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Battle of the SpeciesLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 106:2908/04/17, 06:12AM212:58
Dirt and BloodLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 108:5605/09/17, 07:57AM108:56
El MacheteLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 109:5406/20/18, 01:12PM219:48
Musicawi SiltLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 109:29--000:00
N.E.S.T.A (Never Ever Submit to Authority)Liberation Afro Beat Vol. 107:17--000:00
Si Se PuedeLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 109:55--000:00
UprisingLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 107:25--000:00
World War IVLiberation Afro Beat Vol. 106:5803/02/16, 08:56AM106:58
8 Songs1 Album1:06:23--6 Plays48:40

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