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The Last Waltz

SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
3-02 Yet Ne'er BrokenBill Evans06:09--000:00
3-04 Up with the LarkBill Evans05:5310/11/19, 03:44PM211:46
4-01 Yet Ne'er BrokenBill Evans06:06--000:00
4-03 Who Can I Turn to (When NobodyBill Evans06:0008/27/18, 04:25PM212:00
4-06 The Two Lonely PeopleBill Evans06:4406/29/18, 02:49PM106:44
4-09 FiveBill Evans04:20--000:00
5-01 Re_ Person I KnewBill Evans04:0304/20/17, 03:14PM104:03
5-04 Like Someone in LoveBill Evans07:0309/27/18, 01:11PM107:03
5-06 Someday My Prince Will ComeBill Evans07:0512/29/15, 04:23PM107:05
5-08 My RomanceBill Evans09:1508/25/16, 01:28PM218:30
6-02 EmilyBill Evans05:00--000:00
6-04 Days of Wine and RosesBill Evans07:4702/06/20, 04:17PM215:34
6-05 Up With the LarkBill Evans05:2011/01/17, 03:50PM210:40
7-02 NardisBill Evans17:47--000:00
7-03 Mother Of EarlBill Evans05:0412/15/17, 09:47AM105:04
7-05 My Man's Gone NowBill Evans04:3707/03/18, 11:23AM209:14
7-06 Who Can I Turn to (When NobodyBill Evans06:0608/16/16, 09:10AM106:06
7-07 Waltz For DebbyBill Evans06:2110/21/16, 12:52PM212:42
7-09 FiveBill Evans03:53--000:00
8-01 Letter to EvanBill Evans08:07--000:00
8-03 34 SkidooBill Evans06:2811/01/18, 03:07PM212:56
8-05 Autumn LeavesBill Evans05:3910/01/19, 04:19PM211:18
8-07 NardisBill Evans19:36--000:00
Like Someone in LoveBill Evans Trio06:57--000:00
The Touch of Your LipsBill Evans Trio05:2903/01/18, 04:16PM210:58
EmilyBill Evans Trio05:44--000:00
NardisBill Evans Trio17:42--000:00
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