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Audio Active's Adventure In Time & SpaceHappy Happer02:4207/03/18, 11:58AM102:42
Dub In An AbyssHappy Happer04:3311/01/17, 04:51PM104:33
Dub Out Of The WellHappy Happer03:26--000:00
Electric BombardmentHappy Happer05:1810/30/18, 02:15PM105:18
Jerked + ShockedHappy Happer03:52--000:00
The Adventure Is Stilll Going On (Adventure In Time & Space Pt. 2)Happy Happer03:5101/20/16, 01:47PM103:51
Wah Wah Zoo MarsHappy Happer05:1811/03/17, 03:43PM105:18
7 Songs1 Album29:00--5 Plays21:42

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