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Mali To Memphis

SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Mon Amour, Ma CherieAmadou & Mariam05:2112/29/16, 10:15AM105:21
I'm In The MoodJohn Lee Hooker02:4404/29/16, 12:17PM102:44
SirataHabib Koité & Bamada05:2606/14/17, 02:21PM105:26
SabaliRokia Traori05:0503/14/18, 03:59PM105:05
You Don't Know My MindGuy Davis02:4512/27/17, 10:07AM102:45
Kar Kar MadisonBoubacar Traoré04:3208/04/17, 09:47AM313:36
Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit DownEric Bibb06:5101/20/16, 01:43PM213:42
DounouyaLobi Traoré06:53--000:00
My Home Is The DeltaMuddy Waters04:0003/01/18, 02:58PM312:00
Standing In My Doorway CryingJessie Mae Hemphill04:4302/13/17, 04:44PM104:43
SabariDian, Baba04:04--000:00
Queen BeeTaj Mahal04:3604/20/17, 04:19PM104:36
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