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Peter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics Ensemble

SongAlbumTimeLast PlayedPlay CountPlay Time
500 YearsUnknown05:4510/21/15, 03:58PM105:45
Candles And StonesUnknown07:2812/27/17, 11:28AM107:28
Chant # 11Unknown05:17--000:00
Chant #9Unknown04:5006/06/18, 10:41AM104:50
FolksongUnknown03:2209/01/16, 02:37PM103:22
Forwarding, Parts 1 & 2Unknown12:4806/01/18, 10:26AM225:36
Libya BluesUnknown06:3407/03/18, 12:41PM213:08
Samantha SmithUnknown08:01--000:00
The AnkhUnknown12:48--000:00
The GatesUnknown05:32--000:00
The GlowUnknown05:35--000:00
The Hand That Signed The PaperUnknown08:11--000:00
The Last DoorUnknown05:5303/13/18, 04:20PM105:53
The World Is GiftedUnknown07:46--000:00
Walk To The Mountain (And Tell The Story Of Love's Thunderclapping Eyes)Unknown03:1712/09/16, 09:57AM103:17
16 Songs1 Album1:47:18--10 Plays1:09:19

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