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The Funk Anthology

SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Ain't That A BitchJohnny "Guitar" Watson05:0110/08/19, 01:40PM525:05
Don't Be What UCJohnny "Guitar" Watson04:52--000:00
Superman LoverJohnny "Guitar" Watson05:4311/28/16, 01:15PM105:43
What The Hell Is This?Johnny "Guitar" Watson06:1003/02/16, 11:49AM106:10
I Don't Want To Be PresidentJohnny "Guitar" Watson03:4301/27/20, 12:19PM207:26
I Need ItJohnny "Guitar" Watson04:4203/06/17, 09:57AM104:42
A Real Mother For YaJohnny "Guitar" Watson05:0403/08/17, 04:06PM210:08
Strung OutJohnny "Guitar" Watson07:2608/27/18, 04:13PM214:52
Cop & BlowJohnny "Guitar" Watson05:1209/01/16, 02:46PM105:12
I Want To Ta-Ta You BabyJohnny "Guitar" Watson05:4712/13/19, 04:39PM317:21
Baby's In Love With The RadioJohnny "Guitar" Watson03:5009/24/19, 04:33PM207:40
Booty OotyJohnny "Guitar" Watson05:2404/30/19, 10:45AM421:36
Lone RangerJohnny "Guitar" Watson06:0711/02/17, 03:43PM318:21
TarzanJohnny "Guitar" Watson04:5903/08/17, 02:30PM104:59
Funk Beyond The Call Of DutyJohnny "Guitar" Watson05:1301/27/20, 12:10PM210:26
Telephone BillJohnny "Guitar" Watson04:4306/06/18, 09:38AM314:09
It's About The Dollar BillJohnny "Guitar" Watson04:1310/11/19, 03:33PM208:26
Love JonesJohnny "Guitar" Watson04:4503/21/18, 03:47PM209:30
Before I Let You GoJohnny "Guitar" Watson05:2710/11/19, 03:57PM210:54
Love That Will Not DieJohnny "Guitar" Watson03:48--000:00
I'm Gonna Get You BabyJohnny "Guitar" Watson04:0511/13/17, 03:00PM104:05
Voodoo What You DoJohnny "Guitar" Watson05:1805/22/18, 05:14PM315:54
Come And Dance With MeJohnny "Guitar" Watson05:1609/06/19, 01:43PM105:16
EtJohnny "Guitar" Watson04:3012/29/16, 10:21AM104:30
Ain't Nobody's BusinessJohnny "Guitar" Watson04:5203/23/18, 04:06PM209:44
Miss Frisco (Queen Of The Disco)Johnny "Guitar" Watson05:01--000:00
Bow WowJohnny "Guitar" Watson04:47--000:00
You Can Stay But The Noise Must GoJohnny "Guitar" Watson06:09--000:00
Feel The Spirit Of My GuitarJohnny "Guitar" Watson03:1612/29/15, 03:52PM103:16
Johnny G. Is BackJohnny "Guitar" Watson05:1511/20/17, 09:45AM210:30
Gangster Of LoveJohnny "Guitar" Watson03:4703/08/17, 05:04PM207:34
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