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Earth, Wind & Fire

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
AfricanoGreatest Hits Live05:5403/03/17, 05:02PM211:48
After the Love Has GoneGreatest Hits Live04:4112/05/17, 03:16PM209:22
Be Ever WonderfulGreatest Hits Live03:4509/17/19, 02:49PM415:00
Boogie WonderlandGreatest Hits Live03:2202/01/16, 02:33PM103:22
Can't Hide LoveGreatest Hits Live03:2603/15/17, 08:51AM206:52
DevotionGreatest Hits Live05:0312/16/19, 03:48PM420:12
FantasyGreatest Hits Live05:2303/21/17, 03:59PM105:23
I'll Write a Song for YouGreatest Hits Live03:2610/23/19, 04:00PM620:36
In the StoneGreatest Hits Live02:42--000:00
Let Your Feelings ShowGreatest Hits Live01:3809/24/19, 03:51PM203:16
Let's GrooveGreatest Hits Live03:1010/27/16, 09:54AM103:10
ReasonsGreatest Hits Live07:38--000:00
SeptemberGreatest Hits Live02:2805/24/18, 03:28PM307:24
Shining StarGreatest Hits Live04:3702/28/18, 03:27PM104:37
Sing a SongGreatest Hits Live01:3102/13/17, 03:28PM203:02
Sun GoddessGreatest Hits Live05:3703/07/17, 03:23PM211:14
System of SurvivalGreatest Hits Live05:4803/07/19, 05:05PM317:24
That's the Way of the WorldGreatest Hits Live05:2511/22/16, 09:12AM105:25
18 Songs1 Album1:15:34--37 Plays2:28:07

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