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KFJC 89.7 FM Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 2

SongArtistTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
A TuneBardo Pond With Roy Montgomery07:0010/03/19, 02:55PM214:00
High RiseIkon09:1908/23/16, 05:25PM327:57
It's A SinThe Ex05:09--000:00
St37Nicht Jetzt13:50--000:00
Jade Vincent ExperimentThe Girl Of My Dreams05:4502/14/20, 10:36AM317:15
Amber AsylumSong Of The Spider War04:23--000:00
Through Alien EmpiresMiss Murgatroid & Petra Haden05:49--000:00
Cul De SacDeath Kit Train06:41--000:00
Escape From MayberryThe Palace Of Love09:4803/21/16, 10:16AM109:48
Naked Lady Wrestler/Wait A MinuteAss Baboons Of Venus05:2310/10/18, 04:44PM210:46
The Machine Gun TVTell Me02:3804/30/19, 10:30AM102:38
Gween-Kong-GeeeX-Girl04:5505/01/17, 11:10AM104:55
Overhang PartyLa Fie'vre09:26--000:00
King BrothersTear It Up Blues02:0306/06/18, 09:43AM102:03
untitledKIRIHITO03:4312/09/19, 03:24PM207:26
Ohkami No JikanKokoni17:4111/20/17, 10:31AM117:41
Ride BlueMainliner08:34--000:00
18 Songs18 Artists2:07:54--17 Plays1:54:29

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