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Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
A Good Man Is Hard To FindUnknown02:0911/03/17, 02:51PM306:27
Across The Alley From The AlamoUnknown02:5302/14/17, 05:09PM102:53
Along The Navajo TrailUnknown03:0902/08/17, 09:51AM206:18
Baby Won't You Please Come HomeUnknown02:2006/01/18, 10:56AM307:00
Barnard BluesUnknown04:2409/26/18, 03:58PM104:24
Basin Street BluesUnknown03:38--000:00
Crazy RhythmUnknown01:5612/29/16, 10:17AM101:56
Dev'lish MaryUnknown02:3105/15/18, 09:36AM512:35
Four Or Five TimesUnknown02:5305/22/18, 05:17PM102:53
Frankie JeanUnknown01:5203/23/18, 02:10PM203:44
I Had A Little MuleUnknown02:5212/13/19, 04:53PM102:52
I Never KnewUnknown02:2212/30/15, 10:06AM102:22
I'll Get Mine Bye And ByeUnknown03:1910/03/19, 03:09PM206:38
I'm A Ding Dong DaddyUnknown03:12--000:00
I'm Putting All My Eggs In One BasketUnknown02:2605/09/19, 03:03PM102:26
It's My Lazy DayUnknown02:3001/29/20, 02:22PM307:30
It's Your Red WagonUnknown01:5510/30/15, 01:40PM101:55
Jesse PolkaUnknown02:3611/06/15, 04:51PM102:36
Milk Cow BluesUnknown02:54--000:00
Never No More Hard Times BluesUnknown02:3510/01/19, 03:37PM205:10
New Spanish Two-StepUnknown02:50--000:00
Oh MonahUnknown03:3301/15/19, 01:12PM103:33
Oklahoma HillsUnknown01:5202/14/20, 04:05PM203:44
Oklahoma RagUnknown02:26--000:00
Playboy ChimesUnknown02:5001/25/19, 03:06PM205:40
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm GoneUnknown02:3709/06/19, 03:29PM205:14
Red River ValleyUnknown02:3711/16/17, 03:07PM307:51
Sally GoodinUnknown02:14--000:00
Sally Goodin [Instr.]Unknown01:48--000:00
Smith's ReelUnknown01:5707/11/16, 03:31PM203:54
Take The -A- TrainUnknown03:0911/16/16, 04:51PM103:09
Texarkana Baby [Take 1]Unknown02:5511/02/17, 03:37PM205:50
Texas PlainsUnknown02:2511/21/16, 01:41PM102:25
Texas Playboy Theme [Closing]Unknown00:4307/31/19, 03:52PM100:43
Texas Playboy Theme [Opening]Unknown00:45--000:00
You Just Take HerUnknown02:32--000:00
You're From TexasUnknown02:2609/27/18, 01:20PM204:52
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