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KFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 3

SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
New Underwear DanceRumah Sakit06:0804/20/17, 03:20PM106:08
Hatchet JagGaji08:5411/28/16, 01:44PM108:54
Recover VersionGirl Boy Girl05:2610/21/15, 09:15AM105:26
CountessNikki Sudden03:5312/05/17, 12:19PM207:46
Look What Your're Doing To MeThe Paladins03:0303/23/17, 08:54AM103:03
EpisodeLunchbox02:1305/09/17, 02:57PM204:26
Journey Through Sankaun PassSix Organs Of Admittance07:47--000:00
Saving A LifeDilute09:56--000:00
UntitledLightning Bolt05:00--000:00
Four TeachersLake Of Dracula03:2703/21/17, 05:09PM206:54
GoRuins05:0503/26/19, 02:08PM210:10
What You Call 'Freedom' We Call 'Dryystyn'Yume Bitsu08:02--000:00
12 Songs12 Artists1:08:54--12 Plays52:47

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