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Ladies Of The Canyon (Remastered)

SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Morning MorgantownJoni Mitchell03:1403/15/16, 10:36AM103:14
For FreeJoni Mitchell04:3211/06/17, 12:56PM104:32
ConversationJoni Mitchell04:2706/11/18, 04:59PM104:27
Ladies Of The CanyonJoni Mitchell03:3310/14/19, 02:50PM310:39
WillyJoni Mitchell03:0107/08/16, 12:05PM103:01
The ArrangementJoni Mitchell03:35--000:00
Rainy Night HouseJoni Mitchell03:25--000:00
The PriestJoni Mitchell03:41--000:00
Blue BoyJoni Mitchell02:5511/06/17, 12:52PM205:50
Big Yellow TaxiJoni Mitchell02:1507/02/18, 12:48PM102:15
WoodstockJoni Mitchell05:30--000:00
The Circle GameJoni Mitchell04:5208/16/17, 03:13PM104:52
12 Songs1 Artist45:00--11 Plays38:50

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