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Shawn Colvin

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Another Long OneSteady On03:4607/07/16, 03:21PM103:46
Cry Like An AngelSteady On04:5201/06/16, 11:45AM104:52
Diamond In The RoughSteady On05:0307/31/19, 04:07PM420:12
Ricochet In TimeSteady On03:11--000:00
Shotgun Down The AvalancheSteady On05:02--000:00
Something To Believe InSteady On04:1212/27/17, 10:52AM104:12
Steady OnSteady On04:59--000:00
StrandedSteady On04:03--000:00
The Dead Of The NightSteady On05:0309/01/16, 03:56PM105:03
The StorySteady On03:5911/06/17, 02:15PM103:59
10 Songs1 Album44:10--9 Plays42:04

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