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Emmylou Harris

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Cattle CallUnknown03:12--000:00
Get Up JohnUnknown04:26--000:00
Guess Things Happen That WayUnknown02:2611/06/15, 10:23AM102:26
Guitar TownUnknown02:5605/22/18, 05:09PM205:52
Half As MuchUnknown03:01--000:00
If I Could Be ThereUnknown03:3011/03/17, 02:59PM207:00
It's A Hard Life Wherever You Go-Abraham MartinUnknown07:0309/17/19, 04:31PM214:06
Montana CowgirlUnknown03:0902/28/18, 03:30PM103:09
ScotlandUnknown02:5912/20/19, 11:05AM308:57
Smoke Along The TrackUnknown04:1710/07/19, 04:35PM208:34
Walls Of TimeUnknown04:4511/01/18, 03:22PM104:45
12 Songs1 Album44:52--14 Plays54:49

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