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SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Metroid Metal - BrinstarUnknown02:45--000:00
Metroid Metal - IntroUnknown00:2712/16/19, 11:36AM301:21
Metroid Metal - Item CollectUnknown00:5712/16/19, 10:43AM302:51
Metroid Metal - Item RoomUnknown02:13--000:00
Metroid Metal - Kraid's ThemeUnknown02:5902/10/16, 02:38PM205:58
Metroid Metal - NorfairUnknown03:3905/22/18, 04:44PM207:18
Metroid Metal - RidleyUnknown02:1606/26/18, 03:38PM306:48
Metroid Metal - The EndingUnknown05:0512/16/19, 11:06AM525:25
Metroid Metal - The EscapeUnknown03:3812/16/19, 11:10AM103:38
Metroid Metal - The ThemeUnknown02:3309/24/19, 01:32PM205:06
Metroid Metal - Tourian BrainUnknown03:1209/08/17, 03:02PM309:36
Metroid Metal Prime - Intro/Menu ThemeUnknown04:2312/16/19, 11:35AM521:55
Metroid Metal Prime - Phendrana DriftsUnknown04:5412/16/19, 10:56AM419:36
Metroid Metal Prime - Space PiratesUnknown04:4812/01/17, 03:24PM209:36
Super Metroid - Upper CrateriaSuper Metroid Metal05:0004/23/19, 01:20PM315:00
Super Metroid Metal - Boss MedleyUnknown07:0003/30/17, 04:07PM214:00
Super Metroid Metal - BrinstarUnknown05:2012/16/19, 10:31AM210:40
Super Metroid Metal - Lower NorfairUnknown04:4709/27/18, 12:40PM314:21
Super Metroid Metal - MaridiaUnknown03:5102/10/16, 04:20PM207:42
Super Metroid Metal - Prelude/ThemeSuper Metroid Metal05:4202/10/16, 04:16PM105:42
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