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The Sound of Jazz [Columbia/Sony]

SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Wild Man BluesVarious Artists04:4910/23/19, 03:34PM209:38
RosettaVarious Artists05:00--000:00
Fine and MellowVarious Artists06:22--000:00
BluesVarious Artists06:5510/30/17, 10:43AM106:55
The Train and the RiverVarious Artists04:4602/01/17, 04:15PM104:46
NervousVarious Artists03:4605/24/18, 03:03PM207:32
Dickie's DreamVarious Artists05:5511/16/17, 10:34AM105:55
7 Songs1 Artist37:33--7 Plays34:46

Chez Zeus:Playlist:The Sound of Jazz [Columbia/Sony]

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