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SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
A-1 FunkLotus 03:13--000:00
All The Love In The UniverseUnknown07:3909/04/18, 01:53PM215:18
Black Magic WomanLotus 03:3801/05/18, 10:35AM103:38
Castillos de Arena, Pt. 1 (Sand Castle)Lotus 02:5110/07/19, 11:38AM205:42
Castillos de Arena, Pt. 2 (Sand Castle)Lotus 01:13--000:00
Eternal Caravan Of ReincarnationUnknown04:3110/11/19, 03:08PM418:04
Every Step Of The WayUnknown09:0112/13/19, 04:23PM218:02
Every Step of the WayLotus 11:3001/05/18, 10:09AM111:30
Free AngelaLotus 04:2601/05/18, 10:17AM104:26
Gypsy QueenLotus 03:5801/05/18, 09:43AM103:58
Incident at NeshaburLotus 15:5712/29/15, 11:43AM115:57
Just In Time To See The SunUnknown02:1301/05/18, 10:37AM102:13
KyotoLotus 09:5809/06/19, 03:50PM219:56
La Fuente Del RitmoUnknown04:3410/14/19, 02:43PM209:08
Look Up (To See What's Coming Down)Unknown02:5707/03/18, 12:46PM308:51
MantraLotus 07:1806/01/18, 01:41PM214:36
Mr. UdoLotus 03:0701/05/18, 09:39AM103:07
Oye Como VaLotus 05:4712/17/19, 04:37PM105:47
Oye Como VaPutumayo Presents World Hits04:1801/05/18, 09:36AM104:18
Samba de SausalitoLotus 04:02--000:00
Samba Pa TiLotus 08:5611/22/16, 11:29AM108:56
Se a CabóLotus 05:3901/05/18, 10:43AM211:18
Song Of The WindUnknown06:0801/05/18, 10:31AM106:08
Stone FlowerUnknown06:1301/29/20, 02:51PM212:26
Toussaint l'OvertureLotus 07:4001/05/18, 10:25AM215:20
WaitingLotus 04:1407/08/16, 12:17PM104:14
Waves WithinUnknown03:5303/21/18, 04:15PM415:32
Xibaba (She-Ba-Ba)Lotus 04:1301/05/18, 09:47AM104:13
Yours Is the LightLotus 05:3001/05/18, 09:09AM211:00
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