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Never Mind The Bullocks Heres

SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Holiday In The SunSex Pistols03:22--000:00
BodiesSex Pistols03:0305/22/18, 05:20PM103:03
No FeelingsSex Pistols02:5110/21/16, 01:14PM102:51
LiarSex Pistols02:4212/27/17, 09:47AM102:42
ProblemsSex Pistols04:1103/21/17, 03:50PM104:11
God Save The QueenSex Pistols03:2011/16/17, 12:12PM103:20
SeventeenSex Pistols02:03--000:00
Anarchy In The UkSex Pistols03:32--000:00
SubmissionSex Pistols04:1311/20/17, 09:36AM208:26
Pretty VacantSex Pistols03:1706/01/18, 10:29AM206:34
New YorkSex Pistols03:06--000:00
EmiSex Pistols03:09--000:00
12 Songs1 Artist38:49--9 Plays31:07

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