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KFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 5

SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Harmonies/Robes Of TussynThe Landing06:4502/08/18, 09:34AM106:45
Man's WorldIowaska06:4602/08/18, 09:55AM106:46
Sing 3Kill Me Tomorrow03:1805/02/18, 03:43PM206:36
PantylandNoxagt03:1007/05/18, 02:14PM206:20
HangedSaint Of Killers07:4702/08/18, 10:11AM107:47
Whats UpZmrzlina07:0012/05/19, 09:59AM214:00
Vermont CounterpointJane Rigler13:4602/08/18, 10:25AM113:46
Wasting Your TimeDarrin Stout03:4005/22/18, 04:34PM207:20
Brain CloudsIthinktheressomedamage04:2302/08/18, 10:03AM104:23
Improvisation Piece No. 4 (Exerpt)Moe Staiano & Moe!Kestra!11:0002/08/18, 09:48AM111:00
10 Songs10 Artists1:07:35--14 Plays1:24:43

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