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Jimi Hendrix

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
1983....(A Merman I Should Turn To Be)Unknown13:37--000:00
All Along The WatchtowerUnknown04:0205/02/16, 04:02PM208:04
And The Gods Made LoveUnknown01:2101/29/20, 03:00PM405:24
AngelThe Cry Of Love04:2512/20/19, 11:50AM104:25
Astro ManThe Cry Of Love03:3711/06/18, 10:40AM103:37
Belly Button WindowThe Cry Of Love03:3507/31/19, 03:51PM310:45
Come OnUnknown04:1006/11/18, 03:57PM104:10
Crosstown TrafficUnknown02:2706/26/18, 03:16PM102:27
DriftingUnknown03:5207/31/19, 03:06PM311:36
Ezy RiderUnknown04:1001/29/20, 04:03PM104:10
FreedomUnknown03:2910/27/16, 11:12AM103:29
Have You Ever BeenUnknown02:1209/17/19, 03:01PM204:24
In From The StormThe Cry Of Love03:4409/27/18, 01:17PM207:28
Little Miss StrangeUnknown15:01--000:00
My FriendThe Cry Of Love04:39--000:00
Night Bird FlyingThe Cry Of Love03:5507/03/18, 11:31AM103:55
Still Raining, Still DreamingUnknown04:2712/20/19, 11:20AM104:27
Straight AheadUnknown04:4406/13/16, 04:45PM104:44
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)Unknown05:12--000:00
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