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Home Taping Will Kill the Recording Industry

SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Box ElderHolly Golightly02:44--000:00
Teenage KicksUndertones02:23--000:00
Star Wars ClipGeorge Lucas00:0603/14/18, 03:42PM100:06
AjoPeter King03:55--000:00
Pauvre LolaIkue Mori02:49--000:00
When Two People In LoveJimmy Reed03:0602/14/20, 03:39PM412:24
King Tubby Meets the Rockers UptownAugustus Pablo02:3202/14/20, 09:51AM205:04
Star Wars ClipGeorge Lucas00:3802/05/20, 03:38PM201:16
Stop HaltLora Logic04:0502/01/16, 02:53PM104:05
Nuclear Cats Get New HomeBiltter vs. Hrvatski06:1310/30/18, 02:02PM318:39
Understanding Tha Inna Minds EyeLeaders of the New School03:0402/28/18, 02:22PM103:04
9mm Goes BangBoogie Down Productions04:1709/26/18, 01:58PM104:17
MedleyScarab05:1607/31/19, 02:32PM315:48
Star Wars ClipGeorge Lucas00:3109/06/19, 01:34PM301:33
Oh YeahCan07:2003/15/16, 02:47PM107:20
Feelin' Just Fine (Head Full of Shit)Spacemen 304:2810/18/18, 04:41PM940:12
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