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Pat Metheny/Ornette Coleman

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
All of UsSong X00:15--000:00
ComputeSong X02:0312/15/17, 09:59AM102:03
Endangered SpeciesSong X13:1902/14/20, 11:14AM226:38
Kathelin GraySong X04:13--000:00
Long Time No SeeSong X07:3610/23/19, 03:10PM322:48
Mob JobSong X04:1209/24/19, 04:21PM312:36
Police PeopleSong X04:5805/22/19, 04:53PM314:54
Song XSong X05:35--000:00
Song X DuoSong X03:0801/19/17, 03:55PM103:08
The Good LifeSong X03:2510/09/17, 09:43AM103:25
The VeilSong X03:4201/06/16, 11:36AM103:42
TrigonometrySong X05:0612/01/17, 03:19PM105:06
Video GamesSong X05:2105/24/18, 03:22PM105:21
Word from BirdSong X03:4803/26/19, 02:12PM622:48
14 Songs1 Album1:06:41--23 Plays2:02:29

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