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Talking Heads

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Artists OnlyUnknown03:3610/24/16, 01:51PM207:12
Born Under PunchesRemain In Light05:4901/13/16, 04:03PM105:49
Burning Down The HouseUnknown04:0110/10/18, 04:35PM312:03
Crosseyed And PainlessRemain In Light04:4805/24/18, 03:14PM104:48
Don't Worry About The GovernmentTalking Heads- 7703:02--000:00
Electric GuitarUnknown03:0307/02/18, 12:36PM206:06
First Week-Last Week...CarefreeTalking Heads- 7703:21--000:00
Found A JobUnknown04:59--000:00
Girlfriend Is BetterUnknown05:4703/21/16, 10:06AM105:47
Happy DayTalking Heads- 7703:5507/03/18, 11:46AM103:55
HeavenUnknown04:0306/11/18, 03:30PM104:03
Houses In MotionRemain In Light04:3307/12/18, 01:08PM209:06
I Get Wild - Wild GravitySpeaking In Tongues05:1701/22/16, 10:49AM105:17
I ZimbraUnknown03:09--000:00
I'm Not In LoveUnknown04:35--000:00
Life During WartimeUnknown03:4103/28/16, 11:13AM103:41
Listening WindRemain In Light04:4303/23/17, 09:58AM209:26
Making Flippy FloppyUnknown05:55--000:00
MindFear Of Music04:1308/16/16, 03:39PM104:13
Moon RocksSpeaking In Tongues05:45--000:00
New FeelingUnknown03:09--000:00
No Compassion7704:5011/06/15, 05:07PM104:50
Once In A LifetimeUnknown04:1910/21/15, 09:09AM104:19
PaperUnknown02:4003/23/18, 02:13PM102:40
Psycho Killer7704:2103/15/16, 03:19PM104:21
Pull Up The RootsSpeaking In Tongues05:1003/13/18, 04:00PM105:10
Pulled UpUnknown04:29--000:00
Seen And Not SeenUnknown03:25--000:00
Slippery PeopleUnknown05:0706/06/16, 03:43PM105:07
Stay HungryUnknown02:4108/27/18, 04:52PM102:41
SwampSpeaking In Tongues05:1605/16/17, 02:50PM315:48
Take Me To The RiverUnknown05:0411/21/16, 01:29PM105:04
Tentative DecisionsUnknown03:0801/03/17, 03:08PM206:16
Thank You For Sending Me An AngelUnknown02:1212/01/17, 03:45PM102:12
The Big CountryUnknown05:32--000:00
The Book I ReadUnknown04:10--000:00
The Girls Want To Be With The GirlsUnknown02:3803/02/16, 09:33AM102:38
The Good ThingUnknown03:04--000:00
The Great CurveUnknown06:2302/08/17, 10:49AM212:46
This Must Be The PlaceSpeaking In Tongues04:5712/27/17, 10:57AM209:54
Uh-Oh, Love Comes To TownTalking Heads- 7702:49--000:00
Warning SignUnknown03:55--000:00
Who Is It-Talking Heads- 7701:4410/28/16, 10:37AM101:44
With Our LoveUnknown03:3110/28/16, 10:56AM103:31
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