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Violent Femmes

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Breakin' HeartsBlind Leading the Naked02:1601/13/16, 03:29PM102:16
Candlelight SongBlind Leading the Naked03:12--000:00
Children of the RevolutionBlind Leading the Naked04:1912/29/15, 10:37AM104:19
Cold CanyonBlind Leading the Naked03:2309/08/17, 02:34PM310:09
FaithBlind Leading the Naked04:1508/10/18, 12:51PM104:15
Good FriendBlind Leading the Naked03:29--000:00
HeartacheBlind Leading the Naked02:0206/29/18, 02:15PM204:04
I Held Her in My ArmsBlind Leading the Naked02:5306/26/18, 02:45PM308:39
Love & Me Make ThreeBlind Leading the Naked02:5310/01/15, 04:45PM102:53
No KillingBlind Leading the Naked05:14--000:00
Old Mother ReaganBlind Leading the Naked00:3205/31/18, 04:03PM201:04
SpecialBlind Leading the Naked02:18--000:00
Two PeopleBlind Leading the Naked00:58--000:00
13 Songs1 Album37:44--14 Plays37:39

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