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Live From The Kfjc Surf Battle

SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
Sulu as Kono (Live)Neighbors04:0001/10/17, 09:22AM104:00
Midnight Ride (Live)Neighbors05:5008/16/17, 03:07PM211:40
Squito Frio (Live)The Berzerkers02:15--000:00
Waimea Cruncher (Live)The Berzerkers02:35--000:00
Bashana Haba’a (Live)Meshugga Beach Party03:22--000:00
Undertow (Live)The Coppertones02:0312/07/16, 11:02AM102:03
Endless Summer (Live)The Coppertones02:2810/14/19, 04:02PM102:28
Church Key (Live)Lava Rats01:4612/29/15, 04:27PM101:46
Blow Torch (Live)Lava Rats02:5811/01/17, 04:39PM205:56
Fire (Live)The Pyronauts02:3405/24/18, 04:18PM205:08
Sifaka (Live)The Pyronauts05:03--000:00
Annabelle Lee / Red Asphalt (Live)Pollo Del Mar11:14--000:00
12 Songs7 Artists46:08--10 Plays33:01

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