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1999 Surf Compilation: Waves of the West

SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Car HopLos Straightjackets02:1611/04/19, 10:02AM204:32
Plight Of The MatadorKing Of Hawaii04:1312/19/16, 03:50PM208:26
ExoticAgent Orange02:51--000:00
Rell Sunn AlohaSlacktone03:1212/17/19, 04:40PM309:36
Percolator StompThe Apemen02:2911/04/19, 10:19AM204:58
Green SunshineThe Auqua Velvets06:0611/04/19, 09:52AM106:06
White SandsGet Wet05:2811/04/19, 10:11AM210:56
Ride Through Wild CountryShakin' Apostles03:3301/29/20, 02:45PM207:06
Coyote PointThe Reverbs02:50--000:00
Crime WavePlanet Seven02:2102/14/20, 03:28PM204:42
Baja CactusThe Chris Shahin Band01:5305/02/16, 03:51PM101:53
UnknownSplashback02:5009/26/18, 11:30AM102:50
El NinoThe Bone Sharks02:56--000:00
(Ghost) RIders In The SkyCadillac Angels03:46--000:00
Happy As A ClamKelp!03:5302/13/17, 11:24AM103:53
Ocean BeachPollo Del Mar V.9302:5502/24/17, 01:56PM102:55
Cecilia AnnChachi, Boba Fett, and the Wookiee02:5401/13/16, 02:50PM102:54
Strangle Louie/AyoThe Swamis05:39--000:00
Surf Before SunriseLos Mel-Tones02:0602/14/20, 10:13AM306:18
Missing LinkAvie Allen And The Arrows09:0403/03/17, 09:54AM218:08
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