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Clark Terry

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Blue Monk - Don FriedmanOne on One04:06--000:00
Honeysuckle Rose - Benny GreenOne on One08:0903/23/18, 02:01PM216:18
Intimacy of the Blues - Kenny BarronOne on One04:0602/18/20, 11:12AM104:06
Jungle Blues - Eric ReedOne on One03:3607/12/18, 12:39PM207:12
Just for a Thrill - Geri AllenOne on One04:3012/15/17, 10:50AM104:30
L.O.V.E - Monty AlexanderOne on One05:1012/06/17, 03:45PM420:40
Liza All the Clouds'll Roll - Eric LewisOne on One03:40--000:00
Memories of You - Sir Roland HannaOne on One04:5212/06/17, 03:18PM419:28
Misty - Billy TaylorOne on One06:5409/23/19, 12:54PM106:54
Skylark - Marian McPartlandOne on One04:2503/23/18, 02:29PM208:50
Solitude - Tommy FlanaganOne on One05:3309/01/16, 03:51PM211:06
Swingin' the Blues - Junior ManceOne on One03:4810/04/17, 09:15AM103:48
Willow Grove - Barry HarrisOne on One03:5812/16/19, 03:52PM415:52
You Can Depend on Me! - John LewisOne on One03:2110/09/17, 09:25AM103:21
14 Songs1 Album1:06:08--25 Plays2:02:05

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