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SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Bukë E Kripë Në Vater Tonë - KalaxhojnëUnknown04:0603/21/17, 01:06PM104:06
Golden ClarinetUnknown06:1409/30/15, 07:42AM106:14
Lipovacko KoloUnknown02:5802/14/17, 02:00PM205:56
MadreSoup Of The Century05:2801/19/17, 12:35PM105:28
Mamo, Snezhets NavalyaloSoup Of The Century03:1107/31/18, 08:56AM206:22
Sadilo Mome - Tropnalo OroUnknown02:4908/16/17, 11:54AM308:27
This City Is Very Exciting!Soup Of The Century04:3308/16/17, 12:40PM104:33
Ti CitronUnknown04:24--000:00
Ya Habibi, Ya GhaybineSoup Of The Century07:56--000:00
Yogurt Koydum Dolaba - TelevizyonUnknown04:27--000:00
Zohar No. 2Unknown04:3307/12/18, 09:33AM209:06
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