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The Royal Guardsmen

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Alley-OopSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:3411/20/17, 11:01AM102:34
BearsSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:0807/01/16, 03:51PM102:08
Bo DiddleySnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:0012/21/15, 04:19PM204:00
Li'l Red Riding HoodSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:4112/27/17, 10:39AM102:41
Liberty ValanceSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:3907/31/18, 11:50AM205:18
Peanut ButterSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:0402/14/20, 09:55AM204:08
Road RunnerSnoopy vs. the Red Baron01:58--000:00
Snoopy Vs. The Red BaronSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:4103/01/18, 04:34PM102:41
The Battle Of New OrleansSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:3505/02/18, 04:34PM102:35
The Jolly Green GiantSnoopy vs. the Red Baron02:0406/29/18, 02:42PM102:04
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