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Chicago Afrobeat Project

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
(A Warm) Global WarningOff the Grid06:22--000:00
BMWChicago Afrobeat Project09:18--000:00
CrunchChicago Afrobeat Project06:57--000:00
Ich Fumbus GrossenOff the Grid04:2105/09/17, 11:55AM208:42
JekajoChicago Afrobeat Project07:4410/04/16, 12:40PM107:44
Media Man (Backseat Bingo Remix)Off the Grid06:49--000:00
Media Man (Radio Edit)Off the Grid04:5304/30/19, 06:30AM104:53
Nobody Likes a Prima DonnaOff the Grid04:54--000:00
Talking BushChicago Afrobeat Project06:06--000:00
Tibet On ItChicago Afrobeat Project09:30--000:00
West GanjiChicago Afrobeat Project10:0610/27/16, 07:19AM220:12
ZambiChicago Afrobeat Project04:43--000:00
12 Songs2 Albums1:21:43--6 Plays41:31

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