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Duke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles Mingus

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
A Little MaxMoney Jungle02:5802/01/16, 03:14PM102:58
A Little Max [Alternate Take]Money Jungle02:56--000:00
Backward Country Boy BluesMoney Jungle06:2010/28/16, 11:02AM106:20
CaravanMoney Jungle04:14--000:00
Fleurette AfricaineMoney Jungle03:3701/20/16, 02:11PM103:37
Money JungleMoney Jungle05:3010/20/15, 11:49AM105:30
Rem BluesMoney Jungle04:1805/22/19, 03:39PM208:36
SolitudeMoney Jungle05:3402/14/20, 09:26AM105:34
Solitude [Alternate Take]Money Jungle04:4403/02/16, 09:25AM104:44
Switch BladeMoney Jungle05:2504/30/19, 09:56AM421:40
Very SpecialMoney Jungle04:2805/04/16, 03:56PM104:28
Warm ValleyMoney Jungle03:3411/20/17, 09:20AM103:34
Wig WiseMoney Jungle03:20--000:00
13 Songs1 Album56:58--14 Plays1:07:01

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