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The Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine & "Four More"

SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
So WhatMiles Davis09:1202/06/20, 03:35PM218:24
My Funny ValentineMiles Davis14:5509/08/17, 02:54PM114:55
Walkin'Miles Davis08:0801/25/19, 03:31PM324:24
All of YouMiles Davis14:40--000:00
JoshuaMiles Davis09:31--000:00
FourMiles Davis06:2810/09/17, 09:40AM106:28
Stella by StarlightMiles Davis13:0305/23/17, 09:43AM113:03
All BluesMiles Davis08:5112/04/17, 09:54AM108:51
Seven Steps to HeavenMiles Davis07:46--000:00
I Thought About YouMiles Davis11:1412/15/17, 10:17AM111:14
There Is No Greater LoveMiles Davis10:0311/06/18, 10:18AM110:03
11 Songs1 Artist1:53:51--11 Plays1:47:22

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