses [Live]02:21--000:00
Lino's PadHorace TapscottThe Dark Tree 16:46--000:00
The Dark TreeHorace TapscottThe Dark Tree 20:57--000:00
Rhythm KingLunaPenthouse03:17--000:00
Freakin' & Peakin'LunaPenthouse06:21--000:00
Sideshow By The SeashoreLunaPenthouse03:13--000:00
Moon PalaceLunaPenthouse03:50--000:00
Eiffel TowerZoogz RiftWith No Apparent Reason01:59--000:00
Celeshake (Ying Yang Twins feat. Pitbull vs. Kool & the Gang)A plus DAplusD.net05:19--000:00
Track 10EricSpring 200902:25--000:00
Track 06EricSpring 200903:34--000:00
Track 04EricSpring 200904:49--000:00
Track 09EricSpring 200902:39--000:00
PondKhan, Nusrat Fateh Ali and Michael Brooks2006-704:19--000:00
Desert PlayersOrnette Coleman And Prime Time with Jerry GarciaVirgin Beauty04:24--000:00
Spelling The AlphabetOrnette Coleman And Prime TimeVirgin Beauty01:31--000:00
Unknown ArtistOrnette Coleman And Prime TimeVirgin Beauty04:12--000:00
Ricochet In TimeShawn ColvinSteady On03:11--000:00
Shotgun Down The AvalancheShawn ColvinSteady On05:02--000:00
StrandedShawn ColvinSteady On04:03--000:00
Steady OnShawn ColvinSteady On04:59--000:00
Track 02EricSpring 200702:13--000:00
Track 01EricSpring 200703:06--000:00
Track 06EricSpring 200703:19--000:00
Track 15EricSpring 200703:47--000:00
Track 09EricSpring 200702:30--000:00
Track 20EricSpring 200702:48--000:00
Track 17EricSpring 200702:26--000:00
Hold Me BackMichelle ShockedArkansas Traveler05:10--000:00
Jump Jim CrowMichelle ShockedArkansas Traveler03:32--000:00
Come A Long WayMichelle ShockedArkansas Traveler04:44--000:00
Arkansas TravelerMichelle ShockedArkansas Traveler04:20--000:00
Woody's RagMichelle ShockedArkansas Traveler02:51--000:00
Blackberry BlossomMichelle ShockedArkansas Traveler03:32--000:00
Strawberry JamMichelle ShockedArkansas Traveler04:33--000:00
Powerhouse And Other Cuts From Early 50'sThe Carl Stalling ProjectThe Carl Stalling Project 06:16--000:00
Love The Way You Lie in Paradise City (Eminem ft. Rihanna vs. Guns N' Roses)DJs From MarsBest of Bootie 2010 (Bonus Tracks)05:41--000:00
Virgin O'Riley (Madonna vs. The Who)Go Home ProductionsBest of Bootie 2010 (Bonus Tracks)03:50--000:00
Imagine One Day (So Far Away) (Matisyahu vs. John Lennon vs. blink-182 vs. Gentleman vs. Bob Marley)Mashup-GermanyBest of Bootie 2010 (Bonus Tracks)03:53--000:00
Gimme Gimme (Rolling Stones vs. Rick James)The KleptonesBest of Bootie 2010 (Bonus Tracks)04:30--000:00
Ain't Got The SmileScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry02:52--000:00
Long Way HomeScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry03:11--000:00
So Much LoveScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry03:18--000:00
I Belong To The BandScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry04:06--000:00
God Damn JobScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry02:10--000:00
HorsemeatScrapomaticAlligator Love Cry04:00--000:00
IntegrityZoogz RiftVillagers04:27--000:00
Waiting For ButterballZoogz RiftVillagers03:56--000:00
All of UsPat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X00:15--000:00
Song XPat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X05:35--000:00
Kathelin GrayPat Metheny/Ornette ColemanSong X04:13--000:00
Children Of Production [Live]ParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 02:53--000:00
Fantasy Is RealityParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 06:41--000:00
All Your Goodies Are GoneParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 05:06--000:00
Dr. Funkenstein's Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication MedleyParliamentTear The Roof Off 1974-1980 05:06--000:00
Jiv JagoRasa2000-May #207:59--000:00
JammingBob Marley & The WailersExodus03:31--000:00
One Love/People Get ReadyBob Marley & The WailersExodus02:51--000:00
Waiting in VainBob Marley & The WailersExodus04:16--000:00
Natural MysticBob Marley & The WailersExodus03:27--000:00
FanaAmadou & MariamWati04:34--000:00
PouloAmadou & MariamWati06:47--000:00
LlbiwanAmadou & MariamWati04:14--000:00
WalideAmadou & MariamWati05:07--000:00
BaroniAmadou & MariamWati04:54--000:00
Mali DenouAmadou & MariamWati04:31--000:00
ChauffeursAmadou & MariamWati04:55--000:00
Dougou MassaAmadou & MariamWati04:12--000:00
Space InvaderPretendersPretenders03:27--000:00
Up The NeckPretendersPretenders04:28--000:00
The Phone CallPretendersPretenders02:30--000:00
Brass In PocketPretendersPretenders03:05--000:00
Lovers Of TodayPretendersPretenders05:52--000:00
Lli Fat mat!Taha, Rachid2005-105:50--000:00
(I Can't Get No) SatisfactionDevoHot Potatoes: The Best of Devo02:41--000:00
What IfColdplayX&Y04:57--000:00
The Hardest PartColdplayX&Y04:25--000:00
A MessageColdplayX&Y04:45--000:00
Swallowed in the SeaColdplayX&Y03:59--000:00
No ControlA Pretty MessKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Volume 1202:58--000:00
