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Susan Tedeschi

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Angel From MontgomeryJust Won't Burn05:2410/30/17, 07:14AM316:12
Can't Leave You AloneJust Won't Burn03:0210/12/18, 12:42PM103:02
Found Someone NewJust Won't Burn02:2101/24/19, 11:41AM307:03
Friar's PointJust Won't Burn04:21--000:00
It Hurt So BadJust Won't Burn04:5002/28/18, 11:29AM209:40
Just Won't BurnJust Won't Burn04:46--000:00
Little By LittleJust Won't Burn03:49--000:00
Looking For AnswersJust Won't Burn05:1412/05/17, 07:03AM315:42
Mama, He Treats Your Daughter MeanJust Won't Burn04:44--000:00
Rock Me RightJust Won't Burn04:2708/24/18, 12:45PM104:27
You Need To Be With MeJust Won't Burn03:0505/09/17, 12:18PM206:10
11 Songs1 Album46:03--15 Plays1:02:16

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