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Tom Glazer & Dottie Evans

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Beep, BeepSpace Songs01:45--000:00
Constellation JigSpace Songs02:0410/12/18, 03:48PM306:12
E-lec-tri-cityEnergy & Motion Songs03:1310/21/15, 09:18AM103:13
FrictionSpace Songs02:3308/27/18, 04:58PM102:33
Grand Coulee DamEnergy & Motion Songs01:4703/30/17, 03:39PM101:47
It's A Scientific FactSpace Songs01:44--000:00
JetsEnergy & Motion Songs01:36--000:00
Kinetic And Potential EnergyEnergy & Motion Songs01:5701/06/16, 10:26AM101:57
Longitude And LatitudeSpace Songs02:1505/16/18, 03:58PM102:15
Thumbnail Sketch Of Atomic EnergyEnergy & Motion Songs01:40--000:00
Ultra Violet And Infra RedEnergy & Motion Songs02:30--000:00
What Is A Shooting Star?Space Songs01:1411/09/15, 04:59PM101:14
What Is Energy? (part 1)Energy & Motion Songs00:58--000:00
What Is Gravity?Space Songs02:3311/16/17, 11:04AM102:33
Why Does The Sun Shine?Space Songs02:41--000:00
Zoom A Little ZoomSpace Songs02:10--000:00
16 Songs2 Albums32:40--10 Plays21:44

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