Persona Non GrataShakes GownKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Volume 1203:27--000:00
Live in the Pit (Live)Open Graves and Tide TablesKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Volume 1210:10--000:00
Live in the Pit (Live)Santiago LatorreKFJC Live from the Devil's Triangle Volume 1204:57--000:00
Ad Lib on NipponDuke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]11:38--000:00
Tourist Point of ViewDuke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]05:10--000:00
Blue Pepper (Far East of the Blues)Duke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]03:02--000:00
Bluebird of Delhi (Mynah)Duke EllingtonThe Far East Suite [Special Mix]03:17--000:00
Feng ShuiGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere01:27--000:00
Goen Daddy GoneGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere02:28--000:00
Smiley FacesGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere03:05--000:00
NecromancingGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere02:58--000:00
On LineGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere01:49--000:00
TransformerGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere02:18--000:00
The Last TimeGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere03:26--000:00
Hey LadiesBeastie BoysPaul's Boutique03:48--000:00
ShadrachBeastie BoysPaul's Boutique04:08--000:00
Shake Your Rump(1)Beastie BoysPaul's Boutique03:19--000:00
Car ThiefBeastie BoysPaul's Boutique03:40--000:00
Forever My FriendRay LaMontagneTrouble05:45--000:00
How ComeRay LaMontagneTrouble04:33--000:00
Waimea Cruncher (Live)The BerzerkersLive From The Kfjc Surf Battle02:35--000:00
Squito Frio (Live)The BerzerkersLive From The Kfjc Surf Battle02:15--000:00
Sifaka (Live)The PyronautsLive From The Kfjc Surf Battle05:03--000:00
Annabelle Lee / Red Asphalt (Live)Pollo Del MarLive From The Kfjc Surf Battle11:14--000:00
Endless Summer (Live)The CoppertonesLive From The Kfjc Surf Battle02:28--000:00
Bashana Haba’a (Live)Meshugga Beach PartyLive From The Kfjc Surf Battle03:22--000:00
Long Hot Summer NightThe Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric Ladyland 03:28--000:00
ReasonsEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live07:38--000:00
In the StoneEarth, Wind & FireGreatest Hits Live02:42--000:00
Green Eggs And HamDylanHearsAWho.comDylan Hears a Who03:43--000:00
Cage & AquariumThey Might Be GiantsLincoln01:10--000:00
Piece Of DirtThey Might Be GiantsLincoln02:01--000:00
I've Got A MatchThey Might Be GiantsLincoln02:37--000:00
Stand On Your Own HeadThey Might Be GiantsLincoln01:16--000:00
Pencil RainThey Might Be GiantsLincoln02:42--000:00
JetsTom Glazer & Dottie EvansEnergy & Motion Songs01:36--000:00
What Is Energy? (part 1)Tom Glazer & Dottie EvansEnergy & Motion Songs00:58--000:00
Thumbnail Sketch Of Atomic EnergyTom Glazer & Dottie EvansEnergy & Motion Songs01:40--000:00
Ultra Violet And Infra RedTom Glazer & Dottie EvansEnergy & Motion Songs02:30--000:00
Dub Out Of The WellAudio ActiveHappy Happer03:26--000:00
Jerked + ShockedAudio ActiveHappy Happer03:52--000:00
Mama, He Treats Your Daughter MeanSusan TedeschiJust Won't Burn04:44--000:00
Friar's PointSusan TedeschiJust Won't Burn04:21--000:00
Just Won't BurnSusan TedeschiJust Won't Burn04:46--000:00
Little By LittleSusan TedeschiJust Won't Burn03:49--000:00
SabariDian, BabaMali To Memphis04:04--000:00
DounouyaLobi TraoréMali To Memphis06:53--000:00
Purus RiverUakti1999-September #207:47--000:00
Sacred IsleCeredwen1999-September #206:01--000:00
Call To PrayerBaaba MaalThe Compact Realworld03:54--000:00
RuñideraOrquesta RevéThe Compact Realworld05:11--000:00
Just Squeeze Me (But Don't Tease Me)Miles Davis QuintetThe New Miles Davis Quintet07:30--000:00
Hypnotized GypsyDJ FOXvinyl04:37--000:00
Cler AchelTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life04:28--000:00
Soixante TroisTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life04:14--000:00
AhimanaTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life04:59--000:00
Mano DayakTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life05:43--000:00
AssoufTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life03:59--000:00
Awa DidjenTinariwenAman Iman: Water Is Life04:14--000:00
Longhair's Blues-RhumbaProfessor LonghairNew Orleans Piano03:15--000:00
Ball The WallProfessor LonghairNew Orleans Piano03:20--000:00
SoldierNeil YoungDecade02:29--000:00
I Am A ChildNeil YoungDecade02:20--000:00
Broken ArrowNeil YoungDecade06:14--000:00
Sugar MountainNeil YoungDecade05:41--000:00
The Old Laughing LadyNeil YoungDecade05:38--000:00
Cinnamon GirlNeil YoungDecade03:00--000:00
Mr. SoulNeil YoungDecade02:50--000:00
I Believe In YouNeil YoungDecade03:28--000:00
HarvestNeil YoungDecade03:10